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I only found out about this surgery a week ago....

I only found out about this surgery a week ago. Until then I thought I was hopelessly doomed to no hips and a fat butt forever. As soon as I started reading about it I knew I needed this! Luckily I was pretty much able to schedule right away with Dr. Cortes. I'm very excited, super nervous. My mom is trying to get the Family Medical Leave papers filled out by Dr Cortes' office in hopes that they will have to let her off of work to go with me. She is a nurse so she's the best person I know to help with drainage tubes and packing wounds. But since I wanted to schedule right away and her job requires her to request off almost two months in advance, if she is able to go it will only be with these medical papers.

I need to know what to buy. I have seen a very creative foam support for laying on your back after surgery. I would LOVE to have one of those! Not sure if it was made or bought though. I know I need a pillow to sit on from the time I get home (when I will be able to sit) until I reach the three month mark. Not sure if this is an actual Boppy pillow that I will need or if it is something similar. I expect to get a supply list when the office calls me back to tell me the time of my appt, the date is already set.

I have lots of ducks to get in a row, I have 4 kids at home, two are babies and I do the accounting for my husband's company. The hardest part of this decision for me is leaving the babies. I'm hoping to have someone fly out with them as soon as I am able to move around just a little. I will be gone for two weeks total, that includes a couple of days to drive back and forth from Ohio to Texas. We're driving because I don't want to sit and I plan to ride with the back seat down to the truck, lying flat on my stomach on the way back. That should be a really fun 20 hours or so!

Worth it. Not perfect but worth it every day!

I had my surgery about 5 months ago. The recovery was pretty bad. I still don’t have all the feeling back in my thighs. There are more and worse scars than I expected to have. I had lipo on my stomach, back, thighs, upper legs, arms, and chin. But you can’t tell about the arms and chin.
The surgery did amazing things for my shape. I was only able to wear drapey clothes before because I carried all my weight in my stomach. I had no hips and no butt. I can now wear the cute tight clothes I always wanted to wear. The downside is that my stomach has lots of bad lumps. I’ll never be able to wear a bikini and my stomach still looks just as bad as it did before, just in a different way. My butt looks great. Overall there were lots of things I didn’t expect (pinched nerves, the scarring, the lumps) but if I had to do it again I would go through all of it every week if I had to!!! It has done SO much for my confidence. For the first time ever I am happy with the way I look, at least in clothes. My legs, I always had pretty legs and the lipo made them less attractive somehow, they look old or something. Although it isn’t loose skin?
My butt couldn’t be more perfect! I said I wanted to go as big as I could but it’s not too large, it’s absolutely perfect!! The shape and size are better than I could have hoped for.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

He had the best pictures both on his website and from people posting here. I could not find anyone online with a bad word to say about him. I think he takes more fat during lipo than most doctors, but that requires an overnight hospital stay that is not required with most doctors.

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