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So I have always wanted a butt for as long as I...

So I have always wanted a butt for as long as I can remember. I have a very uneven shape. I have medium- large breast, VERY wide abs and no hips with no butt at all! I would like to have an hour glass shape with a butt but not a HUGE butt just big. I recently became serious about getting a BBL when I started doing my research for liposuction of my flanks. I have my first consultation with Dr. Wilberto Cortes on Wednesday 4/1/2013. After that consultation I plan on scheduling one with Dr. John LoMonaco. Results are very important to me obviously but I also do not want to pay more than 10,000. I am hoping Dr. Cortes quote will not be more than 9,000 but we will see. I am 5'2 and weigh 135 lbs. I also hope I have enough fat in my midsection to get the desire I want in my hips/butt. I will keep everyone posted on my consultation experience with BOTH doctors! :)

So 1 1/2 hours later I had my consultation. I feel...

So 1 1/2 hours later I had my consultation. I feel very conflicted and very confused. I had been looking forward to this consultation ALL WEEK but now I don't even know if I can go through with this. Is this normal? These are some of the things I didn't like. I had a lot of questions and I felt rushed. I have a background in psychology. I was a crisis counselor for two years so I am really good with reading body language. I could tell Dr. Cortes was getting tired of my questions. ( Nothing he said it qas his body language) Another thing was he didn't seem as friendly as I would have hoped. Also I didn't like how he wasn't straight forward with some of my questions. For example I asked " how can I lower my risk of scarring?" He replied the scars are minimal. That did not answer my question. I know they are minimal that was not my question. Another thing I didn't like... The office says the prices vary for the procedure.. But if you look at others quotes on real self that they have received in the last few months from Dr. Cortes it's about 9500. We all weigh different amounts yet everyone is being quoted 9500. Now that is fine but don't say prices vary when you know it's already a predetermined price. With that all being said this what makes me doubt if this procedure is worth it... If he can give me the results I want. Ladies talk to me... I don't know what to do!

So I have decided to go with Dr. Cortes. I spoke...

So I have decided to go with Dr. Cortes. I spoke to Lucy a few weeks ago and she was really sweet and answered ALL of my questions and was very patient with me this definitely made me feel better about my decision. I will put my down payment down on June 8th and I also have another meeting with Dr. Cortes that morning to discuss my results and what I am looking for. He wants me to gain weight which I don't want to because I am worried about the weight gain going STRAIGHT to my face which it always does. Okay I am about to vent....I have been very nervous and anxious and of course I have a lot of questions. I have asked a ton of people on here questions who have already had this procedure and the ONLY one that has been helpful is Iamblkbeauty! When I have my procedure I will be more than willing to answer ANYBODY'S question no matter how stupid it might seem. Honestly I wish there was another sight like this one perhaps people on that sight would be more helpful!!!!!

Scheduled My BBL with Dr. Cortes for August 2nd

OMG .....this feels a little surreal. Now to start making my list for items I'll need post sx, finding a hotel to recover for 1-2 weeks, and finding an inexpensive good masseuse!

59 Days until my BBL!!

This day is really creeping up on me! I am having really mixed emotions about the surgery. I am definitely ready to have the surgery and see my results but on the same hand I am so freaking scared of the pain I am going to experience after surgery. I am scared my results won't be what I imagine. I am scared that my butt is going to be TOO BIG. And I have anxiety about having to explain this change of my body to the people I work with!!! I have decided to tell them I am getting another procedure that is not cosmetic. I just don't want the people I work with in my damn business! I work with some pretty nosy big mouthed and women!

I am also dealing with my mom and sisters being completely against my surgery. I wish I wouldn't have told them until closer to the surgery date :( My mom doesn't support my decision but she says she will take care of me following the procedure. And I know that sounds great but honestly I have anxiety about that as well and this is why. After my surgery I am obviously going to be in a lot of pain...and I have the kind of mother that will take care of me but at the same time while I am in pain she will be saying "See I told you not to get the look at you!" While in pain ....and while she is caring for me I will have to hear her telling me the whole time how I asked for this surgery and this is what I get ...she told me not to get this surgery...but no you wanted this surgery...blah, blah, blah blah! That's not the kind of thing you want to hear when you are in MAJOR PAIN! And no matter how the procedure turns out she will be the first one to say I look bad! I love my mom to death but she is the most critical and negative person I know! She wasn't always that way :( Just a little jaded from the abuse of my step dad :(

There is a small chance my fiancée will be able to take care of me...I am really hoping this is possible! He works in the oil industry and his schedule is crazy...he pretty much doesn't have a schedule...He might be in Texas that week or he might be in Florida. His job takes him everywhere. I am just praying that he will be here the first week of August to take care of me that would take a lot of my anxiety away.

Oh I had to have my second consultation moved back to June see what my results would be at my current weight. Honestly I am not willing to exceed more than 140lbs. I have seen enough women on here get great results who didn't have to gain a lot excess weight. Also I need to explain to Dr. Cortes that I am not looking for a ridiculously huge butt...I want a modest big butt. I will post some wish pics.

Wish Pics

Wish Pic

Wish Pic

BBL Count Down with Dr. Cortes

As the surgery date gets closer I am getting more scared. At first I was anxious and wanted the surgery ASAP but now I am really getting nervous. I hope this is just a phase. I know two of Dr. Cortes patients have been having issues with circulation to one of their legs and I think they mentioned possible nerve damage. I will be paying close to attention to their recovery.. But now I'm freaking out and thinking this might happen to me. I just want everything to work out with no complications and no negative side effects.

So I decided to get a Nutribullet. I saw the info commercial and was sold. I got it this past Friday and I have used it several times and love it! It's a great appliance to use to make sure you are eating all of your fruit and veggie servings a day. I thought this would be a great way to try and get my body as healthy as possible before the surgery.

Also ... does anybody on real self have pictures of how you are suppose to sit in/on a boppy pillow? And Dr. Cortes said to get a cigar shaped pillow is that the same thing as a boppy pillow? Some ladies mentioned sitting in a cane chair... I googled cane chairs and I don't get how this is suppose to replace a regular chair. So if anyone knows of anyone on here with a picture of the right cane chair please let me know!

Dr. Cortes

So I am at my second sit down to discuss my expectations and I have some other concerns I would like to address. I scheduled this appointment 2 weeks ago and I was told that the 9:45am slot was the first appointment for the day! Well I get here and there is already a room fool of people... And the lady at the front says Dr. Cortes firat appointment is at 9AM. So why was I told 2 weeks prior that I was the first appointment. This is not the first time I have been given WRONG INFORMATION by his front desk staff. Now I am really freaking out is this going to effect my results his performance it's really got me reconsidering him as my doctor! I think I might need to schedule a consult with another Houaton dr...

Dr. Cortes Second sit down

Okay so I panicked... After talking to Dr. Cortes and Lucy I am back at ease. I definitely think he can give me the results I want! Oh and he said I am fine for the procedure at 140lbs which is great because I didn't want to gain anymore weight!

Getting Scared about my BBL

I have 39 days left before my BBL and I am getting really nervous. I know a lot of people on Real Self have said they can't sleep the night before their surgery but I have 39 days before my BBL and I already can't sleep at night. Last night was the first time I literally felt sick thinking about this surgery... Is this normal? When I would think about the surgery I would feel nauseous and I felt like I was going to start crying. Has anyone else felt this way? It's really freaking me out:( I don't know anyone personally who has had surgery like this before... I am really feeling alone today. My family doesn't support my decision. My Fiancée doesn't want me to get the surgery but he understands that this is something I really want and need for myself. I feel like I can't tell any of them about how I felt last night because then they will try and tell me that it's my gut telling me not to have the surgery... They will truly try and talk me out of it. I feel so alone.

Needed items for Recovery

Gold Bond anti-itch cream
Hand sanitizer
Baby wipes
Stool Softeners (any brand)
Medical tape
Sterile Gauzes pads
Latex free gloves
Something in place of Neosporin
Mederma for scars
Arnica gel, Arnicare by a company called Boiron…bought on Amazon.. I rubbed it on my butt first, because it still feels pretty sore and when you first rub it on after about two seconds you feel this cooling sensation, then RELIEF!!!
Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Stopping Gel
Hydrogen Peroxide Antiseptic Solution
Feminine antibacterial wipes
Female urinal
Dial Antibacterial wash
Large/ex-large underwear
Dark bath towels ( just two)
Kelo-cote Scar Healing & Reduction Gel
Lawn chair (will cut out center to allow bottom to hang out)
Black/Dark Robe
Compression socks

I have the items below already

Smooth textured tanks (to wear under garment)
7-day Plastic Pill Box
Bendable straws
Measuring tape
Loose t-shirts and pants

Anyone who has already gone through recovery if you could let me know what's on my list that's NOT NEEDED or UNNECESSARY or for anyone who has already purchased all there items.

Correction on Recovery list

Excuse the...the statement after the Arnica gel I copied and pasted that from someone’s blog and put it on my list!

30 days until BBL

Wow..time has really passed! I have been purposely trying to avoid are not think about the BBL just so I won't get so anxious. My Pre op is July 13th..and I will post before pictures soon. I have still not started buying my supplies...procrastinator!

Questions about Recovering after BBL

So I have less than a month until my BBL and I am totally confused about some things! Are you suppose to shower while you have your drains in? Or do you just do a wipe down with a face cloth , soap and water?
Also does anyone have any pictures of how you are suppose to sit on the boppy pillow on real self? I have decided to get a boppy pillow vs the cigar shaped pillow. It looks more comfortable and honestly I am okay with loosing some volume as a result if it happens. I have some concerns that my butt will be bigger then I would like so I don't mind the volume loss... But we will see if I feel the same way after the surgery!

PRE-OP Tomorrow with Dr. Cortes

So my pre op is tomorrow! I am not sure if can get a copy of the pictures they take right away.. I would like to post those as my before pictures. So I have half of my supplies purchased. I will get the remaining items next weekend. I have my hospital pre op on July 19th! Please pray for me that nothing will prevent me from having my surgery! I spoke to one of my sisters this morning and I felt depressed after that call. She says she supports my decision but it's clear that she doesn't. I told her that I need to be surrounded by positive thoughts and right now I feel like I am not! Also my fiancée is stressed out because he hates his job and he says he can't quit now because of the purchase of my engagement ring and he gave me a lot toward my surgery. So I feel like I can't turn to him because he is also really down about his job and feels trapped there. I don't feel mentally prepared for this surgery and it's less than 21 days away....

What is fluffying???

Can someone please explain to me what is this something that naturally happens to the butt or something you do?

Taking a Break from Real Self

The last week I have read two disturbing blogs from patients of Dr. Cortes. One got an infection and the other now has possible permanent indentions/folds in her abdomen. And now I am starting to question if I should have this procedure done. So I have decided to stop reading anything on real self and posting. I haven't decided if I will even post any before or after pictures or delete my account.

BBL in 4 Days W/ Dr. Cortes

So my surgery day is around the corner...and I am now feeling just scared not anxious just SCARED...I can't believe I am actually doing this...I don't know if I am feeling so scared because for the last few months I haven't allowed myself to think about the surgery because at that point I was just anxious and was ready to have it done ASAP. The thing is I am not even scared about the procedure or the surgery I am TERRIFIED of recovery...everyone here for the most part talks about how difficult and painful it is...I can barely handle my monthly cramps!!!! How the hell am I supposed to deal with the pain of this surgery! Sigh I am freaking out!!!! And I don't like the fact that I will have to depend on others for everything. I like to take care of things myself.

Dr. Cortes Staff

Okay honestly I love Dr. Cortes work but he needs to get a WHOLE NEW STAFF! Like they are so inconsistent and never on the same page! Other than Mariel and his wife everyone else needs to go! I called the office and spoke to Chanelle I don’t' know how to spell her name and she told me to just take the Arnica pills on Wednesday but not Thursday since my surgery is on Friday. That didn't sound right so I called back and spoke to Lucy about my hospital feels and decided to also ask her when I should take the Arnica pills just to double check..and she said take them Wednesday and Thursday but damn the other coordinator just told me to take them on Wednesday so I don't know who is right! I don't need this affecting my recovery!!!!!!!!!

Must have chair during BBL Recovery

So I ordered this a few days ago off of Amazon from Drive Medical it’s the Deluxe Drive Medical Folding Aluminum Cane with Sling Style Seat, Bronze. I got it today! And this chair is GREAT we will see how I feel about that after I sit in it after surgery. But I sat in it today and there is NO PRESSURE on your butt you sit on your thighs and let your butt hang off the chair behind you. I will be sitting on this at work…I think it’s better than the bolster( cigar shaped pillow) or the boppy pillow because you are not sitting on your butt at all. I will still use a yoga matt or bolster pillow when driving. I will post a picture of me sitting in the chair after the surgery…if everything goes well with my surgery.

Tomorrow is the Day!! BBL with Dr. Cortes

I would greatly appreciate everyone's prayers! I know tomorrow is the day but as of right now I am not nervous...I can't say this will be the case tomorrow morning :) My fiancée will be spending the night with me at the hospital and my mom will be taking care of me my first week. I am hoping after a week I will be able to return home and take care of myself! But we will see. I surprisingly slept pretty good last night I was surprised because I just knew I would be restless...I am sure tonight will be a different story. I told my fiancée I would just spend the whole night up cleaning my place...and he thought that was a bad idea and that I should get some rest. But I told him I am probably not going to be able to sleep. Too bad I can't take any sleep aids because I know I need my sleep. But honestly who can sleep the night before surgery.

For those of you that have read my blog or followed my journey you know that my family and fiancée DID NOT want me to have this surgery! With that being said I have to admit my family is pretty awesome! Even though none of them want me to have this procedure they will be there at the hospital to pray with me before surgery and be there when I come to. It’s pretty much going to be a full house in the surgical waiting area! My mom, sisters, fiancée, and two best friends will be there in support! So even though they do not want me to have this procedure they will be there to support my decision..and they have come to respect my choice. Only thing is I really wish my dad was here for this…he passed away several years ago but it would have been nice to have him here. He was a physician and I would have loved his input…he always gave great advice ? But I know he will be watching over me during my procedure.

So I hope my expectations are not too high as well..Idk.

I am taking before pictures tomorrow morning before I leave for the hospital and will do a final weigh in as well tomorrow morning. As for my measurements I will try to do those but honestly I don't think I know how to do it accurately...when I have done it it's always a different number vs. someone else doing it! I guess it will be an estimate then.

Also I have decided that if I don't like my results I will not be posting any pre or post pictures.

Still in the hospital

So I was suppose to get checked out today but I passed out last night and my blood pressure was low. Dr. Cortes says if I am not better by tomorrow than I might need a blood transfusion... so hopefully I get we'll soon! :( just wanted to update everyone.

Might be getting released today.....

So I am able to walk today without passing out...still VERY SWOLLEN And is it normal to have one hip obviously bigger than the other this early????

This pain is unberable!

Omg if I could go back in time I wouldn't gone thru with this...everything i do is so painful! And I can't stop crying cuz of the pain. I'm finally out of the hospital.

Is it Normal ?

Is it normal for my body to be so warm/ hot in this garment? Especially my stomach that I am laying on? I have the ac on cold! Also each time I move I feel fluid shifting.

Post op Pics

Still in a lot pain... Swelling is crazy!!! I love how my hips will look... But hoping I see more projection after the swelling goes down.

Body is on fire!

Omg what did I get myself into. I thought I was prepared for this! My entire body still feels very hot... And my drain doesn't seem to be draining! Oh and for some reason my vision is blurry close up to anything. Anyone else experience this?

Spoke to the nurse

I spoke to Deana today about my concerns mentioned above and she said it happens not to worry and I will getting the drains taken out tomorrow! I'll post better pics when I am in my second garment tomorrow.

Before Pictures

Excuse the shadow over my pictures my fiancée took these.

Picture day of surgery

Day of surgery

Nothing in the World can Prepare you for this!

Just when you think you are getting better you realize your back at square one! Nearly just passed out trying to go to the bathroom on my own... Sigh. No matter what you do to prepare physically, emotionally or mentally your body will react the way it wants...

Shout out to ALL the mothers who help their daughters through recovery

I have the best mom... Even though she was against this surgery she has taken such good care of me I don't know what I would do without her! My fiancée is wonderful but he gets frazzled so easily ... Case and point my first BM. I was dreading it! Well it happen this morning wasn't expecting it today but it came I was kind of freaking out but mom calmed me down held me up over that toilet drain in hand! My fiancée would have passed out... No joke! I love you mommy!

Anyone else experiencing this...

So last night was the first night I had uncontrollable movement... Like my legs and arms would jerk up and wake me out of my sleep thru the whole night!

Second Garment pics

I freakin love my results! Can't wait until I am no longer in pain and swollen! But looooove what I see thus far...

Second garment...Deana cut the but out for me!


It didn't register the other t... *butt

Is it normal?

Yesterday night was the first night I slept for more than 5 hrs straight... But when I woke up this morning I felt like I did on day one of surgery.. But the night before I finally thought I was starting to get better.

1 week post op

Today I made one week....still VERY SWOLLEN. My incision on my right knee is still leaking...not sure if its infected. Called the office today to speak to the nurse...I don't think she comes in today and Drs wife is suppose to call me back. I am very stiff I cant bend or even sit if i wanted to don't know if this stiffness is normal or not. I get out of breath just gong to the restroom. i have no problem sleeping but when i wake up the stiffness in my body is unbearable! i like my new shape....but if i had to do it again i wouldn't.

Dr. Cortes Patients....must have!!!!

Bought this today at the office!


Omg... I am about tear my skin off!!! What is the best over the counter oral medication??? I can't use anything topical.

Anyone else have bruising at a month post op?

I make a month post op tomorrow... And I still have A LOT of bruising. I'll post pics soon of the bruising I still have. I have it on my inner thighs, flanks and underarms.

5 WeeKs Post Op Disappointed with my measurements :(

Okay where to start...

Pre-Op measurements:
My measurements 1 week after surgery:


So pretty much I have lost a total of 4 inches from my hips and ass.

I have done EVERYTHING to preserve as much volume as possible.
I took 4 weeks off from work so I wouldn't have to start sitting on the yoga matt and styrofoam roll for at least a month.

My fiancée drives me to work every day and will continue to do so until I make 3 months.

I stand up for at least half the day at work...which is hard because I have a desk job but I work away at my computer standing up!

I wrapped my styrofoam in cotton to make it soft and alternate sitting on that with my yoga matt at work.

Off course at home I do everything on my stomach! And I don't wear anything tight on my bottom. All my garments I cut the butt portion out. I wear very loose jogging pants on the weekend and to work I wear slacks that are two sizes two big! I have thought of everything to try and keep as much volume as possible and I still lost 4 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly I am starting to think by the time I make 3 months I will be back to having no hips and no ass with 9,503 less in the bank :(

I will post a before pic of my ass a week after surgery at 44 inches and a current one at 40 inches...I want to cry just typing this so freaking depressing.

Pics at 1 week and 5 weeks

Side pic Post Op

Any Tips on getting Rid of Scar Tissue?

I have been getting massages for the last 3 weeks. The massage therapist I have been seeing at massage envy says she is not seeing an imporvement in my scar I was wondering what else I could do to help get rid of it. I also have been putting Arnica gel on it I don't know if that has been helping. I have scar tissue under both of my arms and my sides where my bra roll was close to my sides and back. Any tips ladies I would greatly appreciate it :)



I am absolutely in loooooove with my hips????

6 weeks today!! Pics

Finally got a chance to play dress up.... Gained a few pounds and I think it went ALL to my ass:) must admit I panicked a bit about my measurements but I'm back to 42 inches with the wait gain. I will be seeing the dr for cortisone shots for my scar tissue. I really hope this helps that's my only concern now and the bruises and discoloration.

Typo * weight gain^^^^

Typo * weight gain^^^^

How soon can you start working out butt after BBL?

Does anyone know how soon you can start doing squats, lunges, etc exercises for your butt? I saw the dr the other day but forgot to ask about this.

7 week pic

Comparison Pictures

I will add another pic combining all three pics and a 3 month post op pic ... When I get there. 5 more weeks until I make 3 months! I can not wait to sit on my ass again!! We take for granted the small things like being able to sit on the toilet! Yes I have been squatting since surgery... I'm trying to preserve as much fat as possible!! Oh and seems like the cortisone shots are helping with my scar tissue... I have another round of shots in early October.

My thoughts on waist training

So I am a few days shy of two months...and of course I have been wearing my garments/vedette/waist cincher religiously with the foams ab boards etc. Now I know it hasn't been 3 months plus yet for me but I don't think wearing a garment affects your end result if you wear it past the 2-3 month mark post op.

A lot of bbl ladies here feel different but just my recent opinion looking at the end result pictures and their end waist result in inches. Now I do think wearing the garment longer then 2-3 months helps with the tightness of the skin and helps speed up the remaining of the swelling diminishing faster. But as far as your waist losing inches solely because you are "waist training" with the garments, vedettes, waist cinchers etc. I don't think that will determine how small your waist will be when you reach the 6 mos-1 year post op mark. I think that is determined by how aggressive your surgeon is with his liposuction technique and if you gain a large amount of weight back during your recovery. I think a lot of women contribute their end result to waist training when really it’s the work of their surgeon and they would have looked just as fabulous if they didn’t exceed wearing the garment, vedette, waist cinchers etc. past 3 months.

I do think if you wear a Victorian Corset though this will drastically affect your end result and you could lose inches…but you can achieve this without liposuction prior to waist training with the Victorian corset.
Random thoughts of the day….

I am looking into getting multiple body wraps for my midsection ONLY to see if I can achieve the same result of tightening my skin and reducing the swelling sooner instead of wearing my garment for longer than 3 months. I will update with my results for the body wraps for the midsection. Hopefully I will get my first body wrap next weekend after I clear it with my PS.

HELP!!!!!! Please!!!

This literally just happen... I am laying in the trunk/ back seat of my moms SUV... There is a package in the trunk that slammed into my right hip as I was laying on my stomach .. I am 2 days shy of 8 weeks. Am I going to be deformed! I am really freaking out!!! Will be calling the dr office tomorrow morning!

Looking for a Personal Trainer in Houston/ 8 Weeks today

Hey dolls, so I want to start working out...but I am not trying to lose any volume but I want to start working out to gain more projection, slim my waist/stomach, and arms down. Does anyone know of anyone that has used a personal trainer who is familiar with working with someone who has had this procedure? I have been searching on here to find someone who has...let me know

My butt in Jeans

So I don't know if I have lost more projection or what...I haven't measured in maybe 1 weeks or so. Butt I have no ass in these jeans! they are not tight they fit just right sigh I don't know. I am at is casual Monday and wore some jeans I bought this weekend will post a pic soon. Is fluffing going to help! Is it ever going to happen? Will it make a difference!? I don't know how to feel I still haven't been sitting down and I have been keeping my weight steady until I make 3 months. I would love to get a round 2 but fiancée VETOED that. Maybe a few years from now after we are done having kids...I want to see him try and veto it then! Not gonna happen boo I already told him I will be getting these breast lifted! lol so I might try and squeeze a round 2 in there. Since I love my hips I would just get more fat put in the bottom and I could sleep on my sides :)

Butt in jeans pic

Losing more volume

So looks like now I am starting to lose volume on my hips that sucks! That's what I loved the most:(

Measurements for hips and butt now are 40 inches. And I gained 5 lbs to see if it would help but it just went to my flanks and stomach.

Last Dr. Visit 10 weeks Post Op

Well that was an interesting visit. I didn't get any cortisone shots for my scar tissue not because I didn't want them. Dr. Said I should allow my body to heal so I hope they are gone by 6 months. I asked could I come back in 6 months for shots if the scar tissue hasn't healed. And the Dr. said that could just be how my body heals and that I should continue to get massages. He took more pictures cant wait to get those. I think he thinks me thinking I am losing volume is in my head maybe it is. I will wait 6 months post op and find a dermatologist to see what are my options at that time to get rid of the scar tissue if I still have any. I must say the dr's demeanor seemed different... If you didnt know he DOES read realself. Got to see Mariel and she was very helpful and gave me some great tips.

FYI if you don't sign the consent for your photos to be used on the site it's a 100 per visit after your first post op visit. And cost for cortisone shots if needed.

I will re-evaluate my results at 6 months should fluff by then.

I am considering getting round 2 with Dr. Salama in 2014... I get excited just thinking about it!!! Fiancé is on board if I decide to love that man soooo much!!!

For those that might ask or wonder while I am gone.
Do I see a difference in my over all shape? Of course!

I had NO shape before my surgery and I have a shape now. I might want MORE projection and MORE hips but I am not blind to the fact that Dr. Cortes DID change my shape for the better.

I will post my final review when I make 6 months post op. I will NOT be posting ANYTHING else until then. Good bye for now:)

My parting advice don't post any negative comments no matter how you feel if you know your Dr. reads Real Self until you are done with all of your post op visits.

Deactivating Account

I have decided to no longer blog or share my journey.
Dr. Cortes is a skilled surgeon.
I wish Dr. Cortes and his staff the best.
Happy healing to all of the future bbl sisters to come.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Not worth it.

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