1 year 1/2 PO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Video of my surgery with Dr. Cortes

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I always wanted a big booty to be proud of...I...

I always wanted a big booty to be proud of...I already have a nice set of boobs (Natural) and my butt is proportionate with my body but bigger is better...I wanna look good in dresses and after having two boys some lipo would be nice...I just went to my consultation with Dr,Cortez today...I love his work...he knows exactly what I want....I am so excited to get this procedure done...I gotta gain 5lb which is not hard at all just pass me the ice cream and pizza lol, he said if I gain weight on my chin he will lipo my chin too which is a plus.

Ok so I put my deposit down last Tuesday. The...

ok so I put my deposit down last Tuesday. The deposit was only 500.00 but I decided to put 2,000 down to start paying my BBL faster. The rest I will pay with a credit card...I don't have good credit so my mom is letting me use hers and I will give her payments of $300.00 a month. The total cost of my BBL is 9,508 but it includes everything...procedure fee, Anesthesia fee, Facility fee, Garments, Arnica, the stay at the hospital after the surgery.. I have 2 Pre-Op visit coming up next month one with Dr. Cortes and one with the hospital where the procedure will be performed. I am so excited and cant wait to have a banging body ...one more month!!!!!I'll post current pics of me on my next post. aka before pics :)

Ok so I gained the 5lb for the sugery. Still have...

Ok so I gained the 5lb for the sugery. Still have a whole 6 weeks(April 9th) with this belly fat till my surgery I was at 134lb on my consultation with Dr.cortes. I weigh 138lb right now and I feel so fat can't wait to put this fat to good use already. I want about 1,000 CC the least.

So far I got my weight up even though I just...

So far I got my weight up even though I just gained five pounds I feel like a cow. Oh well its for a very good cause ;). Tommorow I have an appointment to check my thyroid level due to the fact I take medication because I have a low functioning Thyroid gland. That is the only health concern I have and I hope it gets regulated before my pre-op bloodwork on the 26th. I just been daydreaming of how my body would look after the surgery lol

Ok so im only a few weeks away from my surgery...

Ok so im only a few weeks away from my surgery date I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism since February 2011 meaning I have a low functioning thyroid gland (the butterfly shaped gland we have on our throat area that regulates our metabolism and all kind of things. I went to the my doctor last week to check if the meds im taking are working for me and from my bloodwork results it seems like the medication dosage is to high so they lowered it from 100mcg to 75mcgs I hope this is the right amount. I really don't want to have to reschedule my surgery date cuz of this. My labs will be done on March 26th and I have a pre op with Dr.Cortes on the 20th. This is nerve-racking :/

I have a pre-op visit with Dr.Cortes today and I'm...

I have a pre-op visit with Dr.Cortes today and I'm thinking of pushing my surgery one month further I hope he has something for the beggining of May I really wanted it on April but after deep thinking I decided that I didn't want to risk spending all this money on the labs and my thyroid not being 100% regulated. My Doctor said I am so close to regulating it so why not wait one more month. Let see how it goes.

Ok so I went to my Pre-Op appointment with Dr...

Ok so I went to my Pre-Op appointment with Dr.Cortes and it went so well :) it was a lil akward taking pics of my body cause I feel so fat with those 5lb I gained. Cortes told me that I was at perfect weight. He dosent want me to gain anymore or lose any weight. I loved the fact that he said that with my body type I'm going to get real bgood results. I also rescheduled my appointment due to the fact they just adjusted my thyroid medication and I want my body to get used to the medication. So I'm gettng the surgery on May. They will call me today with a new date :). I told them I would prefer the begging of May. So we will see

So I just spoke to Dr Cortes Nurse and she set up...

So I just spoke to Dr Cortes Nurse and she set up my new surgery date for May 7th 2013!!!! So excited!!!!!!! I got time to work on my legs build sum muscle and get the healthiest possible and keep my weight at the same time

Ok So im down to 42 days and counting....I been...

Ok So im down to 42 days and counting....I been going to the gym pulling sum weights with my legs tryng to build sum nice muscle to match that ass lol...I don't want to have a big booty with sum skinny legs...I currently weigh 140 lbs and im not tryna gain anymore because Dr. Cortes specifically said dont gain anymore or loose any weight. so pretty much I been exercising but eating a nice amount of fatty foods and I love it...

35 days left...I am Height 5''0 Weight: 141...

35 days left...I am
Height 5''0
Weight: 141.8
Age: 25 yrs old
Race: Mexican American
I will have my measurements soon

Ok so 34 more days lol...Today I finally let my...

Ok so 34 more days lol...Today I finally let my boss know that I will need about two weeks off next month because I will be having surgery...she said surgery for what? I got nervous and said for Lipo and some skin discoloration lol I know...im ridiculous but I panicked...oh well she bought it and now I have that weight off my shoulders...

31 days left. I been counting down the days...

31 days left. I been counting down the days because I feel so fat due to the weight gain for my BBL. I don't really feel like going out on the weekends. With my boyfriend because I feel like nothing fits right. My Fiance says that I look real good with that extra weight. Lol yea right. Anyways the only thing concerning me is that since yesterday I been feeling pain in my Right side of my throat by my thyroid gland. I'm scared it might be thyroiditis due to the fact I already been diagnosed with hypothyroid. Sucks anyways I'm going to the doctor next friday to check up on that and to refill my meds. I been looking foward to this BBL. I hope nothing messes it up. Well ladies yall have a great day I'm off to work.

24 days left....I went to do my blood work...

24 days left....I went to do my blood work yesterday to see if my thyroid medication is finally on a good dose....wish me luck.....I will probably find out sometime next week.so far I weigh 142.4lbs ...need to cut down on the fast food cause I don't want to gain too much weight....still haven't done my measurements....will try to post recent pre-op pics with my weight gain....

Went to get all my prescriptions at the pharmacy.....

Went to get all my prescriptions at the pharmacy...spent less than $100.00 yesss! I thought I was going to spend more since I don't have insurance,,,
My Measurement's
Breast 38in
Waist 33 in
Stomach 38in
Hips 40 in

So my general doctors office called me and said my...

So my general doctors office called me and said my thyroid was low again but if I felt ok with the dosage im taking to just keep taking the 75mcgs. im a bit confused but I guess....I have my pre-op bloodwork and EKG coming up next Friday....im pretty nervouse something will go wrong...19 more days to go.....

11 more days that's less than 2 weeks left...I...

11 more days that's less than 2 weeks left...I went to my pre-op appointment this morning at Northwest Hospital where I will be having my surgery done...signed a few papers and paid the rest of my balance....after that they took my vitals and drew my blood for the lead and hemoglobin labs.....everything went smoothly...now just gotta wait for my results...they also gave me two antiseptic sponge soaps that im supposed to use the morning and night before surgery....oh and they also gave me a cup so I can bring them a pee sample the morning of the surgery to make sure im not pregnant...so excited counting down the days.

Im down to 5 more days before surgery....im...

im down to 5 more days before surgery....im excited because my husband asked for some days off to take care of me for a few days after the surgery...my kids babysitter agreed to help me more with the kids after the surgery....and my parents are going to help me here and there as well....gotta love the people in my life....my husband is like ima take good care of you babe u wont have to worry about nothing....hes such a sweetheart...and I believe him because he already spoils me....my co-workers are freaking out because nobody likes to work the front desk...idk why? Its easy...I guess the pressure of verifying the insurance accurately and the multiple phone lines gets to them...they will be ok :) lol

3 more days left ...I am starting to get nervouse...

3 more days left ...I am starting to get nervouse thinking what if I don't get the results I want because I gained 4 lb more than what Dr. Cortes suggested...I was weighing 138lb on my pre op and he said don't gain or loose any weight...and now I weigh 142lb :/ I got so used to eating whatever I wanted since I was 134lb on my consultation with the Cortes...Maybe im just thinking tooo much...im moving out today from my apartment so I hope I can get settled at my new place this weeken before the surgery next Tuesday...got too many things on my mind....ahhh!

Tommorrow is finally my BBL :). But I started my...

Tommorrow is finally my BBL :). But I started my period today - __- ugh! I called Dr. Cortes office this morning to see if it was going to be a problem but they said it wasent...I was just gonna feel a bit uncomfortable after the surgery. Great just what I neeeded. Well atleast I can still get it overwith tommorow. I started taking my arnica pills yesterday and today ima take two more....after that I will take them after the surgery. They told me to be at the hospital at 5am but my surgery is at 7am. I will see yall on the other side!!!!

The pain is really bad more than I tought....I...

the pain is really bad more than I tought....I look great so far but I don't ever want to go thru this pain again....I am so stiff from my but and legs...its exhausting grtting on off the bed...my husband been helping me since day one and I love him to death hes been so patient with me......I want this healing process to pass already....but hey no pain no gain

Ok its been rough for me these days especially...

ok its been rough for me these days especially last night when I ran out of pain meds the garnment was suffocating me after it was washed for me by my hubby and he tried to put it back on...I could not sleep I was getting on and of the bed crying...my poor hubby didn't go to work today because he was so exhausted....I told my hubby that's it im going to cut this garment on the butt cheeks I cant take it anymore....that's exactly what he did for me....

10 days post op left foot giving me problems

One thing I forgot to put out there was that when I woke up from surgery I started complaining About my left leg being numb. They told me it was probably because I'm sensitive to the anestesia and my leg still hasent woke up. Its been 10 days and my toes from the left foot are still numb and it makes it hard to walk 100% with it. It makes me really tiered when standing my whole left sidE. I'm starting to get worried.

Loving my results so far

ok so im 12 days post op....I go back to work next Tuesday and im wondering how im going to do it cause I have a desk job and I don't feel comfortable sitting yet...I had my pre-op with Dr. Cortes he said im healing pretty good and that the numbness on my toes is going to take a while to go away...I just gotta try to walk more so it can heal faster.....im not walking like a penguin anymore lol....he said my waist should shrink more soon which is awesome cause my waist is so tiny already ima take my measurements today...last night I tried on sum g strings and a leopard skirt for my hubby he was hypnotized lol hes always rubbing on my butt everytime I lay down lol...I swear our sex life was really good before the surgery....I cant imagine how its gunna be now.....especially since hes always been an ass man....this surgery was so worth the pain that I went through the first week....im more than satisfied with my results....thank you Dr. Cortes!!!!!!!!

Ass ass ass

another pic

another view




went to walmart today and bought my boppy sat in the way back home on my boppy....30.00 well spent...tomorrow I go back to work im nervouse because I don't want to sit yet....Dr. Cortes nurse said to put all the weight on my legs not my butt when I sit...the boppy makes it easy to do that.

First day at work!!!!

omg I thought I wasn't going to make it at work today....I work at a pediatricians office and im a front desk medical assistant.....I was in pain since I woke up from the lipo in my inner thighs. I sat on my boppy here and there but most of the time I stood up and l leaned on my desk to type on the computer. my ass feel softer each day and I love it. its kinda like slowly defrosting sum chicken breast lol...I love how my ass and hips are still huge!!! I truly recommend Cortes to anybody who wants that daaaamn look lol

I'm so swollen :(

Yesterday after work I felt so exhausted my legS felt heavy. When I took of my garnmet I saw all the swelling in my legs and knees. Like if I have two rubberbands tied around them. I was a mess because I started feeling depressed I cried so much last night. My family and husband tried to confort me. I just don't feel like myself and my husband had to convince me not to go to work today because I was since we are so tight on the money right now. I'm waiting for cortes office to open so I can call him.

less swollen today

I'm less swollen from my knees today thanx to my hubby and dad. My dad bought me some arnica cream in gel and cream. My hubby took me to the park to walk around the track to build up my endurance. It helped a lot but was exhausting. This morning my face was swollen specially under my eyes. But its going away. I been waking up like that lately. I scheduled a massage for monday. I'm kinda scared its gonna hurt :/

volume loss

I did loose half an inch of volume with the swelling going down. Also I been loosing weight I guess since I haven't been eating enough. I went from 144lb after surgery to 138 lb. Its still big but I'm scared if I keep loosing weight ima loose more volume. My face is still kinda swollen. I went to a kids party yesterday. All the adults kept staring at me because my waist is so small which makes my hips and ass look huge. My couzin is thinking about getting a BBL after she saw me. I'm sure I haven't lost any fat. It was all that swelling fat is not that easy to loose. I did start driving yesterday it was a bit uncomfortable. My butt is gettn softer everyday.

Updated Pics ***3Weeks Post OP

swelling has gone down tremendously

Dress #1

I decided to try on a dress and heels ...im not ready for heels because my left leg still has bad circulation :/ but its not as bad as last week...I got another post op apt with Cortes tomorrow...ill keep yall updated

Went to see Cortes Today !!!

I went to work today half a day...which I couldn't wait to get out of because it was so busy and I was getting irritated....I got to my appointment an hour early which I regretted because I think they where a little behind schedule so I stood for an hour and a half...I see that cortes office is really busy in the afternoons because when I gone in the mornings I don't even wait 10 min....when I got in the room cortes came in with a big ol smile lol his staff is so helpful an and friendly they really make u feel comfortable....he gave me some cortisone shots in my lower back and said my garment is not compressing enough in my lower back....I swear I kind of panicked when I saw he was going to give me shots but I dint even hurt....I bought a new garment for $85.00 because my 2nd stage garnment was loose since I lost a lot of swelling I went from a XL to a L and lemme tell you its super compressing now....I felt like I couldn't breath and its kind of tight on my lady part :/ and butt crack....I guess I have to get used to it....I feel kind of guilty cause as I type im eating a chicken quesadilla with a flour tortilla and lots of cheese :/ I hope it goes to my ass lol cortes .....and once again I forgot to ask about the cc in my hips -_- he said to come back in 1 week and a half to get more cortisone shots...cortes assistant gave me 2 # of sum great masseuse that she recommends and said their massages give great results....my man went with me and he told cortes I love what u did with my woman...Cortes started laughing....he knows what men like :).....

1 Month Post Op

Ok its a month since i had surgery and so far im feeling good like 80% normal....Dr. Cortes Called me last Saturday to tell me he was going to call in 3 prescrptions for my swelling....im still kinda swollen on my left side and he said that those medications will help the swelling go down faster....its not that bad but my left leg gets tiered faster than my right leg....this past saturday we had a BBQ for my husband and i put on some sexy tights and heels with a black tube top...i will post pics later on today....everybody that came to the party where amazed....my plan was to say that i been working out and doing squats...lol i know it was a complete fail because this girl that i havent seen in years showed up and was like damn girl did u get your booty done?? infront of everybody so i just confessed and told them about the surgery and she was like u should be a model lol...yea right with my height lol....the onlything that made me uncomfortable was the looks from my husbands guy friends lol....i guess i gotta get used to it....i did drink like 4 cups of beer because we had a keg...but i kept feeling guilty about it because beer is so fattning...i cant wait to go back to the gym...i was hoping to go back to the gym when i turned 1month post op but with my left leg and my left side of my lower back still being swollen i doubt i can handle it...i also been wanting to get a massage but i dont have the money at this moment...still tryn to catch up with the bills from last month....im gettn more used to sitting on my boppy.....pretty much all my brusing is gone....so far i have only last 1inch and a half from my booty....my waist is down to 27 inches...i love my body so much now...i can walk around the room naked and not feel embarrased with my husband like i used too...so far im really satisfied

31 days post op New pics

Before and After! Big Change!

like how these lady bug panties look on me :)

6 weeks Post Op and feeling good so far

Ok so i feel like i havent updated in a while ...i missed u dolls :) so far i have lost alot of weight evenly and im loving it! i went from weighing 143lb to 127lb can u believe that ! and the best thing is my booty pokes out more with my weight loss...alot of it mustve been swelling and sum of it coulve be that i only eat small portions of food 5 times a day instead of 3 or 4 big meals.....the only thing that i didnt like with my weight loss is that my boobs got real small :( im thinking of getting implants next year or so....also my left leg is still an issue because it hurts mainly at night...i can walk and move my toes like normal but its just a minor pain i get from my toes to my knee....Dr. Cortes prescribed me sum pills for that...so far they seem to be working good because it really minimized the pain but im wondering if once i stop taking them will i start having pain again. Dr. Cortes said to be patient and gicve it time but im so anxious to feel 100% already...but its a process girls :/ i heard it may take about six months to feel back to normal...i feel more confident now so if u ask me if i would do it all over again...hell yeah!!! so far since the day after surgery i have only lost 2 inches off my booty and hips :) still happy cant wait to go thru the fluffing....my booty jiggles now but its still stiff in some spots....im will post more body pics later on today and sum chin pics...im glad i did my chin because my neck and chin is way skinnier now...thats about it so far ladys if u have any ??? ill be glad to answer them....keep a look out for the pics :)


Hi ladies!!! sorry I haven't updated in a few weeks....tomorrow I will be 2 months Post Op here are some new pics for yall to see where im at...I lost about 2 inches and half since surgery I went from 44 1/2 in. to 42in to be exact...my waist is down to 25 in. My leg doesn't hurt any more I guess it was a nerve which is awesome!!!! I feel 90 % back to normal...my ass is more jiggley by the week...but it still has some small hard spots....I stopped wearing my garment last week....the lumpiness is going away slowly but surely....i massage my stomach with bio oil every 2 days...its been helping a lot....i have been losing a lot of weight not because im trying but because i haven't had much of an appetite and i can only eat small amounts of food...i get full fast :/.....im going to start doing squats and going to the gym this week again....i love my body now but i think im going thru booty greed because im thinking of asking cortes for a 2nd BBL like in about a year and a half....not cause im not happy with my results but just because i want a even bigger ass lol...but then again maybe this booty greed might fade...Cortes is da man!! im so glad i chose him for my BBL....

2 months and 1/2 Post-op

Hi ladies i know its been 2 weeks since i updated but im still here. i been a little busy here and there. So far i am still loving my results. my boot has grown 1/2 an inch so im happy!!! so I'm at 42 1/2 inches. it will be awesome if it can grow 1 1/2 inches more :) my butt is getting softer and rounder by the week. late today i will post pics in my brand new bikinis. i never taught ever since i had kids that i would be wearing a 2 piece bikini again. i will post pics this afternoon. the stares are crazy i feel like a teenager again :). My love life was already good before the surgery now its just amazing. my bf is always complementing me and he even cooks and spoils me more often. i have 0 bruising, 0 pain, i have very minimal swelling on my stomach but its almost gone. if yall have any questions feel free to ask me because right now i cant think of anything else to update

2 months 1/2 updated pics

Mini update

Hi ladies i just feel like doing a little update today...So I'm almost 3 months! Yay! still loving my results....my booty grew another inch so i went from 42 inches to 43in. im loving it!! my booty looks more rounder too. im just a inch and a half away from the size i was after the surgery when i was really swollen. I dont have alot of loose skin just a little on my lower abdomen but it doesn't really bother me right now....later i might decide to have a mini tummy tuck....cortes told me since day one i might have loose skin because of my stretch marks in my lower abdomen but as you can see in my pics its not that bad i can still wear a 2 piece. i forsure want to do my boobs now about 500cc to 550cc. One thing is forsure ladies after u have your BBL dont go on a strict diet because u might loose fat....Dont over eat either or eat nothing but junk food just eat a little bit of everything...small meals here and there...keep that booty fat lol....i drink protein shakes after squats to build some muscle on this booty....i will try to post some pics this weekend..

Feeling Great

Hi ladies!!! i am so happy with my results so far...this weekend i had a blast! i went to the club with my man and wore this tight white dress....OMG people where amazed with my body...in the restroom a group of girls were like man you have an amazing body....i told em its all Dr. Cortes!! they where amazed because they never knew you could transfer your fat to your butt...one of the girls even slapped my ass lol which felt a little uncomfortable because i still have some hard spots....The stares that men and women would give me was hilarious...my man loves showing me off too lol hes not the jealous type thank god or he would be gettn pissed off every minute....the only thing that i find annoying is when men are with their girls and they are breaking their neck to look at my ass...they look like douche bags lol...One important thing is compression during your recovery. i really recommend after 1 month and a half or 2 months to start wearing a vedette waist cinched Girdle. omg is much more comfortable than the garment. and compresses real good with out leaving creases...i loved it and got so attached to it....


These pics where taken at Dr. Cortes office they are on his website...the only thing that was edited was my tattoos to protect my identity.....wow this is how i would look w/out tattoos....

11 1/2 days post op...boooty still looking juicy

i still havent figured out what actuall size i am in pants but i think im a 10 or 11....i used to be a 7. big difference!!! i loveee tryng on clothes dresses fit so good now. Scrubs look ok but they tighter the better. i am going to try to go to the gym as much as i can but to do weight lifting to start building muscle on these legs and keep my booty right...yup thats the goal....i only do cardio once a week but eat a good amount of calories after to replace any fat burned in my booty....so far my booty/hips is still 43 inches. yess no more volume loss!!! im thinking of getting a mini tummy tuck next year with breast augmentation with cortes....i dont have alot of loose skin so i can wait a whole year lol............theirs days i worry that my booty got smaller so i measure it just to see its my mind playn tricks on me....it can become kind of obssesive ladies...my hubby is like that booty aint going nowhere stop worrying lol....

oops i ment 11 1/2 months post op not weeks lol

sorry ladies

Possible Tummy Tuck And Breast Augmentation coming soon!

Im posting my wish body :) i got the booty, waist, and hips now...i want a mini tummy tuck to take the little bit of excess skin that was left after all that fat was gone from my tummy....and i want about 450 to 500cc silicone breast...And yess! it will be done by Dr. Cortes!!!

My New Video of my surgery

Ok Reposted video. Enjoy Ladies :)

fluffing? or the squats?

Ok im either fluffing or the squats are making my butt bigger....After surgery i was 44 1/2 in. then i went down to 42 inches when i reached a month i measured myself to day because my work pants wouldnt fit and i am 43 inches and 1/2!!! :) im loving it and my stomach is still the same too...

Bought me a new dress

ok ladies heres another pic...i love buying dresses now. so far no alot has changed..

I think im going thru the fluffing process


Update coming soon!

will update soon ladies when i get to 4 months with new pics and a review

4 Months PO!!!!!!

Hi ladies i finally reached 4 months and i feel pretty much back to normal. i started laying on my sides and back last week but im used to sleeping on my stomach already that i end up waking up like that lol. i love wearing bathing suits!!!! i do have loose skin because i have alot of stretch marks in my lower abdomen just like cortes told me from the begining but it dosent bother me that bad right now because i know sometime next year i will be getting a tummy tuck and BA. I still wear my vedette every now and then because im so used to the feeling of compression, so ladies i know laying on your stomach and the compression may feel like at nightmare at first but believe it or not your body adjust to it. My butt is rounder i only have a few mild hard areas on the top of my buttocks which will probably go away soon. Sitting is way more comfortable at this stage, the first two months where uncomfortable with sitting because my butt was still really hard. One of my favorite things to but now are dresses im loving those Cortes curves. One thing that is super important for your recovery and results besides not sitting and compression is keeping up with your weight the first three months. At first i had the wrong impression that i had to start eating super lean and be in a diet to keep my shape boy was i wrong because i started loosing volume. the good thing is that i read other girls reviews here on real self right on time and found out keeping your weight is key! Protein Shakes helped me recover and keep up with my weight when i didnt feel like eating anything. Shout outs to my recent Bootylicious ladies Cuticutie, LADYB2011, updating everyone on their recovery process. And to all the upcoming ladies to get blessed with those Cortes Curves. MzPhatBooty being the most dedicated on her weight loss reaching her goal everyday...cant wait to see your results mamas !!! If yall have any Questions feel free to ask i dont mind at all:) Check out my pix. will update next month again unless something new happens.

New Dress

Hi ladies just posting a pic of my new dress

Thinking of Removing Buccal Fat

Hi bootyful ladies!! im thinking of removing my buccal fat which is the little fat pad on my cheeks because my cheeks look like i was when i was chubby. The chin lipo helped but of course didnt do anything for my cheeks. They pretty much do an incision inside the mouth where the cheeks are and carefully remove the fat pads. im still researching more about it but will make a review for it soon.

Almost 5 months PO quick pic update

Just wanted to clear things up a bit

As you all know by now i was working at a pediatricians office at the beginning of my journey and at about 2 months Post op i started working for Dr. Cortes. My intention is not to promote or deceive anybody im just simply telling my story as it is. If you ladies have any questions y'all can always ask me i don't mind helping. Having surgery is a process and it sometime can take an emotional toll on you. We all react differently and have different pain levels so its hard to say exactly how your experience will be. i want to thank all the ladies that showed me support and helped me thru my journey as well. I will add more pictures on Oct 7 when I'm 5 months PO right on my birthday :)

5 Months PO

Hi ladies Ive been gone for a min. now im back :)....still loving my results...love turning heads....feel pretty much back to normal....booty is almost completely soft....I lay on my back more often now. Just enjoyin this body nothing new...enjoy the new pics.

More pics

More pics....gained a lil weight

Booty is completely soft

Im pretty much 5 months and 1/2 and just this weekend i noticed my booty felt soo much softer and jiggly. My husband noticed too and he's loving it lol....its smack able!!!hahaha....looking so foward to get a tummy tuck but it probably won't happen untill a year or so...got too many things going on at the moment...i mainly have loose skin in the Mons area where most of my stretchmarks are........... Last week i only when to the gym one day :/ i need to start forcing myself to go atleast 3 times a week because i looove eating whatever i want and i don't want to end up with a huge ass and rolls lol....Since my weight gain i noticed my butt got bigger but some of the fat went to my back, abdomen and arms which nobody can notice but of course i can see the changes happening because its my body and i look at it everyday. So i gotta get back on it....Still loving my results....i literally buy a new dress everyweek...its my new addiction...Holidays are coming so i gotta make sure i keep myself fit because fat comes back ladies if you dont keep up with yourself. Will update with pics at 6 months PO...

Lost 3 Lb.

Heres a quick update w pic. i been going to the gym 3 times a week since i saw that i was starting to get my stomach and back fat again. i been drinking gallons of water and cut out tortillas,beer,bread, cake and coke :/.....I lost 3 lb. so this is pretty much how I'm looking right now. I will update with more pictures when i reach 6 months.

6 months 1/2 PO

Hi ladies sorry i havent updated in so long. i reached my 6 month mark on Nov 7th. hmm lets see......my booty is completely soft and jiggly now. i lost probably half an inch last week. Im guessing because my weight has been fluctuating so much due to my unstable thyroid problem. i hate my thyroid so much because one minute its high the other is low. but im mainly hypothyroid most of the time. i was talking Levothyroxine but i decided to try Raw thyroid supplement to see if it works better. i gained a little bit of weight as yall can see my lil pouch on my tummy due the fact i havent been working out for two weeks in a row. So my health isint as good right now but it could be worse. I am going thru booty greed at the moment too. not sure what to do because i need a tummy tuck but i also have booty greed lol.....On another note im sorry if you ladies have been having problems receiving emails and responses from the office. We are currently working on expanding the office and staff. You can always reach me here...well not always but i try to get on here as much as i can. wish there was an app for real self like the one for Facebook lol. If yall need to reach me or anybody at the office yall can text or call us at 936-760-2696 as well. Here at the pictures as promised.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to wish all you ladies a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow...and take advantage if your trying to gain weight for a BBL lol.....Im thankful to have met everyone of you ladies and for my new and improved body lol my family etc.....so many things to be thankful in life.


Omg i ate so good yesterday and i hope all you ladies did too!!!! i also hope it all goes to my booty lol have a good weekend ladies.

7 Months PO

ok ladies Dec 7th i turned 7 months PO....feeling great....gained more weight because of the cold weather (blame it on the weather lol) havent been to the gym...i promise i will update pics either today or tomorrow. Booty seems to be even more jiggly and soft....i had a hard lump a few months ago on my left butt cheek that i forgot to mention....didnt even ask the dr. because another lady in her post of visit had asked about a lump in her butt cheek too and he said it was totally normal and nothing serious that it will go away as the months go by......last week i saw that it was shrinking.....well eventually this morning i noticed i couldnt feel it anymore :) it went away completely....so ladies try not to freak out when u feel little lumps here and there they will go away.....Everybody heals differently.....besides that my booty went back to 43 1/2 inches i guess since i been gaining weight....i pretty much wont have another surgery till i reach a year working for Cortes so i can get my vacation time :) im happy for now......i had never been reffered as thick untill now.....my homegirl saw me at a party and she was like damn girl that booty got fat.....she was like how did you get so thick in all the right places......i eventually told her i had surgery because come on who gets voluptuous in less than a year lol she was shocked she didnt know that was possible and she def. wants to get it done now....its hilarious to be all dolled up and to have all eyes on you when you walk in a room and everybody has to look twice at you.....men and women....my confidence went up the roof...my main insecurity has always been my butt and now thats resolved i feel like a weights been lifted off my shoulders......well ladies i cant think of anything else to update about....have an awesome week!!!! PICS COMING SOON

7 months PO Pics sorry pics so blurry...stupid phone lol

as yall can tell from the pics i gained a bit of weight using the same neon pink swimsuit....i need to drag myself to the gym....i noticed after i had lipo in abdomen, flanks, back its easier to melt the fat in my abdomen and waist in just a week of going to the gym. But i just cant get rid of that annoying loose skin under my belly button (mons area).....oh well thats what the tummy tuck is for....but like i said probably wont get one untill late next year.

2nd attempt to upload pics

7 months PO...sorry pics are so blurry getting a new phone soon hopefully lol

one more pic 7 months PO

White working out pants :)

Posting some before pics shortly

Hi dolls im going to post some embarrassing before pics at my skinniest after having kids of course in just a moment

Before pics big difference

ok these are my before pics 2 years ago....so y'all can see how Dr. Cortes completely changed my proportions. of course i was at my skinniest in these pics...wow i was flat lol....

At the gym yesterday

Happy New Year Ladies!!!!

New Years Eve Pics almost 8 months PO :)

mini update

Hi ladies hope you all had a happy new years !!! my goal is to get toned this year gained a bit of weight during the holidays lol.....will try to update with pics again soon.

8 Months PO

I am 8 months PO today....hmm not much to say everything is pretty much back to normal....i did gain a bit of weight over the holidays that i need to get rid off so hopefully i get to it asap cause i wanna look flawless this summer lol....yes ladies if you dont work out and eat right the fat is going to come right back not only in your booty but everywhere else. well i dont have much to update so if you ladies have any questions for me feel free to ask :)

Dr. Cortes Aftercare Recommendations

These are Dr. Cortes aftercare recommendations found on his website www.babygotbutt.com i thought it would be helpful to post.

The after care for a Brazilian butt lift is as important as the surgery itself. Here are a few caveats and my protocol for a successful surgery:

*No sitting for about 2 weeks. This is very important because prolonged sitting will damage the fat. The fat behaves as a graft (no blood supply) during the first few weeks. Once the fat develops its own blood supply, then, sitting will be recommended.
*Walk and stretch your legs. You need to move, move, moveā€¦ This will help to decrease the risk of developing clots.
*Take ibuprofen 400mg by mouth every 6 hrs around the clock.
*Do buttock stretching exercises. This will help with your recovery.
*Wear your girdle at all time. You can remove it to take a shower; then, wear the girdle again.
* Record the drain output. You will have a drain on your lower back to remove all the fluid that is accumulated. This will give better results.
*After 2 weeks of sitting, use a cigar shape cushion when sitting. This will bump your buttock and avoid excessive pressure.
*From the first day after surgery, take water pills for three consecutive days. Your body will be swollen all over because of the fluid shift. This will help getting rid of your swelling.
*Wear a compression stocking net the first day after surgery to help prevent clots.
*Drink plenty of fluid; do not get dehydrated.
*Take clyndamycin for 7 days. This will help decrease the chances of infections.

Quick update

Hi dolls im sorry if its taking me a while to reply....been so busy at work and home....quick update my booty grew another half an inch im at 44inches!!!!!!if i grow another half an inch i will be back at my booty measurements right after surgery 44 1/2 in...yay!! started going to the gym again....tryng to build my legs especially...i love thick thighs.....will update pics soon :)

booty workout regimen at the gym

This is pretty much my booty workout regimen at the gym...(The girl in the video is not me) lol...wish i had her toned legs :)

9 months PO

Hi dolls!!!im pretty much 9 months PO......officially tommorow but im going to update today since i have a little bit of time. Well i had the flu over a week ago...it was horrible....lost 7lbs so you know i lost projection :( im at 42 inches before the flu iwas at 44 inches......the horrible cough i had made me throw up anything i would eat so i pretty much ate nothing for a whole week...i was able to keep some liquids down. finally after going to the after hours doctor by my house and taking some nausea medication promethazine which made me dizzy as hell, and some antibiotics i was able to get well. I'm kind of sad but i know all i have to do is gain those 7lb back. my husband is like you still have that sexy hourglass shape but i miss my big ridiculous sized booty.....i am stuffing my mouth with fries as i type....i have to gain these pounds back. Will take pics and post them today.

7lb lost due to flu :(

damn you flu lol i still need a tummy tuck look at that loose skin on my lower abdomen

Happy Valentines Ladies XOXOXOXOXO

Almost 10 months PO

Hi ladies!!!!missed yall i try to get on here every now and then....just been so busy lately.....i gained some of my weight i lost due to the flu so im happy.....my booty is more jiggly and soft then ever....driving my hubby crazy lol.....piercing my bellybutton this weekend..im just living it up and feeling good!!!.....heres just sum pics so yall can see my progress sorry theyr kind of dark...ill post more soon

PIcs didnt upload on last post

These pics didnt upload

Night Out with the girls...turning heads

10 months PO enjoying life

Just a few quick pics at 10 months PO

Another pic

Life is good

10 months PO


10 months PO

Sorry I keep cropping pics wrong lol and deleting


Hi ladies its been a while since i gotten on realself and frankly i am disgusted the way some ladies are acting on realself. Nobody can change your anatomy and skin tone. And another thing with tummy tucks or the brazilian butt Lift, Rhinoplasty etc.......it takes 6-9months to see your final result not 2-3months.... Surgery is not a walk in the park a takes patience and commitment. But anyways if you already have a negative mind set and get influenced by others so easily what can you expect. I personally do not compare my results or body to anybody elses...Everybody is built different...But anyways i am almost hitting my 11 month mark and ready for a tummy tuck!!! which wont happen until the beginning of next year which id fine with me :) gotta wait till hubby gets out of school this year to get out of school in November this year to start planning for my TT. I will update new BBL pics soon!!!!

11 months po

Hi ladies I'm almost a year post op and I would like to say this surgery has been life changing for me.....I am more comfortable in the body I'm in and I can honestly say I can go into a store and easily find something cute to wear as of before I Would spend hours trying on clothes and will leave with nothing. I'm trying to watch my weight because I am guilty of eating a lot of junk food and with my thyroid problem I gain weight so easily. So I'm signing back up at the gym hopefully this Thursday. And I already started preparing and freezing all my meals for the week which mainly consist of chicken breastfeeding seasoned with a little bit of sea salt, pepper, Italian seasoning herbs, onion and minced garlic. Or fish. With veggies or brown rice. So I try to mix the veggies up too. We'll I only have this pic to upload right now. I'll try my best to upload more during the week......have a blessed easter ladies. ???????????????


lol stupid spell check on my phone put breast feeding instead of chicken breast.....:D

I Year anniversary with my Booty

Hi ladies yesterday May 7th was my one year booty anniversary lol....cant believe it.....it went by so fast. im not going to lie gained a lil bit a weight since i cant seem to control my mouth with delicious food lol i am a fat girl at heart but need to get it together because this was an investment. And i think since i gained a bit of weight my booty and hips got bigger and yesterday that i went to the grocery store people would not stop staring at me.... it was crazy i was like ughhh!!!!! could i just shop at peace!!!!!. i was in a bad mood and i felt kind of annoyed and uncomfortable but then i thought to myself gotta take the good with the bad. I would pick Dr. Cortes all over again to do my BBL. The work of art that he does with our bodies is amazing.....talk about dramatic results.... i only lost and inch and 1/2 off booty since surgery which is almost nothing!!!I have been so blessed to meet some of you ladies from realself and the ones i will get to meet soon at Dr. Cortes office.....Cant wait. Heres a quick pic in my favorite leopard dress i will take some more tonight from different angles and post them tommorow.......muah!!!!!i luv you ladies!!!!

more pics....

Here's some close up pics of the booty that I took this morning. ... i will post more pics with outfits on very soon.

Throwback Thursday Pic. 2 days fresh out of surgery.

Hey ladies just wanted to show yall how i looked the second day after my surgery i was swollen bruised, lumpy, bumpy, it wasent pretty and as you can see my buttock looks flat, squared and wide. Proof that it gets better as the months go by ladies it takes a few months for everything to settle. Patience! Patience! Patience! :) xoxo

1 yr and 3 months :)

Hi ladies it's been 1 year and 3 months since I had my surgery. I gained 6lb since the surgery so don't be surprised if I look a Lil chubby lol....I'm still loving my results.......living life. ....sometimes I don't like coming here because of all the drama but I never forget how other ladies helped me when I was going through this Procedure....so feel free to ask I'll try to come in here as much as possible because I do have a life out of RS and work. ....... 3 bby boys and a amazing husband to attend ......luv you ladies!!!!thanks for the support and your beautiful comments:)

1 yr and 4 months scars have matured :)

Good afternoon ladies.....time has been flying by so quick only 4 more months and the year is over.....my favorite time of the year is coming too.....I started my new thyroid medication about 2 weeks ago and I'm feeling much better. .....I lost 3 lbs so far so I'm happy. Boot still looking as plump as a pumpkin lol. My scars have matured so you could bearly even see them. Feeling great! Will update again with more pics pretty soon :)

Pics I took this morning


Financial Agreement

Ok ladies heres a copy of the financial agreement that we all have to sign before surgery. When i signed mine i read it thoroughly and i understood their requirements and their policies so i wasent going into this blindly. So here i posted a copy of my financial agreement since alot of you ladies been having questions regarding that.


Everybody that comes to the office and wants to book a procedure with Dr. Cortes or any surgeon has to read and sign the agreement or they will not perform the surgery....nobody is forced to sign if you do not agree with it. I mean it common sense if i don't agree with something I'm not going to sign it but if i still proceed to sign it even though i don't agree with the policy then i have nobody to blame but myself, If they make an exception for one person they have to make it for everybody. Well anyways ladies just putting it out there, hope it helps the ladies that been asking me questions regarding this.

Wow i think Dr. C did an amazing job on this lady.....

Wow i think Dr. C did an amazing job on this lady.....
One of the things that helped me choose my surgeon was his surgery and educational videos....

Lost 9lbs in a month.....1year 6 months PO

lost 9lbs. feeling great....booty got only an inch smaller but its all good :)

I found Dr, Cortes on You Tube and I loved his work. As you all know by now i was working at a pediatricians office at the beginning of my journey and at about 2 months Post op i started working for Dr. Cortes. My intention is not to promote or deceive anybody im just simply telling my story as it is. If you ladies have any questions y'all can always ask me i don't mind helping.

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