On the Way to my New Body (BBL) - Houston, TX

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Well I'm 20 years old, I have a slightly big tummy...

Well I'm 20 years old, I have a slightly big tummy and no butt and no shape. I have nice sized breasts though. And I feel like I need a Brazillian Butt Lift... BADLY! I just have a lot of issues at the moment.. I have two low income jobs so i don't know if I'll be able to afford this surgery plus everything i need for it, don't really have much support backing me and I'm scared! Lol
After doing my research on this particular surgery for quite some time most of you ladies that have already had it done came out looking AMAZING! But spent a pretty penny on it all... :/ and then some didn't come out so great and then there's the pain so I'm pretty sure you can tell where my fears are coming from. I've been looking at reviews of doctors here in the Houston area where I live and the only surgeon that I haven't seen one bad review about is Dr. Cortes, not to mention his before and after photos look great as well. He's just really expensive and this worries me...
I'm ready for my life to change and to start looking great though so I really want this procedure to be done. I guess I could just use a little support and talking to from some if you lovely ladies from RealSelf to calm me down and keep me motivated. I would appreciate that. :)

Where I'm at now...

More pics..

The way I feel... Plus more wish pics!

I really want to look as close to natural as possible so that it's not over the top and I can still fit into regular women's pants without having to get them custom made or anything. I just want to be a lot more attractive looking to guys but most importantly myself. I want to feel sexy all then time, whatever I'm doing in whatever I'm wearing. Even if I'm dressed like a bum lol guy's attention doesn't really matter to me much right now because I already have my sights set on this one guy and I have been for a while now. He's actually my best friend. :) I told him that I was planning on doing this procedure and he's still against it because he believes that I should be fine with the way I am. He says he likes me the way I am too but I just want to feel like it myself. So you see this is all mostly a personal thing, I have extremely low self esteem. I feel like an ugly shapeless unattractive girl whenever I go out and when guys look at me then I see them look at other girls and I start comparing myself to them and end up feeling even lower :/ I'm hoping getting this bbl done will change my life drastically for the better and make me happier. :)

Getting back to good health :)

So I'm positively sure that I really want to get this done! I realize that I've gained a little weight over time and I want to get back to being healthy and fit so that when the doc checks me out he can say that I'm at a really good point and I don't have to make any changes to my body in order to start the surgery. So I started back working out last week and now it's just the eating healthy part I need to get down. So today me and a friend if mine are gonna go to the grocery store and buy a whole bunch of healthy foods. I intend on going to the produce section, picking the best tastiest fruits and veggies I can find and bringing them home so I can try them all raw. Once I figure out which one I really really like, it will be my new snack to eat whenever I get the urge to eat or just when I feel the hunger pains coming. As far as work outs go I've been getting on my elliptical at home a lot then doing a few sit ups and crunches on the floor. I'm trying to start doing more body shaping exercises like side bends to prep my body for the big change. Now I'm not one to start a diet and exercise regime and keep it up so the support from you guys would sure help lol and if anyone knows any other exercises or foods they think I should try to help get a good shape and knock some of the pounds off fast, please feel free to let me know :)

So hard to be healthy :/

Working out every day consistently is nothing but eating right without completely starving yourself is a whole different ball game. Now before I was doing a hardcore no snacking no fatty foods at all diet plus work outs every morning and I was seeing results on the scale. But it wasn't very healthy, I mean I would eat. I just wouldn't eat enough to make myself feel full and if I was hungry after i ate my main healthy meal which was probably nothing but a peanut butter sandwich or salad, I'd just end up staying hungry for the rest of the day. I also only allowed myself exactly one snack per day too, something like those skinny cow ice cream sandwiches or a package of the candies. And right then it was so hard, but I did it. And now I'm back to where I started plus a little more. If you look at me, you couldn't even tell that I weigh a good 162lbs because of my small figure and height but if I got on the scale in front of you, you'd see the sad truth.. :( I'm just trying to get down to a good 140 or 130lbs before the operation and hopefully I can. My mom said that it may not be possible because of my body type, being that I'm a bit athletic all over. i have thick sized calves, not fat but toned, broad shoulders and thick slim looking thighs. (I'm not tall though so it all looks pretty nice on me... Or so I've been told.) I have sort of a straight up and down shape. I hate it though because someone had brought it to my attention that my shoulders are a bit wider than my hips. Ever since then it's been haunting me and eating at me every time I put on clothes and look at myself in the mirror. It also makes me not be able to stand looking at myself naked and I find that pretty sad because every woman should enjoy being naked (I personally like to pack as much clothes on as possible. Up top anyway. i love my legs.) what makes my shape even worse is that I'm a bit busty so that broadens my shoulders out even more. :/ so forget what my mom says, I'm going to try. I need this operation BAD! a lot of my friends and other people say I'm not bad built and am a nice shape and size but I just don't think so and I really want to start... So ladies help me out here, what could I start eating and doing to be healthy and lose weight but not starve or kill myself in the process? :/

Me now from the back..

Workout/Eating Plan

I consider my workouts to be pretty intense this time around. Every morning I wake up and first stretch for about 10 minutes, then I get on my elliptical and walk it out for 30mins to an hour, then I get off to the front of my machine and use it as support to do 30 squats, then a get on the floor and do 30 bicycle crunches, after that I turn over and do 20 mountain climbers, then 15 push ups, 30 regular crunches and then I plank on my arms and toes for 45 seconds. After my work out us over I usually try to go out and walk my two dogs as a cool down. And if i do happen to miss a morning wirk out, i try to get it in two times harder the next day. For my diet I eat lots of fruits and veggies and anything else that I eat is light in calories or healthy. I drink fruit and vegetable smoothies and eat sandwiches often at work and I eat yoplait yogurt most times for snack or fruit bars at home. I'm really just eating healthier now and watching the calories here and there. I haven't noticed any big changes to my body yet but I'm pretty sure if I keep up with what I'm doing, I will eventually. So for that, I'm excited. :)


The reason I'm desperately trying to get in better shape is because I don't want to go to my consultation and have the doc say I need to lose a few pounds in order to get it done. I want to be just right. Although hopefully I don't lose too much now because then I'll have to gain a few lol which won't be hard at all. I'll just sit back and enjoy big bowls of ice cream while watching tv after 6 o'clock some nights lol

I'm back! (23yrs.old now) :D

So ladies, I am back and as ready as ever to get this procedure done. I know it's been a while but life happened.. so... but now I am ready! As you can see on my profile, I live in Houston Texas and I'm trying to make a smart decision on getting this procedure done. I would like it to be in Houston (no traveling for me, due to work lol), minimally invasive (so preferably with lasers), fast, as pain free as possible, and not cost a fortune (maybe someone with financing options). I am STRUGGLING trying to pick the right doctor for the job so if anyone out there has any suggestions of great doctors anywhere in the Houston area, PLEASE let me know! ;D
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