Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Cortes -Houston, TX

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My surgery for my BBL with Dr. Cortes is scheduled...

My surgery for my BBL with Dr. Cortes is scheduled for Sept. 17th 2013. I've done a TON of research on the internet over the last 3 months on who is good and what to expect. This site has been a BIG help. I originally had the sx scheduled with Dr. Jimerson, but I changed my mind due to a few reasons, one of which the reviews from the site started scaring me away. Then I ran upon Dr. Cortes, and there are so many things that I like about him and his procedure conduct, that I'm happy I changed. On my consultation, he told me to gain 10-15 pounds before the surgery date. Right now I'm 5'3" 150 (I thought I was fat enough, lol), but he thinks I need even more! No problem, I can do it.....although I do see girls on here at a taller height and my weight getting good results. Maybe Cortes likes to make sure he has MORE than enough.....LOL. He seems very nice, and his staff is very warm and caring too. I feel very comfortable with him and am so excited for my surgery! My husband is happy for me too, and I am HIGHLY BLESSED to have a man like him who loves me no matter what and will pay for the procedure without hesitation....just because I want it. He spoils me rotten. And when I'm done getting my big bootay. I'm gonna repay him plentifully. ;-)

As the date approaches I've been reading all the reviews on here, and the only question I have for Dr. Cortes is if he can do the "shelf butt". Jimerson (when on his game) is known for awesome bubblicious shelf butts, and I love that look. I want good projection, 1000cc's and nice hips.... I hope Cortes can do it!. I'll keep you all updated!

Pre op pics..... Never again will I look like this.... :-)

Would love to go sooner...

My sugery date is Sept 17th, but I would love to go sooner due to a schedule conflict. Would anyone with an earlier surgery date with Cortes like to switch with me?

Surgery got moved up! Thanks Lucy!

A lot of you know I've been trying to get my surgery moved up, and Lucy pulled it off! Sept 10th is my new date!

Gained 7 pounds.....going good so far!

I've been reading how a lot of people are having trouble gaining weight. Well I totally understand. It's been like pulling teeth trying to add some pounds. Funny thing is.....back in the day, my body had no problems putting on weight. Felt like I could gain 5 pounds in a day. LOL. Now it's fighting to stay off seems to me that the body wants to do the total opposite of everything you want it to do....LOL.

Well I was told to gain 10-15 pounds. So I'm about halfway there with 3 weeks to go. It took me 2 weeks to gain 7 pounds, so I'm pretty sure I'll make it. But I must say that it started out fun being able to eat what you want to eat. But your body will start being more tired and miserable it's gonna be bitter-sweet girls for those of you who have to gain weight.

I'm just so excited right now, I can't sleep. The anticipation is eating me, and pretty soon I will have the body I've always wanted for years. I used to weigh 200lbs, and before I got married I lost 65 pounds for the wedding (135lb bride!). Then 2 kids and eight years later I got to 150lbs. But I still looked good, just not the shape I wanted. Pretty soon, all that will change, and I will look waaaay better than I did when I got married. My husband keeps a straight face and doesn't try to show his excitement, but I can tell he's just as excited as I am..... :-)

2 weeks to go.....

2 weeks away and it's getting harder and harder to pack these last 4 pounds I need. It's like my body is telling me, "No, I won't do it!" LOL. I need to start gathering the small things I need before I go. I've been reading everyone's list, and they are tooooo long. I know I won't use half of that stuff. I need a "condensed" list that has ONLY NECESSITY items. I'm gonna have to go through all the threads and see what all is being used what's not. My hotel is booked, surgery is fully paid for, and I'm just waiting. Man this may be a long 2 weeks........LOL.

Gained 2 pounds...

Got some great advice on gaining as late as you can right before bed. I started eating big meals after 9:00 pm, and it has worked. I eat all day to maintain the weight I have gained, but adding the bigger meals for the evening is going to ensure I have enough fat for Dr. Cortes to give me that big booty. So, I woke up this morning thinking about the surgery, and the excitment pushed me to buy my first item, a black maxi dress. Next on my list is a Boppy...hoping Target has some. Can anyone tell me where to get the female urinal? I read that someone used a huge funnel that can be bought in the Car Section...the ones used to drain oil...hilarious, but practical. I might try both!

Gained the set just maintain it....

Well I've gained all the weight that was asked of me. And I look like a pig, lol. Nothing in my closet fits me, and I had to borrow some clothes to go to the church today, LOL. I haven't told anyone but family about the surgery, so I know people are wondering why I'm getting so fat, lol. My face is round, and I feel like a football player. I have to keep telling myself that this temporary humiliation is all worth it in the end. And whatever people may say, they'll eat their words in about a month, haha. :-) So I got my praise on today like me and my husband do every Sunday. And now it's time to cook him a really good Sunday meal, so I can pig out some more, LOL. One more week of people staring at me like I have a depression problem, and I'll be in my new body...... :-)

Who cares what people say......I'm going with JUNK IN DA TRUNK!

I'm not gonna lie to you girls. The only reason I was struggling with doing this surgery is because of what people would say about us. It's a small town, my hubby and I are both well known and respected here. And we were worried about the repercussions of doing this. I'm a phillipino woman with a black husband......wanting a nice junk in the trunk, lol. My husband and I for weeks thought of everything negative people would possible say about us. And we weighed the decision heavily upon this. When we finally decided to do the surgery, we agreed to stay conservative with the CC's in order to keep down the talk. But yesterday we finally came to the conclusion that we will take whatever blows people dish out, we'll endure all the backlash......because in the end, it's about ME and him......and us being happy is all that matters. So NO MORE conservative on the CC's........we're gonna go as much as Dr. Cortes can shove in!!!! Big ASS here I come!!!.....

Target weight achieved........165 pounds!!!!

I finally hit 165 pounds. It was long and hard, but I was relentless and I wouldn't let up. My body fought against me, but I stuffed my face anyway, LOL. And I am bloated like a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey. My stomach is HUGE, and my thighs are rubbing together, LOL. In 4 days, Cortes is gonna suck all of this crap out of me, and from the shoulders down, no one will recognize me. Haha! :-)

Count down to "Project Showstopper" begins.....

2 days away!......Headed out tomorrow!

Sx is almost here, leaving to go to Houston tomorrow after church.....packing all of my things right now. Hubby is too. Got my dermoplast, face pillow (with speakers), roller brush for massaging, plastic drop cloths, arnica gels, alcohol swabs, antibacterial soaps, boppy, stretchable dresses and underwear, flat shoes, protein mixes, bowel movement juices, and most of all my hubby. Not gonna go crazy and buy the whole city like many do. Whatever I need, my husband will go out and get. If anyone has any suggestions of what you think is a "must", feel free to tell me.

I took some pics with a stretchable dress to be used as before shots. I can't wait to do after shots to compare these pics side by side. Gonna be a major difference! I will do post op pics as soon as I can......well my hubby is gonna do all of that. I'm gonna have to remember to bring my computer so he can talk to you girls for me, and take pics, because I probably won't be able to. Well, time to get back to packing ladies!!!.....Transformation is near...

Countdown to "Project Showstopper" continues.....

Headed to Hospital!...

Headed to Houston Northwest now to get my bloodwork done. Gonna post up my final before pic I took in the hotel just have the very last reference of a body look I will NEVER have again.... :-)

Final preop pic

Hoping for the Shelf Butt!

She's in surgery right now....

Hi, this is showstopper's husband. Right now she's in surgery, and she's given me the responsibility of updating everyone on how she's doing. If anyone has any questions, I'll ask her later and try to type them here on this site. Thanks, and please send up prayers for her right now if you can.

Surgery if finished.

Dr. Cortes just came out to the waiting room to see me. He said all went well and that he injected close to 1100cc's into my wife cheeks. OMG! He also said that he took out a ton of fat, and that he got real aggressive with her lipo. Felt good to hear that, because that's why my wife chose him from the others. My main thing right now is that she is alive and well. As the husband, that's all I care about. And I'm glad I can make her happy by getting her what she wants. I have to wait 2 hours before I can see her, so this is gonna be a long wait....

Finally with her after an 8 hour wait in the waiting room....

Well they just let me come into the room to see her. She's completely covered in sheets so I can't really see much to tell you. I'm too afraid to touch anything or lift the sheets up to get a pic. I asked her how she was feeling. She said ok. She said she was not in any pain (probably because they got her dosed up on pain meds).

She just wants to sleep right now, so I'm just in the room looking at her and typing to you all. Am I supposed to wake her up in a few hours to do anything? Do I just sit here and watch? Do I make her eat this food they have beside her bed? No one has given me any instructions as of yet. That's why I'm glad she has you guys for support, and that I can ask you all for her.

On another note, why do you guys cut the cheeks out in the garmet? Does it allow for better projection and shape? This is something I've been noticing as I searched the site today.

Day 1 post op.......better than what I thought or was told...

Well she's doing well on day 1. This morning she got up to go pee, and I went to the bathroom with her, but she didn't need my help. :-0 I was shocked watching her bend over into a low squat and peeing for like 5 minutes like a soldier! She didn't have to touch the toilet seat, and she didn't need me to hold her up. My lil lady is strong, LOL! After that I fed her breakfast, and then we took a walk for 15 minutes. She did very good on the walk, and I am very shocked at how fast she's recovering. She still says she's not in pain, and she said the soreness is very mild right now. She told me she wants me to take her home, she doesn't like

I'm also really shocked by how good she looks on the first day. Everyone told me that her butt would be square, and that there would be so much swelling that I would not see a shape on day 1. Well maybe my wife's different, because although there is swelling, her shape looks phenomenal on day 1. You can already see the "heart" shape and hour glass curves already. It's not as square as everyone said it would look. And if it's gonna get better everyday for the next 3 months.....OMG.....I'm gonna have step up my game.....LOL!

I'm very pleased that Dr. Cortes listened to her and tried his best. I'm also very pleased that he got real aggressive with her lipo. She was worried that he wouldn't be able to get to her arms because of people bleeding out early. (Arms was something she really cared about). But Dr. Cortes said she didn't bleed out at all, and that he was able to get very aggressive with her arms. He said he also got aggressive with her thighs, flanks, bra rolls, stomach, back, and chin. That's so incredible to me because other surgeons would charge 15 grand to do all of that stuff, and he does not charge extra. Man, you can't beat that deal! My wife got a full body sculpting for 9K. Awesome.

So far I like what I'm seeing.......and to give a "male" perspective to you ladies, I think ya'll should give Dr. Cortes a try. :-)

About to take her home (hotel).....

About to head out. The real test is getting her in the SUV. :-o I built her a bed in the back by removing both the 2nd and 3rd row seats, and installing mattress, pads, sheets, and pillows. There's a ton of room in a large SUV when you do this, way longer and wider than she is, so she can stretch out completely from head to toe. I also got a small step to help give her boost through the rear entrance. Once I get her in, she's gonna be real comfortable and have luxury chauffeuring.....LOL.

24 hour walks?

My wife wanted me to ask if she is supposed to walk all throughout the night too such as 2am, 4am, etc.....?

Shower not bad.....but putting back on the garmet, now that's the beast!!!

Just got done with her first full shower. I was very nervous because I didn't want to put her through a lot of pain. But boy was that new garmet hard to get back on! It took me 45 minutes, tugging, aligning, pulling, holding, manipulating, sweating, breathing, all while trying my best not to put her through pain.....that was a work out. Whew! I'm off to go wash and clean the old garmet....

How much is everyone draining?...

My wife told me to ask this......How much are you girls draining on day 3? She's only draining 20 cc's a day right now. Day 1 was 100cc's every 3-4 hours. It really slowed up in the last 24 hours. Is it normal to decrease so much so suddenly?

Drain/bandages removed.....2 issues.....smiles in the end.....

Got the drain took out today. And also got most of the bandages off. Had a couple of issues though.....1) A seroma that drained from the right knee.....and 2) Raw blistered skin on the right abdomen that's giving her lots of pain. As I watched her bleed that seroma all over the floor, in that moment I saw how real all of this was and what my wife has decided to put herself through. The question then arises......Is all of this craziness worth it?......This pain, swelling, bruising, and bleeding........And then she puts on the new full body garment, looks in the mirror at her new figure, and smiles......and then the answer to my question shines forth. :-) To her, it's worth it. And if it's worth it to her, it's worth it to me....

Look at that shelf!

I'm back ladies!......I can type again, LOL

Hi girls, I'm back! I'm well enough to update the blog myself, so you no longer have to hear it from my husband, Lol. I see he likes to type too, Lol. Well I went back to MS today, and it feels good to be home. I'm draining a LOT of fluid from my incision sites on my knees. Fluid constantly runs down my legs and ruin whatever floor I'm standing on. I'm wondering if this will stop soon or if they'll need stitches. They don't seem as if they want to close up, and with me constantly walking and stretching them, I'm kind of worried they'll stay open and keep draining. Well draining is good, but I don't want them to get infected. Anyone else had this problem with the incision sites on the knees?

Feeling better.......this is a 2-person surgery! Don't do it alone.

Feeling better each day. Putting on the garmet was a little rough but much better than the first time. Walking is getting better, but I still need the hubby to do everything for me, bathing, bandaging, clothing, cleaning, groceries, laundry, taking care of kids. And on top of all of that, he has to wake up every 2 hours throughout the night to take me to the bathroom. I can't imagine the girls doing this by themselves. That's crazy. You have to have someone who will commit to this surgery with you. I know that everyone is different and that we all tolerate pain differently and heal differently. But I still can't see doing this alone. If you don't have a significant other, then maybe a family member, and if you don't have that, then you need to put a caregiver in your budget. DON'T DO THIS ALONE!

Attn future Cortes dolls.........1-piece garmets ain't happenin!

A full piece garmet is just not gonna work. With a small waist and big butt, I'm gonna need a two piece. The top garmet needs to be smaller than the bottom garmet. This is the problem all Cortes dolls are gonna have with those big hips he give. You're not gonna get that one piece pass his hips, and if you can, your top half is gonna be too loose. I have no idea where to find a good 2 piece, but I'm gonna go on the hunt today.

6th day "recovery" update.......but we're not all the same...

Just an update on my recovery.......walking is getting better. Still soar and stiff and need the hubby to take care of me, but things are steady improving. Looking at my pace and how everything is going, I'd say it'll be 3-4 weeks before I'm completely independent and can go back to work. Now let me say that everybody is different, there are girls back at work after a week, and I applaud how tough their body is with surgery and pain. I wish I was like that.......guess I'm in the "weak" batch, lol. In fact, I saw a lady at my hotel who said she just had the BBL with Dr. Cortes right before me and she was walking around like nothing ever happened! :-o I was like OMG.....did we just have the same surgery? LOL

So in conclusion......I see that no one can really tell you how it's gonna be.....some girls go shopping at the mall the next day, while others are bed-ridden for a month. No way to tell how you'll respond just do it. :-)

Girls, I'm a little worried.......give me some feedback.

I must admit......I'm a little worried. My hips are wide but my projection seems flat. I know that I'm only one week out and that I shouldn't make any conclusions, but I thought I'd vent my fears a little bit because you girls know this stuff very well, a lot better than me.

Cortes is definitely a hip man. That's what he loves. Even if you tell him you don't want much hips, like I told him, he's still gonna give you a lot. I don't mind the hips being a lot bigger than what I wanted, but the projection has to match.

Girls, I'm worried I'm gonna be wide and flat. :-( .........Should I be?

Thanks ladies......don't pay attention to the post above. Lol

Thanks to all the ladies who inboxed me and wrote on my blog to reassure me. My emotions are all over the place. I think everything is gonna be just fine. I just need to not let my mind play tricks on me. :-)

So disregard what I wrote above.....just having a moment. :-)

8 days post op....... progess report.

8 days post op......incisions are finally starting to close up. I was just draining and draining and draining. Finally getting some relief from red all over my towels, lol. And finally was able to decrease my bandage count some.

The big nasty lipo burn blister is still there. Ladies be aware of this, the more aggressive the lipo, the more potential for skin burns. That cannula must really get hot! My hubby is treating it very aggressively. He's constantly making sure it's healing properly without infection. If you get one of these blisters, you have to be very careful in how you bandage it. About 3 inches of skin around it is burnt as well, even though you can't tell, and if you tape or bandage it, you will scream when the tape or bandage comes off. My husband has gotten it down to an art....he's figured out how to bandage it without me being in any pain when it's time to clean it.

Still feeling nauseous and vomitty. Still hurts to lay down and I never seem able to get comfortable when I lay down....especially when there is no other position you can do besides being on your stomach. Sucks, because I can't turn or do anything to get comfortable when I'm hurting. So I just get back up and walk. My husband constantly tries different pillow techniques to get me comfortable when I lay down, but sometimes nothing works.

Ordered me a medium squeem today. The one piece garment just doesn't work with big hips. BIG THANKS to LADYB2011......I don't know what I would do without that girl. Feels really good to have someone in the same boat and willing to share it with you.

My husband is going back to work soon and I'm a little scared. Although I'll have someone here with me, NOBODY takes care of me like him. Today I'm gonna work on trying to clean myself after I do the #2, because I'm not letting anyone other than him do that. Yes I had to mention this because there may be some girls who may not be able to reach back there up to 2 weeks postop.

Emotional rollercoaster, but with God and my hubby and you girls, I'll get off the ride soon.... :-)

Day 9.....

Day 9...... Blister is healing really rapidly. Recovery is picking up pace faster. Almost as if I'm in some kind of second stage or something. Husband went off to work and came back to see how I did for the first day on my own, and I was glad to show him that I took care of myself, my food, and wiped my own butt....LOL. He had such a proud look on his face. Haha.
Waist line is slimming down, skin is retracting some. Bruise marks are shrinking some. Glad I'm heading in the right direction. Tomorrow I want to try to shower by myself. Hope the hubby lets me do it. I think I can. We'll see..... :-)

Day 10....

Day 10......Washed my hair today by myself. And cooked myself some food. Was even able to make the kids some macaroni. Yay, I'm not useless anymore! LOL. I even did some house cleaning. Getting back into the groove and feeling better every minute. Left ankle really swollen, but that's because my incisions in the knees have closed shut and there's no where for the fluid to come out anymore.

Butt and hips are going down a lot, but that's the swelling going away. If I lose a lot of size it's ok, main thing is I have a better shape, even if I don't have big butt. (Always have to look on the bright side of everything). :-)

Day 12........Strange re-swelling....

Day 12......This is strange. I'm having a "re-swelling". Fluid is building up all over my body and my stomach is getting huge (pushing through the compression). Scale says I gained 5 pounds. I feel ok, and nothing hurts. And it's not worrying me, but it thought that it was just kinda weird to regress with swelling.

Anyone else heard of a 2 week post-op re-swell???

One more thing....

Something else to add......butt is getting soft......which is a good thing.....but I thought it was too soon for that....???

I ain't complaining though......LOL

2 week post op pics....

Owe more?

Anyone get an additional bill from Houston Northwest?

95% on my own....

95% independent...... Can do everything for myself without help except for picking up things off the floor. Can also now climb in and out of bed without the hubby. Only thing that's frustrating is always having to watch TV sideways....LOL. You can't sit or lay on your back, all you can do is lay on your stomach and look at it out of the corner of your eye, lol. I know my fellow BBL sisters feel me on

I miss being intimate with my husband. He's patient, I'm not, LOL. I was told 3 weeks.....what were you girls told?

Looking good now!......Got a BADONK!!!

They say that the body's shape changes a lot the first 8 weeks, and they weren't lying. 1 month out, and I'm looking very different from 2 weeks ago. I'm pleased with how I'm turning out, and today I went to visit the family. It's the first time anyone has seen me since the surgery and my in-laws dropped their jaws in shock. They were just hollering..."Girl you fine now!....Look at that badonk!" My husband was grinning from ear to ear, lol.

I still have much swelling in my abdomen and back, so when that goes down, my waist to hip ratio will be a lot better. There is still much more projection to gain because of that alone. As my back sways in with the "scoop" effect, it's gonna make my butt appear larger. Can't wait for that to happen. Then when the "fluff" comes, projection is gonna get even better. So these 1 month po pics are nowhere near showing how good I'm gonna be 2 months from now. Can't wait....

Gonna start work Monday. Hubby made sure I had PLENTY of time at home to recover. And I feel really good right now. Work shouldn't be hard at all....

4 weeks begins!

I started work yesterday, and I must say I thought I was going to have a much better day. I worked 8-5, and by the time I got home my body was so stiff, especially my right leg. If you can take 6 weeks off of work, ladies, I recommend it! The longer you can take off, the easier it will be for you. I got home, did the kids homework, ate dinner, and went to bed at 7:00pm. I should have taken my hubby up on his offer and taken this week off. I don't drink liquids or eat like I should because I don't want to have to use the bathroom 10 times a day. And getting in and out of the car is only possible with my hubby. He has to carry me in and out; it's a funny I'm 9 months pregnant. LOL! I'm sitting on the yoga roller hard cushion wrapped in gorilla tape. I'm glad to be able to sit, but man is that thing hard. Today is the same; I am sure in about an hour I will be ready to sleep. I only eat to get my nutrients, but my appetite these two days have been slim to none. Hope this healing speeds up!

Moving better....thank God!

Turns out I was lacking food and drink! The tired feeling has improved, and the stiffnes has improved. Yesterday, I loaded up on spinach, tuna, tomatoes, pineapples with the juice, coffee (without much creamer or sugar, the blacker the better), water, and protein shakes. I squeezed this all in before bed, and released a whole lot of fluid. I felt better and was able to stay up until 10pm. This morning, before work, I had a protein shake, coffee, vitamins (Omega 3, iron, multivitamin, Viactiv vitamin D with Calcium, and probiotics), and water. I released fluid 4X before heading out. The moral of the story....even if you are not hungry or thirsty or fear having to leave your post and use the bathroom too many times....EAT and DRINK regularly. I know I can make it through the work day now and Bible class and church service tonight. Lunch is going to be a tuna sandwich, apple, pineapples, and water. My body and my mind will thank me! Stay healthy...faster recovery! So simple and yet I forget the simple things! Thanking God that suffering is over! I can move this BIG BOOTAY again! Oh yes!

Night out with the hubby...

Feel great.......just mild swelling left....

Feeling good. No problems. Only thing left is mild swelling in the mid section still. I'm just about 2 months post op and waiting on the 3 month mark so I can sit down again. Feels like it's been years since I sat. Do I even know how to anymore?.....LOL

Headed towards a good Thanksgiving

Nearing 3 months post op and I feel good. Wounds have completely healed. Walking at normal speed, driving, sitting, and pretty much back to my normal life again. Only thing I have left is abdominal swelling that's non-existent in the morning, but heavy in the evening. I pretty much assumed that this is the part that will take 6 months to completely subside. I tried to work out a little, but I got tired too quick, lol. My butt is softening up, no more lumps or hard spots, and I retained most of my fat transfer. My butt looks smooth and round, and I'm pleased with the results....turning heads everywhere, lol. My hubby is very pleased, he says my new figure looks natural and normal, as if I was shaped like this all along. No one can tell I had surgery because everything looks so natural the way the curves flow. Not too little, not too much. I went to the mall today to try on jeans for the first time, and it felt so good to fill out the jeans. This surgery is life-changing. Recovery is tough, but it's well worth it.

Update on recovery....loving my bootay.

Just an update on recovery......I'm back to normal and no effects of the surgery are remaining. The only thing left is the black marks everywhere from the lipoing. But I read from one blog that it can take up to a year for the black marks to disappear. They must be internal burns. They don't bother me though, just cosmetically not appealing, lol. I enjoyed a great Christmas with my family, and I'm very glad we timed the surgery when we did.....definitely would not want to be down for Christmas and New Year's. Feels good to be sleeping on my back again. I had to wait 3 months before I could do it, and let me tell you, it was HEAVEN, lol. I will never take that luxury for granted ever again! I have not lost anything on my butt size, so I still look the same as the last pics I posted. Just waiting on the fluff! Well Happy New Year's dolls! :-)

4 months po.....Before and After shots...

Want to show you ladies how dramatic of a change took place for my body. I am so proud of my new figure. Here is a before and after shot at the 4 month mark.

If I had to do it all over again, what would I have done............

First off, let me update that my butt looks great and I have not lost any volume at all. No lumps, no hard spots, and it rounded off very well. I uploaded a pic to show me going on a night out with the husband, and he is very proud, lol.

But what would I change.........I would not have gotten my legs lipo'd. My legs were my best attributes, and really didn't need altering. First off, there are pits/craters on my right leg in the lower thigh and around the knee. Second, the upper leg is not touched in lipo, only the lower, and fat is depositing in the upper thigh (where lipo wasn't done), making this weird turkey leg appearance (skinny bottom, fat top). But of the two, the pits/craters bother me the most, leaving me unable to wear a bathing suit. Does anyone know if they will disappear? would take fat redepositing in those areas again one day for that to happen.....I presume.

Lesson I learned from this..........don't lipo an area that you love already just to have more fat available for the butt. If the surgeon can pull enough fat from other areas to get it done, then stop there. You can mess up an area that you love trying to fix another area that you hate.

Final blog entry............2nd BBL in the making...

This is probably my last entry in this blog. So I want to give my final thoughts and future plans as a sign off. First off, let me say Dr. Cortes is a caring and good doctor. We are mostly satisfied with everything he has done, but we are most likely going to go to Jimmerson for an enhancement surgery. Every surgeon has their strengths and technique styles so it's not a matter of if he/she did a good job or not, but rather if your tastes match their style. So let me give you my thoughts on Corte's "style"....

Dr. Cortes is what I call a "top-heavy"/hip bbl surgeon. If you want good latina style hips, he's the man for the job. He's also great at giving you more top and outer cheek fat if you need it in those areas. However, his weaknesses are inner and lower cheeks. These areas will appear flat in comparison to the top and outer cheeks. This is not what I've seen just from my build, but from other women on here as well. I would say to all future Cortes patients, since you know his style from reading this blog, get him to focus on his weak areas, and help build his craft to become the best in the biz, because he definitely has the potential to.

So like I said earlier, we're gonna see if Jimmerson can take a couple hundred cc's and "fill-in" those flat areas and give me a more symmetrical projection. We made this decision based on other blogs where we've seen Jimmerson's fat-insertion sites. He has insertions in the inner and lower cheeks, and that's why he produces such good projections in those areas. Dr. Cortes doesn't have insertions there (his are only in upper and outer regions), so that's why we feel going back to him for a second BBL would only exaggerate what he's already done.

Although this is my last entry in this blog girls, be looking out for a second blog in the future about Jimmerson's "touch-up". Bye dolls..........for now...... :-)

Dr. Cortes is a very caring and driven surgeon. He wants his product to be top notch on every patient. He has pride in his work. And this is the type of surgeon you want on your body. Those who don't have this type of passion will get sloppy on some patients and ignore their mistakes leaving you in the dark. I'm happy I've chosen Dr. Cortes and I recommend him to anyone. BBL king of the Texas!

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