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I'm 4 months pre op surgery scheduled for July 17...

I'm 4 months pre op surgery scheduled for July 17 with Dr Cortes after stalking this site lol I choose Dr Cortes because he's aggressive with the lipo and has great reviews. Everyone I told about the procedure has something smart to say (hatters) all but my man he's all for it ! I haven't booked my flight or hotel but I'm so excited!! my current measurement are 38chest 30 waist 36 stomach 40 hips my goal measurement 38 28 44hips guess we will see. I will post current pic and wish pic soon....

66 days pre-op

Okay ladies I got 66 days to go then my life can start lol. I got my plane ticket and I've started buying some maxis dresses. I still need my medical supplies and I need to book a hotel. Im so excited to meet Dr Cortes lol. Okay ladies i will post before pic and wish pics soon. My wish measurements 38 28 41

49days to go!!

I got 49 days to go, I can't wait! I still need to book hotel and reserve rental car my sister will be going and driving me back and forth. Dr Cortes told me not to lose any weight but I've gained five pounds. He didn't say do that either lol. I've decided to start going to the gym to tone my arms and legs so I can have better results, I'm not concerned with loosing too much before surgery because the weight has never came off easy for me. I'm sure Cortes will have plenty fat to work with. I'm praying for good results!

Bubble or shelf?!!

Not sure if I want to go with the bubble booty or the shelf, can't I have a combo of both ? Here a wish pic I need to find more

I Need Cortes!!!

Current pic :( I need my curves back ASAP !

Another wish pic

44 days so anxious

I feel like my day will never get here :( I have started using Palmers Cocoa Butter for stretch marks I've read it's helped some on this site maybe it will help me too. Here's another wish pic, I'm just impatiently waiting. Hope Cortes dose my chin for me


My friend had her bbl yesterday vida10 everything went well but she was not sent home in a garment and was told when she returns for her post op appointment they will discuss it then. Has anyone heard of this? I thought the garment is what shape you. She had her procedure done Columbus Ohio

new wish pic

28 days to go not letting me post photos??

Last wish pic

20 days !!!!

I woke up this morning thinking about my procedure and hoping for good results. 20 days to go still using Palmer's Coco butter and trying to tone my arms hoping for 1,100 cc each cheek and 400 each hip...

15 days and a wake up!!!!!!!

I woke up so excited. I can't wait to meet the king of Bootay. I'm so ready to see my results. I will fly in two days early to get situated and my pre op appointment are July 16. It's count down time.

Happy 4th RS

Okay I'm obsessing again. Before I go enjoy this BBQ here are few pics ugh I'll be happy when Cortes sucks this stomach dry.

can't wait !!!

Got a text from Cortes office confirming my pre op appt for 7/16 .......Shit is getting real ! I leave for Houston on Tuesday pre op Wednesday and surgery Thursday 17 I'm getting a little nervous I've done my research and I know I'm in good hands but there that what if.... Well its count down time now. I can't wait to meet Cortes


How can I tell if my booty will stretch enough to get 1,100 cc ? I'm just anxious to see what my results are gonna be!

Made it to Houston

I made it to Houston, plane was full i sure hope it's not on the way home it's gonna be so uncomfortable. I'm all checked into my hotel its not bad front desk was friendly room is a nice size and clean, not too bad for 62.00 a night. Tomorrow is my pre op with Cortes and with Hospital....


Went to my pre op appointment and Cortes was not there ???? someone decided to add extras to their surgery so he was still in surgery I was disappointed but Deane took my photos and went over everything. She did a good job and was very sweet. I guess I will meet the man himself right before tomorrow morning.


Deane I think I got her name right forgot to take my measurements now I get to either drive back another thirty minutes there and back or send them in so guess I'm about to go take my measurements hope I get the right, I'm a little disappointed but as long as Cortes do me right tomorrow that will make up for all this inconvenience.


My scripts had to be called in to pharmacy which was done by 12 so why is it 6:25pm here in Houston and my scripts are not ready !!!????!! I have to be at hospital at 5am and don't appreciate this.

Im going IN, I'm Going In.....

I'm on my way to the hospital I woke up at 12:30 lol yes. Then tried to get some sleep at 3:30 got back up at 4:20 took a quick shower with that soap they give you and I'm out the door I'm so happy hospital is across the street!!!! I'll see you ladies on the other side ..


day of surgery..

I made it ladies, Dr Cortes came in early to talk to me he set with me and very nice he really put my mind at ease my surgery last 3.5 hours he lipo EVERYTHING I. got 1,100 cc in each cheek and 400 in each hip that's exactly what I wanted! I'm laying in hospital bed with no pain butt is sore they say I can't get up yet I can't wait to see what I look like.

one day post

I'm sitting here waiting to. Be discharged from hospital my butt feel like I got bricks down my pants and from time to time my thighs burn is this normal?

can't sleep

Its 1:40am I can't sleep I'm so swollen even my arm and left hand is swollen. That may be from the IV I tried to take a peak to see what I look like and now it seems like my JP not draining like it was in the hospital. Plus my garment seems loose already and I don't see Cortes until Monday morning. To me my butt looks wide and flat but I think a few ladies felt like this in the beginning im hoping it will take shape after the swelling goes down. I mean that 1,100 cc had to go somewhere right. Well ladies I'm gonna wobble around this room until I get tired. Getting in and out the bed is killer but I'm only using Advil for pain I swear I'm already starting to itch day 2 is that to early?

3 days post op

I'm three days post op and I'm still very swollen all over! I have only used Advil its not painful but really sore and uncomfortable its hard to get in and out of bed. I have not taken off the garment yet I did peak a little and I have crazy burns everywhere I go see Cortes tomorrow morning I can't wait to be put in a new garment my drain is still draining alot :( and I'm flying home Tuesday morning. I know you ladies want to see pics I will have them take some at office tomorrow


Went for my po Dr Cortes Thought I needed XL but medical assistance put me in a L it was a struggle which I know they are but later I noticed the garment didn't come up to arch of my back instead it was leaving indent on the round part of my cheek which makes me think yes I should've gotten the XL only 4days post op I still swollen I called the office about my issues and they are like well pay for one and shipping but m like if I was put in the right size II wouldn't be needing a larger one. I know those things are supposed to squeeze but like I said it was squeezing the round part off my ass but. I guess its all about money


Let me.correct a few.things quick to jump on real self after my post I called. And spoke with office manager and.she was concerned and she is fed x me.correct size. Also Cortes said s brusing not burns


The first few days for me was hard but it gets better day by day I'm eight days post op and I feel good almost all of my bruising is gone!!!! I feel like I haven't mentioned my results or gave Dr Cortes his credit he did an amazing job on me and I love my results so far he is truly the best my measurements are chest 39 waist 30 stomach 34 and its only day 8!! I know everyone wants to see pic I will post some today.

butt measurements

Forgot my butt measurements 49!

Garment help / photos

It's 3:30am I can't sleep the garment killing me I took it off anyone stop using that butt out garment and substitute it for another kind??? I want the best results I can have but I really don't know if I can last seven or even three more weeks in that thing. Photos are 9 days post op


Here are pics of hotel I stayed at while in Houston .

My before pics

As u see Dr Cortes did great

11days post op

Okay I went back to work today and I drive from pt to pt house and this garment sucks I swear every time I go over a speed bump this thing rides further and further up my ass! Also I came home on break took my garment off to attend to my incisions and I noticed back rolls ??? Could this be that the garment is not compressing me enough or was that area not lipo? It feels real tender so I'm guessing maybe it's fluid? I did order an abdominal board but what should I do about the back ?

2weeks post op

I'm two weeks post op and let me tell you it's so much easier then week one. I'm almost back to normal. My inner thighs are still hard as bricks I have bruising left on left side of my stomach barely noticeable and on inner thigh all cleared up everywhere else. My stomach is not as tender so I'm able to apply coco butter and massage it. I'm in a large butt out garment but it's not compressing anymore which may be why My measurements have not changed. I tell you what my butt still measure 48 in the middle and 48 at the top I'm happy with that. I hope getting massages and having this garment taken in will help my waist.

Post op

My stomach seems to be swelling and here a pic of my inner thigh any suggestions on what to use on it? How much longer before swelling goes down?


My right hip is rounder and sticks out farther then the left could this be from the swelling? Is this something that can still resolve? It may not be as noticeable in cloths but I sure can see it naked also that indent is still on butt cheek from when I said that garment wasn't fitting and was compressing my butt cheek and not my lower back!! I hated the way I looked in cloths and shopping for cloths that's why I got this procedure I'm sure I'm gonna look great in cloths now but I don't wanna be a hot mess when they come off!

Three weeks

Tomorrow I'll be three weeks waist still 30 butt 48 tomorrow I'm getting massage hope it helps still swollen on right side and thighs

Three weeks

No garment

4 weeks

I'll be four weeks in just two days my butt measuring 471/2 down one and half inches from surgery my wasit still 30 at belly button 33 not much change in my waist. I order a corset and will be putting that on over my cg.

Dr Cortes gave me the body I wanted. I would recommend him to anyone who wants this procedure he's worth every penny and even worth traveling for.

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