So excited to get the BBL!!! been doing a lot of research - Houston, TX

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Hello ladies!!! :) so, i am looking to get a bbl...

hello ladies!!! :) so, i am looking to get a bbl wit flanks, abdomen and back fat all come from being pregnant and giving birth to 3 wonderful children. i have depressed hips and my butt isn't so big like i would like it. so far i have decided to consult wit dr.cortes. any other suggestions on any other good doctors in the houston area who have nice results? or if u have had a bbl in houston please feel free to let me know your experiences.

I have sent 2 emails to Dr. Cortes to get in his...

I have sent 2 emails to Dr. Cortes to get in his office for a consultation. So far, no reply. My next move is to call his Office.

just a update on myself

Hello lovely ladies: ) It has been so long since I last left a post on Rs due to being a full time single mom, working and juggling all this with School. But I haven't given up on my vision to having a curvier more sexy butt and figure. I check in from time to time and read posts. I still Hope to go with Dr Cortez but I have request for a consultion a second time and no reply. :( But I will not give up. I am not financially able to pay for the entire surgery so I need info on other option. If anyone know any info please let me know. As far as if they offer financing, payment arrangements, etc. My Kids went back to school today.....all three :) so I have been setting up a workout plan i can do. Now I have been down the 30 day squat challenge and I must admit it's working with lifting and toning my butt but not really making it Fuller. But I will be in the gym 5 days a week along with down the challenge just to Get in shape. Otherwise all is well on my end and I wish same for all you ladies as well. Til next time.... stay confident and be blessed.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

i found out about Dr. Cortes doing my own research on the web until i came across realself. i also found a few other doctors but my gut is pointing toward dr. cortes so i will be scheduling my consultation with him asap.

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