Beware of Dr. Wilberto Cortes, he destroyed my body and many others...

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Hi ladies!! I've had a realself account for some...

Hi ladies!! I've had a realself account for some time now and would read everyones reviews and be on here for hours like some of you all. Originally I wasn't going to do a review, but I decided that I wanted to inform others who may be looking to get a BBL and who are searching for the right doctor. Hence, I decided to write my review after all. Better late than never right? :-) So here goes….

I went to to Cortes on in July 2014 for a BBL. When I first called to get information about the procedure Deanna was nice enough to answer all of my questions and so was Mariel. Mariel is the nicest of all and since she had a BBL there before she started working there she can really relate to customers. Lucy was the appointment coordinator and was never courteous enough to get back to me with answers to questions. I would have to constantly remind her to send me receipts. She even told me that I should stay in the Conroe area instead of Houston because if they did house visits Conroe would be closer for them. BUT, come to find out, Houston would have been fine as well according to Cortes' wife who also works there. By then I had already booked the Conroe hotel which was terrible as opposed to the Houston hotel. That in itself was very frustrating.

The nurse who checks me in before going into the operating room and who takes all your personal items and locks them up was very rude! Not much to say about that, she was not the right person to see before going under the knife. The anesthesiologists were very nice. I researched their credentials as well as Cortes' and they all had no sanctions or anything. It's important to do your research on the hospital (or facility), doctor, and anesthesiologist. When I woke up, I felt like I had only been asleep for 1 minute. I remember my vagina hurting and then they told me I had a tube down there so I could urinate without having to get up. They said that I had to lay in bed on my stomach for 12 hours before getting up. I had to eat that way too. Surprisingly, I woke up very hungry. They gave me a hamburger and then I fell right back asleep, I guess it was because of the anesthesia. The staff was ok, some better than others. The next day I went home.

At post-op I told the doctor that I was concerned because my stomach had a fold and he did not say anything. Actually, the person who saw me at the post-op appointment and who actually spent time with me and took out the drains and surgical glue was Deanna! That really bothered me and that was not professional at all on his part. Oh and the wait time in the waiting room at his office is unbelievable. There were people lined outside waiting to see the man. After seeing Deanna for my post op appointment, I left and flew back home 2 days after. I realized that instead of laying down in the back seat (which was very uncomfortable and gave me motion sickness), I could actually position myself by kneeling in the back seat and putting my legs under the passenger seat. It was more comfortable for me. Not once do they call you to check up on you or anything, but it's ok. What mattered the most were my results and even that was mediocre and here is why:

-my stomach has lots of folds and dents which I come to find out is Cortes' new signature of his work
-I still have back fat
-he did not lipo my arms like he said he would
-top of my stomach still has fat and my lower stomach has less fat which makes me look lopsided in the front
-I can tell which side of my body he operated on first (looks like he got lazy when he did my left side cause my right butt cheek is bigger)…in general my ride side looks better than my left
-inner thighs have dents and is very uneven
-butt cheeks have SEVERAL dents/dimples which never existed before
-I do have some curves and stomach is flatter but he did not give me what I asked for
-I told him I wanted lower butt cheekage and he only injected fat at the top of my butt SOOO NOW, my lower butt is flatter than the top of my butt because he only injected fat in top of my butt! I can see all the scars/incisions which is how I know
-I am not really happy about the results...

…which brings me to round 2 of my BBL journey with a DIFFERENT doctor……

Stay tuned ladies!

I don't know if it's a burn or what...

Hi everyone, it's been a while since my last post and I thought, let me do a little update for you all! I actually forgot to tell you all about a black patch (I don't know what it is) that Wilberto Cortes left me with, on the side of my belly/oblique area immediately after my BBL. I thought it was normal and would go away and waited patiently, but it has not gone away and it's been more than a year since my surgery. I don't know...maybe it's a burn? I posted pictures so you can take a look.Ten months after my BBL with Wilberto, I had a second BBL with a different doctor. There is an improvement in my shape and butt size. However, most of the problems, such as butt dents and butt asymmetry that Wilberto left me with, which I complained about in the previous post, are still there. Thus, choose your 1st BBL surgeon wisely. Oh and I'm going to have a tummy tuck next month because I have loose abdominal skin and hopefully the surgeon who will perform my tummy tuck, will be able to remove that black patch off of my belly at the same time. For more details on my 2nd BBL and my tummy tuck, you can check out my other reviews.

Umm, not sure why removed the last part of my previous post...

...but here it is:

Below are some other not so great reviews of Wilbert's work. You can find them if you click on his name and then click on search his reviews by lowest rating. I found out about this option too late. Anyhow, good luck in your search!






I contacted Janiris to get my medical records and she said she would send it to me but she never did. She strung me along for 1 months and lied to me. She even said she mailed it yet I never received anything. I wanted those records for various reasons and also as my personal reference.

Eventually I decided to contact the hospital directly to ask for my medical records and the medical records did not say anything of substance. Meaning Cortes just put what he wanted to in the medical records and left out important information such as how many cc's were put in, where he did lipo, what type of lipo he did, and other crucial information. Also, I needed to know that information just in case another doctor treated me but the report did not mention anything relevant. I just needed to know exactly what was done!!

This brings me to my main reason for posting this. You have rights. So if you were a victim of Cortes or were affected by Cortes in any way I would recommend that you contact the Attorney General's Office of Texas or the General Counsel of Texas, or any other entity that deals with advocating for the public. You may also be able to contact a Consumer Division for the state of Texas or you may be able to contact the Texas Medical Board. You may also want to contact your local news. These are options for those who cannot afford a personal lawyer or for those who can afford a personal lawyer. You have options, so please look into them.

There are also lawyers that take on cases pro bono (entirely for free) or that take on a case for free initially and only get paid a portion, in the end, if they win the case.
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He really didn't take the time out to listen to my concerns. While asking questions, I felt rushed and therefore did not feel comfortable to ask all of the questions that I wanted to. I showed him my wish pics and he disregarded them, saying he was not God. SMH. I spent the night at the hospital and the next day when he came to the hospital, I asked him how many cc's did he put he said he put 1000 in each butt check and 200 in each hip but when I called a few weeks later, they said that in the file it was 400 in each hip. They need to keep it consistent. After he answered that question he just seemed like he wanted to leave. Honestly, he was not that nice. He was just in and out.

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