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Ok, ladies I have finally put my mind to losing...

Ok, ladies I have finally put my mind to losing weight. Today is August 03, 2014 I have started taking Lipozene the weight lose pills. My current weight is 210. Speaking with Ms. Lucy she stated that I need to lose spme pounds before sx. I'm thinking of having the sx next year in March 2015. However I have PCSO, so this will be a challenge, but I know I can succeed. Will post current weight pictures today.

ok Ladies beware Under construction!!!

Here are some up close picture's of my under construction body :(



Wis Pictures

Here are some of my wish pictures

Making Progress

Ok ladies I weighed myself today and I'm at 205 lbs.

It's my choice

Ok, to all the ladies that have their opinions about Dr. Cortes thanks for sharing, but at the same time don't try and discourage someone else if who are whom they have chosen. Everyone will have a different turn out, cause if your so worried/Concerned PRAY for that person.


Ok ladies today I weighed myself 8/10/2014 of course I'm excited thinking I have lost more weight just to see that the 5 lbs I lost I have gained back. Uggh :(. Excuse my language ladies, but this shit is hard.

Sent new picture in to office

Sent new pictures in to Dr. Cortes office last week. Today Lucy calls and stated that I need to lose 10 to 15 more pounds. Ughhhh

It's Been awhile...

Hello ladies I know it's been awhile. Lately I've been drinking a lean protein shake that I drink twice a day along with eating only tuna. Today is August 29 and I'm down to 202. So far I think it's working I'll be doing this for 13 more day's to see if it really works. Also I've been just researching other doctors just to get feed back, but however I was looking into Dr.J but no one will respond to my email, I've contacted Dr. Fisher and their to pushy in trying to make me hurry in making a deposit and a decision after I told them I was just getting quotes however they quoted me 6,000 without even looking at photos. Then I contacted Dr. Perry on yesterday just waiting on a response. However I still run right back to Dr. Cortes. :)


Happy Labor Day ladies, today was a nice and bad day :). Okay, first off the good thing was I was surrounded by family :) ,however on the other hand I was surrounded with food food and more food. I ate :-) like a baby pig today. I had three pieces of grilled chicken legs, went back twice for some baked beans with hamburger meat that my bf put his foot in and it was sooooo delicious, and two cups of broccoli. Ok maybe not so bad cause for the pass days I've been doing good with the weight coming off. Therefore, this morning when I weighed myself I was 200 pounds so yes the weight is dropping thanks to the protein shake powder that I'm drinking twice a day. I will not weight myself again until Friday cause I know if I do so now ill be at 210lbs lol Soooooo no. OK beautiful ladies be safe and ttyl.

Wish Pic...


Today weight 200 lbs even. Yeeeees

Protein Shake


Ok, ladies today is September 13, 2014 I weighed myself today... Drum rooooooollllll ok I'm 197. Yessss I'm doing it and that shake is absolutely working. The only thing I do is walk a lot and do arm and leg curls to keep that tight.


Good evening ladies, o.k. a lot of you ladies are asking me about the protein shake 25, however what works for me may not work for you. Just felt I needed to say that :-). Therefore, I'm still in working progress trying to hit the weight goal of 180. Once I hit 180 I'm stopping cause right now with my current weight being 197, I don't even look I was once 213 maybe it's my height 5"7. So I feel when I hit 180 I'm going to look like a crack head my legs are already small lord help me :-) But ladies feel free to ask me whatever whenever. Well nite nite.

1 month later:

Ok, ladies today marks 1 month since I sent in pictures to Dr. Cortes of my body back then I was around 210 -213. The pictures I sent in today weight at 197 I also sent wish pictures. Therefore, just waiting to see what they say.

Wish pictures

No Word

Hello ladies I haven't heard anything from Dr. Cortes office yet. Will keep you ladies posted. Nite nite.


Hello Ladies today I spoke with Dr. Cortes office and I was told to lose 7 more pounds. He would like to have me at 190.

Just fun


Hello ladies current weight is 196, it's like my weight is going up and down between 196 and 198 Gosh....I will continue to work it down to 190.

Under Construction Pic....

Here are some updated under construction pictures of me at 196. I really can't see a difference maybe you ladies can.


Well ladies I've tried to post my photos but it's not letting me sorry. I'll try again later. :(


Hi ladies I know it's been awhile however the weight loss still in progress. Sooooo I've been looking at Dr. Fisher work and I like what I've seen so far. Therefore, I'm stuck between Dr. Cortes and Dr. Fisher :/ .


I'm 195 I have 5 lbs to go gosh. It seems like the weight is coming off slow now.


*194 lbs *

Fun Picture

Wearing Clothing

This is how I look in a pair of jeans along with my home made booty pads lol and a tee shirt.

Front view

Updated information

Ok today I spoke with MS. Lucy, she stated that I'm good to go with 190 therfore she sent me the information package to be filled out and to send it back to her. However I'm going to try and get to 180.


Turn Up!!!!

Happy Birthday to me time to turn up!!!!.


Spoke with Margaret today at vanity

*Merry Christmas*

Merry Christmas everyone have a safe and blessed Holiday.


Ladies I'm confused still and march is around the corner. I might have to push my date back some. Ugh....



* 2015 *

New Wish Pictures

Just a little Extra



Hello ladies do you guys know much about Dr. Mel T. Ortega? I'm researching him but not finding much. HELP!!!!


Hey ladies are anyone else having problems with Vivian at spectrum at Dr. Ortega office responding to emails are retuning calls. Ughhhh.....smh


Okay ladies I'm off subject a little bit lol. But how far do you ladies think is to far to travel to a recovery house after surgery or to travel to a massage therapist?


Ok, Ladies it's a shame that this whole time I've been thinking that my height was 5'7. Today was my physical and guess what the Dr. Tells me lol I'm 5'5 Ol God now I have to lose more weight to get my BMI down below 32 ugh. Getting to 180 or 185 is Going to make me look like a sick plum. I'm already heavy at the top and small at the bottom I hope I have enough fat for my BBL.


Ok, ladies I've changed doctors. I've changed from Dr Cortez to Dr Ortega. However how can I changed that on my profile? Thanks. ..

Prayers Go out

My prayers go out to a Beautiful Beauty Queen that lost her life during a liposuction procedure.


Okay ladies do anyone know anything about avant credit. I'm thinking about applying I do know that their interests rate are stupid high. Have anyone applied with them?


Ladies do any one know anything about corals gable cosmetic center


Ok, ladies I made a 1000 dollars deposit and I've changed doctors. The doctor that I will be seeing is Dr. Ortega and the new date is set for May 29, 2015. Old God its really getting real. :). Is thee anyone that is going that date? I may need a buddy

Recovery house

Who should I stay with for recovery, which recovery house?

1700 left

1700 left to pay.


Surgery paid in full. I'm so ready for this new body.

Face to face

Tomorrow I will be meeting with Dr. Ortega for my face to face consultation. I hope that everything goes well. I have to drive 9 hours to get there.



The Consultation!!!

Lol okay of course I left Atlanta on time, but when I did arrive to Miami to the office I was SUPER late. I could not found the office at first I stopped at several stores to ask for direction, but no one seem to speak English. So when I did found the office i was greeted by i think she said her name was layla i know i didnt spell her name correct sorry. However she was very nice. Therefore, the other women at the desk i can't remember her name seem that she was unhappy are didn't want to be there. Sooooooo when i did go back to met Dr. Ortega i apologized to him for being late and he said that was ok "he was in surgery and he wasn't going anywhere" anyway I was super excited, he looked at my trapezoid body lol and stated that I would need a tummy tuck after the fat was removed and of course I knew I would. He went over my BMI However everything went well I didn't have many questions because it was like he already knew the questions that was about to come. I do need to lose 20 pounds at least cause for the last past week I've been off track with keeping the weight down. I know i can get it down by April 27. Other then that I still feel comfortable with going with Dr. Ortega. Oh yeah After the consultation I was told that a coordinator named Beth would go over the notes that Dr. Ortega wrote. However, Beth looked at me gave me this wanna be smile and lefted then that's when I think her name is Tamya I know it might be spelled wrong I'm so sorry but yea she then said oh your coordinator which is Vivian will give you a call and go over the notes. I'm like ok but what is there to go over when Dr. Ortega just stated what I needed to do, but any how overall it was good.

Sooooo upset!!!!

Ladies I'm soooooo upset right now. Ok, I spoke with Vivian on last week about switching doctors, however she said that she would have someone call me so that I can have a consultation with that doctor. Okay I waited and I waited no call. Okay so today I call her office number then I call her cell and leave a message and text NO RESPONSE. Okay so I call the number on the Web site and layla answer " I know her name spelled wrong sorry" anyhow she transfer me over and I stayed on line for 15min ok I hang up call again on hold another 15min. Okay I hang up call again to be on hold another "f"ing 15min ok I'm getting pissed. Okay I hang up call again for this time for them to say hold i will put you through to my manager. Oh, what happen I'M ON HOLD AGAIN this time for a minute to go to the voice mail so now I'm gone from 2 to 100 now im heated. Anyway I left a message let's see who call. Lawd ladies what to do have anyone had this problem. Don't get me wrong Vivian is sweet. I just don't want to feel like I'm being ignored I don't like to be ignored. Lol.


OK I'm happy I just spoke with Dr. Osaka on the phone and OMG he was great he answered the little questions that I had he told me what he recommend. However, he stated that the ball was in my court yayyyyy! !!! I'm excited, ready and nervous.

43 days left

I've gotten all the small necessary items. Just gotta get maxi dresses.

39 days left

Ol boy.......


Spoke with Vivian today to confirm that my date is indeed April 27 cause I don't need no surprises that my date was changed. I'm getting butterflies like crazy and I'm not even at the half way mark yet lol. Man this is really going to happen I can't believe I will have a bootay!!!! My fiancé seem to be super excited

5 Weeks!!!!!

5 Weeks to go ladies. Hotel booked, plane ticket bought, and recovery house deposit made. I'll purchase a few items off line on Thursday.

Medical Clear

I had my medical clearance today and every thing turned out good. Monday I will go and have my labs.


Hey ladies I just received bad news that my Grandfather has been diagnosed with prostate and pancreas cancer. Can you guys pray for him please and thanks in advance.

4 Weeks!!!!

4 Weeks to go ladies however, reality haven't hit me yet.


Ok, ok. Today I went to Lab Corp to have my Lab's done. Ok check this out the lab rep tells me oh you owe $308.00. I said HOLD ON REWIND WHAT!! for what. She says a passed due. I said O NO!!!. So make a long story short I had to call my old insurance carrier and they called Lab Corp to let them know that the bill was paid off back in October. Guess what ? Yes, The bill is from 2013 WTF. Well however, I had to pay out of pocket to have the labs done. Therefore, i was told by Lab Corp that they will reimbursement me within 5 to 7 days. Thank You Lord...


Cleared for surgery.

18 and 19

18 days til I fly out and 19 days til the big day. OMG!!! :)


OMG ladies why I just found out that my Fiancé is cheating? You know what GOD got me. I'm so surprised at myself because normally I would react in a different way. However, I'm so calm til I'm scaring myself. But the girl contactedo me WOOOOOO!!!!!!

16 days

16 days to go and I'm sooooooooo ready.


Almost done with packing just ordered the lipo foam for 7.50 a piece and ordered the bbl pillow for 86.00. Just need to order the ab board and get at least two more maxi dresses. I might get some pads.


Only two weeks to go Ladies and it don't seem real.

12 Days

12 days remaining and I'll be an Dr. O doll. Can't wait to see what he will do to this pancake booty. Hopefully he will fluff it out.

Count Down (9)

9 more days.
Just order my ab board hopefully it arrives on the 21st. Still waiting on my lipo foam to arrive.

Count Down (8)

8 Days....:)

Officially 1 week

Good Morning Big Bootay and soon to be Big Bootay dolls. I'm officially 1 week away from my big day. Yaaaaay!!!. Can't wait it's on and poppin :)

Count Down (6)

Hello ladies my Ab board and Lipo foam arrived, about time.

Count Down (5)

5 more days ladies and I'll be bootiefied.

Count Down (4)

Getting closer!!!

Count Down (3) days

Three days to go. However, my throat is trying to hurt. What to do ladies do anyone know of any remedies. HELP!!!!


Spectrum called about an hour ago to confirm my surgery date and time April 27, 2015 @ 630 sounds like I will be the first yay. Lawd it haven't hit me yet but dolls pray for me. :)

Count Down (2)

1 day till I fly out and 2 days till the big day. I'm so ready to get this done and over with.


Hey ladies maybe some of you guys remember me saying that my grandfather was sick. Well he went home today. At least he's not hurting anymore. What to do ladies I don't know what to do. Surgery is Monday. Ol please give me the strength lord.

Count Down (1)

It's finally here one more day til surgery and not many more hours til I fly out to Miami. However, again thanks to all you dolls and soon to be dolls for sending your condolences. I prayed and prayed originally my grandmother was going to bury him on Wednesday, but some way some how she decided to bury him on Saturday. She don't even know that I'm going for the surgery so I feel it was GOD that worked it for me. I was afraid that I was going to have the surgery Monday then had to turn around and leave Tuesday to be there on Wednesday but now I have some time to recovery. Thank you GOD!!!!.


Ol lawd I'm here dolls at the Atlanta airport it hit me soon as I walked through the double doors. Why I started crying while going down the elevator lol. My plan don't depart until 1050. Lawd be with me and the pilot.


Good morning ladies thank the lord we landed safely. However that was a rough ride my ears are popping like crazy being my first time ever flying I didn't not like it. Just waiting o nmotion my ride now


Okay it's 2:06am and Mona has not shown up to get me from the airport and I've been here since 12:45am. Do anyone have another number for her. HELP!!!! Are another recovery house.

Recovery house

Ok, I finally was picked up from the airport after being there since 1240. anyhow even though she was late she was cool and down to earth. The house is beautiful. Well I have approximately have 3 hours before surgery and I'm suuupppppeeerrrr tired. So dolls TTYL. Nite nite.

Count Down (0)

Good morning dolls it's been less then an hour since I last post and I haven't slept. But today is the day and I'm excited, nervous, and I don't know.I pray that every thing goes well and that. God be with me.

At Spectrum

620 and I'm here at spectrum just waiting. I'm so excited never knew in a million years that I would be doing this.

Oh Man

Oh man its about to go down. Just got undressed got my booties on.

Thank You Lord

THANK you Lord you watched over me the surgeon and the Team. Ladies I'm sorry it took so long to update but I've been doped up lol and could hold my phone in my hand. Far as the resultso I can't tell right now cause of the padding I'm not going to get discouraged about it just yet but I hope that it's not still flat. However Dr. O explain to me that I will need a tummy tuck which I already knew from all the research I've done on the both procedure. He was so cool And cute to me lol. But ladies I will update pictures in two days, lol ya I know you ladies want them know, but I got you. Pain level is very stable right now the only pain I truly say that I have is stiffness I do get up and walk around the room then once the drugs kick in I lay it done. I'm here with Moni and yes her and her sister is hands down the best no complaints anytime I ring that bell she's at the door and that's what you call excellent customer service. When she checked my pressure after surgery was low. About to eat some wonderful food. Well ladies I will up date more tomorrow Ttyl.

1st massage

Okay the massage was not so bad. However you feel the pain though. I go for my follow up today with Dr. O. at 10:00am. I will found out how many cc's he gave me.

Day 2

ladies my head is hurting like crazy I did not sleep worth Nothing with my neck hurting and it feels like one of the drainage is sticking me or something lol. I just took a hydro to ease some of the pain my pain level is an 8.

Follow up

Ladies I'm on my way to my follow up. Will take better pictures once I get back to the recovery house.


Follow up went well DR. Osaka said that he gave me the max 2000 in each check with some hips and that everything looks good. I will have to go home with the drains in tho also I met jadiva85 at spectrum she's cool.

2 massage

About an Hour ago I received my 2 massage. However it wasn't so bad as the first go around but it is very uncomfortable. I'm not draining so bad my back drainage has completed stop us under 25 and my stomach drain is a little under 75. So hopefully when I go back Friday to pick up paper work the doctor will say of we can take them out fingers crossed lol.

2nd follow up

Okay ladies I left the reovery house today. Okay we get to the clinic for my follow up. But guess what Mona takes my purse gives it to me along with my suit case and tells me oh the hotel is right there you can walk there I'm like WTF. I said can you St least take my suit case there damn. So she was kind enough to do that. However after I was done seeing the doctor and seeing good results after all I just caught a cab. Man I tell you if I'm not mistaken on her profile it states pick up take to store are take to wherever you will be staying it's not like she had to do a whole lot for me. It's okay never again.

Before pic

Here is a before picture ladies beware


Okay ladies what do you think? Be real

leaving Miami

On my way back to Atlanta guys but will be taking more pictures. Soon to come


Ladies today is 6 days post and my first BM since the day before surgery. I guess ever day gets better cause wearing the garment my booty looks flat, but once I take all the padding and garment off I'm like ok. However, I took everything off by myself didn't need my fiance help plus I wasn't so tired afterwards. Here's a pic without the garment in the near future I will need to get a tummy tuck with a breast lift.

More pictures

Just some pictures

Not happy

Hey ladies I'm a week and 3days. However I've been thinking Dr. Osaka said he removed 4liters of fat, but I'm like where is It. Yes, I've come a long way from my before pic, but I'm wondering did he really put 4 liters? Even the lady at the recovery house stated oh yeah he's lying. :(. I'm already looking for a doctor for round two. What to do?????

Spectrum is playing. ...

Ok, today I called Spectrum and asked to speak with a medical assistance. Ok I was told that a medical assistance would call me back because I guess both of them was in with patients, however this was at 9am how about it's damn 917pm and I still haven't received that call let me guess their still with patients. It's sad how this supposed to be in the following up, but you can't even get a damn MA to call you back to see if something serious is fucking wrong, sorry ladies I'm pissed right now. Well the reason for the call was because when laying on my stomach I feel these pinching pains on right side and I want to know what it is. Well so much for that. Anyway I went and had a massage did today and it was great it was 60 dollars for an hour She even massage my booty. Well I'll see if spectrum call me tomorrow probably not cause they already been paid.

Almost 2 weeks

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers. Okay I'm 1 week And 6 days and I can say I'm beginning to like my shape. it's coming along slow but it's coming. Last night I slept without my garment and it felt sooooooo good lol. However spectrum ass did not call but I will be calling tomorrow with some nice words :/. Will be posting soon


Ladies have any of you vet's notice between your legs there's a dry place with dry skin? Could that be coming from the garment

400 cc

Today I went to have some fluid removed from my right abdominal. On the right side 400 cc was removed and 30cc on the left side I felt so much lighter. However, I was told to come back three more times because my body is going to reabsorbe that fluid two times more Then what it was.

Laying around


Okay ladies I've been sitting on my booty buddy (Boppy Pillow) here and there. However, today I noticed a knot behind my left thigh but not on my right thigh. What could this be, could it be fluid build up even though I didn't have any lipo to my thighs. It hurts to sit on the left side. HELP!!!!


Just a little something however I'm starting to like my shape a little it all depends on what I wear. I'm still thinking about going for a round two just for some fullness. I did lose some volume but a very small amount.



Okay I tried to put these pictures on a grid but forever reason it didn't load.


finally I got it I hope.

First day back

First day back at work was crazy lol everyone was looking and saying wow you look good what are you doing to lose that weight. I said ol just working out twice a week lol and doing a whole lot of squats. I was feeling myself so hard that time was was going by so fast.

1 month and three days


3 months

Hello ladies its been a while since I've been on here. Well I'm three months post and I'm loving my new body thanks to Dr. Osaka.

3 months

For this to be my first surgery ever done i am ? with my results. I had no complications thanks to GOD No scarring, no burns, and no styph. I'm considering going for a round two just for a little more fullness and roundness and it will be with Dr. Osaka.????

Still loving my body

Thank you Dr. O.


I heard abo5ut what happened to Dr. Osaka thank the Lord my sx went well. Blessings to the females that had to be hospitalized.

2 years still looking gud

I got a BBL in 2015 and this was the Best thing i could have done with an amazing Dr. and that is Dr. Osaka has great bed side mannners. I was sooooo afraid byt he assured me that everything would be find and that I will look good.

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