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I am very excited that surgery is fast approaching. My initial contact with Dr. CORTES was via email and phone with Lucy around the middle.of June 2013. They reviewed my pictures and gave me a
consult via email.and surgery date due
to me being an out of town patient. My
preop at the hospital and visit with Dr. will be 2 weeks before my surgery on the same day. I am very excited to see what he will tell me. I didn't loose any more weighy because I want at the least 1600cc in each buttock and at least 300cc on each hips. Any suggestions anyone?

another wish pic!

Another wish pic! PROJECTION!

here's another before

Soooo tired of looking like this in pants! Can't wait until I get my new booty and body!

wish collage #1

more wish pics


Hi! Is anyone out there who would like to share with me. My BBL is scheduled for a month away!!!

another before

A before pic.

Dr butt better look like this lol!!!

one month preop!!!

my first item!!!

Boppy pillow!


I'm thinking about asking him to put 1cc of fat in each lip instead of botox!!! Whatcha think?

items list!! help!!! did you use it all?? what am I misisng???

Female urinal (won't be able to sit after surgery)  Bleach spray & baby wipes to clean yourself until you can shower again  Anti-bacterial soap to clean your incisions  Neosporin for drain sites after they're removed  Alcohol pads to make the area sterile before taking your Heparin shots (to prevent blood clots)  Q-Tips to clean around incision sites  Gauze pads & medical tape to redress drain tubes  Camisoles/tank-tops to wear under garment to avoid skin irritation  Maxi dress or something loose fitting that's easy to slip on and off after surgery  Easy slip-on shoes (so you don't have to bend over and tie them)  Compression stockings to help prevent pulmonary embolism  Compression Sleeve (only if you're getting arm Lipo)  A big pair of panties in case that time of the month arrives  Boppy pillow to protect your booty after surgery  Faja or compression garment  Epifoam or board/foam  Arnica tablets to help with bruising and swelling  Stool softener/laxatives  Pre-op vitamins and post-op protein shakes to help repair body

Complete transformation!

Trying to have a complete transformation and this includes LASER HAIR REMOVAL! I'm tired of looking like a half man so ive decided to remove this facial hair... can't shave for theee days...had my first treatment almost 3 days ago..I usually haveto shave twice a day to stoo.from looking like a wolf :-('re the first peeps besides my husband that I've shared this with. I love my RS.and BBL sisters!!!!



More Shopping!

Well I'm slowly getting some things together... how's shopping at the pink room???

I want a Bubble Shelf Butt!!!

How can I get a combo of a bubble.booty and a shelf butt???

Cant Wait!!!

I can't wait until I can freely see my feet more bootydo!!!!

The Pink Room!

HI LADIES! WHICH TYPE OF TUMMY BOARD SHOULD I GET(flexable?)...SHOULD.I GET A BACK BOARD ALSO??? And what else shall i gey while there? THANKS DOLLS!!!

Paid in Full!!!

Just swiped. My card for $5.5k!!@ paying hospital tomorrow... I'm excited! !!

so he told me to to loose...

he wanted me to go from 204 to 195lbs...instead I went to 212lbs.... go figure... lets hear what he says tomorrow !!!


Just got finished with my consult. Dr. Cortes was nice and Mariel "bigbootyjudy" was helpful. He saI'd he could give me exactly what I big juicy stripper booty.


Ok ladies I've been on booty watch, I found a lady on FB with a huge donk and tiny waist. I asked her where does she shop.for jeans and her response was " I shop at Nordstorm and Zara", " The brand I get from Nordstorm is Seven (7), best strechy jeans ever!!!" So here ya go ladies...I had to share!

Hi BBL sisters!

I'm getting excited... 14 day countdown... Can anyone tell me what I absolutly need to buy to prepar??? CRUNCH TIME!!!!!!!!


Anyone have any video links of doctors doing.BBLs and injecting fat into the top and bottom of buttock? I think I need this procedure in order to get the results I'm looking for!!!

Not Prepared!

Hi ladies...12 days to go and still not prepared :-( I'm not scared, anxious, or nervous...just excited. BUT I STILL.HAVE NO SUPPLIES...guess I need to get a move on it!


Hi sisters...10 days preop..excitment building. ..well here's another reason to be excited... he said he could inject my lips with some of the fat!!!! Yayyyyyy I'm super I have to find wish lip pics also!!!!

Wish Lips!

Soo I went through some pics and these are my wish lips!

MzPhatBooty is such a sweetheart!!!!

Well wishes from a sister!


I wasnt too excited but ots getting realer and realer...crunch time...gotta work overtime so my hubby can run the business while I'm healing!


How long should I wear it? How many months? After 1 month how mant hours a day? After 2 months??? After 3 months???? Anyone have a guide?

Plastic surgery app!!!

I want this to be me after Cortes works his magic!

before.....after: WISH


Will be bringing this with me on the day of *MAGIC*!!!


Soooo my husband wakes up everyday now and says. " So how many days do WE have left?" Lol he's more excited than I am!!!

Vedette's Arrived!!!

My vedettes arrived!!! Its getting realer!!!


Getting Ready!!! Finally!!!!

^^^ cont'd

^^^^ cont'd

Where's my yoga mat and pool noodle???

So I walk in the girls room and find this (pictured above) ...where's my mat??? My hubby duck taped the whole thing smh..guess its more durable!!!! Gotta love him!


Its almost showtime!!!! ARE YOU READY LADIES???? I THINK I JUST MIGHT BE! If you'd like let me know something specific to help my recovery along, please drop a line below or pm me!!!! Thanks Angels!!!!

Last wish pics!!!

So happy!

Ill be very elated when I get to see my new bottom!!! No more flatty! Or wide box booty!!!

The Big Day Is Tomorrow!

Well the time is swiftly approaching! Tomorrow will be here within the blink.of an eye...I'm kinda excited now!!!!


Last Full Body Wish!

^^^ pics not uploading???^^^^

^^^^above again^^^^

I'm here!!@

About to get ready for sx!!!@


She's fine and talking crazy! Wanting to eat and drink something is all she keeps talking about and how does her hips and butt look! Lol! Her mouth is dry and she said the medicine after taste is nasty. Talk, talk, talk. Now she's going to sleep.......

Mrs. New Booty

He was only able to put 1200cc because skin wouldn't stretch..but its huge with a dip xxx! !!

I'm.#1 yayyyy!!!

my review was #2

comments #1


They keep you drugged so no pain. Recovering great. I get this darn catheter out in a few min so I can walk...its 12:25 am here! Ill let you guys know how it goes!

First time.getting up after sx.

Oooooommmmggggggg. My legs.ams.hamstrings.are so tight...and feels like 2 bags.of rocks in my butt.... this was a real.adventure..My.night.nurse very nice...Well its.1:18am here. GOODNIGHT DOLLS!!!


Help.please.uhook me, I gotta pee. Its hour after catheter eemoval, I have my 5th bag of normal.saline running, also my 5th 6th and 7th bags of antibiotics running, and connected to these leg massagers to prevent clots. So with all of that liquid... Ive gotta go. My legs are terribly stiff, its very hard to get out of the bed (and this stupid vibrating air mstress) but relieves my lower back from pressure. Well loves I'm going to take a nap before my next eposide. NiGht Again!


I'm very stiff but getting better with each walk...walked and .peed 3x during the my back.and the knee area.that he.lipoed.are.the only spots hurting. Other than that..recoverys good.


Lip injectiins 1 day post op

Good Morning Dolls!!!

Got up by myself. Went to.bathroom, peed and brushed teeth. Dropped jello all over.floor. Stiffness subsiding. Feeling a little.better. I smell breakfast..mmm. these drugs got me.with the munchies. here.soon.


Welll.he was only able squeeze 200cc in each hip.
Good thing they were already 46inches!!!
Preop measurments were:
36 chest


Its like I was discharged with this invisible order to up and peeing Q2Hrs (every 2 hours). Guess my body and this lasix working together and on one accord. Now lets see if they make it to 4 hrs this time.:-) 0 pain so I can skip my due dosage . But now I'm always hungry!!!!.Well.good night dolls. Until my next scheduled urination!

4hrs smh..

Umm so yeah..they didn't let me.sleep 4 hrs..I was back up at 4:44am in the bathroom again. Pain pill taken. A little sore. A little discomfort. But this is expected. Nothing out of the ordinary. I wobble like a penguin lol. Hopefully ill.start stretching and drinking my protein shakes to promote healing. I sleep with 8 pillows under me. This really helps. Also the walking every 2 hrs is a big must and helps loosen you up.Well.dolls ill update often letting you know what to expect and letting you know how I'm doing.

Also I've emptied over 200cc fluid from my drain since I arrived home at 3; 30pm yesterday.

My New Body!!!

So.even though I'm very swollen..I can tell that donk is huge and my.waist is extra.tiny...Dr. Cortes said.there at pouch.was so.I'm going to need a tt in Jan/Feb along with a BA. I went in at 215lbs and the scale now.reads 226lbs...that's a lot of.fluid to drain. They had me.on an iv and hr prior to sx and I ccame off at 12:30pm yesterday..also lost of antibiotics via IV and I've been drinking a lot. My hips were 46" when I went in and 52" when I came out....we will.see all of the other measurments within.a.week or too. I'm.drinking my whey protein and bananna shake and My lower abdomen and inner thighs and inner knees are the sorest spots. Other than that all is wellm


Excuse the typos above!


Omg these nerves are waking up In my quads...ouchh. and I'm hotttt. My temp is currently 99.2 orally so I'm ok. I need to rest. Until next time.sisters.


i did it!!!

I've finally pooped. I knew I would do it when hubby went to bed and sister went home..I was stuck with the dilemma of wiping my butt, where is the hole???? Aww shoot now I have to wake him to come and wipe me. So I yell "Baby help! I've pooped and can't reach my ass. " lol this was an event.

The importance of drinking 100% whey protein!

Protein has its many benefits, and for us who are trying to heal properly and quickly, a main part of our daily consumption. I've learned this from my husband who is a fitness trainer and bodybuilder. The protein helps heal an repair the muscles quickly . It also contains the branch chain amino acids (BCAA) very important to healing. Ladies do your research on this, as it is sure to help.

Tip: I use 2 scoops of protein and a half of a bananna . Take 16 blender. Drink within an hour or the bananna may turn brown and make the shake too sweet


a little peek!

Morning Dolls!!!

This is my 4th day post op. I woke.up and the banndage on my inner thigh closest to to the knee was hot round ans filled with blood..thennnnn it popped. AHHHHHHHHH HELP. Blood was everyehere...I panicked. Called my husband in..and he brought his favorite tool along....DUCK TAPE! and wola it worked. I'm glad my post op appointment is this morning because this tape can't hold forever and its starting to bleed again...whatever it was has to find a way to exit! Well dolls pray for me as I get stuffed into a new garment today..ouch!!!! Ill update soon.

whoa now.

whoa now!

pics won't upload :-(

4 days po

Garment Change!

Omgggg ladies they squeezed me in there like a really hurt. GOT MY DRAIN TAKEN OUT TODAY ALSO! Had a little issue with excessive bleeding on my leg and the drain insertion site but Deanna (Dr. Cortes nurse) wrapped me like a was really Mariels fault lol just kidding :-) !!! This garment is soooo tight me and Deanna are no longer friends (only until my next appointment lol)


New Lips!


First Shower!

I will start of by saying IT WAS HELL!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH OMG GOTDAMMIT THIS ISH HURTS!!! Now that parts out the way here's how it all went down. I was stuck in the damn garment. We had to tug and pull and tug some more. I screamed. We finally removed it. I observed my body. Bruises everywhere. Lipo burns on my sides. Rashes on my back from the bandages (allergic reaction). Fricton burns on hips from trying to get garment off. Also a burn because I didn't olace foams until I returned home. The bath was very painful, I screamed, I cried, but I survived! It was all worth it because I feel much better. Wayyyyy better than I did with a sponge bath. I' fresh and clean. Now.I'm sore and worn out. Goodnight ladies! !!!

****tip**** Administer pain medication at least 30min-1hr before first shower to decrease pain

Thigh Slimmers.

I've been using the crease underneath my buttock and slim inner thigh to create gap.

New garments!

Ordered today. Same brand and compression as the ones in office. I got 3 sizes while in sale.54.99.PLUS FREE.SHIPPING

Thanks Sexeeangel!!!

Day 7

chin strap


First Lymphatic Massage

My first massage was yesterday. Heres how it went down:
Sister oh crap its 4pm and we need a bath. So she gave me a shower. (Less painful than the first).
The therapist and her assistant arrived at 5pm. She then did some paperwork and started my massage.
Guess what ??? It wasn't that bad, not bad at all. The areas that were.mostly tender were.under my arms and the leftover folds of skin on my abdomen that will need to be removed with TT. Other than that ot was bearable. I tool a pain pill an hour. Before she arrived because ot takes approximately an hour and a half to kick in.

That night I was up every one or two hours urinating. She said the fluid would be navigating.
Well that's all loves. Recoverys going well....I'm about to add another blog to my page for my next procedure. Check it out.

Tummy tuck needed!

Day 8 PO

So I'm down 10lbs from a few days ago. Feeling better day by day. Still having trouble bending and still.urinating all night. No big complaints.

Day 10 po

Had my second massage today! Way better, fluid moving really good. Waist going down.Recovery coming along. Bending and mobility better. Walking almost 80% normal. Still best friends with the urination statiom every 2 hrs at night!!!!
Todays measurments:
Wt. 215.2 (down 12 lbs)
Waist:37 in.
Hips:52 1/2 in.

post op day11


So I had postop visit #2. They removed my sutures. Stung a bit. Then said all looks good and that he believes ill be very small
HE REMOVED OVER 9L OF FAT (18lbs)... damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn that's a lot of fat!!!!
Next appointment in a week and a half .

Garment change!

So.Dr. Cortes recommended I get 2 piece garments now since there's a huge difference on my top and bottom (waist to hip ratio. Top is a medium and bottom is a 2x. Someone please help. Any suggestions on where to find some?


Have any of you ladies tried the Vedette 505 shorts.... I'm.going to.find a bottom that works.for my shape. I called the office and Deanna said i should try a boyshort compression bottom and a corsette instead of a traditional full body one. I'm on the hunt today! My squeems should be here tomorrow.

2 weeks P.O. !!!!

Hi everyone. Recovers going ok. Just having a hard time finding garments. Recieved my lg and xl.squeem. The xl was too large so I'm returning it. The lg is really tighttttt...I just need something to squeezze the bottom of my hanging stomach without squeezing my hips... oh the dilema. I also recieved my Ann Michell Amalia Shorts 2x and they do not fit. They run extra small. I've also recieved my Cindy Powenet too Lg and M. The lg prob would fit if it had a zippermor snaps. I've tried to put it over my head... that was a no go. So I tried to put it on from the legs and it didn't pass my hips. OH WELL.GOTTA RETURN THIS ALSO...HELPPPPPP ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR A 2 PIECE GARMENT????

Swollen Right Leg.

I had my 3rd massage today. It helped yhe swelling again. Then my leg got swollen again today. Anyone have any suggestions to help decrease swelling? I've been drinking the pineapple juice.


Garment cutting into back

I ordered another garment from the office. They said just put the corset/squeem on top of the 2x garment to make it fit better on top. They said DO NOT CUT THE BUTT in this particular Bodyshapetech garment. She laughed when I asked would it smoosh my butt lol she said it absolutly would not due to it being mesh in back. She said just add compression to back so the my back.will stay deep. They've been having issues when cutting the butt out tends to dig very deeply into the back. Thanks Deanna. I absolutly love his staff especially Deanna and Mariel ?

Massage therapist!

IF YOURE IN THE MIDCOUNTY AREA , TX(Beaumont, Port Arthur, Nederland, Groves). She's is so sweet and excellent at what she does especially lymphatic massage.
You can go to


First 1/2 day at work...whew...I'm not ready.Hunby had to rescue me. I get hot and winded extremely fast. Gotta take it a little slower :-(. I thought I was ready!!!! It'll get better though. I'm soooooo glad my husband has a few businesses because if I had to go work for someone else I would be fired. I had to take off a month to recover from a surgery once before and was fired while recovering.. the nerve of people.

19 days p.o

Hi sisters! Healings coming along ok. Stiffness and swelling still present. Lips and hips looking fabulous! !!!! Ass as hard as a rock lol!!!! Garment still in the mail :-(. How are you ladies healing?

3 weeks Post-op

Hi dolls. So I'm 3 weeks P.O. today. Recovery going ok. I'm in a large squeem in the last hook. Almost time for the medium. My measurments are exactly the same ( strange for the waist because its soooo much smaller and the sqeem is getting looser and looser. Can't wait until the big FLUFF in a few months. My hips have went down some, might add more when I get my TT&BA. Leg still very swollen. The therapist wrapped it last night and will have my 5th session this evening!

Before and Afters!

Here's a few for now..ill update this Tuesday fot my 1 month!!!

Forgot this one.

Medium vedette!

Soooo my therapist has managed to squeeze me into my MEDIUM vedette 103 and it is sooooooo tight...I didn't know my waist was this small...and today my hips read 51 1/2 inches. Still good not much loss there thank goodness. Today wad my 6th massage session!



4 weeks tomorrow!

Hi everyone. I feel soooo much better. Getting around at almost 90% of what I normally do. I'm loving mu tiny waist and its shrinking everyday! I just wish my butt would fluff lol . I was hoping for more projection but maybe itll come soon. If not Round 2 it is...the only problem is that Cortes is soooo good at lipo where in the hell will I get the fat lol. I also want more in my lips...they look awesome because I had chicken lips at first but now I have full lips. ..just need a tad bit more...I THINK I HAVE A SLIGHT CASE OF BUTT AND LIP GREED LOL. My next post op day is Saturday! Ill update more then!

4 week pics!



Vedette 136

A quick tip:
I've added a bra extender in the middle of the vedette 136 to allow more crouch space & so it'll stop cutting my vajayjay!!! Works like a charm!


This big burn Is almost healed!

Lip update!

Final Lip result! I love them! Might add more! #lipgreed

night out!

night out!

5 weeks today!

Hi ladies? Five weeks today! Feeling mich better! STARTED MY WEIGHT TRAINING YESTERDAY! WAS ABLE TO DO 25LB BICEPT CURLS NO PROB!!!! YAYYY ME!!!!!! Loving the way I'm sculpting! Loveeeeee this tiny waist, widw hips and hugae ass!!! Cant wait to fluff! I recieved more stetoid shots for the back swelling at my post op last Saturday(10/5) !!! The manual lymphatic drainage massages works wonders..I steess that you get them 2x a week!!! I've been getting thwm since day 7 so this makes my 9th session today!

5 week pic!

Baby got Back!!!

Love love love the way I'm looking in jeans!




Ok. I love this garment. Its the black butt out one pictured above. Its shaping me nicely..givinvg me that cup/ cuff/ crease underneath. Very comfortable and cheap...I got a 3x on.... just got my 2x in runs small and my hips/ ass are rather large in peerson! Here's the link.

5 & 3/4 week update!!!

That ass sittin up yall!!!! I'm in love with my new 2x garment!!! Its tight!!! Ill measure at my next massage tuesday!!

5 & 3/4 week pics cont'd


6 weeks today

Details later...

7 weeks po!

Hi love bugs! I'm 7 weeks today! Boy how time flies! I'm loving my results...starting to project more!!! Rounding out! Still holding at a tough 52 inches!!!! Massages 2x a week still!!! Burn on back healing well....Sex life great (he wont stay off lol !!!! Anything you want to know that Ieft out???? Comment below!!! Here are some visuals!!! They should be very pleasing to the eye!

7 weeks Burn Update!

Healing! Started using some silver paste today!

Belly at 7 weeks po

Can't wait until my Tt!!! Follow my tt blog its already made. Procedure Jan 17. Lots f thick loose hanging without garment later!!! Waist extra small!!!

7 week full belly pics!

before and after side by side tummy

End result shape wish!!!

The Silver!

Hi ladies! This is the solution I've been using on my back every few days...I change the gauze every night and put petrollium jelly on it ( my instructions were to keep moist)! Been Working out pretty good it just hurts like hell now because ITS ALIVE!


This weekend...turned sideways with legs straight for full projection...then leg bent.

8 weeks PO

Burn update

I change my bandages every nigbt and alternate with the silver solution and TAO. Everything has been going great and its healing nicely. Last night I discovered a foul odor after removing bandages. I then took an pic and sent in to doc. He ordered some Clindamycin and then wants to see me on Saturday for evaluation of this burn. It needs to come on and heal.

TT recovery!

Hi Ladies! Anyone have valuable info to share about TT recovery & healing process? PLEASE HELP The TT comunity doesn't help much and not as supportive as the BBL sistahs lol!!! So help me out by going I to my TT page and helping!!! Thanks yall!

Doc sew'd me up!

I went into the doc today and he debread and sutured my wound! Hope this heals fast!!!! And no it wasn't painful..he numbed me so good I didn't even feel the pressure of his touching me...just wait until it wakes up though..I'm not ready lawd! Ill keep you ladies update!

9 week pics!

Wow what a difference. I'm changing more and more every week!!! Loving my juicy booty! Took a poc sidw by side for viewin g pleasure lol.

pics didnf load

First Full Week at Gym!

Yayy! I've completed my first full week at the gym... my back and my left butt cheek are very sore...the treadmill is too rather walk the track... but weightlifting went fine. ALL IS WELL LADIES!!!

Help ladies!

I've been back at the gym full time now and I want to Loose 20lbs before my TT. Do you ladies think this is a good idea? I don't wanna loose too much of my nice juicy ass!!! Please advise. ! Thanks in advance ladies!


So Ladies, I've been getting inboxes from Women on FB telling me that they want to please me sexually and want my husband to watch and all kinds of stuff...I'm like what the heck.. why are these women attracted to me all of a sudden. I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE THE MEN. I've literally posted a handfull of pics on FB... this ish crazy!

10 week pics!

Look at all that ass!!! I'm gonna be something serious when I fluff and have my TT!!!

My next sx!

Ok ladies. MY next sx is scheduled for Jan 17. My preop at the hospital is Jan6. I'm now having a TT, BA/BL, fat transfer to lips and lower hips, liposuction of the back and underarm/back area, and a small amount of fat added to the lower outer edges of the buttock.

11 weeks PO!!

Hello LOVEBUGS. I made 11 weeks PO this week. I did my measurements today I'm not pleased to announce that I'm at 50 1/2 - 51 in :-( ... I've lost an inch in a week. But the good news is ILL BE 3MOS NEXT WEEK and you know what that means!!!!! The FLUFFING FARIES will be passing by to shower me with their love! I will be so grateful to them!!!

In other news my burn is almost healed! Ill post pics of everything next Tuesday when I turn 3MOS. I am very excited about my upcoming sx. I will really feel complete when this waist is snatched and these breasts are perky again! Loosing 100lbs is a wonderful thing but boy does your body get back at you for stretching it. Yall when I say that I was stretched to the MAX I really mean it... right at 300lbs and my skin was so tight and shiny I looked like I wanted to pop lol... its very crazy!!!

But anyway dolls I hope you all are doing well! Enjoy the holidays and upcoming events!!! STAY BOOTYLICIOUS!!!

Until next time!!! LadyB

11 1/2 week pics at 50 1/2- 51 inches

3 months po

Heres my belly pics at 3 mos po BBL and 1.5 mos pre TT!!!

Thanksgiving Pic!!

Total Mommy Makeover Fees

Procedure fee: $7000-$500 return customer
Dr Cortes total with garments and insurance: $6903
Hospital: $2500
Overnight: $550
TOTAL W/ HOSP: $11, 881

Wish Breast and Belly!

New pic...slim thighs

Here is a video of how to get the thighs or tummy slim..I watched the video this morning and went out to get the cream and wrap. I'm going to try this since I can't have the thigh lift with my next sx!

Recieved my Real Friends Reward Box!!!

Got my box with mostly spot removal and skin treatments inside!! Love it!! Thanks RealSelf!!!

3.5 months!

My ass isssss hugeeeeeeeeee!!!!

quick pic

Lost 15 lbs total!!!

Lost 15 lbs total since sx, 6 of those lbs within the past 2 weeks. my waist is now 33inches and hips50.5inches, burn completely healed, everything shaping nicely!!! quick update!!

BBL Part 2 Blog

Hey ladies, this is Kirsty, from RealSelf.

LadyB2011 is so popular that she's figured out a way to get past our defenses and slow her blog page down, with all of the comments and updates. ;-) So, we've started a part 2 blog page for her, link below. Please go on over to her new page, which I'm sure she'll be updating soon, and show her some love!

BBL Part 2 Blog


LadS comment on part 2 it is hard to reply on this page thank you

hi! Go to my BBL Part 2 and my Mommy Makeover...this page is closed for comments!

Twas the night before sx and all through the house, everybody's going crazy, getting all of the last minute items ready. I still have alot of paper work to do and my pre drainage massage tonight!!!! Pray for me dolls!!!! And be sure to post on BBL part 2 not this one! Thanks loves!

Snow and Ice on road in South East Texas!


to mommy makeover

Thanks go over to my Mommy Makeover blog for updates!

in a small vedette 100

Hey ladies! Im in a small (34) vedette 100 now. The medium was too big... I sti do t feel belly feels fat. Llol. But I know its still very swollen and kinda numb. Ill post 7 week post MM pics tomorrow so please go support that scar is almost invisible! !! GOOOOO TEAM CORTES!!!

Size S/M belt now!

please see part 2



To my Mommy Makeover Review and BBL part2
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Very good doctor. Excellent staff. Good bedside manners! I recommend this PS for most cosmetic procedures. I'm already scheduled for my tt and ba. He does great work!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
Was this review helpful? {{ voteCountOthers + ' other' + (voteCountOthers == 1 ? '' : 's') }} found this helpful