Young Mom Wanting the Pre Pregnancy Body Back!! - Houston, TX

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I had my consultation with Dr Cortes in Houston a...

I had my consultation with Dr Cortes in Houston a few weeks ago. His office was a little small and hot (the office staff insisted the A/C was broke), I expected more from a highly paid doctor but it could of been worse. I waited about 5-7 minutes in the lobby until I was called back. Once in the room, they ask you to undress and put a robe on. I waited about 10-15 mins for Dr to come in. As I waited I could hear everything in the next room, kind of awkward. At the time I only had a few questions (once I left they hit me so I advise you to write them down then ask at your consultation), he answered them all. He was very forward, didn't sugar coat anything or tell me what I wanted to hear which I could appreciate. He advised me to lose about 15 lbs, said I'd need a tummy tuck later which worried me (I didn't want saggy tummy skin). After I talked to Lucy (the person in charge of payment, etc) and she was nice and helpful but it seemed there was a huge lack of communication in the office. I left feeling a little uneasy about payment and my loan situation. The communication I've received from the office before and after my consultation has been good. I really have no complaints so far and I hope it stays that way. So I have a few months to lose the weight and I should be good to go by October! Any questions please ask! I'm on here just to give my experience beginning to end! I'll post before pictures after I lose the weight recommended.

Surgery date scheduled!

I've been doing tons and tons of research on the whole procedure, healing, doctors, etc. With that being said, I felt that it was now or never! My deposit is paid and mid September is my surgery date! Yes I'm nervous and scared but I have support from my husband that gets me through. I do feel guilty for spending the money on a surgery for myself instead of applying it to my family or daughter although we have all we need. Guess it's just the responsible side of me?? I have a month to lose 10-15 lbs. I hope I can do it!!

Financing options

I recommend Surgery Loans, they're very helpful Zander don't lie or hide anything. Care credit informed me that they only approve people with a credit score of at least 730. Hope that helps some!

Birth control?

I have the IUD, will this affect or be affected by my bbl?? Helppppp

Pre op scheduled!

Pre op scheduled & everything is starting to hit me! Yikes I'm nervous, I want to back out!! I've never had any kind of surgery closest thing was having my daughter. They say if u can get through that then u can do anything!?? Right!?? Ekkkk! Here's some pics of my body now at 200 lbs. I'll post more when I've lost the weight I'm suppose to.

Anesthesia procedure??

Does anyone know how Cortes goes about the anesthesia? Iv, cocktail, shot? Just curious so I know what to expect :) thanks dolls

My booty now

I've always had a big booty and hips but after my baby my body is blah!! Ugh

Weight loss??

Anybody have any tips/ tricks? Do the it wraps really work??! I HAVE to lose 10-15 lbs preferably by the end of this month but I have till surgery.

Slowly but surely!!

I lost 3 lbs since yesterday!! I'm watching calories, only drinking water and working out. I'm 197, 12 lbs to go at least!!!

Tips? Tricks? List to prepare??

Please help!?? Anyone have any dos, donts, pointers, things to buy, etc??

This site is not what I expected...

I have so many questions and concerns and only like 2 answers! I'm better off on Google instead of here... Smh


So I'm already 46 in my hips... Do I need to add fat to my hips or will my hips look big with no fat added once my waist is smaller??

Fajas? Butt out garment?

Help with the good brands and where to get them!?? I'm getting closer!!

So disappointed!

I started losing weight but now I'm just stuck at my original weight and I've been doing everything right! It's looking like I'm going to have to reschedule... I'll find out next week... I don't know how else to lose the weight!!

Bye bye Real Self!

So my pre op is over and done with and went great! I'm one of the biggest complainers ever but for this experience I've learned that you can't be that way and I really have no complaints... I've learned so much from this site due to my own research and a few of the amazing ladies that have reached out to me... Copper you are one XOXO! It seems like the ladies on here were more supportive in 2013 as oppose to now, it seems like the bitterness, jealousy, and slander on the drs has everyone to themselves now. I don't care now seeing as I only joined to share my TRUE experience with all the future dolls but I could care less now seeing as everyone is so ugh on here. Anyway, I'll be sharing the rest of my journey with the few ladies on here that have been here for me & I might even post my after pics too for the bitter ones ;) I'm 9 days away, adios!

Post op.. I'm a Cortes doll!!

If you can't tolerate pain, this isn't for you! Ask me if I'd do it again!? Hell no only cause the pain and discomfort is too much!! But Cortes is awesome, the staff at his office and the hospital have been amazing!! I loved my stay at the hospital, he offered me another day here but I miss Dallas... He put 1000cc in each cheek and 300 in each hip!! I'll complete my review at my 3 or 6 month mark... Good luck future Cortes dolls!!!

Dizzy spells?

Has anybody experienced getting super dizzy and sweaty while standing or changing garments? If so what'd you do to make it better or go away? Do u know the reason?

Update 1 week post op

Soooo I'm a week and 2 days post op & I'm feeling better and better by the day but NOTHING is easy at all! One thing I haven't been worried about is my results, my body changes daily and will change for awhile. That's one thing I prepared myself for way before the surgery... I'm focused on my recovery and feeling better. I'm thankful for my husband and big props to anyone who did or does this alone, it's just sooo much!! I think a lot of people get on here and post reviews on results that are a process. You don't get out of surgery looking like a Barbie!!! It's a long and lengthy process, your surgeon does his part then the after is up to YOU!!! Any little thing not done right can jeopardize your results to an extent. So don't live on this site worried about your results comparing to others or worry about "immediate results" to get on here and post about.. That's why I am waiting to do a full review because it's just not fair to my surgeon and future dolls... All I can say as of now is that my body is looking very promising!! Every time I call Dr Cortes office I get through and the 2 times I didn't I left a message and got a call back right away! I even called the after hours number and Cortes personally called me himself and repeated himself until I understood what he was saying. The office staff, Lucy, Mariel, Deanna, Janaris have all been super sweet, helpful, and never make me feel uncomfortable! While Cortes was marking me right before my procedure he even shared his personal family life with me! Which made me feel comfortable, like yes this man is a human too not a snobby surgeon. For the people that have had bad experiences (according to them), I don't know the circumstances or what they do or don't do after surgery but in my opinion to the future Cortes dolls, understand that everyone is different! Body, personality, outlook, allergies, etc. Cortes May say something to be honest and someone takes it offensive or rude etc but the next person may appreciate his honesty. Some people have certain symptoms or reactions such as the sultures itching but someone else might not, that was my case and my RS sister did not have itching. Doesn't mean Cortes did her stitches wrong and mine right it's just my body reacted different! So when reading on here, stay away from the negative people (if you notice they stick together) and what's the saying? Misery loves company! Take little things from the site like pointers and proper way things are done but don't scare yourself on others experiences, I promise the process may be the same but your experience will be unique 100%!! Cortes does what he says he's going to do, he does the procedure the best to his ability according to your body. Whatever happens after is beyond his control. There's so many little things you have to do post op and not doing something or doing too much could cause an infection or something to take longer healing etc and then people blame the surgeon for their neglegance so don't feed into everything u read! I'm not saying Cortes is perfect and has never made a mistake I mean he is human but use your better judgement and common sense as far as what the surgeon is responsible and liable for! Just my thoughts and advice from my personal experience so far! I'll be back to his Conroe office next Friday to have my stitches taken out so I'll post pictures soon!

2 week post op pic

Pictures don't do any justice and having a husband that sucks at taking pics don't help! But I will try to take more!

My measurements before and after!

Waist: 41

Bust: 34/36
Waist 26!!!!!
Hips: 49!!!!


Yoga pants. Sorry for my editing, trying to keep private and I see a lot of people's pictures being used over and over as fake post op pics so I had to give myself the credit on my pic lol

Garment pic

So I had to call the after hours number last night due to my extreme itching. It was like I could scratch my skin off it was so bad! Well I called & got directly through to Cortes at 2 am! What surgeon do u know will answer his patient and answer all questions with no problem. No rush to get me off the phone, at 2 am! Just had to give props and show appreciation for future Cortes dolls. If that's not "good bedside manner" then idk what is! My pic don't do justice but just a peek for those who need reassurance! Xoxo

Sultures out!!

Just left the Conroe office, that office is super nice and the parking is way easier then the Houston office. Deanna took my sultures out, she's so sweet patient and gentle. We talked and she made me feel so much more at ease just in general. I felt the tugging but it wasn't too bad, let's just say after this procedure there's no pain like the 1st week recovery. Got my board for my stomach to smooth out and the roll to try and sit some. I definitely have the hour glass figure!! I'll post a full body pic tonight! MY plastic surgeon is the bomb! Cortes is the butt master for sure!!

Dress pic :)

Future dolls please read!!!

This is some of the paper work Cortes gives you. Read it, it explains exactly what I have been saying. Just thought this would help some feel better seeing as a lot of negativity is popping up. Relax dolls, Cortes is the man! Positive positive vibes babes! Xoxo

Booty pics in jeans!!!

Shopping for jeans is impossible with my tiny waist and bubble butt!! Any ladies know where to go?? Or a brand??


It feels so good having ladies tell me that I am an inspiration and have made the process easier and stress free! That is why I share my story, to be supportive and helpful! Sometimes we just need someone... Support each other ladies! Leave the misery to the bitter ones! Xoxo

Drain site. Yuck!

Dolls please take care of your drain sites, super important!! It's healing good but it looks so gross! Ready for it to close fully and the scar to disappear lol oh and I have pimples on my back now I guess a reaction to the medical soap since I have sensitive skin I'm hoping it'll clear soon!

Surgery pics!!

A few pics my husband had. Just to give you all an idea of what it's like...

Garment cut... Ladies!!!!

This cut is in my crack at the very top. I'm assuming the garment was so up my butt that it was rubbing or idk. But only thing I can suggest is putting gauze or something to prevent it ahead of time because it's a annoying and extremely painful!!

Drain hole almost healed. One month post op

No longer oozing... Yay! One milestone down!!

7 weeks post op! PIC update!!!!!

I just love Cortes staff! Deanna is the sweetest & ALWAYS attentive when I call her. I call once and get through. They have not disappointed me at all. I'm in a Medium Garment now (little setback) but I'm loving my body. Cortes changed my life for the better. My self esteem is through the roof!

My body is amazing! Cortes is the ass King no doubt!!

Almost 3 months post op and I love my booty! I'm excited to see it at the 6 month and 1 year mark too... His integrity can't be doubted and his entire office crew is the best!! Thank you Dr cortes and staff!!! Xoxo
Houston Plastic Surgeon

My review speaks for itself! No sugar coating or lies, I gave my honest experience. I can say I've never had any problems of trouble with Cortes staff or him. He made me feel comfortable and although he's a busy man if I had a question he was there to answer it. My results are amazing and I can say I honestly think it is not only Cortes' amazing work but his protocol for after as well, he's specific but it's for the best interest of your results! Cortes is an AMAZING surgeon and a GREAT person as well. His results are not disappointing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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