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I've been researching for a couple of years now...

I've been researching for a couple of years now and went to a few consultations. I actually made a appointment with Dr. Stanley Hegg...tragically he passed. I am sad for his lost.

Now I'm back to trying to find the right Doctor. So stressful. I am considering Dr. Yily from Dominican Republic. She has been corresponding with me via email and has been consistent.

I'm wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions on this Doctor, as well as the traveling process.

Yeppppy! So I finally scheduled my bbl appt with...

Yeppppy! So I finally scheduled my bbl appt with Dr. Cortes. I'm so nervous. Will update with pics soon.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Can anyone tell me if I should buy my own...

Can anyone tell me if I should buy my own girdles?? Dr. Cortes will provide 2 but I'm wondering if I need more. Additionally, any suggestions on massages?

Wooohooooo....Dr. Cortes ROCKS!!!

I am soooooo happy I went with. Dr. Cortes!!! Woohoo...lol..after seeing these recent photos of the sx he performed I am just too impressed! I am loving his results. The way he sculpt the body and the curve this man can give you is AMAZING!!!

I've been researching the bbl procedure for the last 6 years and haven't come across a Doctor that I am remotely comfortable with.

My surgery is in October, wish I can do it sooner but due to work I just can't do it now. I'm a Registered Nurse and work in a hospital so my hours are so unpredictable. I'm very thankful for this website...it's gives me a lot of positive perspective into this procedure.

For ones who had their surgery already please feel free to throw any advice or suggestions my way :)

Love this!!!

This is what i want exactly!!!

Better wish pic

Following and seeing all these post op photos of what Dr. Cortes has done makes me want to jump for joy!! He is awesome and competent in what he do. I am so excited and happy I picked him as my BBL surgeon. In addition I talked to his wife today on the phone about billing; etc and she is so nice and helpful.

another wish pic

Love this shape.

October is too far away!

I need October to come now! I'm soooooo ready...here's another wish pic..

I feel so fat....

Initially the Doctor wanted me to gain 10-15lbs. I weight 143 in April now I'm 148 and considering I'm petite at 5'1 that's overweight! I know I need to gain a little more but I'm so uncomfortable with my size right now I feel like losing and going back to 143lbs. I need directions/ advice.

1 1/2 month to go!

My surgery is near but so far away! I've gained 6lbs so far... talked to Doctor's office today. I wanted to know if I should stop gaining weight...lol...I feel like a blimp. Doc did I need to gain 5-10 more :-(

He assured me he'll suck it all out and put it all in my buttocks and hip. So I feel alot better. I'm gonna start purchasing all the stuff I need next month. Ladies, feel free to suggest any items I need or any recovery expectations. It'll be greatly appreciated.

I live in San Francisco but my bf lives in Houston so I planned on staying there for 3 weeks. I'm so excited about the surgery... I'm Asian so you know I don't have a butt! Lol.

I will upload pre op pics shortly.


I've been eating everything been still now gaining weight like I want to...erggggggg... this is so frustrating!

Need Hotel in Houston

Does anyone know of any reasonable hotels in Houston area by Dr. Cortes office? Me and the bf are arguing at the moment and might not have a place to stay after my sx :-)

I really wanna stay 2 weeks if I can find something...


I'm pretty bummed... Me and my bf broke up so I can't stay with him in Houston anymore. I just made reservations at Hotel 8 for 11 days im cashing out$720 for this. :-(

I'm so upset I don't think I wanna move forward with the sx but my best friend is encouraging me too move forward and do it. Suggestions from anyone traveling out of town for sx... what do I need in room? can I sit on plane at 11 day?

Need fat! LOL

It's been 2 1/2 months already and I've only gained 6lbs! The Doc wanted me to gain 15lbs total.. I've been eating like crazy but can't seem to gain fat fast enough.

Ladies from Houston do you guys know of any cheap transportation places... I'm arriving from Hobby Airport and need to go all the way to Conroe so it's gonna be a bit of a drive.

My surgery is in a month so I'm really nervous.. plus this is bitter sweet for me because i just broke up with my fiancee :-(

2 more weeks till I see Dr. CORTES!!

My sx is in two weeks! I'm so excited but scared at the same time. I haven't bought anything...I really don't know what I need.. called doctor's office and Lucy said just comfortable clothes... they will give me the rest. I'm so looking forward to my sx but I'm afraid of the cons... what if it comes out looking worst or something bad happens... I'm pretty scared n nervous cus the time is so near.

pre op pic

I hate taking pics, especially of my butt so here's a current one... will try to upload a all body one with no clothes... still need to gain more weight for Dr. Cortes :-(

Down to a week!

My sx is in 1 week and I'm making transportation arrangements with the cab company out in Conroe but it is so expensive traveling from my hotel room at Super 8 -Hotel back and forth to the Hospital for the consultation and surgery. It's $65 each way and I have to go 2 days! Totally bill to $260.... and that's not including the trip from airport to the hotel room on day 1 and the last day to go home. They want $120 from airport to hotel each way!!!!! I'm so stressed out!!! Any transportation suggestions????

soooo nervous!

I called the Conroe office today and spoke with Lucy. She has been very helpful. She was able to change my appointment consultation with Dr. Cortes from Conroe office to the Houston office because it's more convenient and I am coming from the Hobby Airport so transportation back and forth from Houston to Conroe is very very expensive. This is a great relieved because I was going to cancel the surgery its been so stressful because I'm down to the last week and I'm not even prepared.

I've been procrastinating and reality has hit. I haven't packed, I haven't went shopping, my mind is all over the place.

So initially I scheduled a reservation for super Hotel 8 in Conroe but I was able to find another hotel in Houston which is closer to Dr Cortez Houston office and its called New Six Inn & Suites, it's a lot cheaper than super hotel 8!! super 8 quoted me a price of 820 for 12 nights. the new six Inn and Suites quoted me six hundred and twenty dollars for 12 nights and its way better than super 8 hotel. There's more amenities.

I made reservation with the cab out in Houston for all the days I will be there and the price is not too bad considering I will be strictly in Houston and not in Conroe. Initially the cab bill for that whole week stay back and forth to appointments will be 520 dollars but now that I am able to change my consultation appointment to Houston my cab bill will only be totally 250 which is okay for me.

My best friend will be coming to take care of me she is totally an angel sent from God I don't know what I would do if she did not volunteer to come. I wouldn't be able to do this by myself. I knew this procedure and the whole trip will be expensive but I did not know that I will be spending over $12,000 for everything and that's not including food.

On another note I am very excited and I'm really looking forward to this procedure. I've been to Houston handfuls of times because my ex boyfriend lives out there. He took me to a seafood restaurant call Papadeaux... does any of my Houston ladies know if this is close to my hotel? I'm on 34th Street. I'm planning on going my first night there.

Ladies thanks for all your support, any suggestions and advices will be greatly appreciated. Love you guys! :-)


I was totally fine until I read about a death in DR with Dr. Cabral. I know having surgery is a risk PERIOD. But man, after reading this story it scared the crap out of me! I'm glad I paid more for a certified surgeon here in the US.

My prayers goes out to the family of the deceased woman. I attached the link to article of the story.

link to story



I'm heading to Houston tomorrow morning. So excited for this trip! I'm pretty much packed and got everything squared away. A couple more days and my surgery will be here and I will be a changed person... well only on the outside at least..lol.

Rough night :-(

So finally settled into my hotel! I had such a crazy long day/night! Where do I begin.... got off the plane at 7pm.. Cab driver didn't know how to get to our hotel.. took him 45 mins to find the place. Prior to trip I reserved and paid for my hotel through Expedia...I thought I came up cus with 12 days stay my total was $643. Okay long story short... if I can make it short.. Lol..we finally arrived at the hotel... this place was RACHETT!!!! Omfg! Went to go check in and I was already hesitant... he gave us or keys and we went to find our room... well we got lost! The hotel looks like project buildings! There were drug addicts, prostitutes, wild kids... just CRAZY! We still couldn't locate our room so I told my bff let's just head back to the office and cancel our reservation. Luckily, our cab driver was stl waiting for us... thank the Lord!

Went to office and the clerk suggested we take a look inside the room first before we change our mind...I said okay... well bad idea! We went upstairs to look inside the room and it smelled like penis, stinky vagina and cigarettes....Hahahahahaha.

That was it... I'm cancelling. Well, expedia charged $58 for cancelling reservation. So there goes that. The whole refund will be credited in 7-10 business days... so now I have to wait for my money! Cab driver took us to another hotel...Days Inn and it was surprisingly cheaper and alot better! Lost $58 but got a better hotel with more amenities. I'm exhausted!

Pre op appt at hospital tomorrow morning at 9am then with Dr. Cortes at 12:45. Sx Thursday at 5am. I feel so overwhelmed! I can't wait for this to be over with. Please pray for me.

I'll keep you guys posted.


Everything went well dolls! I'm not in pain just feel sore. Sx lasted only 3 1/2 hours. I can't really see my results yet still very very swollen. But my friend said there's hips and ass! lol. I'm still here in the Hospital..will be leaving at noon to go to my hotel. Once im settle in I will take some pics.

Thanks for all yall support and prayers! :-)

pic up

here's a quick pic... still sore... stomach as flat as a iron board!


here's a front pic lumpy legs :-(

front pic

lumpy legs :-(


Hey gals...im feeling great one week post op today. Just very swollen and having a hard time sleeping on my stomace, otherwise I'm fine. Dont have great pics right now but had my bff take some earlier which is attached below. I love my results so far. It looks alot better in person. Hips are very prominent. NOT too much projection but I'm still healing so let's see how it'll look after a few months.

I have to head back to Cali Sat and I'm not looking forward to sitting on the plane for four hours!! Hope this doesn't mess up my fat. It's so hard sitting on this half syrafoam I bought at Cortes office. Boppy not working either. erggggggggg. Any suggestions about sitting on plane ladies?



Finally Home!

I had the longest flight from Houston to SF yesterday! While we were on board the plane they unexpectedly told us our flight will be delay due to the rain and wind. 3 whole hours sitting on that plane just waiting for the Marshall to give a ok for the run way to open! My feet got extra swollen! It was horrible, the most uncomfortable plane ride ever :-(

Well I'm finally home..thank goodness! Im feeling better and better each day, no pain really only sore. Bruises and swelling are really bad, otherwise I'm good.

However, the only thing bothering me is at night when Igo to sleep. Laying on my stomach is such a hassle! My lower back is constantly in pain. Any suggestions ladies? In addition, about the garment, I'm constantly having crease on my mid section is this normal? When can I sleep on my back and side again? Will play dress up and upload pics later. Thanks dolls!





I'm getting better n better everyday. The only thing bothering me right now is my left leg. It gets so swollen to the point where sometimes I can't walk. The swelling comes and goes. I'm hoping this gets better.

On another note, I find that sleeping on a pillow at night helps significantly. I'm getting used to sleeping on my belly now. lol. However, I'm a lil worry about sitting on the boppy to drive and at work. I'm still having a hard time.

Bruises are slowly fading. Yeppppy. Still a bit swollen all over but not as bad with the exception of my left leg. I'm happy with what Dr. Cortes has done he's very knowledgeable in what he does. Ladies that are deciding on Doctors... don't hesitate with Dr. Cortes... he's confident and good in this line of work. I'm glad I picked him. I'm sure there's lots of Docs in San Francisco but I just had to travel to Houston for the best! :-)

I'm shrinking!

I'm so depressed. My hips and buttock has shrunk a little. Im so afraid that it willl shrink too much. Im happy with my shape and size now..dont want it any smaller. What do I do at this point?

black spots

hey ladies is it normal to have these black spots around the lipo site? If yes when will it eventually go away?

better pic

Turning heads!

Me and my bff went out to a Cuban bar today and omg... heads were turning! Even females were complimenting me! Lol. I love it!

I'm feeling better n better each day. swelling and bruising has gone down 90%. I'm one of the lucky ones because recovery was a piece of cake for me. My bff wants to get a bbl more cus as you can see in the attached pic she needs ass pronto! Told her I will be there for her and support her like how she was there for me!

Ladies starting their journey, if you have the right Doctor and he knows what he's doing this procedure is so with it! You can't go wrong with Dr. Cortes! He's good!

Vanity's customer service suck! Appt CANCELED!

Horrible horrible customer service. They took my money (I paid in full) and scheduled my appt and confirmed my sx date. Weeks later I couldnt get a hold of anyone. They stated they still need to verify with Fisher/Chavez to see if these doctors can do my surgery on this date. WHy confirm when this was discussed on phone when I paid?!! Im coming from out of town so my flight was already booked. Hotel booked. I decided to cancel. If they cant get sx dates right how can they get my sx right? I was livid and very uncomfortable at this point. I called to cancel today. They ok'd to refund but will take a few days. I paid with AMEX so I WILL get my money back one way or another...AMEX doesnt play! lol. Long story short...I scheduled with another surgereon. His office is alot more professional and answered all my questions at a timely matter. His name is Sergio Alvarez in Miami. He will perform 12 areas of lipo and breast aug. He declined a TT for me because Im petite and dont have alot of fat/skin for him to work with. Vanity didnt tell me this..apparently they NEVER show the doctors my pics!!!! ERGGGGGGG
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