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I love to workout and take care of myself. But no...

I love to workout and take care of myself. But no matter how hard I worked, I never had the voluptuous curves I wanted. No amount of squats could fill in the sides of my butt and even with dieting I had a small bit of pudge on my lower stomach.

I did months of research and looked at tons of pictures before deciding on this surgery. Let me tell you that this procedure is not for the faint of heart, but the results are worth it! I now have a perfect hourglass figure and jiggly booty :)

I will update with my experience week by week with some helpful tips and post pics with my measurements.

Pre-op prep

Here are some thing I found really helpful during my recovery:

• Vitamins
• Arnica gel (several tubes, slather it all over the lipo areas. It will help a LOT with the pain and swelling)
• Arnica pills
• Baby wipes
• Cup
• Urinal
• Sunblock (keep all the scars covered or they will darken)
• Leggs sheer energy active support pantyhose (several pairs, wear these whenever you have to be out of your garment. They really help with the swelling)
• Band aids (my drain area and a couple of the scars bled a little bit)
• Compression garments (Dr will give you one in the hospital, and another when you go for post-op. I went go down a couple more sizes)
• Maxi dresses (you want something loose and comfy to wear over your garment)

For your consultation:
Have some wish pics, try to find girls with figures similar to yours
Be sure to take some pre-op pics so you can document your transformation
Have a list of questions for the doctor

Some tips week by week

One of my biggest problems before this surgery was that I didn't know exactly what to expect. There are tons of profiles and reviews on here of girls preparing have a BBL, but many of them just disappear afterwards! I wanted to help you ladies and give you all the info that I wish I had going into this.

Week 1:
• I felt very weak and dizzy the first week. You’re going to need someone to help you get up the first few times and to help take care of you.
• Getting up and walking as often as possible is the best thing you can do at this point
• Stretch several times a day
• Try not to take too many pain meds
• Keep the scars out of the sun or cover them in sunblock
• Drink lots of water and eat well
• You will need to have your first post-op visit and get your drain and stitches removed

Week 2:
• Start lymphatic massage. You can go have it professionally done, but it is easy to do at home too. Use light strokes on all the lipo areas. Don’t press hard, just light enough like you are rubbing in lotion. Make all the strokes towards your heart. In your abdominal and back area just make small circles. You need to do this several times a day.
• Try not to take pain meds, take ibuprofen if you need to
• Walk even more and do stretching exercises
• Keep drinking water and eating well

Week 3:
• Start light workouts
• Bolster pillow can be used for sitting

Some specific issues


Weeks 0-2: NO sitting at all! The fat needs 10-14 days to begin to fully establish its own blood supply. You don’t want to kill your results

Weeks 3-8: sitting with a bolster/cigar shaped pillow under thighs keeping the pressure off your butt

Weeks 9-12: use the pillow when sitting longer than 45 minutes

You MUST sleep on your stomach for the first 12 weeks and be careful not to roll onto your sides if you have fat placed in your hips

Using the restroom:
You can sit on the toilet for 5 minutes if needed, I was so sore I didn’t want to. I didn't take the garment off for over a week. There is a small hole in the crotch. I had to cut the hole larger because my girl parts were swollen. I just peed in a large cup and used baby wipes. I also cut the butt cheeks out of the garment, but you don’t have to unless you’re uncomfortable.

Working out:
You need to be walking and stretching the whole time, but you cannot lift anything heavy for the first 3 weeks. So I waited to work out gently until weeks 3 and 4. I was cautioned not to do hard cardio because I need to maintain my weight to keep my great results.So I do light weight training and body weight exercises.

It’s a no-no until week 3. Even after that keep it gentle and be careful that no pressure is put on your butt or hips. So no hard spanking….


Here are some stats to go with my pics. I'm 5'6"

When I was fit:
36" bust
26" waist
38" hips
23 % body fat

When I gained 15lbs before my BBL:

8 weeks after BBL (still a little swollen):


It was very tempting to go run out and buy new clothes to show off my new figure. But I discovered that most of my old clothes still fit, they just looked better! Stretchy things like yoga pants and workout clothes still fit. All my shirts still fit. I needed a new pair of jeans and I went up several sizes in dress pants for work (from a 4 to an 8/10). If you get this surgery buy pants that fit you in the booty and hips, then go to a tailor and have them take inches in from the waist and seat. It will make you feel like a million bucks! I can't really wear regular panties because they cut into my butt cheeks. Thongs are very comfy and I was able to wear the same ones I had.


Forgot to post my weight with my stats

When I was fit:
140 lbs

Two months later right before surgery:
156 lbs

Two months after surgery:
153 lbs

More pics

12 weeks

from the rear

More photos

Still loving my figure! I'm finally over a nasty case of mono that I got while recovering, and back to working out. My lipo areas are firming up more every day. I still have a little discoloration/bruising on my ribs.

More pics 2

One year update

Hello ladies! I'm celebrating one year since my surgery. Wow... time has flown by. I'm happy to say that my booty is still looking fierce. I was afraid that all this hard work was going to melt away if I worked out too hard or didn't eat enough. I've been hitting the gym several times a week since the beginning of 2014 and this has made all my lipo areas firm up nicely. I still have a little bit of discoloration on my ribs on one side. But I discovered vitamin E capsules. I rub the gel from the capsules on my lipo/scar areas and I've seen great improvement. I guess if I had been doing this from the start those marks would be all gone by now... I'm still very glad that I had this procedure, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat! Now I'm just focusing on babying my skin so I don't get sunburned. Good luck to you gals, and hit me up if you have any questions!

One year bootyversary!

3 years and loving my booty

I'm still very happy with my results. I haven't gained in any of the lipo'd areas and my booty game is still strong.

Dr. Cortes took the time to answer all my questions and concerns in the consultation. I showed him my wish pics and he was very realistic with me. He told me what was possible for my body and assured me that I would love the result. I had to gain 15 pounds for the surgery. One of the great things about Dr. Cortes is that he does not charge extra for each different area that needs lipo. He took fat from my chin, undersides of my arms, back, waist and insides of my thighs. He took great care in sculpting my new figure. I have larger, curvy hips now and the sides of my butt are full.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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