Bucket list: 1. BBL (check) 2. Tummy Tuck ( December 2014)

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Hello ladies! This is my 1st day on here and I'm...

Hello ladies! This is my 1st day on here and I'm getting mentally prepared for my surgery that's coming soon. I'm 37yrs old, married to my wonderful hubby of 14yrs and a mother of two handsome young men (who've destroyed my figure, lol). I've been wanting to get a tummy tuck for some years now but after extensive research, I've discovered the BBL procedure! This come about at a perfect time because I just so happen to suffer from noassatall disease. "It's catchy ladies be careful" ..... I've chosen Dr Cortes after thoroughly researching, he seems to have consistent results for the noassatall disease (my opinion). I have little time left before my surgery so I need to get all the ideas & suggestions that I may need for my journey. Please pray for me ladies in advance as I will pray for you. Keep me lifted in prayer. All of you ladies that just had your surgery, I pray for your speedy & healthy recovery!!!! Will be posting pics closer to my surgery time.

Nighttime daydreaming...

Ok so it's 12ish Houston time and I should be sleep. Instead, I'm sitting here thinking about ass.... my ass to be exact...lol. I guess it's fair to say I can dream about what I'm hoping my results will be. Surgery is paid in full so I'm just anxiously waiting for the day. My nerves & emotions are on a roller coaster. One minute I'm super excited and the next I'm nervous as hell. I'm truly blessed to have my hubby on board with this procedure. Seeing as how he's gonna certainly enjoy the results, he gotta be on board. Is it just me or are any of you ladies keeping your BBL's on a need to know basis. I haven't shared this with anyone, just my hubby! I'm def ready for this or maybe not. Heck I can't turn back now seeing as how my money is already spent!!!..lol... Oh well ladies I have plenty of time to finish daydreaming... I need to take my butt to sleep! Good nite BBL Dolls & rest easy.


I don't have much butt so I'm hoping I can get 1200 cc's and better. If my skin allows it. I've seen women get 1300cc's and look normal. When I first considered this surgery I was only thinking 800-900 cc but as I looked though a lot of women's profiles on RealSelf 1200-1300cc is about right for MY TYPE OF BUTT. Some women just don't need that much and then there's women like me who needs more to catch up. So I figure in about 2 weeks I would receive my MASTER DEGREE from the REALSELF DOLLS and then I would start buying all the necessary things I would need. THANKS LADIES!!!!

Wish pic

Wish pick

1300 cc

I'm thinking that's what I'm gonna need if my butt can hold it.

S/O to all the BBL Troopers!

So I want to send shout outs and happy healing to all the BBL Troops who've taken their journey to the other side. Thank you so much for keeping the updates & pics coming of your results. Myself and the other ladies that is waiting for our journey to begin is thriving for info from you booty queens. It really helps a lot when y'all tell us how you're feeling, your pain levels, your comforts & discomforts. Some ppl on here post damn near everyday talking about their time is coming, but when that day of sx suppose to come, they get ghost. This is suppose to be a site where us real women can come together, support each other & pray for each other to have a safe sx & healthy recoveries. Folk be claiming they done had their sx but somehow their camera broke, there's a problem with the site and they can't upload pics! What's the real freakin deal!!! This really hurts us NEW women that comes to this site for counseling. But anyways as I said earlier, Thank You, Thank you, Thank you to all my BBL sistas who keeping it 100% on here, showing your pics whether you love your results are not, you still have the courage to show us what your choice of Dr did for you. Oh yeah and another thing. Ain't nothing wrong with trying to recruit ppl to your dr of choice. Folk gonna choose who they want and "that's okay!" Lets keep it all love in here. The site is called Real Self for a reason, show your "Real self" let us see what you once were and then show us what your dr did and what you "twerkin" with, just the area of surgery is all we need lol.... Much love to the BBL troops.... Keep it coming ladies!!!!!!!

Random thoughts...

Ok so ladies I need your inputs, thoughts, comments or whatever info you can give a sista! My job occupation will only allow me to have a few days off for recovery. When I say minimal, That means I had to use the holiday time just so I could at least get six days off tops. It's like this, when I'm off from work there is no one to come and do my work for me. It will sit there until I come back. With that being said, this is where my dilemma begins. So I just want to know how you ladies feel on your 6th day post op during recovery. I wish that I could take two weeks off to recover but I can't. It's going to be hell to try and go to work after just one week of a serious life changing surgery. I can't turn back now and I wouldn't want to even if I could. Money already spent and I'm too excited yet scared in the same breath. My thoughts be traveling through my brain about a mile a minute, lol..... One day I'm super excited and the next I'm damn near panicking. I'm so grateful that my hubby is truly on board. Without him I would have been lost my mind on this. He's very supportive and he always say to me "babe stop worrying, everything is gonna be okay". I know he's right but it just feels good to actually hear it. He's been on board from the beginning and that's why I love me some him!!! My mom will be helping me as well but she doesn't know it yet, lol. I haven't told her what I'm about to do, I just told her that I will need her help with a project that's coming up in November. She looks at me with the questioning look and still I don't tell her anything. I want to tell her so bad but I don't need the 21 questions, "ain't nobody got time for that"....lol. I say clear your schedule because you spending Thanksgiving with me and your son n law. The hubby will cook us a feast and my mommy will be taking care of me..... Our families are great but certain things you can't tell everybody, and then everybody in Houston and the surrounding cities will know my biz....... Excuse me for rambling but I just needed to talk to you bbl sistas of mine. Once again ladies please let me know how you felt on your 6day recovery.... Do you think I will be okay to return to work? Dang, this sucks and I don't have any other choices. I gotta do what I gotta do...... Ppl at work gonna be looking at me like what the hell... What do I say to the questioning eyeballs!?!? I haven't even came up with an excuse that I can use as to why my ass grew in a week, lol..... Oh lawd what am I to do, I'm a basket case, lol........................ HELP!

Upside down heart

What I hope 4



No square hips


What I'm looking 4

29 days and counting down!!!!

Well ladies, I've been on the hush hush for a minute. I been doing other things to get this sx off my mind otherwise I would've been going crazy... I'm still a lil nervous but more excited overall. I'm officially less than 30 days away until I get to reach the other side. It seems just like yesterday I was 4 months pre-op and now shit just got real....this is my month!!!! I'm praying for you Dr Cortes, bless your hands to sculpt the butt I desire, bless your eyes to see what you're doing (shaping), & bless me Lord for what I'm about to endure.... I'm a late or last minute type of person so I'm now just starting to buy things I need for post op sx. I've already started taking my multi vitamins & iron pills 2 weeks ago. I've been working out trying to tone and not lose too much weight. Doc told me in the beginning to don't lose weight, in fact he said don't lose and don't gain too much. I was in the 5lbs to 7lbs range that I needed to gain. Now, my waist area is already muffin top material or booty-do...lol... I gained a lot of weight on my 2nd pregnancy. Both of my boys were born via C-Section and I hated that with a passion. My first son didn't hurt my body too much because he was 10 weeks premature, I was young still and able to recover fairly well. Now my 2nd child was a killer. I blew up like yeast. My face, feet and whole body was swollen. I ate like the world was gonna end and my body just went crazy. I was a week over due and this child wasn't ready to be born yet. Long story short... I had an infection in my uterus, back to the hospital I went to stay another 2weeks being bed ridden and still trying to heal from having my stomach sliced open... All I'm trying to say is I hope Dr Cortes can suck all this stomach fat out of me and put it where it should be..... In my butt, lol.... I will post pre-op pics closer to my sx date. I might be starting a Round 2 review later on. After this procedure I will need a TT but Dr Cortes said to wait for six months, we'll see how these results come out. I might not need the TT but like I say, we'll see. So much for rambling about the past, I'm ready to get this new juicy booty that's on the way. The hubby is excited for me as well. I wear him out talking about ass all day, lol...but he understands. I've been talking about having sx for a while and he wasn't trying to hear it until BBL came into existence. Then he was like, ok I guess this will work. I truly love him though, he supports me in everything. My count down has begun...... Day 29.... Be blessed ladies.

13days to go, yay!!!!!!!

My sx is getting closer & closer. I have 13 days to go until sx time. I can't wait to see what Dr Cortes' creative hands will do to me. I don't have high expectations but I have realistic expectations. I'm not asking for a donkey butt and I sure as hell let him know that I DO NOT want a square ass. I like the fact that he listened to what I wanted and paid close attention to the things I didn't want. Okay so fast forwarding to today's event. Got my blood work done today, yay... All my vitals were good so that made me glad. The jacked up part of all this, I have a freakin sinus cold right now. I was told I can take meds but not the good shit, lol. So I need to rid this sinus cold before my sx.... I can't believe this is happening right now!!!!! Oh well, on another note. I told my mom finally about the sx. I only told her I was getting just lipo to my fat areas. I'm not telling her about the butt until the very last min when they're about to put me under, lol... My mom wouldn't quite understand why I'm doing the butt area but she kinda understand about me wanting to remove the fat. So now only two ppl know about my sx. I would love to tell my sister but we don't get along like that so telling her, everybody would know my business and "ain't nobody got time for that!".... My nerves are a wreck. Oh yeah, the nurse told me there was gonna be a tube down my throat and I was like "what, awww shit". I'm trying to be more of a trooper than a chicken, lol. I'm going shopping this weekend to buy some items for sx and most of all get me some rest and get over this cold.... I pray for you and you pray for me... Be blessed my sistas!!! Pre op pics coming soon

I got a problem!!!!

Morning ladies.... I'm having a serious issue that has occurred. I'm having a wisdom tooth problem y'all. For the last 3 nights I've been awaken by pain in my gums. I don't know what to. I've been gargling with warm salt water, listerine and I've put some vanilla extract on my gums as well. That helps a little bit but the pain does reoccur. This shit can't be happening just days away from sx... I'm thinking like, if I can't take this pain then what the hell I'm gonna do dealing with recovery. I'm a hot mess y'all. I can't afford to reschedule my sx for the fact that the days I'm taking off is pretty much the only time I'll be able to take this many days off at one time. I'm using my vacation days which normally I would have to spread them out. My boss is a nice guy and made this exception for me so I can take the whole week excluding Thanksgiving we're already off but I need the time for healing. I don't know what to do. What would you do if it was you, help?????? Be blessed ladies.

God is GOOD!!!

Well ladies first I'd like to say thank you for your prayers and well wishes. My tooth ache has toned down quite a bit. My son got sick Friday, the school called for my husband to pick him up. I was like Noooooo, it can't be two ppl down, lol... But with my prayers and my trooper husband. We making it. I ask God to relieve me of my pain along with the Orajel mouthwash I bought and help me nurse my baby back to health. He had 102 fever, vomiting & diarrhea y'all, I was like how much can a sista take. But anywho, I'm doing better, my gums is still sore where I gotta still watch what I eat. I feel sorry for my hubby having to do everything while I'm doing nothing due to pain but I love him for just doing the damn thing and not complain!!!! ( Training for my sx, lol ) he's gonna be taking care of me with the help of my mother. So, I went and bought a few items Sunday to prepare for sx. I'm totally confused on how much stuff to buy. I do not want to buy unnecessary items that I probably will not use. I don't really wear dresses, I'm a shorts & capri chic with my flip flops. With this Houston weather I can do that, lol... I bought dresses, slippers, compression socks, neosporin, gold bond anti itch, pineapple juice, ensure plus, wipes, dial antibacterial bodywash, q-tips and I could not find a female urinal so I bout a funnel y'all....lol. My momma said what's that for, aren't you supposed to be buying stuff for your surgery and I was like this is for my surgery. Mind y'all I didn't reveal the whole truth of my sx to her. She like why won't you be able to sit on the toilet? I'm like ma, chill, just there to help me. But I'll tell her right before they take me out, lol.. I'm buying my foam boards from Dr Cortes' office. I know I'm missing some things so ladies please help a sista out and let me know what else I need. I've read some of y'all posts and some wait to buy garments and then others bought garments before their sx. How do I know what type or size garments to buy? Garments, garments, garments, garments..... Ugh this is a lot to think about!!!!!!!! (screaming) Time is approaching fast. Thank you ladies for listening and tuning in to my journey. I'm so grateful for your prayers, keep praying for me though because a sista needs it. So pray for me as I'm praying you, Be blessed y'all!!!!!!!

Photos as promised

This is the part where I hate seeing myself, ugh... But soon to be a Cortes doll!!!! YaY

Eyes won't close.....

Trying to go to sleep but my eyes won't close, lol... Too much excitement!!!!! Until tomorrow be blessed my sistas!!! Goodnight

My day has come!

Well I was able to close my eyes for a moment and then my alarm went off! I'm on my way to the hospital about to "Get it ready"..... This isn't the time to have bubble guts but I know it's just my nerves kicking in. I'm so excited and looking forward to my transformation. It's freakin raining and it's cold. All that won't matter to me in a min. I will try to keep you ladies posted with all the info I can. Please send your prayers up for me and I thank you for your support and following my journey.

Anxiously awaiting my time

I've finished checking in. My vitals are good so now I'm sitting in the waiting room just waiting for my name to be called!!!!

I did it, it's done, finally!!

Hello my sistas!!! I'm doing fine and sx went well. I'm soo freakin happy right now but I'm stiff as a board,lol. I was done at 11ish central time. Dr Cortes was great with a little humor before sx. That helped to ease my mind. Once I started getting into my gown and footies, I was like ok here goes no turning back now. My nerves was so shot to hell that my legs were trembling and I felt like I was freezing to death. I think my fear of needles kicked in to the 10th power causing me the bubble guts. I'm happy with what I have even though he couldn't give me what I actually expected. But it's cool, he did a damn good job for me. I worked out too much where he said my ass was too tight. He did the max my skin would allow for. With that being said, he did his very best to give me what I wanted and you know he pretty much did because my butt ain't the same. It is way better than my before pics. It's wider and bigger than before. He has rid me of my "V" shaped butt, lol. That's what he called it y'all. I've been raising and getting up on my knees and man when I tell ya my butt feels like bricks, lol, it feels like bricks from the stiffness. My nurse says I'm doing real good. The staff is just excellent and very attentive to me. Ok ladies I'm gonna try to eat my jello now. I'll keep ya posted and post pics later. Once again thank you for your prayers ladies and being encouraging because you really need that during this time. Be blessed my sistas, I'm still praying for you too!!!!

Here's a pic

I'm hanging in there...

So far so good. I'm not experiencing pain like some of the other ladies. I'm just having a lot of stiffness but I'm walking around like a penguin. He was only able to get 750cc in the but and 100cc per hip. One hip is a little bigger than the other but I'm not gonna panic. I'm gonna take it in stride and focus on healing. I didn't want my arms & thighs done because I didn't want my down time to be long. He said that he had to hit the arms and thigh but he only got a little fat from those areas. I kinda hate that I over worked out on my bottom area because my skin could not stretch that much for him to go bigger. I'm kinda disappointed but hey he told me he did the best he could and I can accept that. He also told me that my body type is the hardest because he didn't have much to work with. I'm very busty and wide up top so I really was hoping that my hips would match. I can say that I see a difference in my bottom so kudos to Dr Cortes!!!! I'm glad I'm not having pain that would have me crying. I've praying and asking God to put his healing hands on me. We will see though, it's just my first day home so I hope all will be well. I'm draining real good so I guess that's a good thing. If there's anything else I should be doing, ladies let me know. Thanks to the vets and good luck to the ladies who's sx is coming soon. Be blessed! Oh yeah here's a couple more pics.


Pain for the first two days is not bad. The third and forth day is when the pain kicks up. I think I've been walking to much. The longest I've stood up walking was 2 hours . I don't want to lay around all day on my stomach, so I walk. My minimum time I would give myself is 30mins walking every hour. Am I doing too much? My left butt check is still stiffer than the right cheek. My right leg gets tired quick. I'm not trying to take my pain meds to quick and taking the Advil, also saving the good stuff for when I really need it.


2 weeks Post op

Hello ladies, just checking in to give an update. Well I'm a couple of days away from being 2wks post op. It's been crazy y'all. I've been trying to get in comfortable positions but nothing is just right for me. Oh yeah, remember days ago I went back to work part time, and it's been a little crazy too. I bought me an air mattress so I can lay down in the office and do my paperwork! It's lays right in front of my desk so I don't have to walk far. My first post op appt was last Monday 12/2 and Mariel squeezed me into a new garment that literally took my breath away. Thanks Mariel, lol! I can barely breathe in this mutha but I need all the help I can get to at least shape my butt and get the swelling down. Dr Cortes did say I was still swollen. It's hard trying to maneuver and not pull your drain tube out your back. Since the drain has been out, I haven't had any leakage from the drain hole. I hope that's a good thing. See as how I did drain 235cc of fluid and that's while I was at home. My arms & inner thighs are bruised. I have a small burn on my left side from the first garment and small bruises on both my sides. I'm still having a hard time sleeping. I don't like sleeping in my bed, my sofa gives me better comfort, I'm not quite sure why! Before sx my bed was the best thing happening, lol. My appetite is still kinda funny. I eat but I can't take in much. I keep getting heartburn and I never really had issues like this before. I use to be able to eat what I want and not worry about heartburn or acid reflux. Sx has made my body sensitive to food.

I'm gonna confess that I've been having some emotional breakdowns. This whole process of healing has been getting to me. When I get to where I'm mega uncomfortable, it saddens me because there's no other way to find a "Good position". My stiffness is almost non existence. I'm losing the penguin walk, lol. I can bend but not completely. I can't tie my own shoes, but I can put my own pants on. My right leg lifts higher than my left so I'm still working on that. Butt cheeks & hips not stiff anymore but still firm (hard). When does the butt start to soften and fluff? How long before the fluffing begins? This new garment has made me feel a tad bit better about my results. It looks like my butt is starting to take a round effect. Maybe I'm in over my head but I'm keeping watch on her. I can hardly stay out the mirror, lol, but nothing's wrong with watching your investment right! Well ladies until then, be Blessed and I'll keep you up to date on my recovery. Pray for me as I pray for you!!!!


Post op

Itching for days.....

I'm about to lose every ounce of sanity I have left. I'm itching like crazy right and I'm at work. I forgot my anti itch gold bond cream at home so I'm stuck like chuck! Even if I would've brought it there's nobody to help put cream on my back area that's itching........ UGHhhhhh.......... I so wanna scream and strip at the same time, lol........ Omgosh, Lord help! Please help Lord. Sorry I needed to vent this since you ladies are the only ones who knows what I'm dealing with. Be blessed.


Ladies, I would like to apologize for all the random that may have come thru your emails. I don't know who this random person was but they put a lot of energy into being blog. I'm disappointed in myself for entertaining that mess in the beginning so I apologize for that as well. With the help of Kristy & the realself, I think this issue has been nipped. I'm focusing on my recovery and health & not negativity. Drama is not my forte and I hate that spilled out in the innocence of emails of others. As always pray for me as I pray for you. Be blessed!!!


I meant to say, they put a lot of energy into my blog. I will still post and upload pics. Thanks for following my journey!

Don't feel quite right

Morning ladies! I'm still numb at my lower back area and certain parts of my stomach that was lipoed. Is this normal, should I still be numb 17 post. My back area is the main area where my itching is extreme. Whew I tell ya this itching is what's driving me crazy. This one piece garment has created a new burn on my side. I'm treating it now and have put some foam there for protection. I haven't had a massage yet and I keep procrastinating because I'm scared it will hurt. But as my mom calls me a tough cookie, I'm gonna have to face the music and get a massage. Please let me know if anybody experienced numbness in your lower back or any where for that matter. Be blessed ladies & thank you for any inputs.

One new pic

Wish my fluffing would begin. I pray the fluff fairies will favor me in this process. I went to see Dr Cortes Wednesday, he says I'm still a little swollen. Also I had to get some cortisone shots in my back & stomach area. Doc says those areas were hard and the shots will help break down the fat. I'm hoping my butt will round off more, I want the cheeky look. Only time will tell and as time goes by in my recovery stages I hope my results will continue to improve. One thing I can say that I'm far from where I first started!!!!! Four days from now I'll be one month post op and I have two months to go before I will sit on my investment. What a rejoicing day that will be!!!!! That's all I have for now dolls, I will continue to update & post pics. Be blessed.


6 weeks post op...... Time is flying

Hello dolls!!!! It's been a min since I last posted so here's a quick update. All my bruising is gone & my burns are healing nicely. I've come to the point now that I have to buy new clothes to wear. My first day out of surgery even with swelling I couldn't fit my clothes. 6 weeks later I'm 3 sizes smaller & Dr Cortes has predicted that I'll be shrinking some more and I'm totally blown away from what he said. I still can't go shopping crazy for jeans or anything like that because my waist is steadily getting smaller. Maybe I'll just buy me some clothes temporarily until my final waistline reveals itself, lol. So at my 6 weeks appt on yesterday Dr Cortes was pleased. I still had hard spots in my stomach and my back just like my last visit so he gave me more cortisone shots in those areas to break that stubborn fat of mine. I showed Dr C a 2 day post op pic and the way I'm coming along now with my results, the look on his face was pleasing. That tells me I'm following Dr's orders and taking care of my investment. Anywho, that's all for now ladies. Be BLESSED DOLLS & I'll post more pics & keep you updated!!!!!

@ 6 weeks

Pics @ 8 weeks.... Playing around

9 weeks post op

Current Pic's

Not bad Cortes...

On to the next!

God bless to all the dolls preparing to cross over and a speedy recovery to all the dolls who has reached the other side. Now I'm about to step into THE TUMMY TUCK CHAPTER.

Dr Cortes is very professional and caring. He tells you the truth and don't pump your head just to get the money. He really cares about his patients and he doesn't do rush jobs. I'm very satisfied to be a patient of Dr Cortes!!!

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