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I really did't knew that there was a procedure to...

I really did't knew that there was a procedure to enhance the buttocks until I started doing research online. The shape of my buttocks changed after pregnancy and it became saggy, I also loss some volume. I visit Dr. Cortes a couple of months ago after hearing some many good things about him. Dr. Cortes is like the new kid on the block but I can tell his results in my opinion are the most dramatic, natural, and beautiful. I was very confused about the amount of cc that a surgeon can actually inject among other things. I have read a lot of blogs about this and for whatever reason people were fix in 1000 cc or more. Also there were a lot of unhappy patient that require revisions because of lack of projection or that they lost some of the projection after surgery. Dr Cortes was wonderfull explaining me all the concerns.

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I learn from my initial consultation with Dr. Cortes that not everybody has the fat to acomplish the desire results and sometime you have to gain a little weight before surgery like me!!!. I have no problem with that. Ha, Ha.... I researched hundreds of pictures online after finding Dr. Cortes in realself. I read a lot of the blogs which really helped me with my decision in choosing him. The pictures that I used to compare surgeons results were the actual before and after pictures in the surgeons websites. Be carefull basing your decision on pictures that are posted in blogs because you can make a butt look bigger depening on how close you take the picture, light, angle etc. The before and after picture taken at a dr. office are standarize and always taken from the same distance, light etc. In this way you can appreciate the results better. I also learn from Dr. Cortes that the skin tone is very important when it comes to results. If you have a poor skin tone then your results might not be the best. Thank god my skin tone was good. I actually gain about 10lbs before surgery. Dr. Cortes injected about 900 cc of fat into each of my buttock. I can tell that Dr. Cortes loves his job and he does not do it for the money. As a matter of fact I was going to pay him in full the day of my initial consultation but he refused. I was shocked!!! but he told me to gain weight first before the surgery because he wanted to get the best results. If I could not do it then he would not do the surgery. I only was able to reserve my day with a $500.00 deposit. This really make me comfortable with him after reading of so many patients unhappy with their results in realself bloggins. He set my expectation taking into consideration my skin tone, size that I desire among other things. He also told me that because I have some excessive skin in my belly that I will need a tummy tuck in the future. The BBL procedure improves your proportions and buttock size but if your skin is not tight you will need further procedures to accomplish a tight abdomen. He also told me that he inject 1000 cc of fat routinely but that you have to be carefull. More complications arise the more fat is injected. There is a higher chance of the fat dying, fluid collection among other thing. In addition I notice that some surgeons present patient with before and after pictures after injecting supposely 1200-1500 cc into each buttock and the patients were thin. He told me that if a patient is thin that is not possible. I also asked him about the chances of having to get a second round of fat injection if I did not like my results. His response was that either the patient did not had the amount of fat for the desired butt before surgery or the surgeon did not do a good job. He never had to bring a patient back for a second round of fat injection!!! He did say that some time he might need to do some lipo to even some areas but that this is normal in any liposuction procedure. This really make me feel great. I don't wanted to spend additional money in a second surgery. In general my experience with Dr. Cortes was wonderful. He is the best.. You only have to look at his before and after pictures to see the work of a talented sculptor. Not only I go the projection that I desire but also the hourglass shape. What else can I ask?

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