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I'm excited for my BBL and lipo but I just might...

I'm excited for my BBL and lipo but I just might be a little more excited to join RS. I have been stalking the site for some time now and after reading every veteran's post (just about) I had to join. I have picked my doctor for a bbl and aggressive lipo (yay dr cortes). However since I am 5'4" and 212 pounds, after reviewing my pics he suggested I lose 20-25 lbs for the best results. Hey, I am definitely down with that since I want my best results :) However, since I have PCOS and a prolactin producing pituitary tumor, it is not every easy for me to shed pounds. So if anyone has any advice for what worked for them I am all ears. I work out with a trainer three days a week for one hour and he kicks my butt.

But yay I am a real self member!!!!!! I am so excited to talk with you guys. PS I know I should post before pics and I will but I will at least like to try to lose weight first ... eek.

Future Dr Cortes Doll - Houston, TX

Always better with clothes on SMH

More pre bbl pics


Still at it

I am desperately trying to lose weight. I know its going to be tough because of the PCOS but still I try. I workout with my trainer for an hour MWF and drink a gallon of water a day. I have also decided to drink fresh green smoothies (kale,spinach, wheatgrass, spirula (sp?). Hopefully, if I give it time this will work. I don't have time to do much else, because I am also trying to finish my dissertation (yay, PhD). What are you ladies up to?

Also, congrats to the beauties that had surgery this week!!! I can't wait to see your results.

Weight Loss

Well I have to lose at least twenty pounds to get an updated quote from Dr Cortes. So I am going to see a Dr at a weight loss clinic tomorrow and have them prescribe phentermine. I think it will work well since I workout regularly with my trainer. I can get stronger. I just can't lose weight because of hormonal issues. Yesterday I deadlift 205lbs. and Monday I squatted 185 lbs which were both personal bests for me. I always liked lifting but the circuits kill every time, but that is why I hire my trainer.

Well until next time, loves!

The weight loss journey... Phentermine and Lipotropic b-12

Well as promised I went to the Weight Loss Clinic. They took some measurements, ordered some blood tests and gave me a b-12/b-6/lipotropic shot and prescribed 37.5 phentermine pills. I took my first (half) of the phentermine pill today about an hour and a half ago. I can tell you I was starving this morning but you have to take it at least an hour before you eat. I am actually less hungry right now than when I took the pill. That is crazy. I am about to have a Special K protein shake and clean. It does seem to give you energy. We shall see.

I don't meet with my trainer again until Monday, but I wonder if it will give me extra energy during my workouts, because they are brutal and keep getting harder. After circuit on Friday he had me do ropes and burpees as a special surprise at the end.

Anyway, I will probably take the other half of the phentermine pill tomorrow and move up to a full pill on Monday, we shall see.

Wish pics

Updated Pics????????

Lucy told me to send in updated pics about a week ago. I took these tonight before bed just to see if I could notice a difference and I can't. Other than swearing that I am not photogenic (lol, seriously) I think I look smaller in person.
I keep fluctuating between 204 and 201 pounds. The only carbs I eat are from fruits and veggies (plus clean proteins like no carb protein shakes, baked fish, baked skinless chicken). However, I think because of the insulin resistance I need to start eating my fruit along with a protein, instead of alone as a snack. I have been taking the metformin for about 4 days now and it has been going well. Still taking the phentermine along with all the standard pre-op vitamins and letting my trainer kick my butt in the gym. I think even though I am down about ten pounds, I am going to wait a couple of weeks before sending updated pics to the doctor.

One more pound

On my way to the gym to meet my trainer. I am down one more pound and a total of 3 in from my waist and 3.5in from my hips. Slowly but surely... right!?!?!?! At the 200lb mark


I'm exhausted. Trained today, had labs drawn for my tumor and now I'm trying to prep a conference next week, interviews with eight different universities and an MBA class I have to teach this coming semester. I usually look forward to trips out of town but I'm tired.

I'm still trying to lose. Phentermine and now metformin twice a day. Still eating clean and often plus working out with my trainer. Still I'm nervous about sending in updated pics to dr cortes. I just want to be able to schedule my surgery for December as soon as the semesters out fir the max recovery time before the next one starts. I'm thinking of paying all cash but who knows maybe I will apply for care credit for a portion of it. Does the hospital take care credit?

Thanks for the love and support ladies. I promise the blog more once I get back in town and also when get a surgery date ????

Quick question. What is your pill regimen? Do take iron twice a day? I was thinking of doing vitamin c, iron and b 12 in the morning and b complex, vitamin d and iron in the evening. Let me know what you think.

2 more weeks

I would like to send Dr C updated pics in 2 more weeks, but I just don't know if I have lost enough. :(
I know I have lost 12 pounds but I don't know if I have lost enough inches. If this was someone else I would say just send in the pictures and let the Dr decide because they are the experts and can see progress even if we can't BUT... I don't seem to be following my own advice. I just hope I can continue to workout and eat right even though I will be away from home for the next two weeks. I think I can but we shall see. There is no going backwards at this point.

Love you ladies, and thanks for all the great advice. Seriously. You guys are so helpful. It's unreal. Thanks!

Getting close

Up prepping for my interviews tomorrow. Everything is happening so fast. Excited and exhausted. Just trying to eat healthy and move forward.


I forgot to tell you ladies, I sent my updated pics in to Lucy the other day. Hopefully, I have lost enough that I can put down a deposit and schedule a date. I still have more to lose but having a date scheduled would mean the world to me.

Especially since I am interviewing for positions this semester. I need the surgery right as soon as break starts. That way I have the max amount of time to recover. I am still at the conference interviewing and all of the interviews are going so well... I have one more in about an hour and a half. :)

Much Love and Respect and happy results to the newly booty appointed


There are a lot of politics happening behind the scenes at my university, specifically in my department. It is especially hurtful because it is causing a lot of people to go back on there word, be sneaky and really start to have to choose sides...

I come on here now and I feel like we are starting to do that as well. So I decided to state my piece. I believe this site started as a community to help inform and nurture each other. We have to remember that. Sometimes we are trying to be helpful and we end up being the opposite. We have to remember...
1) We need to be encouraging to one another. If someone is brave enough to share their story (good or bad) we should be thankful that person was considerate enough to care to inform us. We should treat that person with respect.
2) Speaking of respect... Because of those that came before us, sharing their experiences we can make an informed decision. This is why we should always foster an environment that encourages people to share their experiences. We can do that if people are feeling pressured or bullied by others. This is my body and my decision. Please allow me to make it. There are a bunch of people who are scared about this process and as such we need to encourage them to DO THEIR RESEARCH (emphasis on their). However, please be respectful of whatever decision they choose to make. Scare tactics should not tolerated by the members of this site or by the doctors or staff.
3) Let's face it, there are members of this site that have an agenda. I feel like we owe it to each other to protect each other. However, let's try to be unbiased and objective whenever possible. We are adults and there is a level of concern and care you can should another person without bullying them or overwhelming them and playing on their insecurities about this surgery. I know, I have seen girls show it to me. We have to live with our choices and develop our own comfort level with our decisions.

Let's try to be supportive, encouraging and respectful. I have my reasons for choosing my doctors, but I will never stop reading EVERY girls story that is brave enough to share it with me. I will never stop being genuinely supportive and sympathetic to someone else's experience. I will never be so biased that I can't listen to true experiences without being defensive.

This is just my two cents, take it or leave it.


I am still waiting to hear back from Dr C's office. However...

I went to my neuro-endocrinologist's office today. Long story short, there is a strong possibility that I may have to have radiation treatments soon for my tumor. It is either that or surgery (which would involve cutting open my head, lifting my brain (shutter) and removing part of the pituitary tumor - they can't get all of it because of the size and proximity to my optic nerve AND it would possibly grow back). I have an MRI scheduled for next week.

On one hand I didn't want this because I am set on getting the BBL this winter. On the other hand, I would like to handle this tumor business once and for all. Health first. But there are no guarantees. :| We shall see. Until then I am going forward with my plans for December (including losing weight, putting down a deposit, etc) knowing there is a possibility I may have to postpone it.

The results are in...

Unfortunately despite taking a ridiculously high dosage of the medicine that I am on, the tumor is larger now :( Which means that I have to make the choice between the surgery and radiation (my mind is made up, so really there isn't a choice). So that is what I will be doing in December instead of recovering from a BBL. Oddly enough I still haven't heard from the docs office about the pics I sent in a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't matter now, but still...

I will still prep for the BBL (weight loss, vitamins, etc) but I will have to put it off for another year December 2015. Such is life


Getting stronger and I am down three more pounds. YAY. Still dreaming of the day I can turn around and not see flatness staring back in the mirror, lol. I do a lot of squats and deadlifts, etc. And I can completely see a change in the shape of my behind BUT (and not a big BUTT which is the problem) there is a flatness in the middle I will never be able to plump up. I need that area to be filled and rounded.

Anyway, how are you lovely ladies? I miss you guys.
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