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I've been looking at bbl for about 3 years now and...

I've been looking at bbl for about 3 years now and I think I want to go for it I ran across Dr.Cortes profile and I really love his work I plan on going to see him really soon I'm could really use some advice on before and after surgery information I'm 5'2 135 and I think I may have to gain weight before I move any further I hope you ladies could help me out!

wish pictures

I want my body to look like this or better


I dislike this body ugh


Hi ladies I just wanted to know what are some other great surgery loan companies besides care credit!! Need your help

Happy new year

Hi ladies just stopping by still in the process of my bbl haven't been to Dr.Cortes yet but hopefully next month been very busy

more wish pictures

I would love either one lol

Dr change

So I have been researching different Dr and now I decided to go to Miami to spectrum aesthetics

Miami it is

Hi ladies so changed doctors I'm going with Dr. Omulepu I waiting on his assistant to contact me back I haven't seen much about him but I willing to give him a try on the video on YouTube it looks like he can give me the perfect body I want plus I Read alot of good reviews on him I plan on going early March hope it's a opening I plan on financing half of the surgery I've been approved by United medical finance everything should go well now I just need to get this ball rolling ladies help me out with vitamins and what I need for after surgery ....


Hi ladies what are something I should get to keep the germs away I plan on renting a apartment from and I don't know what to get to cover the bed please help me out ladies

wish pic

Wish pic

hoping for March 11

Hi ladies it's almost time to get this Thang started I plan on going to Dr. OMULEPU in Miami I'm finishing up so paperwork with my loan company and finishing up things with Vivian at Spectrum once everything a ok by the end of the week I can start gather supplies and booking my flight so before Friday I should be good to go..making an appointment with my doctor to get blood work done I need to know what a good list of supplies I would need I see a lot a ladies that's only getting a few items and others have a whole full page list lol I haven't told anyone just me husband because everyone would try an judge me but who cares all I need is god and my husband

count down

I'm almost ready to go March 12 hurry up ready for a new body just praying everything goes good booking my flight tomorrow and a apartment from I start grabbing a few items I'm not getting all the unnecessary stuff just the stuff I really need wish me luck ladies


well ladies I have signed my life away today now it's time to pack and get this show on the road I'm excited and nervous at the same time spectrum has been great I can't believe I'm about to do this wish me luck and follow my process


Days not day ugh


Ladies why do your friend or friends have to say negative stuff when you tell them you are about to get surgery ugh my friend just tried to bring my spirit down saying "why do people get surgery what's the point I think it's only for attention " she also said you married so why you getting that ...I'm saying to myself you have a nice body just let me do what I want too this my body not yours. ... dang just be happy for me


Well ladies I'm going to get my labs tomorrow I'm excited hope everything Is good I never had problems with my blood work before only my b3 level low once but I should be fine, I'm all packed and ready for take off just have to find a boppy pillow Didn't see one a walmart where can I purchase one From I have a place to stay which is cool because it came with a nurse she is really sweet I'm will flying out next Tuesday sx next Thursday wish me luck ladies. ..whoop whoop new body

boppy pillow

Ladies could someone please show me how to sit on this boppy pillow I just purchased one and trying to figure out how to sit on it I hope I purchase the right thing help please


Hi ladies I'm a little under the weather my surgery is in 4 days what should I do I think it's just a little bug hopefully it will go away by tomorrow been doing home remedies if it gets worse I'm going to the doc but for now it's manageable what are some of you all home remedies .....also what are some good creams for scars


Hey ladies I'm leaving out tomorrow I'm so excited I feel a little better than before my sx is on Thursdays me and my husband will be enjoying miami until Thursday comes do anyone know the name of the faja store in Miami

surgery went great

Hi ladies I have my new booty I'm doing ok just in a little pain I can manage it yesterday was crazy I will tell yall about it later I will upload pictures soon spectrum was great ...glad I made on the other side thank you god


Here are some before and after pick you can't really see my results because I'm padded all up

few pic

Hi ladies I will give you the run down soon but I finally took the garment off

before after day 3

1 week

Today is week one I'm doing really good in my way to get a massage still loving my results I want to ask the vets do you think it's ok to take a trip after one month I plan on going back to miami next month for a vacation


Hi ladies I'm doing well I'm very concern about this fluid in my stomach will it go away or do I have to get it drained I don't know anyone in houston who will drain it for me I'm kind of scared because I can see it move in my stomach what should I do I'm calling spectrum in the morning help please


Well back to Miami I go I went to the er to see if they could drain the fluid but they wouldn't I have seroma it doesn't hurt or anything it just feels heavy I will be flying back next Tuesday to get it drained nobody in houston want do it I called a million places and visited the er but other than that I'm doing great loving my results I heal really fast so my holes from the drains closed up with in a few days that I didn't drain anymore so now I have seroma but it will be ok once I get it drained I will post pictures soon

2 week post op

Hi ladies today is my two weeks whoop whoop I drove to class to day and I hate it ugh this boppy pillow and yoga mat is not helping at all ugh I feel really great my body is healing really quick I love the way my body looks in my clothes now just giving you all an update


These pic don't do my body no justice ugh


Trying on clothes I need someone to take my pictures for me because this ain't getting it lol loving my body


Look back at it lol


Well ladies I don't have to go back to miami yayyyy everything was okay I was freaking out about the fluid on my stomach now it's gone I massage twice a day and it really does help a lot I drove to class again today and it was horrible I'm not ready to drive yet I felt so miserable when I got home I'm feeling pretty good the last few days I've been nausea ugh my measurements Are 34 chest 29 waist 41 butt looking pretty good I will unload pictures in a few days I will be 3 weeks on Thursday


Loving my results can't complain over here

Dr. omulepu

Can't stay away from the mirror I'm doing well today is 22 days post op my stomach is still hard my back itches like crazy ugh my butt is getting soft but still kinda hard I put on my waist trainer for a few hours I will start wearing it for 4 hours a day just keeping you updated probably want post till after my six week post op


baby got back

Shout out to Dr.omulepu my body is on fleek lol I love my natural look it's just right tomorrow will be 4 weeks post op I feel great just really sore in my back area and my stomach is hard I hate trying to sit on that stupid boppy pillow ugh sitting is sooo uncomfortable I broke the 6 week rule my husband can't keep his hands off lol I started to wear my waist trainer trying to break it in here are a few more pictures


Yep ladies I think it's true going through the flat stage my butt starting to look flat to me lol ik alot of women who talked about this it need to hurry up and pass because I'm starting to feel sad anyone else been through this my birthday is in 3 days And I need birthday booty lol


Hi ladies I will be 7 weeks on tomorrow I'm doing well just some soreness in my back and stomach I'm really loving my body. Your body will change over the weeks my family saw me for the first time and everyone thought I lost weight 8 never told them about the surgery and I don't plan on telling them I will post pictures soon oh and I've been sitting regularly now it's a challenge but I'm getting there

I'm starting to shape out

baby you got a body
Hi ladies I will be 2 months on next week I'll will post pictures soon until then enjoy this video

2 months update

Hi ladies if any of you have questions feel free to ask it's hard to get people to respond on here but anyway I'm so great today is my 2 month update I'm currently 127.5ld measurement 32 29 40 I've been working out also I've been sitting regularly sometimes I get uncomfortable the butt is getting soft but still kind of hard I've been eating unhealthy ugh I have to stop that before I gain the weight back..... here are a few pictures


Here's a few pictures 2months


Hi ladies it's been awhile since I have updated I'm doing well everything is healing good but I have been eating all wrong I've gained a few pounds but it's all good loving my new body it's so sexy here's a few pictures
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