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I'm having my Brazilian Butt Lift With Dr Cortes...

I'm having my Brazilian Butt Lift With Dr Cortes I'm super Excited I have a nice shape already but I just want it fuller I meet Dr. Cortes in June 19th 2013 He made me feel so comfortable and his staff shouts out to Deanna and Lucy you ladies are awesome!!! I can't wait till get a bigger Butt & Hips

MY Pre OP APPT....

Just got off the phone with Deanna she scheduled my Pre OP Registration APPT!!! for Dec 2nd At the Hospital so I have decided to check in my Hotel on Dec 8th I am hoping the weather wont be so bad.. I also booked my hotel stay for 2 weeks but I couldn't believe the price that was quoted to me by my travel agent plus my rental car I decided not to fly since Houston is only 3 to 4 hours away from me so I thought renting a Caravan would be more comfortable and roomy because I can lay flat on my stomach in the back while my hubby chauffeurs me home LOL.... I will keep everyone updated and I will upload some before pictures within a couple of days talk to Ya soon BYE!!!!


Hi Ladies I just want to give a little information about myself I am 41 I will be 42 in August I have 3 kids 21,17 and a 3 year old I know what your saying WOW!!! That's a bigggg difference... I been married for 17 years. So much for that's... Well let me make this long story short I hope LOL.. For the past 6 years I have wanted a make over BIG BOOTAY AND TINY WAIST LINE so I said when I turn 40 I having a BBL And a Breast Reduction well change in plans after I had my middle son I got my tubes tide that was in 1996!!! when I turned 38 my doctor said that I was 4 1/2 weeks Pregnant that's the last thing I heard him say before I pasted out in his office LOL.. Now at that time my middle son was in JR High so that kinda postpone my BBL & my Breast Reduction Having my last child put a lot of weight on me; before that I stayed at the gym preparing myself for this surgery Sometimes things just don't go the way you plan it. after my 3rd child I told my doctor don't tide my tubes you can cuttem, burning them, barbecue them do whatever YOU got to do but I am done having KIDS!!!!! JUST 1 year ago I started doing my research and some how I ran across Real Self I am so glad I did or I would have never my so many ladies with the same idea as myself and I would have never found Dr. Cortes either. I was so undecided who I wanted to do my BBL I prayed about it and I choose Cortes especially after I seen his YOUTUBE Videos I was sold I wish he could have done my Breast Reduction but he is out of network with my insurance BCBS Which Sucks so I am going to have that done August 29th giving my body time to heal before Dec 9th I am having my breast done here in Dallas Tx I am 5"7 I weigh 215 my Breast Size is 42 H and I am sizing these girls down to a 38DD Wish me LUCK LADIES!!! My family knows I am having my breast reduction But I haven't told them about the BBL sx reason why is I just don't want to hear negative things come out of their mouth about it. I need some positive energy around me right now. My husband knows about my Breast Reduction and He knows about my 2nd sx don't laugh ladies but he thinks im getting a TT LOL... THE reasons I haven't actually told him the complete truth is Last night I was looking at some post op pics and he was being nosey as usual he walk up to see what I was doing on the computer and he seen naked A** so he said WHAT THE HELL!!! ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT GETTING BUTT IMPLANTS!!! LOL...So I said NO!!! Which I did tell the truth.im not getting butt implants im getting FAT transferred to my A** So I have decided to just surprise the HELL out him when he comes in the recovery room!!! Dr. Cortes said that he will give me the BUTT I always wanted and Hips and Tiny Waist Line and my Hour Glass Shape I told him that I wanted 1200cc in each cheek and 300cc in my Hips because of my Height and he said no problem cause Lord know I have enough FAT.. for all of that LOL.. He SAID he will do Lipo on my Abdomen, Arms, Back, Thighs, and Chin LORD knows my body needs it.. Well sorry I tried to make this SHORT it turned out to be a BOOK LOL... I AM FIXING TO UPLOAD SOME BEFORE PICS OF MYSELF... I WILL STAY IN TOUCH LADIES (Good Night) AND GOD BLESS...

Preparing For My Breast Reduction

Hi Ladies today was a very busy Morning and Afternoon for me I met my Plastic Surgeon for the 1st time he seems really nice his name is Dr. Nguyen and he has been in practice for many years doing BR so that made me feel at ease!!! So anyways I finally get called back I had to get undressed so he could take pictures and measurements of these Huge Watermelons LOL... (42H)!!!!!! I can tell that Dr. Nguyen is very into his work he explained everything to me he answered all my questions and he said since my breast were so large that he would have to do a anchor cut on me and I might have a scar but in time it will slightly go away not all the way but some I am ok with that just as long as he do a good job on me and give me what I am asking for which is 38DD NO MORE NO LESS!!!! So he sent me across the street to have my MAMMOGRAM done LADIES let me tell you this that was my first time having a mammogram done ever... THAT SHIT HURT!!! MY damn Breast is so FREAKING BIG THAT the woman had to use both hands to maneuver them around LOL... AND I didn't like all that pinching either when I left out of that place my NIPPLES WERE SORE AS HELL!!!! MY Husband ain"t gonna be able to Suck or Lay on these GIRLS for awhile LOL....So after I had that done my PS told me he would submit everything to the insurance company this week so hopefully I can have my surgery in August aleast that will give me time to heal and get ready for my BBL IN DEC. Oh I almost forgot the Dr. told me that my breast were uneven my Left was bigger than my right I was like what the HELL!!! I ALWAYS THOUGHT I HAD IDENTICAL TWINS But today I find out that their FERTERNAL TWINS we both just laughed our butts off... but to keep it REAL I really wanted Dr. Cortes to do my BR... When I was at the Dr. office my phone rings and its LUCY from Dr. Cortes office she told me that she was sending me a email of my Surgery Date Confirmation and my Post-OP Instruction packet and a Receipt of my 500 dollar down payment I had to sign it and fax it back so I got that taken care of. Now its all about waiting I will keep everyone posted God Bless!!!!


Hello my BBL Sista"s I need your advise about something if you have already read the beginning of my Blog then you should that I didn't tell my other half that l was having a BBL he thinks I am having a TT and even with that he is Flipping out telling me that I am waisting money on that when all I have to do is workout really hard. MY Sista"s for some reason I am sensing some JEALOUS LOL... a lot of it...I told him that he knows that I have wanted a BBL and a TT I just never put a lot on IT.. having the BBL JUST MORE on me getting the TT. BUT after really thinking long and hard my mind was completely sold on having my BBL 1st this was something I"ve been wanting for the past 4 to 6 years but I got pregnant in 2009 so my dreams were put on hold for awhile but now its my time to SHINE!!!! He told me that he has my back but still I can feel jealous coming from him that's why I haven't completely giving him the COMPLETE truth... I am having surgery YES!!! BUT not a TT Should I tell him now OR wait until they roll me into the recovery laying on my stomach with a FAT A** I SEE how he reacted towards me when I told him about the TT See Ladies he probably thought I was joking back when I was considering it all and now he is acting like he is just surprised that I am committed to this JUST imagine how he will react if I told him about me having a BBL instead of the TT MY Big sister told me to tell him when he comes in the recovery room to say SURPRISE BABE THIS IS FOR YOU!!!! TO ME THAT SOUNDS KINDA OF LAME!!! My Sista"s what do u think??? WHEN I should let the cat out of the bag.


Ladies I'm Watching Love and Hip Hop on VH1 and Wow Dr. Andrew Jimerson is on the Show Fixing to do a Boob Job on my Girl MiMi He must really be Famous and Good Cause that's the second time I've seen him on TV the first time he was on the Show Family Hustle with Ti and Tiny it's all good i'm still sticking with Dr. Cortes!!! I see Ya Dr. J on the Big Screen :-):-)

Items I Have Purchased So Far For My SX....

Some items I have purchased online and bought in the stores Like Walmart and Walgreens some of my Online purchases come from Amazon and Ebay and The Pink Room, I am waiting for my Tummy board it should be here any day and Two Garments I purchased from Anna, I haven't purchased my Pillow Yet and some other stuff BUT in due time I will keep everyone posted!!! Here are some Pictures of some the things I have gotten so far. I also have to keep in mind that I am having my SX in one the coldest months ever SO Im probably needing stuff to keep warm in TOO.

The Pink Room!!!

My Tummy Flattening Board Just arrived this Morning Yayyyyy!!!

My New Fajas

Hey Sista"s I am so Happy to receive my Fajas today I had just got off work, working the night shift at the hospital stopped and had Breakfast with my D.O.N and came home to find a package at my front door opened it and their it was I just started smiling and then I thought Damn I am really doing this I am actually going thru with this Brazilian Butt Lift so I started getting nervous LOL... Oh I almost forgot to tell yall that my Breast Reduction is August the 16th 10 days before my Birthday I guess that will be my Bday present to myself!!!! I will take PICS and Post the night before my SX Im not gonna know how to feel afterwards going from a 42H TO A 38DD. Please Avoid those VITAMINS that I have posted Deanna from Dr Cortes told me not to take Vitamins that are HERBAL so I changed to Nature Made Folic Acid, B-Complex, Vitamin C, And my Muilt for Hers, I cant take a Iron


Sorry my finger accidentally pressed Submit as I was saying I cant take the Iron Pill so im taking the Liquid( Wellness) Brand. I WILL KEEP YOU LADIES POSTED K RIGHT NOW I GOTTA GET SOME SLEEP TAKE CARE And TO everyone that is having SX OR have already had SX "HAPPY HEALINGS" God Bless...

I"m Thinking Of Changing Sista"s HELP!!!!

My BBL Sista"s off and on I have been checking out Dr. Salama BBL Post Op PICS and I must say that he is GOOD!!! the PROJECTION that he gives his patients is what I am leaning towards the SIDE PROJECTION and The FULLNESS Basically he is giving the Big Juicey Bootays and Curvey Hips and I am checking out some of his patients still look the same even after 6 months to 1 Year Now don't get me wrong Dr. Cortes give Bad Ass Results to especially when it comes to the HOUR GLASS SHAPE But I am Looking for more than a Hour Glass Figure. what I am looking at is a hour glass shape but More BUTT and HIPS And every patient that I seen of Dr. Salama has that Projection Im looking for!!! WOW...I cant believe that I am at this Place right now I have already giving my 500 dollar deposit to Dr.Cortes I still have time to think about all this...


Hello Sista"s please remember me in your Prayers tomorrow I am having my BR SX in the Morning I'm soooo Scared I will post my before and after pictures soon as I can much Love HB42:-)


Hello to everyone let me start off by Apologizing to all my BBL Sistas for not posting sooner. I was just overwhelmed with this SX the pain was limited me from a lot of stuff But I am doing so much better!!! Right now I am in the Healing process my BREAST are starting to Peel really bad But that's a good thing my Nipples are still so very sensitive at touch... I still have to wear my surgical Bra at least 3 months I went from a 42H TO a D CUP Super VICTORIA SECRET HERE I COME!!! I STILL look down at myself and I just cant believe that Im a D-Cup NO more XXXlarge Shirts and Dresses I can see my Cookie now LOL... Well kind of since the SX MY Stomach blew up and I am now able to stretch my arm out from the LIPO UNDER my Armpits and my fingers looked like Little Sausages Ladies I am so thrilled that I have 5 months to go until my BBL Dec 9th so I better enjoy being KIND Of Pain free... Today my Doctor released me to Drive today which is Awesome because I have so much stuff to do and he also released me to get Busy if yall know what I mean LOL... So im gonna try to make this short and sweet cause its been 17 days since I have had some EARL CAMPBELL HOTLINK!! Ok my SX was AUGUST 19,2013 My Doctor was Dr. MAXIM PERAREV ( The Center for Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery) in Fort Worth Texas 76104 OMG Ladies Dr. Maxim is not only a great Surgeon but he took excellent care of me HE was caring and understanding and listened to all my concerns THE MAIN thing he wanted was to make sure after my SX that I would still have SENSATION IN my BREAST and Guess what!! I do that was one of my biggest fears. My SX was on a Monday at 6am it took him almost 5 hrs in surgery my LEFT breast gave him the most problems because that one had the most FAT and I know that some of you are wondering how much fat did he remove LOL.. well wonder No more he took 10.5cc of fat from my HUGE WATERMELONS LOL...That's a lot when I was in recovery my Big Sister and Hubby was right their with me all I could hear was the nurses saying MY name so finally I was coming out from under all them drugs, But wait let me tell ya I was in so much PAIN that they had to put me back under until they got my pain under control which I don't know really how long that took But when I came to again I was not in very much Pain it was tolerable when the nurse and my sister told me to look down I started F****** Screaming saying OMG I GOT A MAN"S CHEST LOL My Sister said I was saying all kinds of S*** But mind you I was still out of it...My Dr. was still their with me I thought that was so sweet of him so around 6:30PM they let me go home I was so high I slept all the way home My Sister stay at my house for a WEEK IN HALF to HELP me WHILE my Hubby took care of our 3 kids mind you We have a 3 years old OMG Ladies my Baby was AFRAID Of me he was looking at me so weird like What are those things hanging from you I told him that they were DRAINS baby to help Mommy When my Sister was changing my Shirt he Look at me and said UHH MAMA Somebody stole my Pillows OMG!!!! Me and my Family just fell out Laughing our Asses Off and he was serious Ladies... For about 3 to 4 Days he would not come around me I guess I looked weird are something to him but now he is still a Mama Boy LOL.. My Sister was so Awesome I slept in a recliner and she slept in our Guess bedroom She did everything for me I really Miss her. OMG I almost forgot to tell yall that on the Day of my SX I started my CYCLE I was Devastated I could not Believe my EYES when I woke up I thought that Dr. Max was gonna Cancel my Sx But he said it was ok so when I got home my sister had to change my Pad everytime I was so Humiliated she was like gurl stop it we sisters But I was still embarrassed Ladies I did care what she said lol...So Dr. Max Prescribed me some Percocet for Pain and Halcion to help me sleep and Promethazine for nausea and vomiting THEY were SUPPOSITORY!!! My sister had to give me one every time I took a PAIN Pill so I went through HOLY Hell. I Vomited one time But guess while I was bent over face in the toilet my sister Push a Suppository up my BUTTT without telling me when it was coming Hell I aint use to that S*** so I didn't know whether to Finish Vomiting or Slap the hell of her I was LIKE Damn SIS you are a PRO at this from then on I kept my A** on the Couch LOL..AND a plastic bag by my side lol... That's about it I hope im not leaving anything out Oh I could not move my arms at all, Dr. Max kept my drains in for 5 days and I am still tender in certain areas like under my right Breast and especially were my drains were and he also did LIPO under my armpits were we get Bra Rolls at that's still very uncomfortable I still cant lift anything so my Husband has really been a Huge Help he still does all the cooking and cleaning which I love that lol..Dr Max also do BBL AND TT I TOLD him today that I feel like a brand new woman his staff is just Phenomenal Kristen an Casey and Mary THANKS so Much and I also wanna THANK B4R, NYcutie, LadyB2011, Cuticutie, Sexeeangle, Mocurves, Ms.Outer Body Peace, And my Girl Black&Beauty that just join Real Self FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT MUCH LOVE FROM HB42!!!


Houston Plastic Surgeon

I'm so excited today I just put down my 500 dollar deposit to hold my sx Date for December 9th 2013 With Dr Cortes. I chose Dr. Cortes because in my Heart I know he is the Best Plastic Surgeon Ever!!! and When I first met him I was REALLY REALLY Nervous I have watched his Videos on YOUTUBE a lot so I thought maybe I wouldn't have been so nervous but I was and when He Introduced himself On June 19th 2013 IT WAS like me meeting a Celebrity for the first time Dr. Cortes made me feel so comfortable that I had forgot I was so nervous LOL... He has so much Compassion for his Patients and His work He answered all my questions and he has a great Sense of humor TOO And a Great Staff they also made me feel Comfortable I only met Deanna and Lucy they are so Amazing and will answer any question that you may have. I Love the after care that Dr. Cortes provides for all his Patients THE OVER NIGHT STAY @ THE HOSPITAL AFTER SURGERY!!! To me that's LOVE to make sure that we are OK After SX... When I First seen one of his videos on YouTube I was SOLD I said NOW This MAN has GIFTED HANDS when I seen that All I needed to do was meet him in person and PUT my Deposit DOWN & Set My SX Date for DEC 9TH 2013.

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