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Im new to RS and I don't know where to begin so...

Im new to RS and I don't know where to begin so for right now I'll say I'm 5'7 240 pounds. I've been trying to lose weight for a very long time. When I do lose weight, I lose in it in my butt and that itself is depressing. So I decided months ago to have a bbl with Dr. Cortes. I heard he's the best at what he does. I saw his before and after pics for bbls and I'm in awe on how he transforms womens body. I know I need to put down my 500 dollar deposit and I will in a few weeks. Hopefully he has available dates in the first 2 weeks of January. I wonder if he gives discounts to people who pay in cash... let me know if he does please.. I will post pics of my horrible body asap.

As promised.. my horrible body pics

I hate the fact that during and after my pregnancy I blew up. I got so many stretch marks (GOD WHY ME) and no cream in the world can get rid of it either.

Time to lose the FAT!!!!!!

I currently weigh 240 I need to get down to at least 210-220 by December. This will be a challenge for me. Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. I struggle with it everyday. In order for me to have the best results I have to lose this fat. That's all their is to it. Wish me luck girls! I'll need it. I'll keep you guys updated on this fat loss lol.

My WISH pics...

Still doing research on Doctors..

So I'm loving Dr. Ortega & Dr. Cortes. I will put my deposit down in 3 weeks. I have a real big decision to make. I just hope I don't make the wrong one. I want the best results possible. I'm also thinking about getting breast implants as well. Does Dr. Ortega do bbl & breast augmentation at the same time?? I know Dr. Cortes does not. Let me know what's up ladies of RS.

Damn really though.

I'm struggling with my eating habits. I don't know if I can lose 40 pounds by December. I'm just in a fucked up mind set right now. I need to get it together. Any advice on WEIGHT LOSS RS girls...

I love Dr. Cortes but.....

I love Dr. Cortes but.... I'm going with Dr. Ortega. I got quoted today. 4500 for the surgery plus 500 to stay at the recovery house for 5 days. So a total of 5,000 dollars. Since I'm moving to MIAMI in December I think this is the best way to go. I'm putting my deposit of 300 dollars down on Next Wednesday or September 1st for the Date of surgery on Dec.12.14. I just have to lose 40 pounds before that day (not easy) I talked to Ms. Karla and she was very helpful no complaints so far. I truly hope everything goes right...

how to I change my DR. on RS????

How do I change my doctor on this update????

weight loss and 300 dollar deposit.

Been working out and eating right these days... I check my weight every Friday. I'm hoping to lose as much of my belly and arm fat as possible. I put my 300 dollars down on Wednesday the 20th of August. I hope Dr. Ortega still has Dec 12 2014 available or I can't do my surgery this year. I will be pissed!

weight loss/boob job and bbl talk

Well I seem to be losing weight. I went from 240 to 235. That was a hard 5 pounds to lose. 35 more pounds to go by December. I've been eating nothing but chicken thighs and fish with lots of veggies (I love broccoli) and lots of fruit. I drink at least 6 bottles of water. I'm working out at least 3 times a week. I take yoga, cardio kickboxing, Zumba (which is my favorite), and also boot camp and Im going to start swimming once a week. A couple of laps won't kill me just my hair. I will put down my 300 dollar deposit on Wednesday the 20th I'll let everyone know how that went. Karla seems nice and she answered my questions as I run my mouth a lot lol. Hey I got so many questions. I did email her some more questions and I hope she emails me back as soon as she can. To everyone having surgery this month I wish you nothing but the best. To all my fellow Ortega DOLLS don't forget to take lots of pics I love seeing his work. I'm definitely telling him I want a donky booty and nice hips with it. I'm going back asap for a boob job lol saline implants size full C. After you have a baby breast are never the same.... Real talk!

It's OFFICIAL.....

I made my 300 dollar deposit today! My surgery date is December 12 2014. Yasss! I'm ecstatic. I talked to Alba at spectrum and she was nice. Answered all my questions and concerns. I can't wait to have this bbl surgery. I want that DONKY BOOTY... and hourglass figure.

Vitamin Question....... RS

What vitamins do I take pre surgery? I know iron is one of them. Help, please girls..

counting down the days until....

Counting down the days until my surgery. I think of how much better my body will look. I really hope I lose the weight I need and Dr. Ortega makes me bootylicious. I will definitely tell Dr. Ortega that I want ass.. ass.. ass.. and lots of it. I pray to God that I love my results and have no complaints. I'm about 4 months away from having my surgery and that's all I could think about. Im ready to get rid of all my old clothes and go shopping for some new clothes... I want look and feel great. Again, I cant wait until I have my surgery... I'm counting the days down. I still have to figure out what vitamins I need.

Um... I'm pissed the F.. OFF!

Wtf is going on with my body. I just gained 3 pounds for nothing... NOTHING! What is going on.. I'm about to say forget doing this naturally and start taking diet pills for faster weight loss. This is really insane. I need to lose weight by December so.. I gotta do what I gotta do.. diet pills it is.

weigot loss update.

Um.... well.. it's going.... lol. I cut down on working out because I'm in too much pain these days. I'm eating well and sticking to my die... it... (diet) plan.. lol. This diet is killing me but I'm making it happen. Good luck to all the ladies that are having surgery this week. Happy healing.

Hey GIRLS!!! Weight Loss Update

After hard work, dedication, and a few mess ups here and there I managed to loose some but not all this weight. I started this journey at 240 pounds and now I'm currently 226 pounds. I need to be 210 pounds or less. So I have 16 pounds to go by Dec. 12, 2014 which of course is my surgery date. Just an update! Everyone who's having their surgery this week I wish you the best....

short weight loss Update

I started out at 240, previously I was 226, and now I'm 221.8 ... I have my surgery in a few weeks and I pray it goes well. I'm still working on getting to 210 pounds or less. I really hope I get to 210 before my surgery date. These temptations are a killer (snickers, cupcakes, etc) I have to complete my blood test tomorrow to make sure I'm completely healthy in which I am. Good luck to the folks having their surgery this month and Happy healing to those who already had their surgery.

Current situation...

This will change soon....

Leaving tonight... 12/10/2014 almost surgery time....

Well I'm excited and worried at the same damn time. My worry is I am supposed to weigh 210... I currently weigh 212. Its not a big difference so I hope he still does the surgery on Friday. I'm scheduled for 1pm on Friday. I'll be at the Recovery House with Karla on Thursday the 11th. I'm super scared and excited as well... it's just my nerves. Hopefully I'll get a chance to take pics before he starts my surgery and after he finishes my surgery. I'll try to keep you ladies updated. I pray he does a good job and I have no complaints. I heard a few complaints about Dr. Ortega but none too serious. His staff so far has been great. My final payment process was a little challenging (I kept getting hung up on) but at least I'm done paying for my surgery. Another garment will cost Me 100 dollars and I don't even know how much those lymphatic massages are at spectrum. If anyone knows the price please let me know. I'll be in Miami tomorrow morning! Yeaaaaa! Body better be banging or at very least an upgrade from this disastrous body. Well I'll keep you ladies informed of everything, and as for as the ladies having surgery this month... good luck girls!!!!

I'm Here at Spectrum... Yaaa!!!

Pre Op.. my plane ride was insane.. no sleep at all but hey I made it here safely and that itself Is a blessing. Karla is great so far no complaints..... yet. Yesterday afternoon I was 211.2 hopefully I'm 210 pounds. Those airline snacks are NO HELP! But I was hungry. Well I gotta fill out this medical history questionnaire papers.... damn it's a lot of paper work. I'll let you girls know how that went later and how the recovery room is as well.

I'm here at the Recovery house and.....

This place is bomb.Com everyone is so nice. Gave me food because my ass was super hungry. Maria was extra cool she gave me words of wisdom. Helped me with a few Spanish words. She's great! This place is great! No complaints... yet. Staff was awesome... all the girls are gorgeous... Did I say this food I'm eating is delicious because it is. My surgery is tomorrow at 1pm. I'll try to get some before pics of myself before surgery taken on my phone so I can upload it. Thanks for giving me lit's of luck girls and I'll keep you updated on my surgery. Oh and I'm 210.2 pounds so I'm definitely having the surgery.

My Before Picture!

My surgery is at 1pm. I'm so excited... will keep you girls posted.. I'm just hours away from a better body.

More before surgery pics!

Pictures of a body that will look flawless.


I've been here at Spectrum for 1 hour and 50 minutes. My appointment was at 1pm and I still haven't seen the doctor. I'm trying to be patient but... this is NOT right. I was thinking about leaving and having them call me when they are ready. Not to mention I haven't ate anything at all... my stomach is having hunger pains... I'm two minutes away from saying fuck this surgery, I want food. It's almost 3pm and not seeing Dr. Ortega is really pissing me the fuck off! Excuse my language I'm just really upset right now.

Seen the Doctor...

I just saw the doctor and he explained to me what he going to do. I'm anxious and want to get this over with. Plus I'm sleepy and hungry... not a good combination. Hopefully this sugery happenz asap. Hopefully I look good after he finishes and this was worth it. Next time I post something it will be my after surgery pictures. Just keeping you girls updated and thank you all for the prayers.


I made it through surgery

I literally just got out of surgery. I'm not even hungry anymore but Maria made me some delicious soup and I ate a sips. I'm severely cold but I'm happy I made it through. I am in bed and extremely sleepy right so I hope I feel well enough to take pics tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers and encouraging words. I really appreciate it because it helped me get through this surgery. For all the girls having surgery this month good luck, happy healing, and lots of hugs. Goodnight

One of the girls took a pic

I will take more pics tomorrow.

More After Surgery Pics.

I was able to stand up.

After Surgery Pics..

I did the best I can taking pics. My ass is looking great thanks to Dr. Ortega. I do have a lot of padding on plus my garment. I'm still really swollen but I have no pain at all. I'm just extremely uncomfortable and sleepy. I'll will post better pics when I heal. Thank you girls. I am a lot smaller than I look trust me lol. Dr. Ortega gave me a phat ass and some hips.

booty pics

Sorry.. I can't Take better pics.

Not a good day...

Not a good day so far. I'm feeling horrible but no pain at all. Just very uncomfortable. So far my stomach is going down and my hips and ass are looking phenomenal thanks to Dr. Ortega. I see him again tomorrow morning so I'm hoping he gives me good news. He's a wonderful doctor and very down to earth and funny. He made me laugh on numerous occasions. Dr. Ortega is the greatest. Anyway I need sleep. Lol... I'll post better pics in a few days because I need to heal some more. Thanks for all the prayers.

More Pics

3 days after surgery...


Day 7 I think.... and I'm loving my results. Ass is looking great. I went from no hips and no ass to hips and ass. Body is still coming along and so far so good....


I look so damn good in these Size 12 jeans. I never thought in a million years I would look this good nor fit a size 12 for that matter. My body is coming together all thanks to Dr. Ortega. I had to give him a hug for this...

Dr. Ortega gave me my life back!

Day 9. Feeling great.

Dr. Ortega did an awesome job..

I'm loving my booty so far. I did lose a little bit of booty though. I hope I don't lose anymore or I might be a little upset.

January 2 2015..

Booty is still intact.. I'm so happy!!!

21 days post op with Dr. Mel Ortega

Ok. So I'm doing great however I'm still numb in my lower back and my stomach. I think I gained a few pounds due to this good food in Florida. I go home on the January 10 2015. I'm ready to start working out again. I am going to eventually look into getting a Tummy Tuck w/ silicone breast implants with Dr. Ortega... maybe at the end of March if they have a good deal. Hopefully its no more than 6,000 dollars. Who knows I'll deal with that in few months. But anyways. I'm happy with my results so far and I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for supporting me through my journey and as I always say... good luck to whomever is having surgery this month.

23 days post op.

This is the last picture I'm posting until March... everything is going great so far. I will go back for a Tumy Tuck and Breast Augmentation soon... hopefully he can do them both together.

Current Measurements..

Before surgery Measurements:

After surgery Measurements (current)

I'm loving my body so far.

I can't complain

Booty is still intact. My measurements are still the same. 36,34,49. I check once a week. I loss some weeks ago, so I thought, but my Measurements are still the same 36,34,49. I'm a thick chick and I love it. I go back to the gym in one more week. Maybe I can do some booty workouts to keep this butt looking nice.

Current Update... 2/3/15

Loving my results still.


It's been 2 months and my body is still on FLEEK lol. I'm still in love with my body. I went from no booty to mo' booty. Dr. Ortega did his thang on me. The beginning of next year I'll be having a TT due to extra skin that I can't stand. I do workout 2 hours 3 days a week but I eat anything I want (all bad right) anyways. As I always say good luck to anyone having surgery this month. I your happy with your results like I am.

2/23/2015 UPDATE photos with Dr. Ortega

So I had my surgery on Dec. 12 2014 And it's February 23 2015. I think that's about 3 months Post op. I have no complaints. I do continue to do a lot of weight training and eating lots of protein, vegetables, and fruit. I do butt workouts twice a day everyday. No with that Because it's only 30 minutes. My butt has gotten so much bigger and rounder and I'm loving it. Thank you Dr. Ortega... and I will be back for a Tum my Tuck as soon as possible.

OK... 4/27/15 Dr. Ortega BBL Update..

Hey what's up girls.. I'm still loving my butt of course And I did lose some fat in butt over the last month which is a little frustrating but..... it's a lot better than my before pic.. believe that. I did gain some weight that I'm currently trying to lose. I plan on having a TUMMY TUCK to remove stretch marks and extra skin (Dr. Ortega warned me about the extra skin) and second round of Fat Transfer to my butt. I won't have this procedure done until next Year or the end of this year. Good thing is I get a discount on my surgery so I'm happy about that one. Dr. Ortega is an awesome Surgeon.. and as I always say good luck to you girls having surgery this month you'll look fabulous.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My overall experience with Dr. Ortega and his staff was good. I'm happy with my results. I will go back and get a TT and BA. Dr. Ortega did an awesome job and it was well worth the money I spent getting a BBL. I thank him truly for giving me a better body than before. If you haven't seen my before and after pics go take a look. My experience with the staff was 7 out of 10 due to the wait time and being ignored a few times but... at the end of the day Dr. Ortega was great!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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