4 1/2 Weeks Later....

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So I decided to get my BBL done ASAP after I had...

So I decided to get my BBL done ASAP after I had my consultation. I've been thinking about the surgery for about a year now, but never thought i'd actually do it. My anxiousness to get a BBL came after going on a weight lose journey and remembering how flat my butt was when I was smaller (hell, it's super flat now!). I wanted to lose the weight and gain a nice derriere!

I've lost 22lbs so far. I have 30 more to go to reach my goal weight which is why I was surprised when Dr. Cortes mentioned that I only had to lose another 5lbs for the surgery. That's SUPER easy so I was crazy excited. I've already lost 1lbs since I visited his office last so I'm guessing i'll be down by 8-10lbs for surgery.

He mentioned that he could do lipo in other areas of my body, but i'm a bit apprehensive. I'm really concerned about scarring and I'm not good with pain so I dont want to have to deal with recovering in multiple areas of my body at the same time. I'm still debating back and forth, but I have time before my pre-op appointment next week to decide.
I'll be sure to post my before and after pics.

I just had my pre-op with Dr. Cortes today and my...

I just had my pre-op with Dr. Cortes today and my hospital registration yesterday. I'm so anxious to get this surgery done. The lady who registered me at the hospital went on and on about how good Dr. Cortes was and how she really wanted to get him to do a BBL for her. That made me feel a lot better.
Dr. Cortes told me that I didnt have to lose any more weight. I'm actually a little disappointed because I was doing so well. I had already dropped 4lbs since I saw him a week and half ago. I could probably lose another 5 before surgery, but I'm going to listen to the Dr. and not do my own thing. :)
I also decided to let him suck the fat from wherever he sees fit. I did get to see some girls who were post op while I was in his office and noticed they all had very different results. I made sure to show him pics of what I wanted and more importantly what I didnt want. He was cool and said he knew what I was going for and that I would be pleased.
He did scare me when he mentioned possible sagging of the skin in the abdomen. I would not be happy if that happened so i'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope my skin bounces back alright.

I just checked out the before pics that Dr. Cortes...

I just checked out the before pics that Dr. Cortes took during my pre op. It was reveling to say the least. I now absolutely hate my body and want this surgery NOW!

He doesnt want me to lose any more weight, but with all the weight I'm carrying I dont see how a few extra pounds lost would affect things that much. I'm so frustrated and cant believe I let myself go the way I did.

I just want my new body. I feel like crap right now.

I just got a call that a spot just opened up for...

I just got a call that a spot just opened up for this Thursday! I was so excited I immediately booked it. Seconds after I hung up the phone I realized I had a previous engagement Thursday evening that I could not get out of. I'M SO MAD RIGHT NOW!!! I wish the opening would've been Friday. I could've made it happen on Friday!

I had to call back and get my original date of May 10th. I told them if Friday was on the table I would take it, but I doubt it's going to happen. :(

Ok, this is turning into a full on blog! lol I'm...

Ok, this is turning into a full on blog! lol I'm obsessed now and cant stop sharing my feelings with anyone who will listen. :)

My period started today and I'm nervous because my labs came back and my blood count was low so I dont need the extra blood loss. I've felt weak since Friday. I had a sinus surgery years ago where the Dr. had to stop less than halfway through because I was losing too much blood and he didnt want to have to give me blood through transfusion. I dont know if it was because he didnt know what he was doing or because I was really anemic (I believe the surgery was out of his league). I've had two more extensive surgeries done since without issue. I started taking the iron pills like Dr. Cortes prescribed so I hope i'll be alright.

I'm less than a week away from surgery and I'm...

I'm less than a week away from surgery and I'm feeling anxious. I know Dr. Cortes said that I didnt need to lose any more weight, but I really cant see how I'm going to look good weighing this much after surgery.

I'm 5'7. I was 223lbs on March 12th. 203lbs for my consultation on April 19th. 196lbs at my pre-op appt on April 27th and today I'm 193.4lbs. I really want to lose another 3.5lbs to at least make myself an even 190lbs at surgery. Also my face is still supper chubby and it's annoying me. My ideal weight is about 165lbs and I'm a LONG way from that right now. I know he said not to lose another pound, but with the over 30lbs of extra weight I'm carrying he should have more than enough fat to take out!!! :)

This Friday is the big day. I spent most of the...

This Friday is the big day. I spent most of the weekend cleaning and getting supplies.

Started showering with antibacterial soap, got a bikini wax and am continuing to take my iron pills and multivitamins. Will start taking the Arnika Forte Dr. Cortes gave me on Wednesday.

At the hospital waiting. I have no idea why they...

At the hospital waiting. I have no idea why they made me come this early. It was hell getting here. There is a bad thunderstorm going on now and it rained really hard most of the way here and there are flood warnings. My surgery isn't for another few hours. Anyway, just bored and ready for go time.

Surgery over! Recovery time. I was so...

Surgery over! Recovery time. I was so uncomfortable and in Pain that I was being really nasty to my mother and the nurse, but I just got some pain Meds in my IV so I'm feeling decent now. I was also super hungry since i hadnt eaten since yesterday. i've eaten a meals worth if saltine crackers already! Mom just took a pic.

I'm definitely more independent today. I'm still...

I'm definitely more independent today. I'm still in pain but it's manageable. I'm so swollen but I'm waiting for it to go down I know it's going to go down. My thighs look like two sausages! Lol. Dr. Cortez said that he put about 1300 cc in one cheek and 1200 in the other cheek. He said I was asymmetrical. Now I am even. :). I know 1300 mL seems like a lot but I'm tall.

I'm feeling a lot better today. I actually had...

I'm feeling a lot better today. I actually had strength and energy to take a look at my new body. I was a little shocked when I took the garment off but I'm so impressed With the results. Believe it or not the most noticeable place that changed is my face. Is definitely smaller even with though it's still swollen. No more double chin!
I can't wait for the swelling to go down so I can see my final results

I'm bored. I'm restless. I'm uncomfortable.

This Garment and I have a dislike/hate affair going on right now. When it fits i just dislike it, when it suffocates And cuts off my circulation I absolutely hate it. These feelings fluctuate throughout the day.

I'm off the pain medication so right now all i do is eat sleep and walk. I'm bored out of my mind!

Stage Two Garment Pic

This garment is soooo uncomfortable! The cups dont even fit half my breast.

Feeling Better About the Garment

Thanks Mariel2013 for suggesting I cut the butt out the way you did yours. It feels so much better.

My stomach is looking better and better everday. I'm starting to get feeling back in the areas that were numb. The color is coming back too. after surgery most of my stomach was black.

I put my garemnt on this morning while the swelling wasnt so bad and was able to get it on a lot easier. I spoke to one of the nurses at Dr. Cortes' office this morning and she said my body would swell up to the extent that the garment would let it so it was important to make sure I was wearing it and not the hospital garment even though it was really tight and uncomfortable.

Before and After

Just compared one of my photos with the before Pic I took at Dr. Cortes' office. I look like a totally different person!

What to do about my ARMS?

I've been so caught up with how great my butt turned out that I forgot to mention the issue with my arms. Dr. Cortes told me that I was losing too much blood during surgery he had to finish up without doing lipo to my arms so I wouldnt have to have a blood transfusion. I understand why he did it and am glad he didnt take the risk, but I'm still bummed about my arms. they are naturally enormous and with my new body being smaller it's going to make them even more noticeably gigantic.

I need options? What should I do?

Had an Interesting Day at Dr. Cortes' Office

So I had an appointment with Cortes today and ended up spending half my day there. He was running around like a crazy person, nurses in pursuit, visiting the ridiculous number of people waiting to see him. I could not sit for obvious reasons so I had to spend the entire time standing! It would not have been bearable had it not been for the company of two familiar RealSelf girls who where there the same time I was. :)

Anyway, turns out I was not getting proper compression from my garment because it wasnt fitting right in the several places. I could hardly walk with all the swelling. The issue was resolved with a different kind of compression garment and he caught it in time to salvage my results. He also gave me 7 CORTISONE SHOTS IN MY STOMACH! My stomach was hard as a rock from all the unnecessary swelling and he said it would help.

I have to go back next week for a follow up. I'm so happy he cares. The attention he gives his patients post op to assure the best possible result is something to be admired. I'm really happy I chose him for my BBL! :)

19 days post op. My body is changing every day!

My stomach is getting softer. The swelling is going down a little. I still have pain medication left but I haven't taken any in days. My first day back at work yesterday wasn't so bad.
Today I go back to Dr. Cortez's office to get some Cortizone shots. They are much needed because my thighs are still hard. I think I'm going to try to go without getting lymphatic massages. They are too expensive and I really don't feel like going through that much pain. Will just have to see what Dr. Cortes says about it.

Another Post Op Appt., More Cortisone Shots, New Garment Size

Today's Cortes office visit wasn't nearly as long as the last. He says i've improved from last week and gave me cortisone shots in my back to reduce the swelling. He wants to see me in the next two weeks to inject my inner thighs. My inflammatory response is on another level, but i'm used to it.

Though my swelling is crazy, it's gone down considerably. Janaris, Dr. Cortes' wife was able to squeeze me into a size medium compression garment! I was squeezing myself like a sausage into an X-Large just last week. I still have a considerable about of swelling so who knows, I might be in a small in the next two weeks when I visit again!

I Want to be Over Recovery Now!!!!!

I'm getting so annoyed. I'm so ready for my life to go on as normal again. I'm tired of sleeping on my stomach, wearing this tight garment, feeling lumpy, swelling, and sitting on this stupid Boppy pillow!!!
I pass most of my evenings after work at home trying on clothes and browsing the internet. I WANT MY LIFE BACK!
Ok, venting over with. I'm going to try to go an do something productive since it's Friday night and I'm stuck at home again. :(

Before and After Back up

3 1/2 Weeks Later...

Surprisingly my butt and hips never got hard or lumpy. My stomach is an entirely different story. The cortisone shots helped just below the skin, but i'm still very hard and lumpy under deeper under. The good news is my stomach seems to be getting tighter. I was super concerned about that because it doesnt make sense to me to have a flat stomach at the expense of having my skin all saggy. I still have a long time to wait so i'm not going to get my hopes up too much right now.

Pics - 4 1/2 Weeks Later

My body has changed a lot since the surgery. Here are the latest pics. My measurements now are 41-30-43 at 5'7. Swelling has not completely gone down, but it's getting better. I love my results so far and will love them even more when the swelling finally subsides and I lose 10 more lbs. :)

Pics - 4 1/2 Weeks Later

My body has changed a lot since the surgery. Here are the latest pics. My measurements now are 41-30-43 at 5'7. Swelling has not completely gone down, but it's getting better. I love my results so far and will love them even more when the swelling finally subsides and I lose 10 more lbs. :)

Spending hours looking at reviews on Realself.

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