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It all started after my TT with Dr Basu Dec 2013....

It all started after my TT with Dr Basu Dec 2013. He did a great job on me but as swelling left I noticed he didn't contour my body and it left me wanting to get some added lipo. After the YouTube videos etc I came across Dr Cortes and wanted an consultation badly so got one (Jan, 2015). THIS DAY I didn't wait long at all to be seen thankfully. He came in after one of the nurses took down some info about me. I noticed that he didnt smile much and was very straightforward and at the time he lacked personality to me. That's not a deal breaker for me because I respect that he is a realist and wasn't gonna tell me what I wanted to hear but instead tell me what I needed to hear!!! He told me that I was a good candidate for lipo and BBL. Because I don't have fat in my tummy because of my extended tummy tuck he will have to grab from pretty much everywhere. THIS IS IMPORTANT HERE: one thing he told me and I appreciate greatly is that "I can't make you look like anyone BUT YOU!!!" I didn't bring in wish pictures because I didn't want to look like anyone but ME!!!! So we think alike. Was a good sign for me!! I didn't have much questions on that day. Of course it was then I paid my 500.00 deposit and booked my date of Feb 27, 2015. Two weeks later or so I came in for my pre op visit with their office (not the same as preop visit with the Hospital). They took weight again and Dr Cortes himself took my preop pics. He says "you are gonna do great"!! After a few days I kept reading more and more of the real self reviews on him and even reached out to a few ppl to see why there were so disappointed. I became increasingly trepid and wanted to cancel mind you by this time I was paid in full!!! I wanted to cancel badly when I should have simply taken a breathe and thought about it. I called was about to cancel on two occasions and Deanna talked with lme over the phone and was like please don't go solely on real self come back and talk to Dr Cortez and if he doesn't tell you what you wanna hear then we can proceed with canceling. I I wouldn't get much back after you tag in all the fees they keep because my surgery day was already within the 15-30 day window. Money has no value over my happiness so tht wasn't n issue at all. What was the deal breaker for me was when I met Cortes for a third time he came in and goes "didn't I just see you last week"!???! We both chuckled! I said yes but i had some questions and wanted to ask you directly because I'm scared. I was pissed but at same time happy because that day I waited over 2 Hours to be seen. Two hours and the waiting room is cramped almost like waiting for free healthcare or government assistance of some sort ( no shade). But any who we continued to talk and I asked all my questions while he sat in a chair and answered respectively and truthfully. He even wanted to look over me again and let me know I was in good hands and I was gonna look great... He cleared any thought I had in wanting to cancel that day. Thanks to Deanna for giving me the idea of meeting with him again. Having had a cosmetic procedures already I didn't fill all the prescriptions Dr Cortes prescribed so just opt for the Tylenol 3 the stool softener and the the bacterium.

My befores

Will post tons of before a first then my transformation

More before

All my photos are untouched and raw..... Please look at every angle!!

The transformation!!!!!

Day of surgery I checked in they took me back to bed I got dressed in gown, compression stockings and the blue cap hat. All went well I had a great nurse she numb area for IV to go in hand which was painless. 1hr 1/2 later I was out to sleep. Doc Cortes will come mark you as they are turning the patient he currently working (kind of scary cus what if something goes wrong and he is the attending physician but I guess that have that covered. So was sleep and I remember waking up breathing very rapidly and was asked to slow down serveral times. That scared me a little bit. Hubby was able to come n the recovery room to see me and to say hi. Later I was then transferred to my room for my overnight stay. The night nurses were great. I couldn't get up until midnight after cathered was out. Before then I was just so uncomfortable to say the lease... No pain for me but just uncomfortable. So I was getting up on all fours (dog postion) pretty much the rest of night. Midnight hit they took the tube out and I was up walking I walked around for atleast an HOUR. I urge you to make sure you all do that it feels great!!!! Again I decline pain Meds cus I wasn't having pain at all. I will say this the tummy tuck is MUCH worse..... However this feeling of inability to move quick and staying on the tummy all day and night feels more debilitating for .sure!!!!! Please move movie move as much as possible.

Looking Good.

Don't be so quick to buy the garments as I went from a 3x to. Medium within 4weeks!!!! I even skipped right over the Large garment from the XL and went to theeduim which I stayed in until w eek ago and now I am garment free!!! Tou activity level really helps out with the recovery! I was fluffing at week 3 and by time I went for myomtj chexk up with Cortes he told me my but was here to stay unless I lost weight!!!! I am
Very happy with my results!!!!


All in all Im very happy with my results. As of April 14 I am almost 7wks post op and garment free and looking good!! I am still not sitting directly on my butt just to be safe!!!!

Please ask away!!!

I'm here to help with any questions concerns. Please just do research on any and everything before proceeding.

after my TT but before the BBl

TT results have me back my stomach and even my abds.....

Last one... My fav

Late 2014......

Took 5-8-15

A couple more new photos

3mths Post Op

Been a great process thus far and very happy with my results!! Was in Puerto Rico over weekend for urban fiesta and lets just say I had it going on!!!! Result must look natural over heard a few times women saying "nawll that's her butt"..... All in all in very please and happy!!!

More pics from PR!!

Ppl wanted to take pics so I obliged...

Put these back up

The cushion pic

Here are some photos of the cushion!!! Mind you mines is pretty much wore down at this point!!! Lol.

The cushion

Here are some pics of the cushion. Mines is wore down by this time. Feels better the more and more it gets worn down!

5mths post op!!!

Hey dolls been a little while wanted to check in and say hi and day after 5mths I'm still happy with my results. I do workout to keep fit so the butt is doing really well!!! Good luck and happy healing

Few more pics!!!

Just a few more pics!!!

7 months post op

7 mths and counting. The booty is still fly!!!

One more gym pic

Another gym pic from
Today workout

Intially was cool and didn't smile much the day I saw him. But was straightforward and blunt. Office wait area could use updating and bigger in order to hold his patients. Some ppl have to sit outside the office because no room in the inside waiting area. All in all Cortes will have a perfect craft the more he performs these procedures.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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