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Finally decided to document my journey. I had a TT...

Finally decided to document my journey. I had a TT 1 year ago and always knew I would have a BBL later.
Let me give you my background. I am 5'5" and currently at 191 lbs. I played sports when I was younger but after having my first child at 17, I never got my figure back. I spent the next 20 years raising my kids and putting them first but now it's about me!!! I will be 39 once I have this surgery but this is in preparation for my 40th birthday.

I have chosen Dr Cortes. His results speak for themselves & I only live 4 hours from Houston.

Arrived abt 10 mins early for my consultation. There were only 8 chairs in waiting room so my husband left and sat in the lobby of the building. First, I was handed a registration packet of about 25 pages. I had printed out the forms online but they are different so that didn't help speed up the process. I learned that if you are out of town then the consultation fee of $45 is waived. I didn't like the fact that there were 3 kids under the age of 3 in the waiting but I only waited about 30 mins.
In preparation of the consult I prepared the following questions & wish pics:

1. Length of Procedure
2. Length of Recovery
3. Is anesthesia care is provided by board-certified M.D. anesthesiologists?
4. Why do you keep your patients overnight observation after surgery?
5. Number of follow up appointments needed.
6. Is post-op care/appts cost included in the procedure price?
7. If not, what are the costs?
8. How soon would I be able to go back home? (If doctor is out-of-town)
Surgeon’s Performance & Procedure
9.Have you had any serious complications and unplanned hospitalizations after cosmetic surgery?
10. What precautions would be taken for infection due to the loss of my spleen?
11. Do you feel that my vision is possible for me?
12. How much weight should I lose prior to surgery?
13. Will I need to arrive in Houston prior to surgery date for pre op work?
14. Will the overnight facility allow my husband to stay with me overnight?
15. If/When would I need to stop taking my meds prior to surgery?
16. How long should I take off from work?
17. When can I return to working out?
18. Can I take pre surgery vitamins? (Each packet contains 1 Multivitamin/Mineral tablet, 1 light tan Ester-C capsule, and 1 white Zinc Chelate tablet) No vitamin E
19. What kind of pain medication do you subscribe?

Dr Cortes answered my questions and told me that I need 1200 CC in each side so I will need to gain 10 lbs. Since I had a TT last year I only have about 300 CCs on tummy now. I tentatively have a date for 9/2. I put $500 down and Lucy will call me with confirmation.

Team Cortes LETs DO THIS…Surgery has been confirmed!! July 31 :) :)

Lucy has sent an email and confirmed my surgery date for 7/31. I have provided images of the information that was sent. I am sure this will answer many questions that you all have regarding pre op prep, post op care and travel details.
I am posting pics of some items that I purchased for surgery. I purchased a lawn chair at Goodwill for $5!! Love a good deal! I will post pic once I have cut and altered for this BOOTY! Any other suggestions on items needed??

Helpful Doc

This is information provided for Cortes staff.

Items purchased

Purchased the Countor Kabooti & Lipo Boards (under $20 each) on Amazon to use at work! Bringing to work before hand! Then I purchased the "triangle" that is used my Jimierson. Some ladies made their own, but I purchased this one for $14.99 online at THE PINK ROOM.

Houston Bound!!

Well I am trying to decide how long to stay in Houston before I drive back to Dallas. Its only 4 hour drive, but that could be a long, miserable ride FACE DOWN. My surgery is on a Thursday, but I am not certain when the Dr Cortes will remove the drain. Any thoughts????

101 Days until Transformation*********

I am still searching for supplies but I am going attach the list I have complied from all the other RS Dolls. I added notes on what the items are used for because alot of the items are duplicated. I spent most $$ on pillows due to I want to be sure I am comfortable and they can be used after the surgery. In addition I have purchased a top tie cover up dress to wear at hospital and home. I found some on amazon for $7. I am anxious and ready to have surgery. The waiting is the worse part of this entire process!!!

Supply List

USEFUL ITEMS##############################

***Tip: Get all supplies including food prior to surgery. You will not feel like going out to get items after surgery

Wipes- to do just that, toilet paper aint gonna work for this big booty
Benadryl cream and pills- for itching
Motrin PM= pain & sleeping
Arnica gel-to apply on lipo areas prior to putting on garment for added relief of burning, and discomfort.
2 bags of frozen peas or ice packs

Bag-something simple and cute to put things in for sx, and to carry around pill organizer, Wipes, and potty cup in

Extra sandwich bags- these come in handy for randomness. (4-5)
Gauze and tape-Needed after drains are removed to care for drain sites
Antibiotic ointment/neosporin-for drain sites once drains are removed
Band aids- to cover lipo incisions
Biocorneum/ Mederma/silicon sheeting-treating incisions to prevent scarring
Cotton balls/marble- place in belly button to help it reform
Suction hooks or headband to hang drains
Waist cincher
Female urinal or oil filter
Anti-bacterial body wash (Hibiclen or Dial antibacterial soap)
Heating pad for stomach and back
Maxi pad to wear to prevent irritation to that va-jj
Foldable chair (cut out bottom)
Wet wipes
Steri strips (nexcare) lipo
Waterproof medical tape
Make Me Heal Plastic Surgery Healing Supplements & Vitamins Kit (Pre & Post-Op Formulas) Amazon cheaper
Arnica Montana 30x- 250 tablets for Bruising & Muscle Soreness
Arnica cream for Bruising & Muscle Soreness
Bromelain tablets 500mg is an enzyme from the pineapple plant which accelerates the breakdown on proteins
1 hospital gown- for 1st 3 or 4 days, easy on & off and don't want to get blood and fluids on robe
Leacho Podster pillow
Pillows (many) boppy, body, neck, roll
Lumbar roll (1/2 roll for driving)
Face down pillow from

BAG TO BRING TO SX############################
-sports bra/genie bra
-fitted shirt to go beneath garment
-socks (a pair was supplied, as well as a pair of compression stockings)
-snack like lunchable or crackers and peanut butter (you may be hungry when you wake up from sx)
-any questions or pics to ask or show doc

OVERNIGHT BAG ###########################
-boy shorts/panties to wear over garment.
-thin, fitted t-shirts with sleeves to wear beneath Garment (
-yoga/genie bra
-maxi dresses
-cardigan, Jean vest (wear to cover garment beneath dress)
-zip up hoodie
-moo moo/robe/old lady house coat- to wear after sx,

Food List
Protein shakes
Fruit for smoothies
Almond Milk for smoothies
Grilled chicken strips
Calendula Flower Tea- for swelling

45 Days and COUNTING....

I am getting very anxious about this surgery. Dr Cortes has been paid in full and I just owe the hospital when I go to my pre-op appointment on July 9.

What I cannot decide on is do I need to stay in Houston or make the 4 hour drive back home??? I am not certain when the follow up appointments will be so I don’t know if it’s worth the stay. It’s going to be about $500 to stay 4 days and then I still have to get someone to take care of my son and dogs. I am leaning on coming back home once I am released from the hospital but I am concerned about the pain and leakage during a 4 hour ride!!! I keep telling myself that I wanted this surgery so I need to endure the pain!!

Does any have any advice based on your experience? HELP…. :(

More Wish Pics

30 days and counting...

Well the anxiety is REAL. I already booked my hotel to stay in Houston for 5 days. Just ordered a few more supplies. Bought bean bag, foam roller and vitamins. I did read that you cannot take Talwin with Arnica. I'm not sure of the side effects but the label specially reads do not use with Talwin. I decided not to buy the arnica since I know DR Cortes prescribes Talwin. I am very anxious to get this over with and done. I feel miserable since this weight gain. I am tryin to continue to workout but it's a struggle!!! Later Dolls. Happy healing!

Payment at the Hospital

Ladies, I am going to pre-op appt at hospital next week and I am concerned about the payment made to hospital. I called Cortes' office and the staff told me that I need to call my bank the day of the appointment to notify my bank of large transaction. Team Cortes, how have you ladies handled the hospital payment of $3700? Did you pay with debit credit? Any help is appreciated!!

Pre-Op Appt DONE

Preop appt is done. Went to see Dr Cortes yesterday to confirm I have gained enough weight for this surgery. YES I am good with weight gain. Feeling miserable. He took pics at all angles. I received my 8 prescriptions from Dr Cortes. He prescribes antibiotics, Talwin for pain, arnica forte for bruising, iron, singular for inflammation, Colace for constipation, Zofran for nausea. He always has a compound cream for pain. This has to be mixed and mailed to your home. I am filing these mediations under my insurance so I am not sure how much the meds cost without insurance. At this time I also received my follow up appt too.
After seeing the doctor I went to register at the hospital. Here is where the excitement begins. It’s free valet parking so we pull up to the front and this person in a van backs up into our car. It was HARD. Surprisingly there was no damage to the front of our car but that didn’t help my dam nerves. I go to registration and signed paper work and paid them the hospital fees of $2100 and $1540 for aesthesia. Dr Cortes did not mention there is a $40 pathology fee. I paid everything in cash just because I didn’t want to deal with my bank putting a hold on anything due to the large transactions. But there is a CHASE bank directly across the street from the hospital. Once I did this I had to go see nurse for medical history and get blood work done. She also gave me antibacterial soap to use the day before and the day of the surgery. All the rooms are private so my husband will be able to stay the night. This process took about an hour and a half. I did find out that my surgery time was moved to 7:30 on 7/31 which is great, BUT that means I have to be there at 5:00 a.m.
I have to get a few more supplies. I need some easy slip on shoes and some maxi dresses. Hopefully that wont be to hard!

Happy Healing to all the ladies!

Transformation Countdown

I'm in Houston with less than 12 hours to surgery. I'm super nervous!!

I got my hair & nails done for the last time for 6 weeks..:(. Already took a shower using antibacterial soap the hospital gave me.

Ready to join Team Cortes!!!

It's that's time!!!

It's 4:15 am, up and takin my last shower before surgery. Of course I didn't sleep that well but I expected that. Due to arrive at 5:00 at hospital. Surgery is scheduled to start at 6:30!!!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

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