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Hey Ladies!!!!! I just wanted to say I'm ready to...

Hey Ladies!!!!! I just wanted to say I'm ready to get this done and over with. Dont get me wrong I enjoy reading everyone's posts, but this is soooo addictive and its interesting bcuz sitting here and watching a$$e $ and being out in public and looking at a$$e$. I love my man but now that I see a heart shape, teardrop or a badonka donk I think hmm I wonder who did that.... I hope all is well with everyone. I am getting so anxious now. I went ahead and paid more on my fees and I will b making reservations as of tmrw for hotel. I haven't purchased really anything but I did go into Fredricks of Hollywood and they had 75% off. I was in heaven I purchased 3 waist cinchers for $7 size small bcuz I know when Dr. CORTES will have me right. I am taking my nutribullet so I can have my nutritional meals. I'm not taking to much bcuz in the location that I am staying at there is a pharm and walmart and that's all I need. Im trying to lose at least 5-10 lbs so I will continue to strive on. Well ladies that's it for now but will keep an update. STAY BLESSED, POSITIVE AND TAKE CARE OF YOU

Ms Outer Body Peace

Well ladies I have booked my flight, got a rental car and hotel. Anxiety is starting kicking in but I know I'm just ready to get it done. July 29th is just around the corner.....###Team Cortes###

Where are my other pics and reviews

Ok this is weird don't know where pics are or reviews that I posted of post op, but here are some picd

???? Where r my pics and comments

This is frustrating bcuz I have posted my progress and pics wth. I'm doing a lot better. Like I said we all expetience things differently. My weight b4 sx was 202. After surgery about 3 days I weighted n at


After sx weighed in at 194. I am currently at 188. I have no tummy. Ladies to do it over again I Would. I wouldn't ask for a different doc. VERY professional, honest, attentive, caring and this man and staff is always there when needed. I will add more pics but I have to find out what happened to others (smh)
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