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I normally never do reviews. But, I had to take...

I normally never do reviews. But, I had to take the time out to say Thank you Dr. Cortez and the entire staff. And, to the wonderful nurses at the hospital that took such great care of me during my stay. I am 37 years old. At 18 I had my first child went from 109 to 172. I lost almost all my weight right away. I stayed at 125 until the age of 26 when I had my second child. During my second child I gained 50 pounds and stayed at a weight of 145 for a long time. I am 5'7 which is not bad. However as I began to get older my weight settled in areas I was not happy with. I am finished having kids and I knew I wanted to finally do something for myself. Dr. Cortez made me feel extremely confident that I would be safe in his hands. I have absolutely no regrets on the choice I made. My surgery has left me looking and feeling as if I am 20 again. My body is truly shaped like an hour glass. Dr. Cortes displays every bit of a true professional and strives to reach above and beyond your needs. Even after my procedure Dr. Cortez and his staff has taking great care of me. There are a few things I plan on doing and I couldn't see myself allowing any other doctor working on me. The trust that has developed for this staff is irreplaceable. My healing process was amazing. I imagined that I would have been in a tremendous amount of pain, I managed to take a few Advil, I did not need to use my prescription pain medication. My thighs that had a lot of cellulite from the front view can not be more thrilled to say , it looks amazing it is basically gone. I have a thigh gap again..LOL. From the back I do still have some cellulite. But, thats ok. I am in the gym and working out even more. My new butt looks amazing , it is round, higher, soft, bigger and it looks and feels natural. It fits my body frame. Ladies it is worth it... DR. Cortez is a Genius. I am so thankful. I also purchased a bottle of Jason's Pure Vitamin E oil from Whole food and put it morning and night over my body for itching & dryness to help with the healing and scaring and my body healed and has not scarred. I am still doing it. It can be costly but, it is worth it. MY lypo
was done in my upper and lower stomach, back, neck arms and thighs. My advice is to walk and drink fluids and of course rest. However, do walk some so your body does not feel sick cause your not and get ready to enjoy your new body. I will try to post new photos of my tiny new waist like ...BTW, my waist line was like a 33-34 its like a 26..Thats amazing results!

Photos Everyone ....Before and After

A few people asked and I thought I should share. I don't do nude shots. But I promise a little later I will do a few gym shots in a bra tops.. Im so happy with my results. I needed to share something with you. Its not the best photos. But, its something to start with.
Enjoy and Please if your thinking about it. Do something for your self ladies....
You deserve it.! Im sure you have been doing things for everyone else for a long time..
Love yourself!...
Be Blessed...

3 Month Update Photo's

Hi Dolls,
I thought I would quickly put these photos up as we are stuck in with this winter ice passing through. I actually took these photo's a few weeks ago. So I am constantly changing right now. Let me tell you a little bit of what I am doing, what I have noticed and what I think so far.
#1…I would say all of my swelling is completely gone. I do see Dr. Cortes this Wednesday. I missed my appt 2 weeks ago due to a stomach virus going around in my house. Looking forward to seeing him and the staff. Right now I am in the gym trying to build my stomach up. Since the Lypo my stomach is extremely weak which tells me it was always weak. It just never looked that way. Now with no fat there any longer I have to build that muscle. When I first went back to the gym It was extremely difficult for some reason. But, I did not get discouraged at all. Another, main focus is doing as many squats, with heavy weights to work on my BOOTAY..I didn't buy this for no reason. By next year I want it sitting beautifully. I do a spin (cycling) class that is the only cardio I do. And, that is because in spin class you are constantly working your abs, arms, back, legs and gluteal muscles. And, I need all those muscles worked. I also have Coco's app on my iPhone she has amazing techniques on working your gluteal muscles.

#2…I have noticed the Dr is absolutely CORRECT. Two very important things..WHen you first have your surgery and you are in your garments. You will look at your self and think to yourself "OMG, I have lost weight" No ma'am you have not..Put the cookies, extra slice of pie, cakes, cokes, kool-aide, double scoop ice cream sundae's down. You have not lost weight! LOL.. You need to drink water, eat some fruit, make some good choices, enjoy your new body of course but remember you just made an investment and now the Dr's work is over and its your turn. He can't work a complete miracle. Its your turn….Also, Your BOOTAY will go down some cause of swelling mine did..He tells you..And its OKAY! Its in the paper work. Get ready to SQUAT SQUAT SQUAT! Im up to 75 pds! I use to only lift 10 pds! My goal is to get 150-200pds!

#3… What I think so far..I have no regrets at all…This was the best decision I have ever made..Dr. Cortes is the best!!! OMG!!!! 1000000000% SATISFIED! Would never ever go to any other surgeon..I need to keep Dr. Cortes Healthy and in Houston forever..I just love him..Just a professional, nice, honest surgeon.. The Best…I can't say it any other way DOLLS and Gents!

Valentines Day Dinner Pics

Just thought I would share my Valentines Dinner Photos…Its been 4 months and some days…It will be 5 months on March 10th…I have decided to do a tummy tuck. I will do this in about 8 months…I am still working out.. And tang in protein..Light cardio and weight training.. But, I do have some skin I want to get rid of on my tummy…And loose the inches..And just make it perfect in my eyes…At least what I would call perfect..No one will do it but Dr. Cortes…I will continue to update photos along the way…
Thanks Dolls!



I never use to wear dresses!! :)

Ok I never use to wear dresses or skirts..Now I found a new love for dresses and skirts….My 38th Birthday is coming up at the end of this month so I am in search of the perfect dress..I will post some pictures again…I could not be more grateful to Dr. Cortez. This night when I went out the hostess came up to me and told me you are so beautiful and your body is flawless! Ohhhhh! How I wanted to hand out Dr. Cortes business cards…I just thanked her and we continued in small talk…I can't wait for my Tummy Tuck…...

Vacay Pics..2014

Hi ladies,
I still have much to do..And far to go. But I hit my year and I am still satisfied. I am hoping to visit Dr. C in a few months to redo my breast they are 12 years old and would like to go smaller. I find that depending on the angle of pictures I can look top heavy. I don't like that look. And, I plan to do a tummy tuck at the same time. It is much needed.

Feb 23,2016 Tummy Tuck and removing old implants with new smaller ones..

I'm about 30 days away from my hour glass tummy tuck and removing 12 year old implants with new smaller ones. I would not trust anyone else but my favorite Dr. Cortes. I'm so excited and trust him completely .. I'll keep you posted.. With all the updates and pictures of course.

Almost 2 months post.. Mommy makeover

Still working on my body. But extremely excited. My results is everything! I'm working out again. Waist training.. And hope in 6months to loose some inches..
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