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Like so many others, I've been stalking real self...

Like so many others, I've been stalking real self for quite some time. lol I've been considering a lil' nip and/or tuck for quite some time and finally decided after almost 20 years of doing for everyone else, it's time to do something for ME! I'm emailing back and forth with Dr. Cortes now to get the details together but I'm planning lipo of the abdomen (upper and lower) and back with BBL this October. I want to do it TOMORROW but juggling the schedules of myself, my husband and our four children as well as finding the time to take off work has been challenging. I'm hoping October will be here before I know it! I'm such a planner that even though I WANT to do it NOW, it'll probably take me that long to feel prepared, anyway. lol

A HUGE shout out to all of you ladies who've paved the way and shared your stories and pictures! I've learned so much from this site. Without real self, I don't know how I would've picked a surgeon, let alone somewhat felt like I knew what to expect. Thank you, thank you!!

Official Date Set!!

I'm official. I paid my deposit and I'm booked for surgery with Dr. Cortex on Oct. 2nd. I wish I could make it happen sooner but with as busy our schedules are, I'm hoping Oct. will be here before I know it. I've still got to figure out how I'm gonna get the time off from work. I mean I have enough leave time accrued but just taking weeks off, all at once, isn't gonna go over smoothly regardless. How did y'all request the time off of work without putting all of your business out there? I'm not planning to tell everyone about my surgery, especially not at work.

Things are falling into place

So I talked to my director yesterday about needing time off and it actually went way smoother than I'd expected. I've decided not to share the details of my surgery at work so I just told her I needed to have surgery and be off work for about a month. Being as my surgery isn't scheduled until Oct, I gave her plenty of advance notice She was fine with it. AWESOME! That lifts a huge weight off my shoulders. I will have enough PDO to take four full weeks off paid. Thank God!

Now...speaking of advance notice, things have happened that would allow me the freedom to have my surgery in April instead of Oct. I immediately called Dr. Cortes' office and asked if they had any availability and they don't. I've been placed on a "wait list" in case something opens up. Anyone have any experience with this? I'm just wondering how likely it is that something may come up? Anyone have an April date that they won't be able to keep? I'D LOVE TO FILL IT!! :)


I'm trying to decide if I want to finance this surgery or darn clear out my savings to pay cash. For those of you who financed, did you use care credit or surgeryloans? Dr. Cortes' site says they prefer surgeryloans but also lists care credit. I've heard a lot about care credit but have never heard of the other. So much to consider. What did y'all do? I need some opinions and experiences.

October it is

At this point, it's pretty certain I will not be able to get an April date. So, October it is and I'm cool with that. I'm just not happy about carrying around this extra weight until then. I'm only up about 8 lbs. since Dr. Cortes told me to gain 10-15 and I already feel SO yuck. It's gonna suck to be all extra fat through the summer.

Anyway, I'm still all over Realself, reading reviews. Thanks again to all of you for sharing your story. You have no idea how much of a help it is in making me feel prepared. :)

Paid in Full and ready to go, but...

Man I feel SO fat. I'm disgusted with myself. I keep telling myself it'll be all worth it when this gut is sucked out and stuffed in my BUTT! lol October can't come fast enough. The wait has sucked and I've been so bummed about this weight gain that I haven't really been on real self as much as I used to be but I'm baaaaack and loving all of your updates.

The countdown is ON

I'm down to less than 30 days until my surgery. 26 days to be exact. It still seems so surreal. I wish I could go to sleep and wake up in mid Nov., when I'd hopefully be a good part over the major hump of recovery. I'm definitely not looking forward to that part of things but I'm sooooo looking forward to this booty!! :)

Things are getting real

I had my pre-op appt. with Dr. Cortes and also at the hospital today. Dr. Cortes' staff was super sweet and he was must more....I don't know....maybe, timid??..that I expected. I don't mean that in a bad way at all. Maybe humble is a better word. Either way, it was a good experience. I didn't have to wait long and didn't feel rushed at all. He answered all of my questions and took his time with me. It was slightly humiliating to be standing in front of strangers in my panties, being critiqued and scrutinized but they were very professional. I'm ready, y'all! October 2nd can't come soon enough!!

Soooo Bummed!!

I was down to less than two weeks until my surgery and soooo excited! I've been postponed. i crashed while hand gliding this weekend and severely broke both bones in Imy wrist. I had to have surgery with pins and an external fixator placed. Because of that, Dr Cortes will not perform the BBL. I understand and want to be safe but I'm so disappointed!!! My surgery is now scheduled for 12/5. Ugh

Heading to Houston...almost D Day

Tomorrow my husband and I will be heading to Houston for my pre-op. Friday is my surgery. I thought I'd be WAY more excited...or at least nervous but at this point, I feel NOTHING. Maybe it will hit me tomorrow. This has been such a loooong time coming. I know one thing; I am beyond tired of carrying around all this extra weight. It's crazy how much 15lbs. actually feels like. I feel SO fat and nasty. Please dear Lord, let Dr. Cortes hook me UP! Less than 36 hrs and I will be in the OR!

surgery day has arrived

We are currently sitting in the waiting room at Houston Northwest, waiting to be called back. It still doesn't seem real. I took new before pics last night, which fully display allllll this fat I gained. SO gross. I can't wait to see the after! Pray for me realself. General Anesthesia freaks me out a lil...ok, a lot!

so far so good...

Im waiting to be discharged as I type this. So far, things haven't been too bad. The pain has totally been manageable. Laying on my belly had my back hurting something terrible and that was damn the discomfort from the surgery. After I figured out how to prop myself up at an angle and relieve the pressure on my back, it hasn't been too bad. I've been up walking a lot which helps. My husband is a rock star and has been here helping all that he can. I cant really see much shape yet but the hubby says my butt is huge. Woot woot!!

Ready to be back up and at 'em!

We came home yesterday. After being discharged from the hospital, we met up with Deanna at the Conroe office to get my garment for after the drain comes out. We live several hours from Houston, so I will be removing my own drain and stitches. Luckily, most of my friends are nurses so I'll have no problem getting adequate help. ;) We laid all the seats down in the back of our SUV and I slept most of the ride home, lying on my belly. The trip wasn't bad at all.

Recovery hasn't been nearly as bad, as I least not yet. I'm afraid to keep saying that like I'll jinx myself into waking up tomorrow in crazy pain. lol I've only taken the Talwin once since we've been home. I'm mostly just taking the Advil to stay ahead of the pain. My booty is crazy tight and achy. My lower belly is pretty tender where he went in for the lipo and my inner thighs are pretty tender too. I have NO pain to my chin, very very little to my arms or back. I can even walk ALMOST normal. lol Overall, I'm feeling pretty good, just SO ready to be able to lay on my sides or back and SIT DOWN. The next few months is gonna feel like an eternity, in that regard.

I'm including some pics my husband took at the hospital, the first time I got up. They don't do justice but they've what I've got so far. I should've had him take some last night when I took a shower, but didn't even think about it. The shower wasn't bad, either, btw. I didn't get the "faint" feeling so many have described. I was just crazy cold since I couldn't crank up the hot water like I normally do. lol

Dates are off?!?

I just realized the site is calculating my dates based on my original surgery date of 10/2. Because of my broken arm. my surgery was delayed until 12/5. I'm only FIVE DAYS post-op. Not 2 months

Anyway, we removed my drain today. We being my husband. lol It didn't hurt, at all. It felt weird but totally manageable. I showered and then came the stage 2 garment. HOLY F*#K!!!! Putting that sucka on was a work out. My husband and I both ended up in a sweat. Talk about T_I_G_H_T! It definitely defines my shape a ton better than the stuff they put me in in the hospital, but the compression is really intense. I'm afraid it's tooooo compressing right at my waist line. I'm afraid it might pinch my skin and there is NO way I can fit foam in this thing along with my body. What's a girl to do? Ladies??

Melt Down

So, before surgery I promised myself that I wouldn't do it. I said I'd be patient and promised myself to have realistic expectations of the process and not allow myself to be down, disappointed, etc. Buutt....I can't help it. I'm not at all seeing the results I hoped for. I won't deny for a minute that there is some improvement. But in no way, shape or form do I look like I paid someone $10,000 for this body. It's depressing! My butt is mediocre. My waist is NOT snatched, at all like I've seen. My stomach is ugly but that part doesn't actually bother me. I've had four big babies and the skin on my belly is stretched all to hell. I expected this and I'm ok with it. I earned it and a bbl wasn't gonna fix it. SHOULD have given me a bangin booty and a smaller waist. I wasn't expecting miracles, but damn. I PRAAAY that things will get better but truthfully, I'm not hopeful. If I lose volume in my booty, I'm fucked. I will have NOTHING to show for this surgery. So sad :( All that money, pain and this torturous garment...for minimal change? I feel sick!


I meant to attach these to the above post. I'm currently 9 days post op. These pics were taken on day 4. I will try to take more pics tonight, but nothing has changed except maybe less volume in the butt, if anything.


Two weeks post-op today.

My husband and I went shopping today and I tried on some jeans. (I come NO WHERE near fitting any I currently own). It was a little depressing going up TWO sizes buuuttt....they were all big in the waist. The booty is obviously must bigger than it was. No doubt about that. I'm still hoping the whole package comes together as time passes, swelling goes down, etc.

I also book my massages today. I'm planning to go twice a week, starting on Monday. Hopefully that helps, as well.

1st Massage

Today was my first lymphatic drainage massage. It was nothing like I expected. It didn't hurt, at all. It was very peaceful and relaxing. Hopefully it helps. I go back on Friday.

On an up note, I went down to smaller garment yesterday. Woot woot for that!!

Arnica Cream

I keep meaning to take a pic and show you guys this cream. It's AWESOME!! I had HUGE, solid, dark purple bruises on the insides of my elbows and knees, on my vagina and scattered around my thighs. This stuff worked great! I applied it more frequently to my elbows because they were easier to get to and the bruises were completely gone within 4 days. FOUR DAYS! My knee/thighs took about 8 or 9 but I only apply to them once or maybe twice a day. I now only have a couple bruises left on my thighs but they're minimal compared to what I started with and I haven't been applying this stuff like I should the last few days. I highly recommend it!

Arnica cream pi

I don't know why the pic didn't upload the first time. I did forget to mention that I ordered it from Amazon. Just FYI

15 day post op pics.

You tell me. Can you tell much difference?

Closing up this review

I didn't think I would ever have another cosmetic surgery procedure but I am now scheduled for a tummy tuck. The BBL with Dr. Cortes was hugely disappointing. My belly was left looking so deformed. I have folds in awkward places from the liposcution canula. I have lumps and bumps that are impossible to hide in ANY bathing suit. It just looks so unnatural. I wasn't looking for him to fix my abdomen. I've had four children and my belly was yuck but it was at least something I could live with. I did NOT expect the BBL to leave me with an UGLIER belly...but, that's what I got. I also go a lumpy bumpy booty, more so on one side than the other . And the way he lipo'd my back gave me fat rolls I NEVER had before, even at my heaviest. Overall, I'm hugely disappointed. My booty is somewhat more full. But it SURE doesn't look like something I should've paid TEN GRAND for. Needless to say I am not going with Dr. Cortes for my surgery to attempt a fix for this mess.

I will start a new review for my tummy tuck. I'm HUGELY confident in the surgeon I have chosen. I made the mistake of blindly going with the "butt master" when I had the BBL. I didn't even interview anyone else. I followed tons of reviews on here and blindly chose him. I allowed him to treat me like HE was doing ME a favor. Lesson learned. I consulted with multiple docs this time. I did a ton of my own research and kept looking until I found "the one". I'm truly looking forward to my procedure with him. This time has been entirely different on ALL a very positive way.
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