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I've been going back and forth about getting this...

I've been going back and forth about getting this procedure done for the last year or so. I would get really excited then really nervous then decide the cost and pain was just too much for me. I'm approaching 30 (August 2014) and I want to look different and feel better. I decided to do some research and finally make a decision. I'm going to do it!

I researched a few doctors. I'm in Chicago and there are NO BBL specialists here so I considered Miami, Atlanta, and Houston. Ultimately I chose Dr. Cortes because I feel like his work was best documented. I was able to look at this site, blogs, his website, and even Youtube videos of the actual surgeries. I think that sold me.

I set my date this afternoon and I can't describe the feeling. I never thought I would be this nervous and excited. I didn't expect nervousness to be just as much of a feeling as happiness. My hands were shaking and heart racing after I got off the phone with Lucy. There's no turning back unless I forego my deposit and I doubt I do that unless something medically wrong occurs.

I have so many things running through my mind as I write this. I work a job where I sit a lot and I can only take off 10 days (14 with weekends) for the procedure. My job requires me to drive and sit pretty often and I'm getting nervous looking at all the comments where people discuss not being able to sit comfortably or at all 3 months out. Some other concerns are:
-I'm going to be in Houston 7 days, I see people needing a 2nd followup etc after 12-13 days. What will I do if that happens?
-Someone complained they did not answer his calls until they commented negatively on this site
-I'm going to have to wear my garment the whole summer! Chicago summer is easily 80-90 degrees :(
-I see folds in the stomach on several of his patients where it has gotten lumpy and hard. I was looking forward to wearing a bikini for my birthday in August
-How will I know the right things to do? Get the right garments? Change the garment if its not fitting properly?

So much on my mind but I am excited about my new body! The countdown is on. Just under 4 months away. I have 30 pounds to lose to be as close to the extra 20-30 he needs. Glad I have an outlet where there are others who can relate to my anxiety and excitement. Please comment to encourage and share tips. Thanks :)

Less than 4 months away!

So in preparation for my surgery, I've started trying to lose as much weight as possible. Dr Cortes suggested I lose 20 lbs before the surgery. I want to lose 30-40. I'm a little under 200 lbs and my ideal weight is 130-145. I don't want to hv to hv a really aggressive surgery if I can help it. I've heard that leads to burns and I'm super terrified of that. I've read you don't want to lose or gain alot of weight after surgery so you can heal and let things settle. I don't want to come out of surgery with just ok results. So I've hired a personal trainer, working out with him 3 times a week, and on a strict diet. I will send results to Dr Cortes' office after I lose 20 to get the ok to keep going. He wants to make sure he has enough fat to work with.

Anybody have any suggestions or similar experiences? Want to thank you all for your comments and your support.

Wish Pics

As I do more research into what I want to look like, the more I'm convinced that a natural projection is what I'm looking for. One where people may wonder or assume but can't be sure because it's not drastic. These are some of the people that come to mind when I think of nice butts but still kinda conservative. I want to look good in a bikini and a bodycon dress but still want to fit nicely in a suit without causing too much attention.

Now I'm thinking about moving my surgery date up, if possible. I'm scheduled for 5/22 but I have a big party on 8/2. I really want to be ready to move around and hopefully be into the "fluffing" phase of recovery. I'm going to call Lucy tomorrow to see if I can try and get an earlier date in May or a late April appt. Fingers crossed!

Anybody want to switch dates? Looking to move my Sx sooner...scheduled for 5/22

I'm scheduled for the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. It was great when I scheduled bc I would have an extra day off work without having to take a vacation day. Now I find out we have a mandatory training 6/22 and I don't know if I will be healed enough to fly to training and be effective. Anybody willing to switch dates with me, preferably sometime in early April would be greatly appreciated!

Working Out Like Crazy

This morning was such a disappointing morning. I'm working out like crazy to lose weight for my surgery in May. I hired a trainer and eat very well almost all the time. I say almost because I took a couple days off and enjoyed my Valentine's Day weekend. I had a burger, couple glasses of wine, and a cupcake. I hadn't weighed since I started trying to workout and eat right (3 weeks ago). Got on the scale this morning and I only have lost 2 pounds. Seriously, I'm beyond pissed. I feel so defeated right now. I'm spending money and living in the gym. For 2 pounds. That makes me even more stressed about being about to lose 20-30 lbs I wanted to lose. I'm worried about weighing 200 lbs and then still needing to lose weight after the procedure. Losing weight could mean losing my results too. Not a good morning :( Trying to stay focused and motivated as I meet with this trainer I'm spending money on. To be fair, I do see results in the way my clothes fit and I've lost a pants size. Just looking to see the scale move fast! I know I'm gaining some muscle but damn! We don't do much with weights, more cardio and endurance training. Gonna try to push through this yucky feeling and keep going. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers dolls :(

Back on the wagon

Today was a much better day! Shortly after writing my post yesterday I got bk on the scale (my protein shakes run straight through me!) and I had lost 4 POUNDS! So I've lost about 9 lbs in 3 weeks. I can deal with that! Got bk on the scale this am after eating really good and doing an hour of cardio. Down 1.4! So the inflammation and water weight I caused myself by being a bad girl this past weekend is starting to level it's own self out. I will continue to hit the gym hard and eat good. No more 3 day breaks for me. I'm trying to get to 165 by my date! I know Dr Cortes wants me at 175-180 but I believe he will hv plenty of fat to work with at 165. I don't want to come out of this at more than 150.

I'm looking forward to my Skype consultation with him on Saturday. So many questions to ask and I want to be able to see his face as he answers. Something about that connection will reassure me, I think. Some of the questions I have for him are:

1) is he certain he understands my goal? I want a small waist and a natural heart shaped booty. Hips that compliment small waist and new ass but not to noticeable where they look enhanced.

2) I'm concerned about the burns some ladies have experienced. I've heard mixed reviews about why they get them. Some say from Sx and others from the garments. I was reading through my consent form and it does say that burning from the aggressive LIPO and hope close the cannula gets to the top layer of skin can occur. I know he cares about all his patients but can he take extra care to make sure that doesn't happen to me? :)

3) how long does he expect results to last with proper diet and exercise? Is there any way that I can help keep my proportion the same a year, three years from now? I stalk this site and usually I see lots of posts and comments from people within their first yr post op and nthg after that. Wondering if he has any photos of previous patients.

4) does the place where fat is harvested from determine is sustainability? I'm been reading and some people (docs) seem to think that fat from different areas of the body are more likely to degrade, especially the abdomen. Wondering if this is true and if so, what are the best areas? Take all my fat out but only put back in from areas that are "long lasting fatty areas"

5) I'm coming home about 10 days after surgery. Need more information on who I should have take stitches out and follow up with should I have complications.

6) will I need a tummy tuck? I hope not! But seeing some people in my weigh range (200lbs, 5'1) and they have been told they need one. Will be disappointing if he thinks so but it is what it is I guess

7) I read a post where he said that people sometimes have unrealistic expectations for example a Kim K or J Lo butt when their bone structure height etc will not allow it. What does he predict mine will look like after? Does he have any type of virtual way to give an idea

8) people that live in state get their preop done a cpl weeks before. Should I be having some labs done before I head out there? I think everything will be fine but don't want to get all the way out there to hv to make a change in plans.

That's all that I can think of off the top of my head but I have lots that swirl through my head during the day and especially at night as I dream about the swimsuits I will be able to wear (these will have to change if I need to have a TT!)

There are lots of people joking about people using their taxes to buy a new body. I'm able to pay for my surgery in full right now so that doesn't apply to me but I don't like that people will be anticipating/assuming that bc I look different that I did. I want to respond to some of these people and let them know how long the wait with Dr Cortes is and if you didnt make an appt well before tax time you probably won't see him til the end of the year. I'm not knocking anyone who uses their taxes to get this done, by any means necessary. Just don't like that people will be using this as another opportunity to be negative and gossip.

I need to start looking for an apartment to rent but I really hope Lucy can move my date up. I don't want to pay for a flight and a place to stay to only have to cancel a few weeks later. I'm going to wait to book a flight and a place until sometime the end of March. Hopefully by then I will have a new date.

One thing I can say about his office is I have called Lucy about 15 times in the past few weeks and she always gets back to me with a pleasant attitude. She never seems annoyed that I ask some of the same questions or come up with new ones the day after. Truly seems to have a good heart. She is one of the reasons I feel I chose the right surgeon for me. Comprehensive care and I don't feel like a dollar to the office. She was kind enough to explain to me the process behind switching dates with someone to move to April. Because my surgery requires 5 hours, she would have to wait until someone cancels who has the same amount of time booked in the operating room. Again didnt seem rushed or annoyed and I really think she is gonna try to move me. Unlike people who will tell you anything just to get you off the phone.

I am going to write a list of the supplies I need and start picking things up little by little so if I do get an earlier date I'm not scrambling at the last minute.

This site is my savior and keeps me sane throughout the day. Stop by ladies and show me some love, I have a few dolls that I check on regularly. Hard to keep up with all the Cortes dolls!! Will be posting before pics soon. I need to take some tonight.

Just had my skype consultation with Dr. Cortes...

Just finished talking to Dr. Cortes a few minutes ago. My initial thoughts...he is so warm and likable! He made me feel comfortable and look forward to meeting him. I have alot going through my head right now, nervousness and excitement are probably my top two feelings right now. I was able to ask him all the questions I had and I have to be honest, he didn't give me all the answers I wanted. But...that's a good thing! I would rather be told the truth and know what I'm getting myself into than be told fairytales and be disappointed when I get done. So I'm just gonna numerically list all the info I can think of, hopefully it's not too all over the place.

1. He really couldn't tell me much about his predictions for my new body. Because it was over skype and he can't see my skin, feel how soft or hard my fat is (would determine how easy it is to harvest the fat), see my exact body measurements (to determine how small my waist can get or how big my butt would be). I decided after he told me this that I'm going to fly to Texas next month after I've lost (hopefully 10 more pounds) and get some more info.

2. I may need a tummy tuck. This was probably the most disappointing news I got on the call. I really didn't want to have another surgery and because I've been smaller recently (I gained 50 lbs in a year) I didn't think I would need one. But I guess this explains why my stomach was never fully flat, even when I had lost a lot of weight. He said my skin has stretched so much that there's nothing we can do to fix that if it's needed, it's need. I don't have any kids yet and I'm concerned about spending so much money on my body prebabies. I'm not close to having any any time soon but geesh that means I might have to have another after. This is just a lot to take in.

3. About 70-80% of the fat stays after the procedure. It will be there forever. But gaining or losing weight in the future could change things.

4. He cautioned me not to lose too much weight. He wants to be sure he would have enough fat to use to sculpt my butt and hips. I told him I'm 193.8 (lost 9 lbs since my consult on 1/24) and I would like to lose an additional 30 lbs. He didn't outright say it, but he was very clear that he needs to have enough fat to work with.

5. He stressed that everyone's results will be different. That many women come in with pictures of skinnier women or women with no stretch marks and expect him to be able to make them look the same. He said it's necessary to have realistic expectations for my body type. He cant make me look like any picture. But he can make me look good. That was disappointing too. I think I went into this hoping I would have these picture perfect results even though I already know that no two people will look the same. Only reason it was disappointing was because it was reality. Tough pill to swallow but it is what it is.

That's about all I can think of for now.

It's Getting Closer and Closer...

So I'm just about 2 months and 2 weeks from my surgery. My consult is scheduled for 4/12. I'm going to fly in for the day and fly out (talk about an expensive and short trip!). I've lost a total of 13 lbs since scheduling on 1/28/14. I'm now 189. Looking to be closer to 165-170 before surgery. I took my measurements today...

Bust: 36
Waist: 39
Hips: 42

I would like to be 34-29-42 when he is done! I don't want my hips to be so wide that it's very noticeable I had a procedure done. I'm still very excited at this point. Looking forward to seeing the new changes, getting past the recovery and moving into the fun part...enjoying my new body. I have been starting to feel small pangs of guilt for not going about this the natural way. Like it makes me less of a good person. Weird probably, but honest. I think people look down on others who have a procedure done because its seen as the "easy" way out. When actually I think it's a combination of it you have it to spend, why not? Besides, it takes a lot of dedication to lose weight or gain it for a surgery of this kind. Not to mention the recovery period and the fact that if we don't change eating habits and exercise regularly, it's all for nothing!

First before photos

I've been dreading posting these...these are the pics I sent Dr. Cortes for my quote

I'm less than 2 months away...time is flying. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing?!?!

I'm excited. Nervous. Scared. Anxious. This is literally all I think about when I have a free moment. As it gets closer to my date, there are so many thoughts that go through my head. NONE OF THEM ARE THAT I THINK I MADE A MISTAKE. I've scoured this site and his gallery probably memorizing the pics I've seen of his work. I'm so nervous I won't get the exact results I'm expecting. What I liked about Dr. Cortes from the beginning was his honesty. That he couldn't promise me somebody else's body. That how much fat he could extract and transfer would be based on so many things and he couldn't estimate anything because he hadn't seen me or felt my skin (elasticity, tone, etc.). So I made an appt to have a face to face consultation. I REALLY wanna know what to expect so that I can mentally prepare for my results. He told me that he thought I would need a tummy tuck but as my body is reshaping, I don't think I will (fingers crossed).

Anywho, I booked my flight to go meet him and the staff up close and personal! My consultation is Apr. 26th, if anyone is in the office/area, let's meet up! I'm flying in that morning and right back out that late afternoon (I'm spending so much money on the procedure I didn't need to waste any on a hotel overnight).

I've been working out like a mad woman! I work out consistently 5 days a week. I meet with a trainer 3 days a week and then do an hour of cardio after our sessions. On my two solo days I do about an hour of cardio and abs. I'm definitely starting to see a difference in my body. If I wasn't before, I'm definitely a believer in strength training. There are times when I have slacked on my diet and I haven't gained much, if anything! I love the fact that my body is burning calories when I'm doing nothing at all. I started out at 202.6 lbs (I'm 5'1 1/2) and I was told I should lose 20 pounds for best results. I was shocked because I wanted to lose 40 to be at my ideal weight post op. I shared my concerns with Dr. Cortes and he told me that he didn't think that would be necessary or leave him enough fat to work with. I'm down 15 lbs since my Skype consult with him (it was 20 but I have slacked a few times :(). I am still planning on losing 17-20 more lbs (God willing) prior to surgery. I will be 162-165 preop if I meet my goal and I'm sure I will have plenty of fat left (my BMI says I should be closer to 130 to be at a healthy weight). I'm just going to keep losing and hopefully Dr. Cortes will agree when he sees me in a few weeks. My plan is to EAT CLEAN. I remind myself this is 70% diet and only 30% gym. I'm killing myself in the gym and I need to be doing the same at home! I'm cutting out all refined sugars again (no breads, snacks, pops, etc) and foods high in fat (fried food, beef, pork, etc.). This should help me get back on track and see the weight loss I'm looking for.

I take a multivitamin everyday and tonight I started lotioning with "Palmer's massage lotion for stretch marks" ($5 at Target). It's supposed to help with skin elasticity and reducing stretch marks (I already have a lot of them). I read from another RS member that this helped her so why not try it? I figure the more elastic my skin, the easier for him to transfer fat because the skin won't be too tight. And hey, if it helps with some of these claw marks I have, that wouldn't be too bad either.

I bought some really cute maxi dresses today (Target for $29.99). I love shopping for maxi dresses, I can't imagine how much I will love it once I have a booty back there :). I'm trying to buy more thicker strapped dresses since I will need to hide my garment straps. That's the only thing I hate about having my Sx done in the May. It's gonna be hot as hell and I will have to wear the garment and clothing that will cover it up :(. So far I've only bought dresses. I figure they will be the easiest to put on and it will definitely be hot in Houston. I'm also gonna take some yoga pants and other comfortable, loose clothing for sitting around in the hotel.

I'm starting to make my list of things to buy. I will update when it's finished.

It's crazy how a site can unite so many people, each with their own story and journey. I don't know what I would do without this site. It evokes so many emotions, but mostly, a feeling of inclusion. I belong to a group of women that experience the same thoughts and questions and there's no judgement. I love that. You guys feel like family!

I need to post more "before photos" but I don't want to!

Pictures don't lie. They show you exactly what is there, even when you don't want to see it. That is why I haven't taken any more preop pics. Not trying to lie to myself but geez, I don't want to see it. I get excited when I see my progress, clothes fit better, etc. but when I take those pics, they show me that I'm not too far away from where I was. That things aren't as good as I thought or hoped :( Until tomorrow ladies, good night xoxo

It's Getting Real - BBL with Dr. Cortes May 22nd

As the date gets closer, this definitely gets more real mentally and emotionally. I didn't sleep much last night, thinking about all the things I have to do and alot of nervous energy. I got up early this morning trying on clothes that I CAN'T fit yet and I got nervous. Im a 10-12 and I would really like to be an 8. I am so scared that even after this surgery I won't be able to fit into all my clothes again. (I was small up until about a year ago and I gained about 40 lbs :( ) I don't want to buy new clothes or be this large in frame.

I called Lucy this morning to send in my updated pics. Dr. Cortes got back to her right away that I should NOT lose any more weight :( . I was disappointed because I was looking forward to another 10 pounds off before the procedure. I told Lucy my concern and she was very reassuring that they were going to suck all the fat out, even if I don't want it all transferred to my butt. I'm trusting her and Dr. Cortes that they will be able to meet this need. At the very end of our conversation she told me 175 was the ideal weight for my height for the procedure and I'm 179 so I got reexcited, that means I can still lose another 4-5 lbs! So I'm on a mission to lose those and then I get to meet with Dr. Cortes in person next Saturday.

Once I spoke to Lucy, for some reason things got even more real. I don't know exactly what it was, but our conversation seemed more immediate and it reminded me that my surgery is a month away. We started talking about where I'm staying and my preop appt at the hospital and then I realized it, I have done

Accidentally pressed the save changes button...It's Getting Real Continued BBL 5/22 with Dr. Cortes

NOTHING to prepare for this trip. I immediately got online and started looking for somewhere to stay. This is a more expensive time to go (my surgery is Memorial Day weekend). I didn't want to stay in a hotel because I am slightly claustrophobic and being in a hotel room for 2 weeks just doesn't sound like fun to me. I wanted to stay in an apartment as I do when I travel for leisure. I found a couple in the medical center and boy are they nice...and expensive! Granite, hard wood, balconies, pools (for my mom), and in house gym facilities. The one I fell in love with was booked a few days before I got on the ball. So I started scrambling for another place to stay. When I priced hotels and the cost of food and lack of space, it equals out to the expense of the apartment.

I said a prayer that God would make a place available that was convenient and what I was looking for. I took a deep breath and went back to work. God is real and when you call on him, he answers! I got an email from one of the leasing agents that I spoke with about a month ago and she told me she had a special on a 2 bedroom unit for the time that I'm staying there. The place usually rents for $219 and she was renting it for $90 per night because the lease happens to be up the day I need to check out. As long I could check out by 10am on 6/2, the place was mine...a 2 bedroom apartment with access to the mall, stores, etc. and all the amenities I wanted. Price: $1484 for 13 days!!!!! I was ecstatic. Now my mom can have some privacy and enjoy the pool, gym, coffee bar, and shops in the area while I recover. I felt bad having her holed up in a hotel room for 2 weeks. So my stay is taken care of, now I just have to book our flights and get started on my supplies.

I have been keeping a list of questions for Dr. Cortes next week. Can't wait to get some answers! I've been putting off getting supplies, for some reason I keep putting this off. I don't want to buy things I don't need or forget stuff I do need so I just don't think about it. Crazy and unproductive, but I guess I have no choice now! I have been taking my multivitamin and slathering cocoa butter massage lotion on like nobody's business.
Some of the things I plan to buy this weekend are:
-alcohol swabs
-protein powder (for my shakes postop)
-dial antibacterial soap
-hand sanitizer
-medical tape
-red solo cups
-new wash clothes
-laxative (idk if I should buy some pills or milk of magnesia, help?)
-Arnica (should I buy pills or tablets)
-large panties

Some of the things I already have:
-maxi dresses
-face wash
-house shoes

I'm still confused on a couple things: What kind of boppy thing should I buy? What are these boards people are buying and what are they for? Do I need the pool floats? Anything I'm missing that is huge? I was told I should wait to get a squeem or any type of garment until after surgery, that Dr. Cortes will give 2 to me. And also, that compression stockings for my legs and arms are supplied.

Paid in Full - 30 days preop

Forking over that $4200 was not the best feeling I've ever felt. But then I thought about the transformation thats to come and it became an afterthought. I really need to get on the ball with buying supplies. I keep putting it off because the lists are so overwhelming. Some things are standard but then there are some things that could be helpful and some that may just have me too overprepared. I don't want to spend unnecessary money so I'm going to try and keep it simple. There are stores all around the area where I'm staying so I can send my mom (thankfully) if I need something.

I'm picking up vitamins tomorrow (BOGO at my local grocery store). I've been taking a multivitamin but now that I'm a month out I need to get my cocktail going.

Looking forward to meeting Dr. Cortes in 5 days! I've got a list of questions (literally, a list!) and I can't wait to get the answers. I hope is as patient with me in person as he was during our Skype consultation.

Will update once I have some supplies, good night ladies :)

Bobby Pillow Questions

Call me crazy but I never put two and two together with the whole boppy pillow thing. I've always thought that the boppy pillow was the small donut thing that pregnant women or people with hemorrhoids sit on to avoid discomfort. I went to buy one from Target yesterday and the boppy pillow they had is the one you cradle a baby in for nursing....and it's huge! It even comes with a carrying case! Should I be buying this or looking for the smaller "bobby pillow-like" pillow? Where did you ladies get yours from?

Epifoam - Did anybody use it? How much will I need?

I'm glad I've gotten a move on getting some of my supplies and booking my stay. I have 29 days, 28 in a couple hours left before the big day. I leave on the 20th so I need to have everything done the weekend before. Oh and I'm working right up until it's time to go to the airport on the 20th. My nerves are kicking in as I type!

Since Dr. Cortes told me to maintain my weight I have been slipping big time! I gained 3 lbs since last Monday! I'm back on the stick and working out to lose those 3 (and hopefully 4-5 more) before the big day.

I bought a lot of my supplies, I only have to get a few more items (the boppy pillow, green tea, pill organizer, epifoam sheets, Mederma, Arnica, and a yoga mat). I'm starting my vitamin cocktail tomorrow (2 days late, I forgot yesterday and today).

I just found out I have to go out of town for work for the whole week next week, and I had planned on spending the week/this weekend getting prepared. Oh well, guess that is getting pushed back to the following weekend. I feel like I have so much to do and not enough time. I can only think about this...it takes up all of my days! I'm excited at the moment and at times I have heart flutters. I guess that's normal, right???

I've bought so many clothes and I know I shouldn't since I don't know what I will look like/size I will be post op or a few months down the line. I didn't buy any shapewear or garments because I figure I will be in the first two that I get postop for at least a few weeks. I am going to buy a waist cincher so I can start waist training a few weeks out as long as everything goes well.

The Palmer's lotion for stretch marks is working! My stomach looks so much better. Stretch marks are smaller and much lighter (they were large and raised, now their flat and look like thin little pencil lines - not perfect but I'll take it).

I fly in to see Dr. Cortes Saturday morning. Can't wait to go over all my questions with him. Will update you guys soon, good night dolls :)

Meeting Dr. Cortes Tomorrow

The things we do for beauty and body! I woke up late and rushed around this morning trying to get out the house for work. I get in the car and notice I have a text from the office saying they cancelled my appt for tomorrow afternoon, Dr. Cortes had an emergency. What?!? Not the appt I bought a $330 ticket, rented a car, and rearranged my work schedule for! I was furious. Trying to calm down I called the office to tell them that wouldn't work. I spoke with the office mgr and she was very helpful. I instantly calmed down. She told me she was sorry for the mix-up, she didn't realize I was an out of town patient and that Dr. Cortes would leave the hospital and come back to see/meet me at my scheduled appt time. I was grateful and relieved. This just reinforces my confidence in him as a doctor. He seems to really care and so far, so does his staff.

Then comes the next bomb. I told her I would be flying into Hobby airport. I had no idea the difference between the two airports. Turns out the airport is an hour away from the Conroe office. (office mgr said 2 hours, but mapquest and airport shuttle said 45-60 min, guess I'll find out tomorrow). So I had to scramble and check my car reservation. I will really be pushing it! I arrive at 9, won't get to the office until about 10:30. Hopefully he will be able to see me between 1030-11 because I have to get back on the rode to make my flight that leaves at 330 back home. Geez, I'm gonna be tired tomorrow.

Well, good night ladies! I'm headed to bed early so I can get up and make it to the airport by 5. Will update you on my meeting with Dr. Cortes tomorrow. Im so excited to meet him!

Made it to the Conroe office

I'm here! Waiting to meet Dr. Cortes! Everything went smoothly. I caught my flight, we got in early and I picked up the rental and headed over to the office. I was relieved it was only about an hour drive and it would've been shorter had it not been for construction.

I have my list of questions to rattle off and get answers to and then I'm headed back to the airport to go home.

Massage info needed

Can anyone provide me with info on a massage therapist in Houston? I called Miriam and she didn't sound very reliable. I told her I was calling about a massage and she sounded confused. Told me she would call me back and has not. Thanks!

Spoke to Miriam

Figured it out...she doesn't speak good English. Her daughter called me back and I was able to schedule an appt for May 30th. She said 8 days after should be good timing to start.

Only problem is I have to go to her. Let me know if anybody knows any massage therapists that will come to me. I'm going to be staying about 10 min from medical center.

Twas the Night Before Sx

This time tomorrow I should be waking up from the procedure...I'm excited and nervous. But mostly, excited! I've had an interesting experience these couple days. Well last week or so. My manager tried to steal my joy, getting on my last nerve as if she knew I was counting down the days til my euphoria and she wanted to ruin it! I made it through that to run late and almost miss the flight here, my moms bag with all her clothes got lost, and to get to the office and find out DR. CORTES WOULD NOT BE COMING IN TO DO MY PREOP! Yes, imagine it...First let me say Deanna and Janaris (sp) were as pleasant and helpful as I could've dreamed but I was not happy that he was not there to see me for preop. Having surgery, esp. a body changing surgery is one that a doctor should absolutely be present for. I was told this almost never happens, but the same thing happened when I flew to Houston for my preop a few weeks ago. Luckily he was able to make it for that one bc I was flying all the way in just to see him and flying right back out. Deanna was able to answer all of my questions and made sure to stay with me until I felt comfortable, the staff is definitely amazing. My surgery was scheduled for 11am and I found out as I was walking out of the office that it was changed to 3pm. NOT HAPPY. So fast from midnight til 3pm? Yep. I left racing like a mad woman to make it to my 2nd appt at the hospital. I guess I'm kind of impatient, but damn lady, all you have to do is swipe my card and have me sign off on my financials. You are not performing rocket science!!! She took her job so seriously so what could've been a 15 minute process took almost an hour. Staple here, highlighting here, shuffling papers, lady get a life!!!! Hurry up and wait. It took another 30-45 minutes to be seen for preop which took all of 15 minutes. Left there to get something to eat since I hadnt eaten since the morning and to pick up prescriptions. We did a lot of errand running today. Picked up groceries, rental car, unpacked, etc. I've got 11 minutes left to drink or eat so going to take my vitamins, drink some water, and brush my teeth. Good news is maybe I will lose a pound or so before Sx. My final weigh in was 187 (I gained 7 lbs after he told me to get off the phentermine and maintain, life got hectic and I didn't keep up :( )

Just wanted to give you ladies an update...will see you guys on the other side! Keep me in your prayer :)

Sitting in the OR waiting room

I'm handling this much better than I expected! I'm still not nervous, just anxious to get back there and get going. I got a call at 8am to be at the hospital at 1130 instead of 1230 so we got up and out and headed over. So I'm assuming surgery will start somewhere around 130. Haven't seen Dr. Cortes yet. I brought pictures that I printed out to remind him of what I'm looking for. Next is the markup.

Deanna was able to give me a lot of info that put me at ease. He will LIPO my flanks, abdomen, mons (upper pubic area), back, inner thighs, chin, axilla (underarm fat) and chin. She explained that he does the front first and then flips you over to do the back. Should I start to bleed to much, my arms may not get done. Hopefully that doesn't happen these arms are still too big! Thanks to SaraElle for asking questions about what areas are to be lipoed bc they did not have chin in my paperwork either. Glad I asked.

I'm starting to get hungry so hoping they call me back soon!

Made it to the other side!

Well hello Dolls I've crossed over! I apologize in advance if I am jumping all over. Its 3am and since I'm up I decided to give you guys an update. The first thing I can say is that this surgery is NOT for the weak or impatient. Surgery is just the begining, it's the after care that is a lot of work. I am lucky to have my mom here with me for the whole two weeks I'm staying. Between her and my nurses at the hospital I have been treated well! My surgery ended up started a little earlier than expected. I went into the OR around 130 pm on Thursday and he was done with me around 6pm so he pretty much used the whole 5 hours he alotted for me. I came to some time around 11pm although my mom says I was up asking questions before then.

I have had almost NO PAIN.. just lots of discomfort. I would recommend anyone having this surgery done to build up your upper body strength. You will need it to pick yourself up out of bed. I was one of the very few patients that experience numbness in their foot/ankle. I freaked out not being able to feel anything with my left foot. My first nurse was not very helpful with this. She just kept saying it will be fine, not sure how long or what else to do for it. So I had her to call Dr. Cortes. It was around 2am but I wasn't sure if it was a blood clot so I don't think I cared what time it was. He came to see me before his next surgery around 6am and reassured me that this is normal and he was positive it wasn't a blood clot. That these things take time and I needed to be patient. He gave me some Ambien and Amitriptylene to take the edge off so I could rest and not worry. I made good progress yesterday, walked around severl times and ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The hospital food was surprisingly delicious!

I got discharged around 7pm and was hard to get comfortable in the backseat of the car. I ended up leaning against the seat with my chest up and supporting myself with one foot on the ground. Laying down wasnt comfortable at all. Dr. Cortes came in to tell me he was able to lipo all the areas I requested, including my arms and chin! He used all of the fat he removed for my butt and showed me a pic of it on his phone. It looks really nice! Right now I'm super wide and I have to keep reminding myself it won't stay this way. My waist looks good too. I'm going to have my mom go buy me a marble because my belly button isn't round anymore and I want to keep the shape.

So I've been waking up every 2-3 hours to take meds, drink water, and walk around a little. The feeling in my foot has returned almost to 100% (I'd say about 75% compared to yesterday). My mom has been a trooper as I know I'm not the best patient when I'm crabby. Other advice, defnitely take gym shoes and socks with you, it helps you stabilize very quickly and minimizes balance issues so you can steady yourself on your own faster. I can't wait to start trying on some outfits! Later babes :)

CCs Needed

Hey ladies, I'm up from. Sleeping spell so wanted to give quick update. He put 500 ccs in each hip and 2500 in booty. Said he used all the fat be took out (did chin, axilla, abdomen, flanks, thighs, and back.

Going to get a marble later today my belly button looks deformed.

Strange Sleeping Hours

It's 3:30am and Im wide awake. Well, I dont know about wide awake but I'm standing up in the kitchen kind of bouncing from leg to leg. I try to get up every few hours to move around. The longer I lay down, the stiffer I get. I did pretty good yesterday evening, I walked the hallway of the apartment I'm staying in about 3 times. So overall, I got in about an hour walk. My drain isn't filling up as much or ask quickly anymore. I guess that's a good thing. With this being the holiday weekend, I won't see Deanna or Dr. Cortes' wife until Wednesday am. They are going to come visit me to check drains and change my garment. It was very sweet of them to still come see me since I was given misinfo about where they would travel to.

If possible, I HIGHLY recommend to all traveling future BBL patients (and TT pts too I guess) to get an apartment here in town. This was the best decision I could've made for several reasons. It gives me room to move around and not be stuck in the same space all the time. My mom has her own room so she can take a break and relax completely. Times like this I try to be quiet so she can get some rest as I know being a caretaker is a lot of work. We went grocery shopping and she planned meals and I'm so thankful for that. Yesterday we had ground turkey tacos! They were good and not too heavy. I started taking the Colace bc I haven't had a bowel movement yet. I'm hoping for one tomorrow. I will be eating bran for breakfast and if nothing happens by mid-afternoon I'm going to get Milk of Magnesium or Dulcolax.

I'm not in any pain, my butt just feels like it is going to explode. My hips and butt are huge, much bigger than the natural look I envisioned. I'm praying its just swelling and as I heal, they will go to much smaller proportions. I got on the scale and I was 194...that's about 9 lbs of swelling! I'm not snacking on unhealthy foods and definitely under 1000 calories per day so I shouldn't be gaining any real weight right now. Can't wait to start working out or at least walking a little more.

I get tired of laying down so sometimes I sit with my knees in a chair to take the pressure off my back. It feels nice for a while until is doesn't! Im trying to ween myself off the Talwin since I know you heal faster off of it, but I think I'm gonna give myself a break and continue taking it for a couple more days. When I don't have it I can definitely tell the difference. Today is my 2nd full day post op. Moving along slowly, but surely!

Stay hydrated

Helps with the swelling!!!!

First Shower Since Discharge Friday

I feel nice and clean. Garments and linen washed. Dinner made. About to get bk in my garment, eat some din din and maybe go for a walk with my mom.

Rough Night

Tonight has probably been the most uncomfortable night so far and it could be a combination of things. I didnt take as much medication today and I was more active. I walked alot today, showered, and stood up alot. I am still not in pain but my butt is alot harder tonight....it feels as if it could pop! I have not had a bowel movement yet and I'm sure that's not helping the bloating feeling. I started having lots of gas yesterday and thought the colace would be working by now but as Dr Cortes' instructions state, pain meds and bowel movements aren't friends. Tomorrow I will be eating some raisin bran for breakfast with just a touch of coffee. I'm also going to take Dulcolax or milk of magnesia. I know I better get going soon, it's been 4 days and that's definitely no good. I'm up walking a bit to get the circulation going and drink some water. I have my first massage tomorrow with Miriam at noon. Until later dolls...

Rough Patch

I do not like the text option with the office. I text this morning about this intends swelling I experienced overnight. I'm a trooper and I know I'm supposed to experience pain but the swelling was so bad my legs butt and hands started pulsating.

The office line text me bk very quickly which I appreciate and told me to take the garment off for a few hours. But then I received another text an hour later saying keep it on at all times, as if we didnt discuss my issue earlier this morning. I text to confirm and got "take it off". Confusing!

Deanna was kind enough to give me her cell number in case anything happened and has been very responsive. She's such a sweetheart.

So now laying here with no garment on, been about an hour and a half. Will be putting it back on in a few to head to my first massage.

Quick Update

Hey ladies, it's been a day. I'm staying positive and believe it or not seeing your words or encouragement has been so helpful! I kept having this pulling feeling on my back, in addition to the tightness in my butt. Not fun! I figured it was tape sticking to my hair but my mom and I finally pointed to the same spot (me air pointing since I can't reach and her guessing what spot). It's the drain hole. So apparently the drain has come loose from my skin. So it is not secure and any little movement dislodges it. It's the worst. I sent the pic to Deanna and I hv to say she is amazing at her job. She called me right away to find out what's going on. She wanted to know if the drain is all the way bc if so it won't drain anymore. I don't think it is so my mom taped it down to keep it from moving and we will continue to monitor it the next few hours. If nthg else drains from it by tomorrow am, we will be headed to the conroe office to have it removed.

Keep me in your prayers dolls! Taking this just one day at a time.

I've taken lots of pain meds today bc of all the discomfort so I'm on the couch relaxing. Just had some coffee to try and help with the bowel movement.

Oh What A Night

Ladies...for the first time today I feel so relaxed. Alot of this is patience, I keep stressing that bc there are so many times I've gotten worked up and just had to breathe. Some of the things I did to distract myself, my mom and I went for a walk up and down the hallway outside. She just walked beside me and talked about weather shopping, etc. we did that for about 20 min. She went and bought my favorite fruit and some saline laxative. She made me a decadent cup of coffee and we watched movies in my bed. I drank the laxative around 6pm and I FINALLY HAD A BOWEL MOVEMENT about 15 minutes ago. I couldn't sit the toilet is too low, so I literally stood legs wide open bracing my arm on the wall and counter and let her go. Lets just say I hv great aim! No mess or pain. Cleaned off, put my garment back on and and tucked me back in the bed comfortably.

Throughout this all, I can not say it enough. My mom has been my rock. She hasn't yelled, gotten inpatient, or made me feel stupid for doing this to myself. Used my last lil burst of energy to order her some flowers to be delivered when she wakes. Ladies, I highly recommend prepping the person coming with you for what's about to happen. It's a lot of work and sleepless nights for them. Write out a schedule of when to take your meds and set alarms. Keep water and Gatorade by the bed. You will need it. Get up every couple hrs and walk around for at least 10 min. The longer you sit stiff the harder to get moving. Go to grocery store/pharmacy before you go in. Sounds simple, but make a list. What will you eat, who is making it, what snacks do you like. Hv them put things you like at front of fridge on top shelf. It's pretty annoying to look at that cold bowl of fruit you can't bend to reach. Hope this helps! Sorry if I'm too detailed, I'm only sharing the details I would've wanted to see. It's easier to share as they are happening so I don't forget. Have a great night dolls, :).

Tried to post a pic of my bath and body works aromatherapy spray but it won't load. Sleep - lavender vanilla pillow mist. A few whiffs of this mixed with the meds and empty intestines...couldn't be happier.

Too tired to type...long update tomorrow

But couldn't leave y'all with nthg ...

Just saying hey yall

A full post sometime tonight...say a prayer for me, my first massage is today!

I Had Every Intention of Updating Last Night

First, I'm tired of sleeping on my back! I got super annoyed last night and I will admit, I tried to sleep on my back. Lucky (I guess), this butt is so heavy and sore I could even flip over on my back so I don't even know what it would've felt like. Which one of you ladies wants to create a bed or sofa with the butt missing? They say shooting pains/sensations are normal. Hoping all of you are out of the norm and don't have them. They are for the birds! Mine happen right on my lower abdomen/hip and they start out of nowhere, kind of like shock treatment.

dont buy a ton of supplies, just my opinion, but a waste of money. the ONLY supplies i needed were disinfecting spray and wipes, baby wipes, dial soap, vitamins. thats it. typing looks off bc im using one hand. hey its hard getting comfortable. back hurts badly from not being able to stretch back or lay on my back.

vets please give some tips for being on my back without any weight on my butt. even if just for a few minutes. please.

Back on Track This Morning

Mornings are usually good for me but this one especially Im starting to feel like myself again. My butt has gone down some which I'm happy about. Its not as hard and my hips have decreased tremendously. I think by this time next week i should start looking pretty normal. I have my follow-up appt on Monday with Dr. Cortes and immediately after head to the airport to go home. I can't bend very well so Im a little nervous about how I will sit on the plane for 2.5 hrs. Im going to buy a cpl pillows for my back.

Ive lost 10 lbs since surgery. The day after I was 194, today 184. Need a measuring tape to get my measurements. Once cleared, Im ready to get back in the gym and lose about 20 lbs. He says my butt will get smaller but proportional to my size.

I get hot and cold very frequently. I literally hv the air on 66-67 with the fans on high. My mom hates it but otherwise I cant get comfortable. Sorry the last couple posts hv been choppy Im using one hand and balancing my computer with the other. Sucks not being able to sit!

Word to the Wise!

When the office tells you to keep your garment on 24 hrs a day, take heed! Tonight was a lesson well learned. Im usually pretty good at following directions, but once I get the hang of things, it's not uncommon for me to make "modifications" when necessary. I had been doing so well, drinking plenty of water everyday and making sure not to be out of the garment for longer than it took to wash and dry it. Today I was feeling pretty good so my mom and I went to Kroger and Target for a couple hours. I was tired by the time we made it back home. Realizing I overdid it, I ate something, PEELED OFF MY GARMENT, and laid down to take a quick nap and put it back on. It did say in the instructions that having it off for a few hours wouldn't affect the results right? 1-5 hrs is a few, right? I drifted off for a few and woke up so uncomfortable. My ankles are bothering me and I'm all hot and sweaty. I woke my mom because in a panic, I couldn't find my pain pills (which I was happy to say I hadn't needed since Wednesday night). She came in and immediately noticed the swelling in my stomach. So we hiked me back in the garment, found the pills, and I'm settled in bed for the night. Even with the garment on I can tell I'm bloated. It was harder to fasten and slightly more uncomfortable. Praying for a decent night's sleep in a couple hours. Let's just say tomorrow is gonna be a sleep in, lounging kind of day. So 24 hours does mean 24 hours. I'll be following that instruction from now on!

New pics

Last Night in Houston

So I guess I've entered the itchy phase of recovery. Omg, the itching is nonstop. It started last night in my mons area (upper vagina) and I was scratching through my garment like a madwoman! It has since moved to my thighs and right butt cheek. I had benadryl itch gel that I took back (one supply I guess I did need). I may have to repurchase. In the meantime, I'm passing time til I take a Benadryl around 10 so I can get some sleep.
I'm moving around much better and completely off the pain meds now. My mom and I went to get our nails done and had ice cream in this cute little neighborhood nearby. I can walk for a while now, still not bending as much as I would like to though. But happy I'm doing better and I hardly feel like I'm only 9 days post op.

I go to my postop appt tomorrow morning and straight from there I'm heading to the airport to head back home. I've had a good stay/recovery here and now I'm ready to head home. I'm not necessarily looking forward to the flight home. I will be asking the doc if I should try and stand the flight or sit on the pillow. Not looking to undo any of these great results I got! Standing for 2.5 hours does not sound fun to me and sitting still hurts right now (I've tried a couple time to go to the bathroom and I'm usually holding onto the counter and back of the seat for dear life to hold my self from putting all my weight on my butt).

One more week off work and I didn't think so before but I think I will be ready to go back. May be moving a little slower but still moving. My bruising is better, I think it should be pretty much gone in the next few weeks.

Happy 2 Week Post Op To Me!

This time two weeks ago, I was on my way to Houston Northwest to prep for surgery. I would love to say that time is flying and I can't believe it's been two weeks already, but that would be so far from the truth. The past two weeks have crawled by. I think I've experienced so much in these 14 days there's no way they could have flown by.

I made it back home on Monday night, the flight was terrible. Trying to stand, kneel, and sit on the foam for 3 hours. It was miserable. I slept almost the whole nine hours that night, the longest since the surgery. Guess the lack of rest caught up with me. I'm moving around a lot better. I'm able to pick my leg up high, walk up and down the stairs with minimal discomfort, etc. Slowly but surely I'm coming back around.

Dr. Cortes had a compound cream made for me, it's a concoction of lidocaine and some other meds for my thighs because they ache so much. They don't ache as much as they did when I had the cream made (sucks bc now I may not need it and it was $40) but who knows. I ordered an abdominal board to try and keep my stomach as flat as possible underneath the garment. We found that the garment isn't compressing me as much as it needs to right under the breast area so I was starting to see some swelling there again. So I placed some foam underneath the garment right under the breasts and its a snuggier fit.

I'm in an XL garment and it's already getting loose. My hips are still too wide for my liking so hopefully they will still go down some. It's only been two weeks, and from what I understand you have close to your permanent volume after a month. So we will see what happens in 2 weeks. My current measurements are 36-33.5-46. I'm hoping to ending up somewhere around 36-29-43? Only time will tell, if the hips aren't small enough I will be in the gym to loose a few pounds. I have been eating pretty clean, I've lost weight since the surgery. I was 186 the day of, 194 a few days after, and yesterday I was 178.4.

I had my first lymphatic massage at home yesterday. The therapist was a little freaked out that I was so fresh out of surgery and very worried she would hurt something. After a little comforting, she was able to really get into some of my lumpy spots and they look and feel a whole lot better. I got a package of 5 massages for $300. This surgery, maintenance, and upkeep is super expensive!!! I flinch every time I think about how much money I'm spending.

It was suggested that I look into having my garments taken in to save money and I think it's a great idea. The thigh area doesn't need to be tighter yet as its already plenty tight, but the waist will probably need to be taken in in a week or so. If I can have this same garment taken in a few times, that would be a great savings.

I haven't taken any new photos. I will try and take some tonight or tomorrow. I want to take some in a bra and panty set but I still have a hard time pulling on bottoms. Kudos to those who can bend and stretch a lot at the 2 week mark :)

Emotional Journey

I'm worried. Which sounds completely different from my post earlier today. Not sure why, but my profile hasn't attracted the attention of many vets. Not that I don't appreciate the newbies and soon to be dolls, I appreciate all of you. I guess it would just be nice to be reassured when I'm doubting my results. My friend is having a party in a couple weeks and we went today to look for dresses. I love, I mean love, how much smaller my waist is but my hips are just not proportional to my body. I'm so nervous they won't go down enough to look normal. I tried on a dress and while I loved everything else, my hips made me look huge. I don't want ppl staring at my hips bc they are so unnatural. Somebody help talk me down off this growing cliff! Thanks ladies. RS, where's instant chat when you need it :)

First Day Back Tomorrow

I'm headed back to work tomorrow. I feel ready I'm just nervous about the sitting. I can't imagine sitting on my thighs the whole day so I'm going t

Not sure what happened last night...

I wrote this long update last night only for it not to fully load. Oh well, I guess I will hit the high points. I'm bk at work. I drive alot and sitting on this foam things (on my thighs) is absolutely miserable. My legs keep falling asleep. Oh well, almost 3 hrs down and 5 more to go...

Compression Garments

I never would've thought there were so many companies selling garments/fajas. They all seem pretty pricey ($85 and up) and I think the overload of selection is overwhelming! Can anyone point me to their fave company and which garment you chose for a bbl. the office wants its to be a butt out and I'm having a hard time finding that on the sites. Would be so nice to get one with no straps or spaghetti straps and mid thigh since it will be hotter than heck in a couple weeks. I went to classicshapewear.com, hourglassangel.com and a Columbian website (don't remember name)

Day 2 at work

I'm back at it today! I appreciate lifeafterbbl putting things into perspective for me. When I woke up this morning I was refreshed and ready to try the stupid foam thing again. I got a towel and a pillow and hauled them out to the car. It's still very uncomfortable and my legs butt and feet fall asleep after 15/20 min of driving but it is what it is. I did too much and definitely spent too much to sacrifice my results.

Whoever invents a comfortable way to sit without compromising results is gonna be a millionaire! 10 more weeks to go and out of this phase. Sorry to be such a whiner but this phase truly sucks. Period.

I measured this am since its been a week since my post op and my measurements are 34-32-45. I lost an inch and a half in the waist (yay)! My butt seems to have lost some volume but only one inch. Hopefully I won't lose too much more over the next few weeks. Haven't heard much conv about fluffing lately, is this still something you ladies see a few months down the line?

I definitely miss the gym! My arms look like crap and I can't wait to get my body toned the way I want it. They definitely don't lie. This is not a weight loss procedure. My waist is sculpted for the gods but my arms and legs are still too fat for my liking (even with the LIPO). Gym in 5 weeks and counting! I'm trying to upload pics and it says error. Will try again later

Hips going down!

How I Sit for Work

It's not as uncomfortable as it looks. I alternate between the foam and this yoga mat. Both keep my butt off the seat but the mat is much less uncomfortable. I need some ideas for a smaller cushion for when I'm in restaurants etc. I have to go to a graduation tomorrow and don't want to walk in with either of these. Any suggestions? May buy another mat and cut in half and tape it together loosely (taping too firmly with take out all the cushion that makes it so comfortable and keeps my butt up).

Also ladies what scar cream are you using?

Hard Day

So many ppl are complimenting my results. Especially those who have seen me at my largest! I'm happy with how things turned out and in no way do I regret my decision. But I hv been telling ppl it's not all roses as you recover. I don't know what I would do without this site. This and prayer are my sanity. Everybody sees the good and don't understand all the other things that go into it. It really has taken a mental toll on me. A financial toll. Physical toll. You name it. Mental is probably my hardest thing to digest. I go through so many highs and lows. I would see girls write about their feelings and be like yeah yeah you look awesome, that will pass. Now I get it.

Tonight I had to drive home as my friends were preparing to go over another friends for drinks. Originally I was going but I decided to come home. My butt and thighs hurt from sitting on my thighs all day. Ankles swollen from the pressure I keep putting on them trying to prop myself up. Skin itchy and sweaty from heat plus the garment. Plus I worked all day which includes driving and getting in and out of the car 10-12 times a day. Plus I wake up during the night as my garment gets to uncomfortable. And my garment rubbing makes my poor lady part sore and irritated (I've cut and cut and its only gotten worse). So my day was long and trying to explain/get comfortable without sitting just didnt seem to be in the cards for me.

What made it so bad is I'm realizing alot of my summer, my precious summer, will be spent like this. Can't wear this bc of the garment. Can't go here bc I can't sit. Etc. I'm only 3 weeks and one day in. I keep telling myself it will all be worth it and I know it will but come on ladies, right now this just sucks!

So I'm home getting some rest laying down which is much needed. I will try this again tomorrow. I also have to remind myself I'm only 3 wks out of pretty major surgery so I'm getting around pretty well considering. Sometimes that works too :) (not tonight). If you're considering this, I would like to share and I think the recovery requirements should be explained before your deposit is accepted. THE RECOVERY TAKES 3 MONTHS. YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO SIT. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO FOR THE 3 MONTHS FOLLOWING YOUR SX. YOU WILL SPEND ALOT OF MONEY BEFORE AND AFTER YOUR SURGERY. GARMENTS ARE EXPENSIVE AND NECESSARY. These would be the things I would share. Have a good night ladies, glad I have you all :)

Trucking Along

Today makes 25 days post op! I would love to say the days are flying by but that wouldn't be true. One of the most valuable lessons I've learned in this process is to STAY IN THE MOMENT. Trying to accept and take in all this encompasses can be overwhelming. I've made the decision not to focus on how many weeks I have before I can sit and instead have a little party in my head each week I complete.

I went to a garment store today and bought my size L garment. I should've been in this size about a week ago. If your garment isn't squeezing you tight it's not tight enough! New garment was $109 and I will prob only be in it for 2 weeks.

My lady part is so irritated! More so the left side from all the rubbing. I cut my garments and its still not enough. The rubbing, constant walking, and inability to lay on my back spread my legs and let her breathe!

I took my measurements. I'm up half an inch around the waist and no change in the butt. I'm sure the extra half inch is swelling so good thing I'm in a smaller cg.

Good night ladies!

Garment Concern

CALLING ALL MY VETS! I'm now in a large garment but the smaller the garments are getting, the smaller the butt out part is. I feel like there is too much pressure on the sides and crease of my butt. Has anybody else experienced this? What did you do?

Garment pics

33 days post op

I swear it feels like closer to 66 or 99 days. I guess the reason for that is this surgery has literally affected everything I can do for the next few weeks. I wrote a long one month anniversary post but it didnt upload. So the highlights:

I'm 13 lbs down from the day of surgery (174).
I still look fat to myself in pics (my arms and thighs are huge, mainly my arms). This is NOT a weight loss surgery. I see myself with a flatter stomach and a fatter azz. But still me. Can't wait to get in the gym.
My diet is pretty good. I'm not eating perfect but I don't ever go too crazy. I usually eat small portions if I eat anything bad.
I have been guilty of going without the garment a couple times. 30th Bday party gala. Clearly no garment would look nice under my dress. And I went to the pool (covering my scars in sunblock) for about 2 hours.
My left leg is really bothering me. I drive alot so I put alot of weight on it trying to hold myself off my butt. Very painful and I can't elevate it properly bc I can't turn over.
I'm still tired of not sitting. I can't go to dinner and making excuses or lying gets old. Trying to make the best of it though.
I haven't taken any new measurements but I will next week. Everything seems to be the same.
I have intense leg pain/nerve pain from time to time. I still can't feel the back of my thighs or my left butt cheek.
I bought a squeem that I am going to start wearing over the garment. I'm going to start with a couple hours here and there and work my way up.
My size large garment was cheap! Don't buy co'coon garments. They stretch out too easily and aren't as sturdy as they should be.

Hope this helps!!!

Bummed....please help :(

I'm out of town for work. Can't get on a scale and much worse, can't check my booty measurements. It's definitely gone down :(. I'm so scared I'm gonna lose too much volume. I'm only 35 days out and I don't know if I'm still gonna be losing volume. I can't wait to get home tomorrow to measure. Please reassure me ladies it's not that bad! Does fluffing really exist? So many docs say it's nonexistent :(

Riding This Wave

Quick update:
The past couple days I've been having a lot of pain up and down my leg but mostly in my ankle and foot. The same leg that had no feeling when I woke up from surgery. My toes especially hurt so bad it was excruciating! Sharp stabbing pains that would pulsate and come out of nowhere. Kept me up all night. I called Dr. Cortes mgr and they were able to prescribe me some nerve pain meds to resolve the issue. If you guys have nerve pain, don't wait to address. It can be serious! Nerve damage can't be reversed only managed.

I had a massage today and she stressed I have to do self massages! I have been avoiding them since they hurt so bad but need to do them so the swelling in my upper stomach will go down

Keep you posted!

6 Week Update

Hey ladies, time is still crawling but I'm managing! The worst part at the point is not sitting and having to explain why you can't sit down. In not carrying that cushion everywhere bc I think it draws even more attention. The nerve pain in my leg has gotten a little better since Dr. Cortes called in meds. But after standing long periods of time it can be painful.

Not sitting is really messing up my dating life. It's nice out and I want to be getting wined and dined but can't right now. Sucks!

As far as healing I'm doing well. Using vitamin e oil, mederma, and cocoa butter for my scars. They are healing up nicely. Some are barely visible. The worst are the two on the front of my hips. I measured again and I'm about 36-30-44.5 so I have lost some volume (1.5 inches) since surgery. Hoping I don't lose too much more. I could stand for the hips to lose inches but it looks like most of the inches lost are from the butt with the hips hanging in there strong! Nervous about losing more since I still hv 6 weeks to go before I can call this mine. Guess I will hv to wait and see.

Almost 2 Months!

Hey ladies, I'm so in love with this site! It's like a constant security blanket whenever you need it! As I look back over my old posts and think back to when I followed so many vets' stories, I see a common theme. As you get accustomed to your new body, manage the pain and difficult times, and regain your mental stability, you begin to rely on the site less and less. Things that freaked you out or you worried about weeks ago become second nature. I don't panic nearly as much now.

I could be wrong but I think my butt and hips are here to stay. I know I have about a month left to be certain but I'm confident I'm gonna keep this booty! It fluctuates between 44.5-46 inches. I haven't seen anything out of this range for the past 4 weeks. My hips have come down and look more natural. I do feel Dr. Cortes put more emphasis on my hips than butt. I got 500cc in each hip and I think I would've rather a few extra in the butt. But I still love my body.

My stomach is still very lumpy. Not sore but very hard and lumpy. I get massages every 4-5 days and she keeps telling me to self massage. I keep saying ok, but I really don't have time on a daily basis. When I get home it's usually shower, get ready for work and off to bed. And the weekends. Yeah right, I'm out all day all night.

I still sit on that hard stupid cushion (it's mine so I can be mean and call it names if I want!). I tell people different things depending on the situation. Mostly pinched nerve, chiropractor suggested for posture, and bruised tailbone. I don't sit unless I have to because it's so uncomfortable.

I waist train a few hours a day and my stomach is pretty flat. Still some swelling but I figure it will dissipate sooner or later. F*ck that garment, it's 85 degrees out and you have to wear to many layers to wear it. It may be against better judgement but I don't care. I've researched so many docs and even the post op paperwork I was given. It said wear the garment nonstop for at least 30 days. I did it for almost 6 weeks. I'm over it.

I got nerve damage and hemorrhoid a as a present after surgery. I'm dealing with both and when I get down, I stare at the mirror and try on new clothes. Makes them seem minor! I am taking pain meds for the nerve pain so it's not as bad. I still don't have feeling in the back of my left leg. Hoping it returns soon.

I am all set to go back to the gym. I wanted to wait to make sure my butt didn't go down from weight loss. Plus the nerve pain stalled me. I plan to do the treadmill, elliptical, and small hand weights. Nothing to much , just easing myself back into it. Time to slim down these arms, still way to fat for my liking.

Well until next time ladies...updates are getting less frequent as you finally get caught back up with life. See you ladies soon with pics!

Quick update

I gained 5 lbs. need to get back on my strict diet ASAP. I will be eating super clean, waist training, and drinking tons of lemon water starting Monday

9 Weeks Post-op!

Hey ladies, just stopping by...doing great. Meds helping nerve pain, still no feeling in back of my leg. Somewhat less swelling in my stomach. Haven't had a massage in a couple weeks. I do selfs dashed at home though. Body looks very natural and curvy. My butt isn't hard anymore. It jiggles when I walk and I love it! I lay on my back now for about 5-10 minutes. I've gotten tired of the stomach position. I also sit without a cushion at times. But for no more than 30-45 minutes. And when it's necessary (getting hair done, went to a fancy brunch and couldn't bring my cushion). No garment but I wear a waist trainer sometimes. I love my curves! Sex is definitely different! More exciting, especially when things move that never moved before. I am so much more spontaneous. I only have 31/2 more weeks before I'm back to normal and I can sit, exercise, lose weight, sleep and not worry about losing anything. I'm still measuring 36-30-45

20 More Days and This Booty is Mine!

I can not wait to sit, lay down, and do all the things normal ppl do! I have the date marked on my calendar and an alarm set on my phone to go off at midnight! I'm gonna toss and turn all I want that night! I'm still 45" now so I'm hoping I don't see too much of a drastic change over the next 3 weeks. My booty has dropped some, it looks more natural and so do my hips. I'm ready to get in the gym regularly but a part of me has been scared I could lose my butt. I think I feel more comfortable just waiting until its officially mine.

My waist hasn't gone down anymore, still a 30 inch. But I haven't been waist training or wearing the garment. My self massages have been helping with the lumps and I still use my Mederma and Vitamin E oil every day. I love my curves so far! Update again on D-day!

It's All Mine!

Well ladies, it's been a long road. I can officially say today made 90 days and the booty I have is here to stay! I waited to work out until this day (not intentionally, but life just got in the way). I start my training sessions again on Saturday and all the drinking and eating I did for my birthday is over! I gained 5 lbs since surgery but I'm not too concerned, I will be dropping that and about 15-20 more lbs in no time. I have to admit I am a little concerned about my butt being too small, but I can't stay at this weight. My stomach isn't as lumpy as it used to be but still have some hard areas. I have minimal bruising (mostly dark purplish area in between my thighs and a little on my sides - I'm assuming this was from the much needed aggresive lipo!). My arms are much bigger than I would like so it's a huge motivating factor to get some pounds off. My butt still measures the same size (44-45") but it is definitely not the same booty it was immediately post op. So ladies, listen up when people tell you DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR 1 MONTH OR 2 MONTH BOOTY! I still like my shape but I feel I have more hips than booty. My butt doesn't stick out like a bubble but it has some "weight" to it. My bf loves it!!!!! It's definitely soft now and it moves like any other piece of fat. I'm still adjusting to the stares and admiration I receive from men (and women). I still have no feeling in the back of my leg. Dr. Cortes told me it could be that way for a while so I'm going to give it about 2 more weeks before I start to see someone about it. Surgery is addictive, I've already contemplated a couple other areas that could use some fine tuning but I'm going to sit still for the moment. I am still using scar cream and cocoa butter lotion on my scars. Most of them are disappearing quickly but I have a few that are a little raised and may not go away completely :(. It's been fun ladies, thank you so much for all your tips and support throughout this journey. I will be checking in from time to time, muah!
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