Disappointed With My Revision - Houston, TX

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Well I decided to have a different profile page...

Well I decided to have a different profile page for my upcoming bbl July 10th. I am so looking forward to my next surgery. I know Dr.Cortes will transform my body into something astonishing. He is an amazing doctor. I have a few wish pics that I will show Dr.Cortes because it is very important to me to get a smaller waist, no back fat at all and more volume at the top of my butt . I hope I will have enough fat to get all what I really want in my next sx. It is hard for me to put on tons of weight but I don't think i need so much. I did email Lucy last week asking if i should gain or not but i haven't gotten a response from her as yet. I hope she emails me back tomorrow. I think this time around will be much easier for me. Butt implants and bbl that I had last December was no walk in the park girls, i was in a lot of pain for a while. Here are some wish pics that i like and adore. I really need to take some pics and post them up so y'all can see what i look like right now. I will add a few pics tomorrow for you girls.

I Am Happy To Let You All Know I Gained Weight!!

Girls I have been eating quite a lot this past week and I did manage to weigh myself today and I weigh a whopping big 152lbs! After my 1st bbl i weighed about 142lbs about 4 weeks after my surgery. I am just amazed on how fast i did gain weight. I really had no idea that i weighed this much. I will continue to gain the weight and try to get to 160lbs by July. That shouldn't be so hard to do.

I really enjoy coming to RS and giving you Cortes dolls my updates. I am just finding it a bit too much when people keep updating their page constantly in a day. I mean this isn't Facebook, you know what i mean? Real self is about posting updates regarding your surgery you had or surgery your about to have. I just find it soooo annoying when i see females keep posting over and over in one whole day. I just find it way too much. Not sure if y'all feel the same as I do, I know there are some that do.

My Measurements

Well I did manage to measure myself this morning. My waist is now a 30 inch & my hips are now a 44 inch. I need to still gain more weight so I will measure myself next week and see if those numbers change or stay steady. I can tell you that 85% of my pants and jeans dont fit on this ass anymore. I wont buy much clothes until after my surgery. I will try to find some nice comfortable maxi dresses. I can't find any nice ones online and most stores out where I live don't sell much of those either..What's a woman to do :-(

Just Received An Email From Lucy This Morning.

I am a tad disappointed today. I received an email from Lucy this morning saying that Dr.Cortes will go over my weight gain progress and my specific surgery details when i see him at my pre-op appointment on July 9th. I called Lucy today with no success, they told me she is with a patient and that she will call me back, hope she calls me today because I really need to talk to her asap. I am travelling all the way from Canada with my husband and I don't want to travel such a long long distance just to see Dr.Cortes for a few minor flaws. I really needed and wanted more fat inserted in my butt and i also think i have enough fat for all what i want done. If he sees my recent pics from today I am sure he can tell me if he can do it or not. I need to know this before i purchase my flight tickets. I am glad I did not buy them as yet. Its just way too far for me to travel to discuss with him if he can do it or not once I am there in Houston in July. This is really on my mind now and I hope she calls me today so my mind can lay at rest without stressing about this.

Skype Video Call With Cortes Today

I did get that phone call from Lucy yesterday afternoon. She booked me for a Skype video call for today at 2pm. I think i have enough fat for what i want to do and plus i still have another 4 more weeks to gain more weight. I am sure i sill be fine but i also want Dr.Cortes to look at me and tell me that i am gaining enough weight. I will let you all know later what the outcome is.

My Pics I Took This Week

This is what I look like at the moment.

Dr.Cortes said Its GO!! Yay!!

Well its a GO dolls! I spoke to Dr.Cortes today around 2:20pm and he thinks I have enough fat for my surgery on July 10th. I still got another 4 more weeks to gain more fat so I am sure to be pleasantly plump for when I see him. He told me he wants to lipo my thighs but I don't think i want to go there again, i had too much trouble the last time with my swollen legs, knees and ankles. I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs at my home for over 6 weeks. I prefer though thick sexy legs. I will work them out real good in the fall. I just came back from grocery shopping and you should of seen my cart lol… I bought some much of unhealthy foods but i need it since its so hard for me to gain that crazy ass weight! My hubby is also gaining weight since I have been eating this way for a few months. I told him after my surgery, i will work out with him as soon as I am allowed to do so. I feel so bad for him now, its hard to not want the food if its right in front of you, its a big tease. I understand where he is coming from but I need the calories right now so he has to hang in there with me just a lil longer.

I am buying my plane tickets tomorrow before they double up in price. Last December my flight ticket cost me $800.00! I could go to the Dominican Republic for that money on an all inclusive resort for 1 week lol… I will check rates tonight to see what i can get my hands on.

Flight Ticket booked & Hotel Paid Up

I did wait last minute to purchase my flight ticket for my husband and I. I just booked my plane tickets this evening. Its so DAMN expensive flying to Houston all the way from Canada. Its costing me $800.00 a piece. I need to budget myself really good between now and my surgery. This is the exact amount I paid last December for my 1st BBL. I also booked our seats all the way at the end of the plane so i can stand most of the flight back home. Thank goodness my hotel is coating me less then $700.00 for 12 days. I am not renting a car this trip either…I decided to use Sara's services just like I did the last time. I did contact another lady who I think works for Dr.Cortes as well but she is more pricey then Sara. I guess I will stick with Ms.Sara to drive me around to all my dr's appointments.

I was wondering if any of you girls had any issues with the Talwin NX tabs that Dr.Cortes prescribed to you. At my 1st bbl i took a few of those pain killers but they didn't do shit for me. I was still is sooooo much pain and agony. I just emailed Lucy asking her to ask Dr.Cortes for a different type of pain killer for me. There is no way i want to be in that much pain again! Especially the flight back home. I was in the worse pain I have ever experienced. I am just happy that my hubby is now coming with me as i will need lots of help and support.

23 more days to go before I leave for Texas!! I am super excited dolls.

Check Out This RS Lady

I now have 2 more weeks till my butt gets to Texas. That is all i think about and talk about. I simply want an amazing ass y'all. I had found this girl on RS a few months ago who i simply adored her body. I had lost her RS name and by fluke a few days ago i found it, her name is danielove. You got to check out her before and after pics, she has had a beautiful transformation. Her dr did a fabulous job on her. Well anyhow, i want my back, lower back, flanks looking like her. I want more of that bubble butt look like hers too. I am praying dolls that Dr.Cortes can work some of his magic on me. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Dr.Cortes did say he wants to lipo my inner thighs but i am having 2nd thoughts on that. The 1st time he lipo'd them i had some issues after my surgery. My right leg was in excruciating pain and i think it was due to damaged nerves in my leg from the lipo. Till today i have some spots of numbness on that right leg, its mainly around my knee cap and above my knee too. I am just afraid that this pain might start all over again if i get my legs lipo'd. I will ask Dr.Cortes his opinion on my right leg situation. I am curious to know if this happened to any of you? I think this also happened to Mariel, she told me that.

This Is What I Want In My Surgery With Dr.Cortes

I posted a few pics today that i will be showing Dr.Cortes in 2 weeks so he understand where I'm coming from. I just want us to be on the same page regarding the results of my surgery. I just hope he can make me one happy woman :-) He is known to perform amazing miracles.

Pics Of Me Before My Transformation

Hey Dolls,

I have been gaining weight now for over a year for my 1st bbl and now for my revision. I must say it has been tough on me and my body too. I am getting tired of eating and thinking of what to eat next just to gain some weight. I used to be a petite female bodybuilder for over 14 years now. I am 5'1" and i used to weigh 142lbs with little fat on my body. I had to stop cold turkey when i was told i have to gain weight for my surgery. The last years of my training i injured my lower back and right knee due to lifting very heavy weights from doing squats. I decided its time to chill out on the heavy lifting and to transform my body into something very different from what i am used to. I have always loved big booties, tiny waists and large hips ever since i am 16 years old but with my genetics it wasn't possible. I just want to say that I am so greatful to what Dr.Cortes has given me so far and I can't wait to see what he will do for me in exactly 2 weeks from today. he is an unbelievable surgeon & artist. he sculpts our bodies to perfection or close to it. I am so greatful to have found a great doctor even though i have to travel from so far every penny is worth it.

A few girls wanted me to post some pics of what i used to look like before my surgery, well here are a few pics that I found on my old laptop. These were taken about 2 years ago. Some are modelling pics since i model part-time and one pic is taken in the carribean "Antigua".

Anywho..I will be back in the gym a few months after my surgery but i will be lifting way lighter this time. I simply can't wait!

Anyone On RS Had A Revision With Dr.Cortes

I was wondering if there are any ladies on RS that has had a bbl revision with Dr.Cortes. I was hoping to talk to someone who has. I had a few questions. Thanks dolls.

Made A Mistake- Posted This In My BBL #1 Instead Of This Page.

I finally paid my entire surgery today. I guess its finally kicking in now that I am really doing surgery next week. I am trying to organize myself all this week and pay all my bills too so I have less things to worry when i am away. I can only be off from work for 2 months and no more. Last time i was off from work for almost 4 months, it was horrible.

Can someone tell me if they have had their inner thighs lipo'd and till this day you still have some numb sensations on your legs and knees. I am not sure if i should lipo my inner thighs, I am afraid my situation gets worse. Well I did weigh myself today and I am at 158lbs at 5'1". I have NEVER felt so yucky in my entire life.

Can't Wait For My Big Day In A Few Days!!

Dolls my time is approaching and almost coming to an end. I am so busy tonight and tomorrow as well…trying to get everything in order for my trip on Tuesday to Houston. I haven't even packed anything as yet but I will do so tonight and tomorrow. I don't think i will need much clothes because I know I will be in pain in my hotel room for the entire week that I am in Houston after my surgery. I am only leaving my hotel room once its time to fly back home. I will touch base with all of you tomorrow.

My Caregiver Flaked Out On Me

I am so pissed off right now!!! My caregiver flakes on me last minute. I contacted her today to confirm that I am arriving in Houston tomorrow afternoon and she comes back and tells me that she cannot do it, this woman is flakier then a box of corn flakes! Damn I am royally pissed! I advise you not to ever book yourself with this caregiver named Sara if you need a caregiver, she is not reliable. I don't know what the hell to do?! Does anyone know of another reliable caregiver? I have no clue what to do.

Leaving in a few hours for Houston

Dann was I stressed the f......out today! Damn Sara(caregiver) is ridiculous. I did find another caregiver named Jane who works for Cortes too. Thank goodness she is able to drive me around while im in Houston. I am greatful she came through for me.

I am still awake unable to sleep and its 2:15am here. Im leaving for the airport around 4:00am I am catching a super early flight. I will update once I reach my hotel. I am super excited for Thursday.

I made it to Houston!

Made it to Houston today. It was a lil over a 5 hour flight and I also had a connecting flight in Charlotte. In total it took us over 8 hours to get here. I had Miss Jane pick us up at the airport and then drive me to my hotel. Ive been sleeping the entire time I stepped foot in my hotel room. I was too drained to do anything. I have my pre op appt with Cortes tomorrow at noon then hospital at 3pm. I will update you all tomorrow when im back in my hotel room. For some odd reason im not nervous one bit this time around. Cortes is going to hook me up good just like he did the last time :-)

Surgery Tomorrow

Well I had a busy day today. I was only able to update now. I went to Dr.Cortes's office with my hubby for 12:30pm and it was jammed pack in that office by 1:00pm. I was seen quite fast since I had beautiful Jane, my caregiver who works for Cortes. She knows everyone there so she told the dr that I had to hurry up since I had to be at the hospital for 3pm for my pre-op. I had nothing to eat at that point so we picked up some Mc Donalds on our way to the hospital. I also met a really nice sweet woman who is on RS named AEH81, she even brought me some cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, she stopped by there before coming to Cortes, her appt was at 12:30pm too. I wanted to eat it so bad leaving his office but i had no utensils so i carried it everywhere with me and ate it only once i reached my hotel at 6pm. Her 2 blond daughters are the cutest things ever, i was very happy to have met her.

Well its midnight and my white ass is still up lol… I don't think i can sleep as yet, not tired and just excited for tomorrow. I was told by the hospital today that I am an out patient, I thought i had to sleep one night at the hospital after sx but they said i should be ok to go back to my hotel room after my surgery. If I feel I am not feeling too good then i will stay over night but I rather save $550.00 and sleep at my hotel. Tomorrow i got to be at the hospital for 10am so i will walk over there since its a 5 minute walk. Surgery is at 1pm. I will keep you all updated tomorrow at some point if I am not in too much pain. I asked Dr.Cortes to change my pain pills for something else other then Talwin so he did. I hope these pain pills work better then the Talwin pills.

I will write more tomorrow before surgery if I have enough time. Night night dolls and thank you so much for supporting and being there for me :-)

My Surgery Update From Yesterday

Hey Cortes Dolls, I had surgery yesterday at about 2:30pm. I was scheduled for 1pm but it turned out that he was still in surgery at that time so I had to wait patiently. I don't remember much after they gave me that margarita cocktail. Its sure is a weird feeling not remembering anything. Anyhow i was in surgery for 3 hours. I was suppose to be an out patient but after surgery I told the nurse there is no way i can go back to my hotel. I was in pain and i was sooooo nauseous all night. I could not eat a thing. When i woke up this morning i had breakfast and then walked around in my hospital room a few times. I was released from the hospital around 4pm. I had Miss Jane come pick me and my husband up to take me to my hotel. It feels much better being in my hotel room though. The nurses at the hospital were so damn sweet and friendly. They did take great care of me and helped me out as much as they can. The service you get here is very different from Canada, Montreal. My husband and I even told Cortes that we would just love to move out here. I am thinking about it very hard. I really love Houston.

I have not seen my body as yet but i will tomorrow when i take my shower. My hubby will take some pics of me to add to RS. All i can say is i am super swollen so i know what i will see in the mirror tomorrow won't be the result I am looking for. It does take a few weeks to see some improvement. Dr.Cortes did lipo my inner thighs too. My hubby and I didn't want them done but he said he needs the fat from there. I told him that my right knee still has numbness from my 1st bbl. He told me it can take up to 2 years for that sensation to go away, that is crazy but that's what it is. So he said he lipo'd my entire back very well and my tummy too plus my waist. He injected some fat in my hips again to make them rounder because they were not round. he said he added some fat to my butt, not sure where but i will check it out tomorrow. I can't wait to see myself tomorrow.

I told him Talwin does not work on me so he changed the prescription. I am now taking Vicodin. It does work but for it to work very well I guess i would have to take 2 tabs at once every 4 to 6 hours. I hate to be in pain.

Well I will update you dolls tomorrow with some pics too. Have a great evening.

My New Pics From Tonight

I just took pics 1 hour ago. I wasn't strong enough to take a shower so my hubby gave me a sponge bath. I did take some pics so here they are. I am bruised a little on my upper back. I am so swollen but I know all this is normal.

A Few Pics & Update From Today

I had my post op appointment with Cortes today at 12:30pm. I love his staff very much and I also like Dr.Cortes as well. I find them all so friendly. I was changed into a tighter garment today by Deanna and we decided to leave my sutures in and I will remove them in 2 weeks time. I was put in a size large garment today and purchased a size medium from his office. I told the dr that I am pretty sure that I have a uti. He prescribed me Cipro for 10 days. I am very prone to getting uti's so this is the type of antibiotic I take for it. I most likely got this infection from the catheter they put on me during my surgery. It does happen to a lot of women. I am trying to keep track f all the meds I'm taking, I am on like 6 or 7 different kinds.

I am so damn swollen still in the legs so Deanna told me I should be wearing anti embolism socks half of the day to reduce swelling. I hate them but I have no choice.

I am really loving my results so far. Again I am extremely swollen but I can see some improvement. My waist will be small, he rounded out my hips, lipo'd my back and also under my armpits too. My butt has some fat added to the top part of it. I was so scared of what I would look after sx but I shouldn't of been cause Dr.Cortes is very gifted and one amazing surgeon. Hands down to one of the best bbl surgeons there is.

Took New Pics Tonight

I've been peeing like crazy today since I'm drinking lots of water. My swelling body has gone down a lil. I had my hubby take some pics of me after I showered tonight. I am loving my body so far. Dr.Cortes said I will have a very curvy body, I'm so happy about that.

A Few Updates

Hey y'all I'm doing good except for being super itchy. The itchies are for real now and in full force, hard to sleep at night. I got to stop scratching myself cause its making my skin so red. Hard for me to stand for long periods of time since my legs are swollen and my calves hurt too. Other then that I am in love with my Jessica Rabbit body.

I am meeting LadyB2011 anytime now. She has helped me out tremendously for both of my surgeries. We've been friends for over 1 year now. I can't wait to meet her and her hubby. She also has an amazing big booty. Updates coming tonight dolls xx

Pic Of My Big Booty

Met with LadyB2011 today with her hubby. They picked my husband and I up at our hotel and took us out to Chili's not too far from our hotel. We had to sit in the bar area since I cannot sit, I stood up the entire time we ate. After an hour later my legs started to hurt and my calves were hurting too so I had to come back to my hotel to lay down. I wish we could of spent more time with them but I couldn't. I did tell them we will hook up in a few months or so. We got along real well and they are such beautiful laid back people :-) She also has a big ole booty..... I couldn't stop looking at it :-)

I'm on my way back home tomorrow afternoon. I know this is going to be a crazy long trip. Its a 5 hour flight all together, we have a connecting flight in Charlotte, its not a straight flight. I pray everything goes smoothly.

My butt is looking better now then a few days ago. I took a quick pic tonight in the hotel bathroom. Check my tiny waist (26 inch waist but it might go down once the swelling is gone), no fat on my back, my big hips and this round apple bottom booty. I love it dolls! I will be watching my diet starting Sunday and I want to start training again in about 5 - 6 weeks from now. I miss my gym :-(

I think for now I am pretty well done with my body. My next surgery will be facial surgery in the winter most probably. I found 2 great surgeons, one is in Miami and the other in Boston. I will contact both dr's for a quote within 2 weeks. I'm very excited about this upcoming surgery.

Got to get some rest. My aching swollen legs are f...... itchy and driving me insane!!! I took a painkiller and Benadryl too and its not doing much...

Good night Cortes Dolls xx

flying Out Now

Well I made it to the airport and my flight leaves in about 90 min. My damn back is hurting so much which makes it hard to sit down using my foam cushion. I will stand the entire flight back home. I can't wait to get this ass home in my comfy bed :-) I was up all night itching like a mad woman. This shit is the most annoying thing to ever experience. I have it way worse the the 1st time. I also got this phat booty in a medium size garment last night. Well I will update once I get back to Canada late tonight.

My Flight Back Home Was Crazy

Wanted to let you guys know how my trip was coming back home on Saturday. All I can say is I had a terrible flight. I got to the George Bush airport for 1:15pm. There wasn't much of a line up. We got served right away and we were all done by 2pm or before. I had 1 hour & 45 min of time to kill, my flight was at 3:50pm. There was no way that I was going to stand up the entire time so I stood up or walked around. By the time we boarded the plane I can feel my legs swelling up even more. I can a connecting flight in Charlotte but on the firdt plane going to Charlotte I sat for mostly the entire flight. I kept asking the stewardess if I can stand and she told me not until the seat belt sign goes off. The damn seat belt sign never came off once, I found it so bizarre. I was scared my ass would deflate by sitting for long period of time. Once I got off the plane we had to rush to our next flight and got there just in time. Once we got to our gate we were the last ones to get on the plane. I had only 15 min to get from the plane we had just taken to our next flight. Once we got on this tiny plane to head back home I was praying that I can stand up this time. I guess my prayers came true and I stood for the entire 2 hours. When I got home my legs were in so much pain so I wore embolism stockings and took a pain killer with benadryl and knocked myself out. I was soooo itchy on the plane and couldn't do anything about it. I thought my fliggt back home was going to be a breeze but it wasn't. It was horrible and very long. It took over 10 hours in total to get me home, meaning from the time I left George Bush airport to my final destination.

I am wanting to do more surgeries possibly this winter but I am not so sure if I want to do it outside of Canada. I found 2 great surgeons who specialise in facial cosmetic surgery, one is in Florida and the other in Boston. I think I will look for one in Montreal, Quebec, Canada first and decide from there who I will go to. I guess I will be having a brand new journey in a 2 or 3 months time :-)

Took these pics last night after my massage. I'm very swollen still but I do like my results so far.

Typo Error

Typo Error: I meant there was no way I was going to sit the entire time at the airport.

Pics In My Leopard Dress & A Few Updates Dolls

I was going to update my page tomorrow but i am bored so i decided to do it tonight before bedtime. I am a late owl so my bedtime when I ain't working is more like 2:30am or so. I also added a few pics that my hubby took of me in our hotel room near the hospital. These pics were taken a few days after my surgery. I also promised MissNewBootay these pics in my leopard dress.

This 2nd surgery has been a breeze for me. Not quite what i expected. I thought i was going to be in so much pain days after my surgery, just like i was for my 1st bbl. I am in a bit of pain but not so much, I don't need any pain meds or tylenol at all, i do take 1 pain pill at night with benadryl only if i need to. If i am itching like a bitch(excuse my language lol) i will take it before i go to sleep. I am swollen in my back, waist and my inner thighs and a bit on my tummy. Its only been 2 weeks so I will be swollen for the next few weeks for sure. Damn do i hate the waiting period! Won't see true results for a few more weeks or months. I need patience. I am trying to be patient :-)

I just ordered a waist cincher/corset from my favourite Ebay store called Marboston, I added a pic to show you what it looks like. The lady from this store is very nice and helps you to find exactly what your looking for. I have bought many items from her in the past. I told her i cannot wear my squeem anymore because its digging in my waist and rolls up in the back and i hate it. She told me to buy something like this since it will not roll up and your skin can breath wearing this item which is good. When i receive it i all let you all know how it fits.

I haven't lost any booty size from what i can see so I am very happy about that. I have been eating well, I eat 3 meals and 1 snack before bedtime which is a greek yogurt. I don't drink juice as i rather eat the fruit. I just have 1-2 coffee a day, i need it or i will be botchy all damn day! LOL.. I stopped going to Starbucks which is hard for me. I simply cannot just go there without getting something sweet to eat so i forbid myself to go there for now. I am relatively doing great! I get massaged 2 x a week from my husband so i don't have to pay to get them done. My hubby even took out my stitches for me today, he is quite the talented one. He does pretty much everything for me and i love him for that. My husband supports me in everything i do and want. He says to me, if i am happy then he's happy :-) I now got to find a great facial surgeon for my next procedure in a few more months. Not sure if i want to go out of the country for this one, we shall see. I think i will take my time for all what i want done and do it little by little :-)

New Pics & Updates

Sorry I haven't been on RS for a while. I got distracted with other things. I did take some pics today for you girls. I'm still swollen on my flanks, lower back and legs. Can't wait to be normal again. All I do at home is lay on my tummyfor everything except when eating, I usually kneel down to eat. If I'm in the car I will lay in the backseat and my husband drives me around. I do like having my own private chauffeur :-)

Another thing is, I started training today and only doing upper body workout. I can't do my legs for a few more weeks and I didn't do my abs either. It feels so good to weight train again. I am not doing any cardio either. I will train my upper body 3 times a week for now. I have a fully equipped gym at home so I don't need to go to a gym. I might start using a gym facility this winter.

I am slightly unhappy

Hi Dolls, well I will let you all know that Dr.Cortes did a great job on me at my last surgery. I am some what disappointed because I am still left with an indent on my right thigh and I really wanted more fat injected on my butt..I wanted more of a drastic change. I wanted a full bubble butt just like my wish pic. Right after sx my butt looked so full and round and the indent wasn't there anymore and it looked awesome. 2 weeks later from sx is when I saw everything coming back before my eyes. My right cheek was always slightly bigger then my left ever since my bbl 1. Till this day its the same and I don't know why all this happened to me. I haven't sat on my butt and I always lay down where ever I am or I kneel down. If I touch both if my cheeks with my hands its noticable and bothers me. I did email Lucy 2 days ago and texted the office too but I haven't heard from them yet. I hope to receive an email or text by tomorrow if not I will call Lucy to speak with her. I know how hectic their office can be. I an all hands down for Cortes cause he gave me the hourglass shape that I love but I really want more of a bubble butt. I am lacking fat at the top of my butt cheeks and I need fat on my left outter butt cheek cause it feels flat not round. Hard to say if I will be left with fat on my lower back since im still a bit swollen. I will wait and see if it changes. Since I do lots of modeling I need that body I desire in order to feel comfortable in front of the camera. If I workout like crazy I will lose my butt. I really need to talk to the office about my issues. I am not 100% happy with my revision. I hope Dr.Cortes understands where I'm coming from. I do like him a lot and he is very caring too. My issues are bothering me a lot and I just want to be happy with myself.

Heard from the office

Well dolls I just received an email from Deanna. Not sure what to think of this. I got back to her and said I will wait 5 to 6 months time and see what happens. My indent has nothing to do with swelling. It was always there. It was fixed at my revision but then came back. My butt cheeks ain't the same. One is more rounder and nicer and the left cheek is not as big and flat on the side. Still left with back fat..hope it disappears too. I just want to know what will be done at my 6 mnths stage. Not a happy camper right now. I also asked about my bleeding but got no feedback from that :-(

Any who I got a call from the Houston North West hospital today. These people are telling me I under payed then and that I owe them another $345.00. This is bs! I paid everything in full and in cash. I haven't called them back yet. They had left me a voicemail msg on my cell. I'm just pissed off about this.

Pics In My Pink Dress

Here are a few pics I took tonight before hitting the sack. I will take some probably tomorrow of my sexy maxi dress. I'm starting to look better now. My booty is rounder then my 1st bbl but I still want more fat added to it. I might want a bit more fat on my hips too but we'll see. Hope you like them.

My New Garment & Waist Cincher

Hey girls, I've been searching online for a whole week looking for another garment and waist cincher. I did buy a corset a few weeks ago which I had to send back. My torso is short since I'm only 5'1". That corset was way too long for my body. I bought a butt iut garment at my favourite store on Ebay called Marboston. This is a Vedette 913 - Underbust bodysuit with open bottom design to lift and shape buttocks.

I also bought a Vedette 902 - A mini waist cincher.

I will receive it soon so once I get it I will take pics in it to show you. I got a size medium in the garment and a small in the waist cincher. The lady from the store knows me well and she said I should get a size small in the garment but I don't want it too tight where its outting too much pressure in my hips. So let's wait and see dolls :-)

My Revision Experience

I haven't updated in a while. I've been stressed out a bit and busy at home. I have not gone back to work as yet. I will be starting back the 2nd week of September. I am waiting for my son to start school again he is going back 1st week of September. I am some what disappointed in my revision. I was getting a revision with Cortes due to a big dent in my right butt cheek and my left butt cheek needed more volume since it was smaller then the right cheek. I had left over fat all over my back from my 1st bbl, all the fat was not removed. My upper back was not touched at all and i had so much fat which i could grab with my hands under my armpits and bra line. I don't understand why i was left with soooo much fat. The office kept saying its swelling but i knew it was not swelling, i know my body. After 5 months i asked for a revision and he said he will do it. I had to gain between 10 to 14lbs for my revision and i did gain about 14lbs for it. I did not like the way my butt looked straight on from the back so i asked him to add fat at the top of my butt cheeks and to also make them more rounded. I asked him to make my hips rounder so they don't look so squarish. he did lipo my arms, tummy, entire back, armpits and thighs. Regarding the lipo I am just not happy with my back. Remember, I had lipo done twice only back and even after my revision i am left with back fat. I did tell him i wanted aggressive lipo on my back, love handles and armpits. I am very discouraged to have paid a lot of money for something i did not get. Yes i will admit i look good but all you see are side shots of my body. I detest the fat left on my back. I am still left with the indent on my cheek and my butt cheek is still slightly smaller. These are the very same issues i had before my revision, I friggen don't get it. I have not sat on my butt or done anything to harm the fat he injected. I paid over $18,000 for my butt in total. That's not including my flight ticket for my husband and I, food, caregiver to drive us around, hotel. I had to do this two times since i went to Houston twice. I messaged Cortes on Facebook last week telling him about my issues and he doesn't want to hear about it. He says he did all he could. WTF?? My husband and I are quite devasted about this. I thought he was more of caring surgeon but I am having 2nd thoughts about him. I need to feel happy in my own skin but I am only 50% happy with my results. I am now searching for another Dr. who can listen to my needs carefully and not treat me the way Cortes has. Even after my revision i never got a call, email or text from anyone asking how i'm doing. I got 2 texts from Mariel asking me about my prescription i had ordered. Mariel is sweet but at my 2nd surgery it was very different then my 1st bbl. Maybe because the 1st bbl i was alone, the 2nd time my hubby came with me. I am not saying he is not a good surgeon, I am simply explaining my own experience regarding my revision. I am unsure what I will do about my situation. My husband told me i should look for another doctor for my butt issues and back lipo. Paying such a big amount of money i should be happy and not dreading about my body but that is not the case. I have written to 3 other surgeons so we will see what happens. I am not looking for surgery anytime soon. I might wait close to a year before doing a 3rd round.

Good Luck Dolls xx

Updates For This Week

Short update. I still have no idea why Cortes is angry at me. I never said I hated my results. I said I wasn't totally satisfied with my revision. He should of listened to my concerns and go from there. He is the only surgeon that ever treated me this way. I've had revisions in the past with other surgeries and not once did these Dr's get mad at me. I find this so crazy!

I noticed a hard lump in my left breast last week. I thought it would disappear but it didnt. It got red and started to hurt
a bit. Saw my family Dr today and she said I might be a bacbacterial infection so I'm on antibiotics for 10 days. I have to see my family dr in 3 weeks time. Not sure why I have this. My mom asked me if this could of happened from my last bbl. I have no idea how I got this.

I am getting a 3rd bbl but not anytime soon. Thinking of fall or winter next year. I'm training upperbody 4 times a week now and I hope I can train legs within 4 weeks from now. Im 6 weeks post op today. Anyone know exactly when to start training legs?

I received my new garment and waist cincher. I'm in love with this cincher. Works real well too.

Bad Bacterial Infection

I now have a bacterial infection which got pretty bad this week. I only noticed this red lump under my left breast a lil over a week, maybe 2 weeks ago. It could of been there for weeks but I don't know. Not sure if this happened right after my revision. It could be. I am now
on meds for 10 days and I got to see my family dr in 2 weeks. Hope it goes away real soon.

I will be taking a break from RS. I think I need it. I have a few shoots already scheduled and plus I'm coming out with a website. I have contacted a great surgeon for my next bbl. He is also very good at giving projection and I'm confident he will give me what I want. I am not doing this surgery for another year. I need to heal right now and relax. Wish you girls all the best with your surgeries.

Pics in corset

Took a few pics tonight to show you dolls that waist training does work if you keep at it for months and years. My waist is naturally a 27 but with my cincher its a 24. If you decide to buy a cincher from the Ebay store that I recommend, just buy a cincher with 3 clips in the front since these ones are shorter on your body. Its perfect for us short girls :-)

Look at the armpit fat still hanging on my damn armpits. I dont know why I am left with this fat still. I need to get this lipo'd in a few months cause its driving me crazy. Im hoping doing certain exercises that im doing fir back will minimise this shit.


I haven't posted in months on RS, I have been very busy with work among other things. Just wanted to touch base with some of you girls. I have had quite a number of private msgs and i was only able to get back to all of you today. I hope y'all doing great around this holiday season. Well here is my update;

I am HIGHLY disappointed in my revision with Dr.Cortes. I am now almost 6 months post op and my body looks pretty much the same as it was before my revision, can you believe that!! Is still got lots of fat on my flanks and back. My arms look the same too but I couldn't care less about them since i am working out 4 times a week now. Even though i train and eat well its hard to remove this stubborn fat on my body. He is the worse Dr at doing lipo, he does NOT do extreme lipo in the least, he left lots of fat on my body even though he said he will be very aggressive with the lipo he did on me. My inner legs are discoloured and have holes. They are ugly and it bothers me. I feel like he did a BOTCHED job on me. I don't deserve this. I make money using my body and he did not do a good job on both of my surgeries. I now have to seek another surgeon to fix my issues but I don't think i can do it before next fall or winter. I have been depressed for quite sometime because of what he did to me and plus for all the money i have spent on both surgeries. The hospital where he works at also contacted me a few months ago and they couldn't understand why he was charging me for a revision. She said its bullshit! She said i should not have paid a dime for a revision. Honestly, I paid $6000.00 for my revision because i thought he would make me look like amazing but that was not the case. He is ALL ABOUT MONEY. He does not care about what you. He does a lousy job and wants to get paid big bucks. I trusted him to give me what i wanted but got disappointed every time. I reached out to him a few months ago and he did not want to listen to what i had to say. I know he would definitely listen to me if i gave him another $6000.00 again for a 2nd revision though. I am royally pissed off at him and I will fix my issues next year. I really have no idea on how ladies trust this man in doing any type of surgery on them. Your chances on being happy after your surgery are very slim girls.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I had my bbl and butt implants with Dr.Cortes December 3, 2013. I am seeing him a second time for my revision this July 10, 2014. he is by far the best plastic surgeon there is. He definitely made me a happier woman giving me the results that I wanted.

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