My Story and Struggle - Houston, TX

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Its 7;26 am. I have been staring at this blank...

its 7;26 am. I have been staring at this blank screen , not knowing how to start my story about my self. Let me start off by saying that i am 30 yrs old and a very proud mother of 3 amazing kids. They are my motivation. I had my daughter when i just turned 21. i had a c- section and then 4 yrs later my second son arrived then 2yrs after that my last baby boy arrived. Before i had my daughter i was overweight but had a booty. back then wearing wranglers and rocky mountins with justin boots was the thing that was in. And ofcourse selena was every girls dream body. since the first time i saw her i was amazed by how amazing and perfect her body was. atleast in my eyes. to each its own. i remember right after i had my daughter alot of people family and friend mentioned how overweight i was. so i got into starving and doing everything in my hands to loose weight. well i did alright , but i lost my booty. and ever since then i never got it back. not even when i would gain the weight back . it was still gone. to make story short i somehow came across this website and i have been reading everyones story but until now i finally got brave enough to share with you my story. i am glad i am not alone, i thought i was crazy. i am from houston tx and over hear no one talks about it. or atleast i never met someone who felt the same way. everyone including my husband thinks i am crazy for wanting a big fat ass. he thinks i am being vain. but he dosnt help the situation when i see him staring at girls that have an ass. my husband is an ass man thats why i dont understand why he dosnt support me. i feel alone in this. it makes me feel bad to know that this will probably never happen to me. i just want to tell each and everyone of you. Thank you so much for your story's and journey. i love seeing everyone else having there dreams come true.

My self confidence was so low last year, that i...

My self confidence was so low last year, that i would not even like to go nowhere my weight gain went threw the roof. i am 5'1 and was weighing 170- 177 lbs. now mind you, i am short so for some people 177 may not be alot , but those people are tall people. It got to the point that my husband and i would have problems because i didnt want to go anywhere in public or see my family members or anyone who knew me. Because ever where i went people would make there little stupid comments directed twords me. And i am the type of person that if something bothers me i will speak my mind. that wasnt a good combination with my temper. i hate people thinking they are better than others. beauty is only skin deep. And as far as my family goes. well lets just say that i stay away from them. they dont act like family. ever since i was little i woul try and be close to them but for some reason they have never been there for threw anything. So now that i am older i choose to not surround myself with them. as a mater of fact it seems that they are happy when they see me going threw things. every time i went around them they will say something about my weight. When it got so ba my husband decided to help me get a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation. to get rid of all the access skin and my saggy bobs being that i had breast fed my boys only. I just want to say that i am VERY THANKFUL TO MY HUSBAND. I LOVE YOU BABE! i also had some lipo done and the doctor said he would put it in my butt. Going in that was my main consern . i was pleased with my tummy tuck and with my breast implants but not with the lipo or the fat grafting. my butt went back to normal in less than a month. and the lipo was not as aggresive as i wanted. but iam thinking i was just to fat. my butt is still fat. and i even look more weird than before cause now i have bobs but no ass.FLAT FLAT FLAT,
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