Working out and Booty dropping and Fluffing 3weeks post op!

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I started my journey last year getting back to me....

I started my journey last year getting back to me. Long story short after graduating Nursing School 2011. I promised myself after all that hard work, I deserve the car, and body of many dreams, so I purchased car, and being a SX RN was able to meet a great board certified plastic surgeon who offered Nurses 20% off. I wz able to pay it off in 3months had mini tt, breast augmentation June 13th 2012 one of the best decisions I made . I love there truly just want a bigger booty!!

Hello bbl sistas! Here's a little background info...

Hello bbl sistas! Here's a little background info abt me. I'm 33 year old mother of 3 son11yrs, daughter just turned 7 fri, another son whose 4 yrs old. I've been married the man of my dreams this June will make 10yrs.. Still cnt believe it because marring young wasn't easy but the power and Blessings of God has gotten us through. OAN when I first told him abt the bbl he wasn't feeling it, but he knew I would do it anyway, which is what he said lol, so he has been very supportive. I think initially they worry abt the attention we'll receive and that makes them nervous. Not to sound conceited or anything but I had to let him know I get a lot of attention now being the beautiful dark chocolate women that I am, so what difference will it make. I'm ALWAYS A LADY. Once we got that situation taken care of he was sold ,even picking out wish pics. I told him he having more fun than me lmbo. Anyway due to my sx being 5 months away my ply focus is gaining weight, and saving I'm treating this sx like a bill. I make payments every two weeks. I'm hoping to have it paid off in June. Paying cash is no joke. So far I've gained 20lbs my metabolism is crazy because if I miss a meal or two I'm losing lbs. I made a 2nd f/u appt w/ dr. Cortes bcz I want to see if I've gained enough he initially told me 20-30lbs. I've always been weight conquece that I don't wanna gain too much. My exspectation are to have a nice waist hip ratio and nice heart shaped butt w/ a sexy slope. My initial measurements were 5'9 180lbs, now 5'9 202lbs breast 36 ddd, waist 40, hips 44, thigh 29. My biggest concern is I'm naturally curvy I don't want too much and it makes me look fat. I guess we will discuss those details in depth on the 9th. Good luck to all the ladies crossing over this month. God Bless and be with you all can't wait to join you!!

Added some wish pics. What do you ladies think?

Added some wish pics. What do you ladies think?

My hubby and I went to my f/u consultation. His...

My hubby and I went to my f/u consultation. His bedside manner is great he really cares abt his patients and we know it. He stated my weight gain is good. I'm currently 200lbs. He stated I need to a least get to 215 because I'm so tall. He stated your beautiful you have a nice shape naturally, but you have no hips lol, so we definitely need an extra 400ccs for that. I know a lot of ppl think he is pricey but you have to consider what all the price includes, it's a total body makeover were you gain the weight is were he removes it from via chin,flanks,stomach,arms,bck, thighs, bra roll, if you you need hips that included as well too, as you can see what some Dr's are charging extra for, or other areas that may need to be lipoid that's not being touch because it's extra. Dr. Cortes is doing it for one flat rate, because he wants his patients to get their money's worth, and his reputation as the butt specialist is important to him. My hubby likes him he says he know his stuff, that made him more comfortable. At the end of the appt he stated your going to look amazing with big bubbly booty lol. I'm so excited I made a payment for 1,000. At the rate my payments are being made I should have it paid off end of May, and possibly have Sx earlier keeping my fingers crossed. I'm so ready to get it over with because I can't focus on anything else just my soon to be BIG BOOTY lol!! Is everyone else like that?

Idk were to begin hello dolls it's been awhile so...

Idk were to begin hello dolls it's been awhile so much has gone on in my life since the last update. My Granny has passed away, so iv'e been bck and forth btw Houston and Dallas. The hubby and I are getting kind of rocky, but I'm not going to let it get me dwn. Still making my payments but they haven't been what it was but I told myself. I've come to far and I'm not stopping now. Plus have yall seen the dolls he's done recently!!! I figured out a plan to get the rest paid off which is taking care of my childrens needs, and paying bills. PAying off the rest of my balance which brings me to the next thing. I got a new date July 5, 2013 @ 7a I'm soooo excited!! Ready to get her done!!

Dr.Cortes paid in full..

Dr. Cortes paid in full..11of15pounds gained. Due to work issues I changed date to July 18. I'm so obsessed all I do is think about how it's going to look. Dr. Cortes has been doing his thing w his bbl!! Ppl complain abt his price but in my opinion you get what you pay for, so I'm ready... t o get this extra weight off and get sx. Hubby andI are doing well. After long discussion I found out he was nervous thinking I'm gone wild out afterwards a little reassurance goes a long way. To all the recent Cortes dolls that have crossed over happy healing and cont to put Houston,Tx and Dr. Cortes on the map!!

Let the count down begin 29 days!!

Not to much going on. My weight is at 214.5lbs abs I can tell. I'm sick of eating!! Just preparing. Going to stay w my sis in houston for 2 weeks. I realized one thing at the time of my sx I should be on my cycle. Since my last baby and getting my tubes tired it's heavy and painful, so I'm trying to avoid that at all cost. Due to liposuction causing blood lost I don't want my cycle to effect how much Lipo he does, and yes being a Sx RN does make a little too smart for my own good. I'm getting on birth control tommorrow and the plan is when it's time to take last week of sugar pills that cause the cycle to come is to skip that week and start New month, or depo shot. I leaning towards that because I've had it before and I know I won't have cycle for at least 3months. I guess what they say is true Nurses make the worst patients.

Too Smart for my own good...

Spoke with Dr. Cortes Nurse told her my plans. I had her so convinced she said let me ask him and call you back lol. Unfortunately he said no due to blood clotting. which I knew was a risk he said better safe than sorry. I need to learn how to be a better patient.

Sending Prayers and love up for my fellow Cortes Doll @Shayyyy

Happy Saturday loves!! I'm sending a special shout out to my fellow Cortes Doll who crossed over yesterday @Shayyy !! Happy healing,.stay strong,I know you look amazing!! If you ladies can send some love and encouraging words her way.. Have a Blessed Day!!

Pre Op Today less than 2weeks to go!!

Pre Oped w/ Dr.Cortes today him and his staff are super nice he really cares about his patients. I signed all consents told him what I wanted. He tells me I need to gain at least more 10lbs. He so shock asking were is the fat your body to muscular. I said I feel fat as hell right now he like no you really look good you need more fat. I'm eating everything in sight. Talked to my girl Shayyy she doing and looking wonderful, getting me motivated for the 18th!! Hope everyone had a great 4th. Peace and Blessing!!

9 days!!

9 days my weight is currently at 220 yay me?! 5 more to go!! I'm sad because my husband has to work and won't be able to come (sad face) sister is going to take care of me.

7 more day!!

1 week to go.. So excited, and nervous. Received medical clearance today yaay me. Still eating like a cow. I think I may be able to gain 15 instead of 10 because my weight is at 223. Yes ladies the doll has been working eating every and anything fattening in sight. Babies are going to my parents for a few weeks. My husband is super excited finally lol but he won't be able to come down until that sat after work, not to worry my sister will be sending him pics and he will keep everyone updated. I'm going to take full advantage of being at my sister and make her work lol they say nurses are the worse patients. I kidding I'm going to do right. Not to brag or boost but I've always recovered well after my breast reduction and lift I had a 3 month son I had no choice, and and tummy tuck last year I was doing for myself in 3 days, so hopefully everything goes well, until next week ladies ttyl!!

Dr. Cortes is the Man..the doll ha been snatched

Post op day 1is cool it feels like I've done a million squats no lie lol. I ended up coming on my cycle like I knew I would he said its ok to use tampon ,so that's what I did. When he first saw me he said wow you gained more weight that's good. He said were gone push it to the limit. I ended up w 1200 each cheek. 200 in hips. My focus was to remain curve and projection. I wasin sx for 5 hours gotextremely nausious my bp shot threw the roof due to the fact I couldn't getpainmeds if II'm nauseous which I totally understand. it got better had a good night. Dr. Cortes just stopped by he said yougot buns of steel lol. he said you must work out allot. I said I do he said I know youmade me work. I told him his work was not in vain because I love my results. My waist the swelling is gone. he lipo chin, abd, inner thigh, back.

a better side pic

post op day 2

im feeling allot better today. a little sore butotherwise ok. Dr. Cortes officehadcalled numerous of times to check on me. I thought that was very considerate of them. Will post more pics tomorrow. still lovingmy results!! Dr. Cortes is trulyan amazing Dr. he listentowhat I wanted with his skills ha surpassed my expectation.. He's Goodat what he does!!

post op day 4

recovery is going well. My hubby came yesterday his initial reaction was dame that ass is huge. needless to say he was pleased w everything. I have postop sppt today hopefully this drain come out. I love my results even with the swelling my waist is small. once the drain come out I start my stomach therapy that I did when I had tt. I'm tired will update again after appt. adding a pic but it doesn't do it justice.

post op pic

if you the hourglass Dr. Cortes is your man..loving my results

Just left Dr. Cortes office got stitches
drain removed yeah buddy...I'm feeling good abt my results he truly a good doctor very concerned w what we want and a perfectionist which is what I was looking for. Thanks for the love ladies!!

post op day 4

2 weeks post op!!

Hey ladies sorry I've been mia awhile. first let me start off by saying this is a while body surgery please make sure your mentally preparedas well as physical. Dr. Cortes is very aggressive with the Lipo. My measurements after sx waist 37 in hips was 51 I've my waist is the same my hipsand butt have been holding at 49 in that's alot of ass lol!! I love my results my butt is big but very natural looking if thatmakes sense. The only problem.that I have is the itching from the nerve regeneration ugh it's that deep under skin itch that you can't scratch. it was keeping me up all night. I spoke e Deanne she got me a rx for Elavil it's ideally used for depression but in my case it's used to help settle nerves not to mention it knocks you out sleeping won't be a problem. I go back to work tomorrow. I'm a charge nurse so I'm anticipating how much running I'll be doing. I shouldbe getting new any day now. I was going to.get it before I rtn to work but they were busy in office and couldn't mail out so I'm goingto call.and make sure it was dropped off to feed ex today. nothing more to really discuss other than being ready this recovery is no joke but lookingon bright side it gets better every day!!

more pics

work and bbl 2 weeks post op!

Good Evening ladies!! I want to give a quick up date on my return to work. I'm a charge nurse I have to move around allot. My plan going to work was to pad my garment lower back and bilateral sides. I saturated my body down w arnica gel it's very soothing let it dry then I padded my self put on garment. I took ibuprofen 800. I was very comfortable no pain or itching for the first 4 hours. I was surprised but excited. I took another 800 ibupfofen whichworked very well. however all Hell broke loose when it was time for me to chart lol. I couldn't get comfortable to save my life. I had my boppy pillow and yoga mat that I used to drive with but it wasn't rworking for me in chair. I texted shayyy our fellow Cortes. doll for tips. Long story short I ended up using stool sittingon my thighs. I would stand up every 5-10 mins to stretch out running to restroom making sureI'm not losing volume kmsl. I knowI'm not the only one that was back and forth to rest room lol, other thanthat no other problems. As the weeks progresses my shape gets better and better. Dr. Cortes really did an amazing job. My co worker were feeling on me lol. they loved my results as well. If I can stop this annoying itch and creepy crawling sensation especially at night I would be in cloud nine.

Loving Dr. Cortes more and more week by week!!

Hey ladies hoping all is well w everyone! I took my garment off today and lost my breath bcz I was so excited. Even though he said he had to work hard on my buns of steel he did and amazing job. While recovering I was up and down w my results my hubby and Dr. Cortes told me to be patient I will see more resultsas weeks pass. Let me tell you when I took my garment off and see indentions of six pack and obliques I was floored. I hadn't seen that since my my 2 pregnancy. Dr. Cortes is the Man I'm.taking you!! For the haters that think it's just lumps it isn't I have 2 lumps one on both my sides that's reducing in size w every massage. When he says he aggressive w the Lipo he is. OAN I wanted to inform you all what happened over weekend. I order my stage 2 garment Wednesday from Dr. Cortes Deanne shipped it to me Fri. Fed Ex delivered it to wrong place, so make sure if your a out town patient like myself and getting things shipped be sure to let Deanne know that you want signature on delivery to ensureyou get your merchandise bcz those garments aren't cheap and to.make matters worse the inconvience that it causes. Yes and to top it off the next day sat Deanne called in a rx for me of compound topical cream it works wonders ladies and last hours. Fed Ex delivered it to a lady around the corner luckily she was honest and called fed ex let them know. Fed Ex then called me and the lady and I met up. I'm glad because that medicine is the truth baby. Lord knows I needed it in my life kmsl.

3weeks post op working out and booty dropping and fluffing

Hey ladies I got some question for the vets . When can I start working out again. I know cardio is a no no but Im ready to push a-little harder and get more active. When does dropping and fluffing occur. Ive been told that some women have seen he initial 20% that they lost come back. After sx my hip and butt measured 51in. Im currently measuring 49in. Last question were in the hell do I go for jeans lol. Thanks in advance ladies!!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I found him online, realself, youtube, was really impressed w results. I had consultation loved his bedside manner, the ppl in his office were great, too skinny so I have to gain weight 15-20lbs. so I paid deposit and locked in my day. July 18th 2013. Just in time for my bday

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