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I, like many of you sistas have been stalking this...

I, like many of you sistas have been stalking this site for months now. I sometimes don't even sleep til 4am because I'm on here. I'm 29 y/o no kids and interested in bbl. I'm 5'5 and weight 230lbs. I'm hoping to get down to a solid 200. I want this so bad I can taste it. I like my shape but I know it needs to be tweaked a bit. I would like a flatter stomach, but not too flat cuz I don't wanna look too fake. And I'd love a shapelier butt. I have a big butt, wide butt, but there fat on my flanks just doesn't sit we'll with me. I wouldn't mind going to DR with Dr Duran. She is amazing at what she does. But they are so strict with the weight limits. Some docs want u to be no more than 180 and some ur bmi has to be less than 35. That I can try but what if my bmi is 37, does that mean I flew down there for nothing??? Also I was quoted 3500 for lipo only from dr yily. Is that what you guys got too? That's a bit steep. That's USA prices right. Can someone pm me what dr Duran's quote is for bbl and lipo only. And if the includes a garment. Another dr I've been looking at is DR Wilberto Cortes in Houston. He is very talented and is not as strict with the weight as other docs. I've seen reviews here where one lady was 5'3 and 223 and was able to have surgery. And I've seen pics on his site where the women looked way bigger than me. But his quote is $10,000. Jeez that's high. But my bf says if I come up with half, he will give me the other half. Oh and he did tell me to lose 25-30 lbs. can any plus sizer tell me if he really makes you lose 25-30lbs. Anyway, I'll post before pics later. Any ladies that wanna give me more info please please pm me.

Wish pics and my before pics

More pics

More pics

I found my doctor

So I believe I found my doc. I'm going with Dr Robles. I love the fact that I can ask Laura as many questions and she sweetly answers me. I love the price and I love her work. She is a master. The tummy tuck line is so neat. Of course I'm going to pray about this and I pray in don't regret this. I definitely want to be healthy because I don't want any complications. I've had surgery before and it wasn't bad. I'm just gonna pray about it. Today I will buy all my vitamins and I'm changing how I eat. I know how important it is to be close to my goal weight. Mission drop 25lbs is on. I'm going to pay my $100 deposit in the am so I know it's real. Y'all pray for me. I'm looking for a date in late march or early April. Wanna get it over with so I can stop obsessing on real self. I'm tired of sleepless nights.

Deposit paid, need to find a date

So I've paid my deposit for Dr Robles. I'm so excited. I know for sure I want her to do my sx. Now to lose 25-30lbs. I wanna have a bomb shape. So who's going to Dr Robles around April. My sis is coming with me but I would like to meet other bbl sisters. Let me know so I can get some advice, give some, bond and all that good stuff. I'm pretty open tho, I can go April or early may.

Got my date

So I spoke with Laura tonight y'all and I got my date. April 5th. I'm very excited and scared at the same time. Need to get serious with my weight loss. How to lose 30lbs in 51 days. Seems very hard, but I'm up for it. This may be the hardest thing I'll try and do. I gotta pray because I'm thinking of the best but I know there's a possibility of the worse. I'm scared y'all. But I'm ready

Should I start buying supplies

So ladies I am now 2 months pre op. Surgery is April 5th. Still looking for a surg buddy with dr Robles because my sis cannot come anymore. Sad. But I wanna ask you all should I start buying supplies now or wait til I know I'm closer to goal. I mean, I'm gonna do this surgery. My starting weight last week was 236 and today was 229. Very happy about that. Also what supplies did u all get? That u used. I've seen peopl but things and they never used it once.

Looking for a sx buddy

Hi guys so I've started buying items for my trip. Lookin for flight tickets and the best deal comes from spirit airlines. They have short flights meaning no 21 hour layover like other airlines. But I'm looking for a buddy. My sx date is April 5th. I land April 4th and staying til the 15th. If your having sx that day please pm me and if ur looking for a buddy. Also I'm supposed to stay Marie's recovery house but I can't find any info on them anywhere. Has anyone stayed there and can give me some info. On a plus note, today I weighed in at 227.4. Very happy about that. I hope to get to 220 by Sunday 23rd.


One more

Check out Dr Robles newest doll

Can you all check out my doctors newest doll. Found this on her Instagram. I cannot wait to be next. She looks to be about 210-220. Shaped nicely. That's why I'm trusting this woman.

New Robles barbie

What would you do???

My heart goes out to the 2 young ladies who lost their lives this week in DR. I'm so sad and can't imagine what their families are going through. This makes me question if I really want to go forward with goin to the DR or even having surgery at all. I believe in God and I believe our footsteps are already destined. I believe what will be will be. But I can't help but feel some kind of way now. I'm scared to death to follow through with this. I truly believe in my doctor that she won't take on more than she can handle. I don't think I'm planning to have too many procedures at one time, but for the life of me, I'm not sure I can go on with this surgery anymore. What's on you guys mind. How do y'all feel. Someone please reach out to me, I really need advice. I can't talk to anyone about this because they're not in the same mind frame as me but you, my RS sisters are.

Can't get a hold of Laura

So anyone else goin with dr Robles are y'all having a hard time getting Laura to respond to you. Since yesterday I sent her a message on whatsapp she has not replied back to me. Almost like she's seriously ignoring me. I can't take it anymore. I feel like switching to another doctor. I wanna switch my procedures but it's getting hard with ur coordinator ignoring u.

26 more days til I'm a Robles doll

Hey RS family. So countdown has officially begun. I have 25 days to travel to DR and 26 days til I'm on the flat side. I have so many emotions over me. I'm excited and scared and ready. Since I started this journey, I've lost about only 14 lbs. I need to lose about 15 more pounds to be safe and under the bmi level. Anyone not lose enough weight and still have sx please let me know. Also I finally did my cbc today and after 3 weeks of taking iron, my hemo is 12.1 It's good but not good enough. And I'm starting to see reviews that if ur hemo is not 15, u can only do 1 thing. That's not good. I really don't wanna do a round 2. When God lets me make it, I wanna just be content. I was ready to buy my flight tonight til I saw these reviews. Will start taking iron 4 times a day and add blood builders to my regime. Anyway, I'll go ahead and purchase tix anyway. Been buying supplies so I might as well. Also found a sx buddy who is great. We talk everyday. It's good to have someone who relates this. Until next time ladies

10 more days

10 more days until surgery. I'm excited and nervous. I have trust in dr Robles still. Keeping up with my iron and continue to diet. Have not reached that goal weight yet. Hopefully I won't get turned away.

Ready to be a Robles Barbie

So the countdown has officially began. I have 4 more days til I'm in the DRnd 5 days til sx. I checked my iron on March 18 and I've dropped to 11.3 from a 12.1. So I was very sad and depressed. I've increased my iron intake to 2 tablets 5 times a day and 4 blood builder tabs 4 times a day. I take my iron with 500mg vitamin C also. I'm hoping and praying for a big increase so I can get my tt and breast lift with side lipo. After reading all the experiences, I know I won't be in America and lowered my expectations but I'm still praying for the best. I have to say my sx buddy has been the best Bnceback2014. She has really helped me a and given me great advice and I'm so happy I met her. Love you girl. See u in DR.

One more day to fly out and be a Robles doll

One more day to fly out. I'm sure I won't even sleep...will update you guys

Flying out to santo Domingo this morning.

At the airport waiting to fly out to Miami. I didn't sleep at all last night. Well it's now or never.

I have arrived at Cecip

So we just got into Cecip and I'm so excited. Only me and 2 other ladies are having sx tomorrow. Hopefully my iron is going to be good enough with my iron overdose. Please y'all pray for me. So far I'm liking DR. The water is so blue. Can't wait to come back for a real vacation. Will do my best to update you all.

Tt only

So I got to cecip and did a bunch of running around. Got my chest X-Ray, EKG and blood work done. Even with all the iron I've been taking, my hgb is 12.1. No new boobies for me. Only tummy tuck and lipo to sides. Which is okay. Better safe than sorry. So no pics today yet. Will update after sx tomorrow or Friday. Take care y'all.

Finally marked up

So I had a little panic attack and I thought I would be the 3rd to last or last girl and started crying. I'm the biggest girl here so it sort of scares me y'all. So the other ladies saw me cry and called Laura in and Laura went to get the Dr. She finally called me and marked me up. Still have to come back for round 2. I have about 3 hours til it's my turn. I need all the prayers y'all. Here are some pre-op pics

On the flat side

So I finally made it to the flat side. Trying to be comfortable is my main goal. No pains really just can't get comfy. My sx sister bnceback is the greatest. Def wouldn't have went through without her support. I'm here at Virginias with losetowin and coco. They also making my time valuable. That's all for now...ttyl
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