Don't Let Fresh Pics Fool You (Cortes Warning)

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Hello Everyone! I am new to Real Self and I have...

Hello Everyone! I am new to Real Self and I have been doing much research on the BBL process! I must say that there is some phenomenal work out there. I am 33 and I am looking to enhance my curves! I will be posting some before pics really soon as well as my measurements. I will also keep you all posted on the outcome of my consultation. I will start my profile out asking that anyone with negative comments PLEASE stay off my page, lol... I am here to uplift the spirits of those that are on the same journey as I am. I am shooting for a SX date in Early December. I'll keep my fingers crossed!!

Moved BBL consultation up to 08/28/13 due to the Holiday

I moved my consultation up to the 28th because I was advised that due to the upcoming holiday that the office will be closed on the 31st. I will keep you all posted on the consultation!

Cortes Consultation Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my in person consultation. I will post some before pics and my measurements and see what he says. I am 5'3" and 150 lbs. More muscle than fat so I am scared he is going to make me gain weight. I still want to look stellar even if I am waiting to have a bbl done. I will keep you all posted my loves!

SX Date 12/12/13! Dr. Cortes!!

Consultation went wonderful! Dr. Cortes was a real sweetheart. He wants me to gain 5-10 bls. I am going to get 200cc in each hip and 900cc in each cheek. My Surgery date is December 12th. I paid my deposit today to lock in my date. Yay!! Lucy was the sweetest ever. Very hepful. Dr. Cortes made me feel so comfortable. He says that I already have a great shape so I should be a knock out when I am all done. His scale says I am 155, but I don't have a lot of fat, so I have to start drinking protein shakes, taking multi vitamins and EATING late... I shouldn't have any problem in that department. I just don't want a miserable feeling of getting fat. I already am not happy with how I look now, thus making want the procedure in the first place. But hey, it will all be worth it in the end!!! Pictures Coming Soon!

Need to stop losing weight ugh...

Dr. Cortes told me that I needed to gain 10 to 15lbs and it seems like I am losing weight instead... Smh... I just went to the GNC and purchased a protein supplement. I hope this helps! Although I am 5"3 and 155lbs, I have big bones and lean muscles, so I don't have a lot of body fat to use. It's frustrating as hell... I have to figure out how to edit my before pics to where my tats are not as revealing before putting them up. I will continue to follow everyone's journey. If you have any advice for a girl looking to gain weight let me know! Congrats to the ladies just crossing over!

Before Pics

I've lost about 8 lbs since this... I have to gain it all back plus about 5-10 more for my desired results... These pics make it look like I am working with a little something, but trust it is very little lol!

More Wish Pics

Worried about weight loss...

Ok Ladies... I am on the countdown, less than 60 days to go and I have lost weight. I don't know if I should re-schedule my procedure or cancel it all together. The money is not an issue for me... It's the desired results! I refuse to go through all that pain knowing that I don't have enough fat to harvest to get the desired results. Women go through months of itching and wearing garments after a procedure of this magnitute. If I am going to do all that, it has to be worth it! I am going to see if I can schedule another consultation with Cortes and see what he says. If anyone has any insight on lipo of the arms and legs let me know. I've read a few blogs where women have been left with lumpy arms and legs from having lipo done. (From different doctors, so no reflection on any doctor in particular) I am asking about the outcome itself. Sometimes, everyone around us can tell us how beautiful we are but we just don't see it or are not satisfied... That is where I am. I want to happy with the reflection staring back at me when I walk past a mirror. I want to do this FOR ME. So if there are any vets that can give some advice please Inbox me or leave a comment below. I will post a recent pic soon...

Rescheduled to March 17th 2014...

I saw Dr. Cortes on Saturday and I just have not gained enough weight. What I LOVE about Dr. Cortes is his honesty. He will definitely let you know if you can not achieve the desired results with where you are. He re-assured me that it is possible if I gain the needed weight. Some doctors would have just performed the procedure, took my money and then told me after the fact that there was not enough fat to harvest. So big Ups to Dr. Cortes for being more concerned about my happiness than the money in his bank account!! He is realistic and honest and with BBL's gaining popularity, that is hard to find. So I will do as he advised, and follow his instructions so I can achieve the look I want. Best time to gain weight is the Winter anyway!! I will have procedure in the Spring just in time for me to be Summertime FINE!!!

Surgery Date Cancelled Again :-( Considering Implants... INBOX ME LADIES! PLEASE

I just can't seem to gain the weight that I need. And now that everything is paid for, I am considering implants. Ladies, please inbox me on your experience getting implants. I think that will be my next option. I will update my SX Date on the First of March and let you ladies know when you can expect my transformation. I wouldn't choose any other doctor to do this procedure. Cortes is honest, and he is very concerned with making sure each patient achieves their desired results. That is the most important! He is also very in tune with what the patient wants and what they should expect. In the meantime, I will try to gain my weight. I'll add updated photos next week as well.

Paid in FULL & Rescheduled to November 11th 2014!!!

I have lost 10 lbs so that means I will need to gain 20 lbs to reach the desired weight. With it being March and my new date scheduled to November, that will give me 8 months to gain my weight. If I can gain 3-5 lbs a month, I will be on my way to my desired look. I am cutting out energy drinks, smoking and long days with no I want my weight to be gradual so it can be the fat that will last. Otherwise, quick weight gain can sometimes mean quick absorption. I have thought long and hard about this decision. I have went back and forth. Some days I question why am I doing this when I already have a nice shape, but then I log on to REAL SELF and see all of my beautiful BBL Sisters and quickly I come to my senses. I know that the first 6 weeks will not be the best, but I know the next 6 years will be well worth my investment!!! So ladies wish me luck. I don't want to do implants, but trust and believe that if I am not where I want to be with my weight, implants it is. I have a sit down job so it is imperative that I gain this weight. Since the money is already spent, I have to make sure that my investment does not go to waste. Besides, why suffer through the pain only for it to only last through the swelling process. So if anyone has any weight gaining recipes I am willing to take notes! Congrats to all the sisters that made it to the other side. Wish me well!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Less than a month to go!

OK! This has been a whirlwind... I have gone from 155 to 140 back to 168... I am going to try my best to keep it on as Dr. Cortes wanted me between 160-165lbs... I want to be 170lbs to be sure he has something to work with. Although I am only 5'3 I still don't look my size because I have a lot of muscle and muscle is so much heavier than fat... I never thought the struggle would be so real trying to gain fat. I just hope that after all of this the fat stays... I will take some update photos and put them up real soon since I deleted the others.

Counting Down 21 days to go!

I went to my Pre-Op yesterday with my Fiance' and he is more scared than I am LOL... But hey, I am 169 lbs and I was told that I don't need anymore weight. Now I just have to keep the weight on until the big day. Bae says he is going to take care of me but I have made alternate arrangements anyway cause from what I hear, you can never have too much help. I received all of my scripts. Now I just have to make it past pre-op at the hospital to make sure that all my levels are fine and good to go. Once I get the greenlight next week, then I will go shopping for everything that I need. The last time I was scheduled, I was so anxious and my appointment had to be moved. This time I want to do things in order and not too prematurely.

Counting Down 7 More Days!

I have went to my Pre-Op with Dr. Cortes as well as my Pre-Op at the Hospital. I have all my prescriptions filled. Now I just need to go shopping for some supplies and Comfortable Clothes. I also need some Referrals to Massage Therapists like ASAP!!! My surgery is on the 11th so if anyone is having surgery that week and is local and would like to go shopping together inbox me!!!

Don't Let Fresh Pics Fool You (Cortes Warning)

I am in a bad predicament RIGHT NOW!! I never really updated my RS Page although I was asked multiple times to do so by his staff, but of course this is when it was fresh and it looked amazing. I looked great for the first 6 months, then the swelling went down and all the imperfections came to the surface. I spent 10K (plus) back in 2014 and now I have an uneven stomach and my a** looks sub-optimal. One of my GF's hurried to go get sx after she saw my results and ended up having to go to DR to fix her uneven hips!!! He failed to lipo my back/braw-rolls... and now I am looking for a sx buddy to go to DR with this year, cause the only person I have seen fix his mess ups are Cabral... so that is what I plan to do... We dont spend all this money and PURPOSELY gain weight for this surgery to be even more dissatisfied than when we started. I still look good in clothes BUT now all my old pics look photo shopped because my a** is almost gone back to where I started except now I have an uneven stomach to go along with it, and braw rolls that dont match my backside. His bedside manner was superb and the people in his office were great, but it should be when you are spending this kind of money. I am by no means trying to defame him because I actually like him as a person, but when you're trying to get this mess fixed and they turn around and give you another $10K quote when you already spent $10K to start with is a bit much. So ladies, please please do your research and take your time. You will have to live with your results, good, bad or indifferent. As with all surgeries there are risks involved. But it appears that many people that had surgery by him in 2014/2015 are having to go to other doctors to get revisions. Maybe it was because he hit the news and became super famous here in the states (Especially with us all being afraid to go to DR) and being over booked could have played a part..... Sorry Cortes... But it breaks my heart to keep seeing all these women that need revisions. If you going to do sloppy work, LOWER YOUR PRICES cause we are NOT getting what we are paying for!!

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