Hasan Doll!!! - November 6, 2014

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*Treatment results may vary

Hey RS! I guess I'm official now that I'm finally...

Hey RS! I guess I'm official now that I'm finally posting my story. So here are my latest stats: 185 lbs / 5'6 / 44-34-47 and I'm 33 with children. This time last year I was at a wedding and noticed how much I really stopped taking care of myself....I was 215+ and my body ached and I was seeing that it was time for me to put in some work. So fast forward to this year, I started working out.....not just the oh when I have time working out....but everyday I was active. I lost a lot of weight since March till now. I'm really happy I'm in this better space....BUT (there is always a but) I need a BBL to get the body I have been working so hard for. I'm not discrediting any of my hard work but when I turn around in the morning I just wish there was more.

I have received quotes from the top names in the biz....Yily, Jimerson, Okoro, Perry, Medietta and Fisher. So I have done my research and have been considering this for quite a while. But when I look up Dr. Cortes (Texas) and do a comparison of apple bottoms to apple bottoms.....his look natural and are contoured to the persons body type. I mean, yea you can stick a butt on anyone but I don't want any butt....I want mine. So after weighing all the risks and costs (because this stuff is not cheap) I have decided on Cortes. :)

The only people that know are my sister (who will be helping me after the surgery) and my hubby. I know 2 people that live in TX so I'm trying to work out just crashing there in a spare room. Phew....one less cost down. I'm going to lock in my date soon for Fall/Winter 2014 and will keep you all posted on my journey.

I will post some pics soon because I love to read profiles with pics too :)

Before Pictures at 195lbs....and I'm not looking back!

Ok lovely's, here are my before pictures. I have been consisting losing 3lbs a week and I'm down to 180. If my plan works I should be at around 150 by the time of my surgery. I see these pictures and at first I was like UGH what was I thinking but now I'm just using them as MOTIVATION to keep propelling me to what I have been working so hard for. No looking back now chicas....let's get it!

I plan on taking 90 day photos so you can see some of my changes and will upload them next week. :)

Are you going out of the States for your BBL?

I have to admit I was highly considering this option too. I came across another post awhile back and wanted to be sure I passed along this great information to keep in mind if you do travel abroad.

Blood work done that included: PTT, CMP, CBC, HIV1 & 2, syphilis and hepatitis screenings. I also received a flu shot, malaria and meningitis vaccines. Got all of my vaccines 1 month before I traveled and I got my lab work done 2 weeks before a traveled.

PCP also prescribed amoxicillin-culvanate(a broad spectrum antibiotic), diculvanac(pain killer/anti-inflammatory), vicodine and diflucan(In case I developed a yeast infection from taking the antibiotics)

Wish Pics

I obviously love my avatar picture which is my ideal goal when this all said and done but I also love, love, LOVE these too.

My Cortes Quote

I just received my quote from Dr. Cortes office. I'm so excited....one step closer! I must say that the response time is delayed probably due to high request volume for "out of state patients" but I received mine within 5 business days. It was worth the wait :)

So here are my details (but please remember that this number isn't always the same for everyone):

*He recommended that I continue to lose weight and my ideal RX weight should be around 170 lbs to get the best results* 10 more lbs to go but I hope I can surpass that.

BBL price $6972
Compression Garment $180
*I can't recall if this was for 1 or 2. I will check back.
Insurance $180
General Anesthesia $1278+
Hospital Fee $1900 (including overnight stay)

Grand Total $10,548 (due 3 weeks prior RX)

To Schedule: $500 deposit - will go towards RX (Paperwork will be sent for me to complete and to process payment)

Financing Options they accept: Care Credit / Surgery Loans
*there may be more but these were the 2 I was most interested in*

Required Time to Stay in town: 5 days to a week

Hotel Stay: Lucy mentioned that most patients due a zip code search for Houston, TX (zip code 77027) to find the nearest hotel/accommodations for the office.

Return Flight home recommendation: She mentioned that most patients try to find a seat in the back of the plane to allow for easier maneuvering.

I was impressed with the friendliness and all the information I was provided during this call.

Stay tuned :)

Get to 170-175 lbs


Weight Loss - Losing 2 to 3 lbs a week

I'm not a doctor so please get guidance from your primary care doctor before starting any new regime. However, I wanted to share something I have learned about weight loss journey. I don't know if it's just me but my body doesn't react to normal dieting plans (which doesn't mean they don't work) I have just come to the realization that they weren't for me. So here's what I figured out so far:

1. Dandelion Root Tea - OMG! This stuff is the best. I have always had a tummy since my first child but this hot tea has made my stomach look flatter, I'm still in disbelief. If you can get over the taste and have one cup in the morning first thing its worth it. I purchased this from GNC.
2. Lemons - I never really enjoyed them until I noticed a difference in how much fat I was losing by adding squeezed lemon juice to my water everyday.
3. Apple Cider Vinegar - On the days I chose not to do the Dandelion tea, I opted for a hot glass of water with a teaspoon of this stuff first thing in the morning. The taste is bitter (ugh). I picked this up at my local grocery.
4. Water, Water, Water - I try to drink a gallon a day.
5. Exercise - You really thought I wasn't going to put this on here :) - I know that it can be a pain especially with my hair and kids, but if we can break away for our favorite TV show we can work this in too. Sometimes, I time it just right for my favorite TV show so I'm on the elliptical and watching TV at the same time....you hardly realize you're working out. I go at least 4 to 5 times a week for 45 minutes.
6. 300 - 400 calorie meals - I'm always on the hunt for items that don't feel like I'm eating a child's portion. Here are items I have found that are easy on the go and my go-to's when I'm not at home:
a. Chikfila Chicken Wrap with Balsamic Dressing
b. Tuna Fish
c. Chikfila Chicken Cobb Salad with Balsamic Dressing
d. GNC Protein Shake (Chocolate) - Total Lean Shake
Believe it or not I can't make it through an entire shake anymore because it is that filling.
e. Eggs

Snacking: When I'm at home I try to keep some low sodium pita chips and hummus (spicy flavor) near by for the moments I want a snack.

I have noticed that once I eat anything starchy (bread, pasta, potatoes you name it) I blow up like a balloon so I have cut all of these out. So listen to your body and good luck.

I have learned most of my workouts from Body Building websites. When I started thinking about it these ladies know exactly what to do to get lean right before a competition. I always research the "bikini" category as this is the one where the ladies aren't big and have smaller frames. I have learned a wealth of knowledge about circuit training and getting the most out of my workouts using some of their methods.

I will post an update pic once I get down to my 1st goal of 170 lbs and measurements.

Thanks for reading.


So, I'm constantly reading everyone's reviews and journeys and I cant help but to feel a mix of nervousness of the unknown and excitement because this is something I have always wanted. For the first time, I feel like this will really happen for me. I finally have my hubby on board with the plan and now I just need to follow through with this thing until the end. #DeepBreathe #NoTurningBackNow

Wish Pic!!!!

I saw this wish pic and I just got a boost of motivation!

BBL Supplies / Supply Kits

Stumbled across this site....http://bblcarekit.weebly.com/

Decisions, decisions, decisions! UGH

So, even though I love Cortes work I'm starting to think that I could push my date up if I was to get my surgery here in Atlanta. I have mixed feelings because I really love his work but I would love to be able to recover in my own home and not be too far from the doctor for follow-up appointments and other visits. UGH! I have to admit I dabbled on Jimerson's website for a few days but OMG his wait is close to a year! Okoro is definetly in the running as well. I need advice :( ?!?!?

Loving My RS Family <3

Ok, so we all know I have been pretty bummed out and going back and forth about my dr. But after reading all the responses and support I must say that #1 I feel so freaking loved and # 2 I'm going to stick with the PLAN! Cortes it is! #Smile

Weight Loss update - Down to 175!

These past few weeks I have been battling the summer heat but I'm still making progress (thank God). My goal is to be in the 155-165 range by September. I will post updated pics soon.

What will they say?

Ok, ladies. I work in "Corporate America" and wonder what I will be dealing with the day I walk back in with a huge donk....LMAO! I mean really, only me will walk out one day (flat) and walk back in another (Kim K). (sheesh) I try not to worry about what people will say or the side-eye I will get but I have to ask....what did you pro's / alum say when people asked? I figured I will either plead the 5th or embrace it and spill the beans. I mean, I doubt I will work here for the rest of my life so will I really know these people in the next 5 to 10 years (probably not)....so who cares if they talk??? right???


Where did you get that?? LOL

Sacred Heart Diet

Hey all, I've made it down to 175 but have been unable to get the scale to budge after that. So, I have started on the Sacred Heart diet (7 day eating plan) which is used for heart patients to lose weight before an upcoming surgery. They say you can lose from 7 - 15 lbs in a week. Hopefully, this approach will help my body jumpstart some more weight loss since I want to at least be 160 by mid September. I'm not sure if I can continue working out during since I might have limited energy because of the low calorie approach but I will just be walking around the neighborhood to keep me going. I'm praying that by the time this is over on next Friday 8/29 I will have a great results and feedback to share.

Anaconda Video!

Ok, I have always loved Nicki Minaj since she first came out but this chica just took it to the next level with that video. That is now my anthem for my BBL and gave me another boost to keep going!!!

Update Update Update

Ok, chica's. I have some quick updates for you. I decided to go with Hasan after all. Why? you ask. He does great work and you cant beat the price plus its closer to home so I couldn't avoid the obvious with this decision. Here's my feedback on Vanity, I actually cant complain about the service my coordinate (Denisse) has been awesome and I have made sure to dot my i's and cross my t's with all my paperwork. This process is stressful ladies from working with the financing companies to coordinating with the doctors offices so please know that upfront but it is definitely worth it. I'm happy to say my loan was funded and I'm putting down my remaining deposit today to be paid in full. It was a long road but thank God I made it. Now I feel like crying because I cant believe before the day is out I will have my surgery date (yay!). I've been waiting for this for a long time now and it feels so surreal. I don't want to be scared until my date but I def see how girls feel when they wrote those posts because it hit you that your life will forever change. I'm happy, excited and overall in disbelief I have even made it this far. Scared? nope not for this chick. #wink I made it to my goal weight of 170 and actually trying to get to 165 at least for the surgery. One caveat, is that i will not be staying in the recovery house since my sister is coming with me and will be purchasing my airfare a week out once I have a final green light from Vanity it will FOR SURE happen on that date. I do not like to waste money especially my own :)

Cortes Friends <3

Hey, I just wanted to say that even though I couldn't go with Cortes I want to please stay in touch with all my Cortes Doll friends that have supported me. Thanks beauties!!

My surgery date is November 6!

Paid in full and booked. This is really happening :)

Changing to Fisher?

I'm really torn between Hasan and Fisher right now. But after considering all the pictures I really feel Fisher can give me the result I have worked so hard for. Trying to coordinate this change with Vanity (Jessica) right now, hopefully it will be done by today.

Post Op Supplies? Kinesio bands?

Ok, so I like to research not only what the veterans from my doctor have done but all women even those from other countries. I noticed that especially in Spain they are using these Kinesio bands after surgery to help with recovery which are primarily used for physical therapy. I hope this lady doesn't mind me reusing her photo but I attached it as reference. I have noticed that their recovery stories aren't as turbulent as some of ours in the US. Could this be the difference?? I'm going to order some and research how to apply them with Youtube. Wish me luck.

Lab Codes

So I just received my prescription for labwork for my surgery. Here is the list of lab codes they require (CBC with diff, CMP, PT/PTT, INR, HCG, HIV, U/A). I have an appointment with my doctor next week to get this taken care of. Wow, this is happening so fast now.

Traveling on a budget! Rent a room/apartment and Hourly Rental Cars

Ok, so I'm always looking for the best deals out there. Wanted to share some of the things I will be doing to save money on my upcoming surgery.

www.airbnb.com - Rent a house / studio or a shared space (this can be a lot cheaper than a hotel)
www.booking.com - I used this site to lock in my price at Comfort Inn & Suites Miami Airport ($450 - for 6 days). What's nice is their book now pay later concept. I have been on several vacations with them which takes the guess work out of budgeting and allows me to keep some money afloat until I have to pay during check-in.
www.zipcar.com - I love the concept of hourly rental cars or you can rent them by the day. You have a card that can activate the vehicle based on your account. There is some processing time to get the card in the mail so if you're considering I would do it a few weeks before my trip. If you are lucky enough to be near one of their retail stores I think they can give you one their as well.
www.lyft.com - This a rental car place but they actually have a driver pick you up and drop off. There service seems to be more on the fly using a quick app for your smartphone. But when you are in a pinch, it might not seem that bad.
www.priceline.com - I love the name your own price tool. I am using this feature for my flight to save big bucks. I'm going to wait until I receive my medical clearance to make it official.

Quick update

With 3.5 weeks away from my surgery and I have to admit that I'm pleased with the customer service I have received thus far. I have called/email Jessica countless of times and she has always made the time to respond to me. I like to read past reviews to educate myself but I felt prompted to say that not everyone has had those experiences.

Medical Release

So this is the first time I've ever had to get a medical release so the process was all new to me. Basically, my coordinator emailed a prescription list of required labwork. I took this to my doctor and had my blood drawn for the required tests. I noted the specific tests in a prior update. The office visit was the usual check eyes, heart and overall health of your body. They told me my results will take 3 to 5 days and to make sure I call back to remind them to fax results to Vanity. I made sure to take my multi-vitamin religiously the month prior and continued my eating and exercise habits. I tend to over think things like this but I really feel great and not going to sweat anything.

Medical Clearance (continued)

Even though an EKG is not on the prescribed list of labwork I went ahead and had this done for #2 reasons. First, it was recommended by my doctor that this is key measurement of my heart rhythm to ensure I can withstand the anesthesia. Secondly, I have seen in previous Vanity-vets bio about having to do EKGs so I'm going to took the safe route and went ahead and had it done. It was pretty simple they hook you up to a machine that spits out a sheet of paper with your heartbeat rhythm.

I really don't want any set backs when I get to Miami so I'm making sure all my i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

The Plan

I will be calling my doctors office 2 weeks out to make sure they have faxed over my results and then calling Jessica to confirm they have received them and Dr. Hasan has approved (via email for documentation reasons). Once he approves I will call Jessica back to confirm my date as they are known to change.

So I'm planning to stay in Miami for 5 days which means I will be leaving on my 4th post op day. I have opted to drive with family so I can be comfortable on the way home in the back seat and not have to sit on my bottom. Driving saves me alot of money since I will be using my vehicle so I only have to come out for gas. I plan to make sure my stitches are removed before leaving also get 2 to 3 massages before I leave with Marian (i hear she does such great work). I have setup lymphatic massages back in Atlanta as soon as I return and will be getting them at least 3 times a week.

I will buy most of my supplies the week prior but have already gathered some of the hard to get items (KTape / Kinesio), Lipo foam and Ab board. I'm not sure on my compression garment yet as I see both butt in and butt out approaches. I'm leaning towards a BLACK butt in garment as I dont want to see all the blood (I'm a big baby). I will have it altered (waist taken in) as needed at a local dry cleaners.

I will be returning to work on my 8th post op day which is a Thursday since I'm working on a crucial project for my team. It may sound crazy to go back 5 days early but I think I can swing it. I plan on keeping a bobby pillow at work for my chair and wearing compression leg garments as I tend to walk a lot at work and hear this is a common complaint. I will have my hubby drop/pick me up since I don't think I will feel comfortable driving. Hopefully I can get through Thursday and Friday with no problem. Worst case I will request to work from home.

I plan to keep you ladies updated on my progress every step of the way. I will try to snap pictures from the same angles and the same clothing so you can see the difference and come to your own conclusions. I plan to follow the post op care carefully and will be drinking plenty of water and pineapple juice. I don't think I will get the P EZ because I've heard wish-wash reviews. I think I will try the SOLO cup way (not the prettiest) but gets the job done the most efficiently.

My BMI is at 29, and I hear that Hasan likes you to be under 30 so I'm in the clear (BARELY). I want to get my weight down to 165 pre op but not forcing it.

I will be taking pics the day before so you will have a clear vision of what I literally looked like before going in. 23 more days :)

Freaking Out! 14 Days to go

I'm so close to my surgery date (11/6) I'm freaking out! It has been so emotional going through the stress of getting ready, deciding what I want my final result to be and working through all the logistics. However, when I think about how happy I will be when this is all said and done....I couldn't be happier. #deepbreathe #countto10 #thisonesforme

Compression Garment

Purchased off Amazon.com: Vedette Women's Celeste Front Zipper Mid Thigh Compression Garment - Black/2XL (42) - Sold by: Rush Industries Paid: $64.95

I literally ordered on a Friday and it was in my mail by Wednesday. So I tried on the garment and LOVE IT. It is tight around my belly but I figured that area is getting lipo'd so I'm not that worried. It was a firm compression around my hips which I liked and the material is breathable. This garment has both the hooks (which you close up first) and then a zipper layer on top (which you do last). I liked the double fasteners because it really holds you in.

The butt is technically covered but let me say that the material on your butt only is different than the compression on your body. It's almost like a panty hose material which is nice because I was worried about the garment compression on my butt.

Taking it off! So I had to squeeze out of the garment last night and it made me have flashbacks to all the reviews about how much it hurts to take it off after surgery. I don't even have my butt yet especially being sensitive after surgery....I knew in that moment how they feel.

Received Medical Clearance

I spoke with Samantha and she confirmed my labs were good. Thank God! I'm on cloud 9.

170 lbs!!

I don't think I'm going to be able to break 170, right now. But I'm not complaining the rest will come off afterwards.

Posting photo's again...forgot to edit.

Why ruin a good thing???

I'm really bummed over the layout change. I feel like even though its nice to see at a glance which comments are nested under my updates it is hard to trace new comments which means I have to open each selection to see if there is anything new (no fun). I would rather have the old layout back (personally) because all of my comments were in chronological order.

Natural Healing Links (Bruising & Swelling)

Here are some natural things I will be trying to speed healing. I will take my pain meds.

1. BRUISING & SWELLING: Homoeopathic arnica 6C (around $6 for 80 pellets)

2. SURGERY RECOVERY : Rescue Remedy

Staying Positive...7 Days to go :)

The last week of this journey is a full rush of emotions. From the smallest thing to the largest its all nerve wracking but I know its going to pay off in the end.


I was contacted by Samantha yesterday to retake one of my tests due to my level being a bit elevated. I have to admit I freaked out since I'm so close to my surgery date and I even considered not posting this update because I didn't even want to think about / stress about it / let alone write about it. But I made a commitment to be 100% with all my RS family. So here it is. Anyway, I retook the test last night, which Im thankful my doctor's office stays open to 9 PM because I don't think I would have been able to sleep. I will get my results on Monday. I did ask Samantha what happens if my level is still a bit elevated and she said I could proceed with the procedure as long as my doctor provides a medical clearance for that test. I told her that he already provided a clearance for me knowing about that test but at this point if they need me to retake a small blood test then fine. I'm not as stressed today and trying to go with the flow...I keep wondering why is that that when I want something its like pulling teeth but when I dont want something it just falls in my lap. #WeAreToCloseNowToGiveUp #KeepGoing

BMI (under 30)

I wanted to mention this in its own separate update. I have read a lot of reviews on how Hasan prefers his patients BMI to be under 30. If you want to learn how to calculate yours just go to this website: (Its quick and easy, just enter your heigh and weight and that's it) http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/lose_wt/BMI/bmicalc.htm

PT/PTT Results are in....

By the grace of God my retake came back normal. I'm cleared through my doctor but now I'm trying to touch base with Samantha/Hasan to be sure they have received the faxed results. I think I'm going to go by my doctor's office tonight to pick up a copy of all of my results so I can have them handy in case I need to show proof. I don't want any unnecessary stress when I get there.

Excitement = Insomnia

I'm literally running on adrenaline right now because I couldnt sleep at all last night. I will be leaving out for Miami tonight for my pre-op in the morning. Will start drinking my pineapple juice / eating pineapple chunks today. Also, I'm starting my Bromelain today to kick start my system. I ordered my squeem/waist cincher (Ann Cherry brand) on yesterday so it will be home when I return and I can use it when I'm ready.


Hey fam...im official and have nothing but GREAT things to say about my experience. The soreness is kicked in and I'm eating plenty of protein. I go in tomorow for my post op and Saturday for a massage @Mariams. I will respond with full review later.

Day of Surgery

Mariam Massage Website

here's the website I used to make my payment via PayPal. contact her via text to the number on the website to reserve day/time. the deposit is $50.

Day 2

just came back from post op visit. received my first compliment on the new booty. she said I got a "fatty". I do hate that pictures don't portray how huge my butt is right now. day 2 is definitely worse than day 1 but im glad my sister is here. ... she is the best. here's more pics until I feel up to writing my detailed review. XOXO

Struggle is real! !!!

I'm so sore and stiff, trying to walk every 2 hours for 20 minutes.

Low Anemia

Can't wait for my booty to "drop!!!" But loving my curves. I had a scare today because my iron got low so I went to the doctor and was cleared an hour or so later. This surgery is no joke you guys. So I'm back in Atlanta and decided to get my first massage on tomorrow. I didn't go on Saturday because I was told Hasan preferred for me to wait until day 5.

Bathroom Break

Yay me! Most vets already know what I'm about to say but for all you newbies having your first bowel movement post op is so releaving! I know TMI...but I always have to tell my fam everything the good, bad and the UGLY #wink XOXO

Massage was great!

I just had my 1st massage and it was great. I'm actually pretty glad I waited the 5 days because I had more control and she could do more. There wasn't a lot of pain just numbness really. Constipation is kicking my butt from all the pain meds but I have to admit that even with all the unhappy side effects which are temporary I'm still very happy with my surgery.

Quick Post Op pics

I'm still getting use to my new body. The recovery is a hot mess but if you can make it through this then you can make it through anything. Most vets are walking the malls by now or seem more independent but maybe I'm a baby...I've been taking it slow. Here are some pics of Hasans work. I'm not poking it out so you can see projection. I can't wait till it fluffs!!!! My butt is still firm.

First Day @ Work

It's my first day back at work and even though I'm glad to be out of the house I'm unusually swollen....maybe stress?? I have my chair situated with a bobby pillow and its slopped forward so most of my weight is on my thighs. I decided to wear some black slacks and a long blouse so you can't see my new "addition". I'm trying to keep it under wraps until I fully heal. #DeepBreathe #CountingTo10 #ThisJourneyNeverEnds :)

A New Perspective

Hey guys, so I wanted to share with you that I have gained a new perspective on this entire journey. It is hard, grueling and down right dreadful at times but I have to admit that I am still very pleased with my results and feel like a new woman. My hubby comments on my new found physique and all I can do is blush because I don't even know how to respond...is that weird? So I figured I'm going to go out and buy a new outfit to allow myself to finally enjoy this process. Shoot, I've earned it! :)

Other than that, I realized that I do have stitches!!! If they (Vanity - anyone else by Hasan) tell you different please PLEASE check for yourself. I have 5 total (all in my butt) 2 are in my "cuffs", 2 are at the top and 1 is in my crack at the top...sorry to be so blunt but that's the only way I can be. 2 were ready to come out and the other 3 will need a few more days because it was apparent they were still healing.

Other than that, for all the newbies please know that the first few weeks are not perfect and that no 2 stories are the same. Your body has undergone major surgery and trauma so it will take awhile to heal and recover. Try to be patient with your body and everything will be fine.

My hubby has been helping add a corset on top of my cincher at night...YES, you got that right I am wearing 3 things. Garment + cincher + corset at night. I will take a picture tonight so you can see his handy work. I wear the Garment + Cincher all day every day except 1 hour while I shower and wash them.

Post Op

Everyday this recovery feels better and better. Still not sitting is killing me except when I have to at work. Here are some updated pictures.


"cuff" straps

Here are the items I can't live without right now. 1: I made cuff straps out of old bra straps that hook together and strap around my thighs. As my booty drops I want to make sure the cuff is well defined. 2: neosporin for incision sites and reduce scaring 3: stretch mark cream for the tummy 4: raw Shea butter for the entire body especially the booty to keep it moisturized and my daily massages. This isn't a complete list but I couldn't live right now without these critical items.

Also, my weight is now down to 167!!!

Garment + cincher + CORSET

As promised here is a pic of the CORSET I'm wearing at night over my garment and cincher. You will notice my pink tank top underneath it all, I learned having a tight shirt against your skin will help reduce lines and formations from the garments. This CORSET was purchased from Fredericks of Hollywood.

Cuff Straps (Continued with picture)

So, to help explain a bit more I attached a picture of what the straps look like on. Again these were made not bought. I made them out of 4 old bra straps that link together. There are basically 2 straps per thigh. I remember reading another real self user who did something similar but i think she used scarfs for hers so I'm playing around with whether or not this technique really works. What I like about using the bra straps is that they are adjustable so I can get it really tight on my thighs to increase the "crease" to my preferred definition without cutting off my circulation :)

Good, Bad and the UGLY Truth!

Okay, I feel inspired and also passionate about always letting you in on everything about my experience. I recently read another review and it prompted my own version of some of the heartaches of the BBL recovery. If you are faint of heart or have a weak stomach (Click away!!!)...if not, here you go:

1. You will see the most blood every in your life! Having no drains means you will see everything come out of your incisions. You will have to change your padding constantly and its almost nauseating the amount of fluid you will see.
2. Going to the bathroom is a PAIN...you are literally in so much pain I couldn't get out of bed. My best attempt at using the restroom was using any amount of energy I could muster to get on all fours and go into my P-EZ into a cup my gracious sister was holding for me the first 3 days. After that, I could at least stand long enough over the toilet.
3. Taking the garment off is like pealing off your skin the first time (for me at least). Trust me ladies, your skin is so sensitive it hurts the first few times until you get use to it.
4. You will actually reconsider what did I just do to myself secretly but not tell anyone.
5. I suffered constipation because of the intense pain killers so please take your stool softners once the pain meds begin.
6. Swelling makes your results look exaggerated. Don't get too excited. When you first get out your results will definitely change.
7. Sleep! Ha, what's that? I'm almost 3 weeks post op and have now started to be able to sleep through the entire night.
8. Results - Wish pictures are just that...wishes! Please have a realistic idea of what your body is going to look like when this is all said and done.
9. Tolls! Omg, Florida has so many toll roads. If you are driving please a lot $50 - $100 for tolls.
10. Stretch marks not only come when you get big but also when you get small really fast. I'm finding them in places I never had.
11. Picking things up off the floor / Shaving..etc - After the surgery consider yourself unable to bend for a while. OMG, I had to beg my sister to help me shave my legs and my hubby to pick up every little thing.
12. Compression is key! If i take my compression garment off longer than an hour it is a hot mess with swelling to get it back on. Until my body has fully recovered please understand garments are apart of your daily routine.
13. Numbness / Skin Sensitive - My lower back is numb from the liposuction and every week I have more and more feeling. My sides are still sensitive but I rub my skin daily with cocoa and shea butter so it gets the blood flowing. My abs were really sore and sensitive (LIKE, dont touch me sensitive) but is now the area that I can touch the most these days.
14. Showering / Baths - I took spongebaths (thank God for my husband and sister) for the first week because I was so weak and low anemia. I was able to take my first shower after week 1.
15. Upper body strength is key, this is the only part of my body I was able to use to get me in and out of the bed. It got to the point where my arms were hurting.
16. Traveling in a car is always bumpy and uncomfortable. Even though I try to pad it with covers..etc, stopping and braking is killing me.

Hope this helps and doesn't deter anyone but please don't go into this journey blind. Be prepared mentally too as well with your supplies.

Then and Now. + the anticipated tummy pics

Weight loss + Hasan + my family support!!!! Here's my tummy post op too. I have children and knew it would not be perfect but from where I came from I'm still very happy! I welcome all questions. I'm down to 165!

Butt Shots Rumor - UGH

Ok, so we all know I'm back at work and I got wind yesterday that there is a rumor going around that I got butt shots (ewwww). I spent months of planning and research to get these results but anywho. I feel on cloud 9 from seeing my before and after pics last night so I'm not going to sweat any of the haters. Pray for me ya'll!! #keepitmoving #itsourtimenow #haterade:)

Sex after Surgery!

So I couldn't wait any longer after 3 weeks. I have to admit having the booty makes it feel better (maybe its the confidence boost or knowing he's seeing the new and improved you) there is just something sexier about it. Your not getting any complaints here except its strictly from the back until my booty "fluffs" and then we can have more fun.

So I decide to cut the thong out of my garment. It was rubbing up against one of my last stitches and was killing me! I'm still wearing my cuff straps and feel they are working as intended. I started wearing my ab board more especially with all the food I've been eating from Thanksgiving.

Also, I use to love wearing leggings but NOW its a whole other LEVEL :) I'm very happy with my results.

Day of Surgery (Review)

Now that I'm almost a month post op (can't believe I just typed that...its been a long road) I'm finally in a good space to provide a recap of my surgery experience.

1. I drove from Atlanta to Miami with my sister on the day before my surgery. Before I left, I called Vanity and made SURE my surgery was still scheduled and made sure they have received and approved my medical clearance/labwork. I received an email confirmation from my coordinator. Towards, the end you will be in contact with your doctor's nurse so it was kind of confusing when they switched me from my coordinator to another girl as the weeks got closer.
*My packing list is below*

2. I arrived at Vanity the day before my surgery for my PRE-Op appointment around 10 AM. It was actually a perfect time because he was just getting out of his morning surgery and I was catching him before his next. I had to wait 30 min max. They will try to push the "extra's" on you (garments..etc) but I opted out since I trusted what I purchased off Amazon. I didn't receive my prescriptions at this time as Hasan doesn't give you them until after the surgery. I was told as I was leaving to stay near the phone as I will be called that evening with my surgery time. I received a call and email confirming my time of 6:00 am with attached instructions of not to eat after a certain hour and other do's and don'ts.

3. I went to Wal-Mart to stock up on supplies for the hotel stay. (Shower liner, cooler, ice (room didn't have fridge), pineapple chunks, protein shakes, bottled water, utensils and other easy to make foods)

4. When I woke the next morning before I left I put the shower liner on my bed and covered it with plenty of chux pads. I knew when I got back I would want to get right in the bed. The shower liner protects the sheet from blood spills. I situated the nightstand with everything I typically need (charger, hair bows..etc) that would make life easier. I took one last look at myself, prayed and never turned back :)

5. Arrived at Vanity at 5:30 AM to a dark, abandoned looking office. Then we noticed there was a doorbell at the top left corner. Once we pushed it a nurse came out from the back to let us in. She told my sister it would be at least 3 hours and that she could go back home. Before my sister left, the nurse wrote down her name and number to call her when I was in recovery. She instructed me to use the bathroom in cup, place a hairnet on, place on compression socks and a medical gown (which they provide all). She reviewed my chart to make sure all my documentation was complete and took some before pictures.

6. Next, the anesthesiologist comes to ask me a few questions to make sure he approves of my medical clearance and I received the okay. He then started my IV in my arm for the surgery.

7. Dr. Hasan arrives and begins to draw on me with a marker as he stated that the gravity of the body is different standing up then while I'm laying down so he wants to get it right and draw his vision. He also took pictures again after I was marked up to reference during the surgery.

8. I was then escorted to the surgery room which is behind a secluded door in their office. It truly looks like a hospital back there. The front of the office looks like a regular doctor's office, but once you get to the back it's very sterile and professional. I was rubbed down with betadine (front and back) and told to lay on the bed. After that the anesthesologist came in began administering the anesthesia. I don't remember anything after that.

7. I woke up in recovery to a sweet voice calling my name. She wanted me to try walking really slow and hunched over. Once I could do this 3 to 4 times without getting too nauseated or light headed she called my sister to pick me up. I noticed I was already in my garment and lipo foams. I thanked God that I made it.

8. My sister picked me up and she received the prescription list from Dr. Hasan. We went straight to Walgreens to get them filled. I layed in the back seat of the car until we arrived at the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel my blood pressure dropped so I became very faint and really scared my sister. She helped me get to the room slowly and I was out pretty much that entire day. I remember my voice was so groggy the first few days.

9. I went back to Dr. Hasan the day after but had to see his assistant instead. I saw other girls that had surgery recently but I was out of it and they were walking around like it was all good. The assistant told me the more booty you get the harder the recovery so I was sort of thankful. I asked about massages and she said for me to cancel because Hasan likes for you to start them at 5 days out. She took my garment off half way (couldn't go down past my hips) and said I'm draining fine.

10. I stayed in Miami only 3 days post op and kind of glad I did. I felt better in my own bed. But my first spongebath was awful. I was 4 days post op and had to take the garment off. My husband had to pull down as I took each breathe. So basically, he said take a breathe and then he would pull a little on each side and then a little more. It felt like giving birth (the process of breathing and pushing). Anyway, that garment is nothing to play with PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE rest for a few minutes after taking it off. You will get faint maybe even light headed if you don't let your blood flow adjust afterwards.

11. When I saw all the blood on my lipofoam I was disgusted and even though my hubby tried to wash it with clorox I wasn't having it. I opted not to use it anymore because of sanitary reasons.

12. At 5 days post op I started using my waist cincher and actually feel it has contributed the most to my recovery and shape.

Before: 173 lbs (Garment Size: 2XL / Waist Cincher Size: L)
After: 165 lbs (Garment Size: 1XL / Waist Cincher Size: S)

Top Supplies (I pack light):
Chux Pads (QTY 100)
Medical Tape
Compression Garment
Waist Cincher
Dial Soap
Boppy Pillow
Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter
Benadryl Gel

Stares?? AND Embracing the new me!

Well, I'm officially one month post op and I can't believe how different I look. I have to admit that when I'm not in the mirror I feel like my old self but when I step in front of one or see my reflection I'm like (DAM!) It is a great feeling but emotional at the same because its finally here. My biggest prayer for all the newbies is to be patient with yourself and this process. Its a long road to recovery but its well worth. I'm noticing more stares in the grocery stores and at work and believe it or not its from women! I guess I'm so use to ignoring most guys because I'm happily married so I don't even notice them but my hubby told me the other weekend some dude almost broke his neck trying to look at me.

I keep looking at my before pics on the days when I get down about my recovery and instantly I'm in a better space. To remember how far I've come....I'm thankful.

Quick Update

I'm able to sit more now but my body gets achy if I sit too long. Most of my swelling has subsided and I continue to wear my garment and cincher. I love love LOVE my results!!

2 Month Post Op in a week

Before New Years hit I wanted to send a quick update and tell you all I'm doing fine. Here is a few pictures of me tonight and I circled where some of my incision sites are. Look how close he gets to your hip... I love the results! My body is still recovering so I'm still taking it slow until I'm 3 - 4 months out. Merry Christmas.

Butt Lift garment

I'm wearing this right now with my small ann cherry cincher. I love the compression but this runs really small... I'm wearing the large.


Question: Having what you want OR Accepting where you are at??

I'm in the mood to share some of personal thoughts because I always have to keep you guys updated on what's going on with me. So, intimacy has been like no other with my hubby since I got this surgery. I mean a whole other side of you comes out when you feel sexy and you see a new woman in the mirror. But I keep asking myself, what was so wrong with me before? Yea, this body is nice to look at but its not who we are inside - I'm still that clumsy, loves cartoons and eating cereal, going to walk in a crack with my new heels on self. What got me thinking about this was a comment my hubby made last night. We recently were intimate and he was just telling me how he was fantasizing how we were two strangers that just met and hid some where to "hook up." I love his fantasy because its actually hot. BUT what I thought about was "wow, he never had these types of comments before my surgery or that I recall." What I'm getting at is that you will question why did I do this, some may regret it but before you go into this change know that you are still you. That's what I had to remind myself last night. He still loves me for me and its okay that my new body has expanded and ignited a new found passion and thrill for us.

My conclusion, through this journey I'm realizing that I was always beautiful inside and out.

- To know thy self is one of life's greatest treasures.

Loving my results!

Just know that what God has for you is for you. feeling better since my last post. #itsourtimenow #letsgetit #hasan

Team Hasan!!!

That's all I can say. It was all worth it! I couldn't wear my fitted jeans to the job but you guys get the idea.

Insecurity Swap?

I'm doing well in the recovery/post op department but wanted to share another "revelation" i suppose. So I'm assuming that 90% of the wonderful people reading this blog have gone through what I went through. No booty blues (pretty much). So for me that meant insecurities when it came to my hubby because I know he likes a little junk in the trunk. I really thought that this surgery would be my cure-all fix. Hmm...? What I'm realizing is that even though I LOVE (yep all caps) LOVE my new body I don't like that now my hubby has insecurities. Its like they have transferred from one person to the next. He is noticing the looks and he sees with his own eyes my transformation but I'm noticing the checking my phone, checking up on me period (really) and little comments/accusations that I'm doing something that I'm not. You guys know I have been a loyal chica with my baby but it really does hurt to know that #1 he is feeling some type of way towards me now because of my looks and #2 that he is acting this way towards me because I really wanted this new body for us and #3 that he would ever THINK that I would try to hurt him by cheating.

I'm just venting and I'm sure this will pass but just know especially if your married / coupled that the surgery has its up's and down's. Make sure your partner is ready too because mine "said" he was but now that I'm starting to feel better and dressing up more its really making things not the same. I mean I knew I was going to be walking in to the same marriage with this body but I thought only the good things would change like our "love-life in the bed" or flirting more together...who knows what I was thinking BUT I can say that I never in a million years wanted this.

So, Real Self family what is a girl to do??


Still going strong...

Getting ready for the vacation that set most of this in motion for me... And I never looked back.

had to remove the tattoos from this picture

6 months post op

Sorry ladies I have been gone too long. I'm getting a divorce. All your support has been helpful but our relationship couldn't handle the added assention. His insecurities were horrible. Of course we had our other issues but this was one of the most recent. I'm fully healed and still wear my waist trainer religiously.

My measurements: 39, 24, 46


Some more...

Still going strong!

Ok, ok, ok...so I know its been a while since my last post and I'm sorry. But I'm glad to say that my "asset" is still popping as ever and I actually love it now more. Here's why...

1. My body has fully adjusted to surgery and it feels like I honestly was born this way.
2. I exercise at least 3 days a week and at first I was scared I was lose volume but nope! Its still there. Trust me, after a year if you got its for good!
3. I still use my bobby pillow. Don't judge lol. I know, I know...it's like going on 2 years but i feel like it has helped me retain my volume up until my 1 year mark. Now, i just use it out of pure habit and its comfortable :)
4. I still use my waist trainer.
5. I still receive a lot of inbox messages on my results and my #1 response to them on achieving and maintaining your results is....DONT OVER THINK IT....KEEP IT SIMPLE
- this is your body....love it
- my grandmother has always been thin her entire life and i asked her how? she said because i only eat to live AND NOT live to eat (this simple statement changed my life)
- i don't feel guilty if i eat biscuits and gravy one day or an extra large sweet tea at McDonalds (who cares), I just get back on my game the next day and WORK!
- i pray, pray, pray to God for blessing me with the a new day and being thankful for the small things.

Until next time,



As of today. Still going strong. ;)
Miami Physician

Dr. Hasan has a passion for his work to help women achieve their most beautiful selves. He draws sketches of women in lovely poses from all different angles that amaze me and also in a single moment solidified my conclusion for selecting him as my doctor. I knew in that moment he would see the "body within" and help me achieve a new sexier self. I will be forever thankful to him and those that assist him to have made this a dream come true for me. I wish them continued success and growth.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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