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I had another page on this site but for some...

I had another page on this site but for some reason it didn't let me edit my doctor, so I just created a new page! I'm very excited as my procedure is less than a month and a half away! I chose the perfect doc bc I want to look very natural and curvy. I'm already pretty curvy and have hips but my waist is big and I have a lot of lower back fat and flat butt. It's actually an odd shaped butt because of all of the fat that is sitting on top of it. My goal is not to look like nicki manaj. I just want a nice round butt and small waist and this back and stomach fat sucked out lol. And I simply cannot wait!! I talked to his patient coodinator, Lucy, and she confirmed that I do not need to gain anymore weight for the bbl. With the initial pics that I sent he wanted me to gain 10 to 15 lbs. But those pics didn't show just how obese I really am lol. So I sent them more up close and personal pictures of my fat lol. So now I just have to reserve my hotel, reserve rental car, and buy my flight tickets! Oh and get my shopping check off list together. I have no idea what I will need yet. I will post pics soon and keep my page updated especially after I get my new shape! 42 more days!!

before pics

I can't wait until December 4th!! I gained a few pounds and Dr. Cortes confirmed that I do not have to gain anymore for the surgery! I am sooo fat!! Lol. And you see how my butt slants in?? That's because all of the fat that is sitting on top of it! Gross gross gross! I will say that I do not want a lot of hips added..maybe 100 cc per hip if that. I think once he takes my waist down a lot then my hips will pop out a lot more. But ill see what he says on my pre op appt on dec 3rd.


I do not have a lot of support on this procedure. My mom thinks I am crazy. I haven't told a lot of ppl bc I don't want to be known as the girl that got a butt lift lol. So out of 3 friends that I did tell, only one can go but not the whole time. My surgery is on a wed and she can't come until Thursday and she will pick me up from the hospital. And she will leave sunday but I will not leave until monday. So its been a little discouraging and I also do not want to worry my parents. I just know that they will be worried about me and I hate to put them through that. But I really want this surgery bc it will change my life. Ive always been very self conscious about my buttocks. I just wish I could get more excited about my surgery even without all the support. Have any of you experienced this?

what do I buy?

Hey bbl sisters!!
So I have 33 days before my bbl with Dr. Cortes and the only thing I have done was secured my hotel. Can you all help me with a to buy list? I don't know what I will need. Also, can you all let me know what type of massages you got? Were they full body? And how long after surgery do you start getting them. One last question. I read a bbl review of a woman who took pre surgery vitamins and post surgery vitamins. Is this something I should do? I need any advice I can get.

Thanks dolls!

Wish pic

So Emily B has the perfect body!! Not sure if I will be able to get the plumpness of her booty, but I looooove her little waist and curvy body. This is why she is my profile and wish pic!!

28 days 19 hours and 15 min til my surgery!!!

More excited than nervous for now! This had definitely been an emotional roller coaster thus far and I haven even had the surgery yet lol!!

I meant 27 days!

1 day off lol

Flights booked

Booked mine and my friend's flights today! This is really happening!! I cant believe it! So hotel is booked, flights and rental car are booked, and I've started buying my supplies. I will be paying Dr. Cortes next week! 2014 is going to be an amazing year. I plan on putting on a sexy dress for NYE and showing off my new body! And I'm praying daily that I will have a speedy recovery and wouldn't mind some of my bbl sisters to pray for me as well! Thanks bbl fam! Have a great day!

weight gain

I know people are wondering why I have gained all this weight. I feel and look so big right now and hardly none of my clothes fit. It's kind of embarrassing :-( I would say that this is probably the only time in my life where I will able to not watch what I'm eating without feeling extremely guilty. I can't wait until Dr. Cortes sucks out all of this fat. I have to keep focusing on what I will look like in 3 weeks and 3 days instead of what I'm looking like right now or the mirror will make me extremely depressed!

15 days before my sx

My surgery is right around the corner! I can't believe it. I'm definitely ready for it to be over with so I can start the healing process. And then get in the gym to tone everything up. I am feeling good and taking vitamins! So I'm more than ready for dec 4th. I plan on staying in TX for 5 days after my sx and then traveling back home. My flight is only 2 hrs so I will sit on the boppy pillow and try and "go to the bathroom" like 10 times lol so I can keep off my butt as much as possible. I'm thinking about not getting my arms lipo'd or thighs bc I don't want all that pain. Is it worth it? Let me know your thoughts bbl sisters! Have a good day everyone!

couple of questions

Soooo I've read a couple reviews of women who received bad lipo burns. How do I avoid them? Or are they unavoidable? I plan on wearing a cami and granny panties (lol) under the garment but will that do the trick? Also, what is the lipo foam and gauze pads for? Do you put that under the garment as well? I got 8 days before I leave and 9 days before my surgery and I'm soooo excited. But you know how you can be so excited about something and nervous that something will delay it?? I woke up this morning and saw on the news all these flight cancellations for today. It's supposed to be bad weather right before Thanksgiving. I feel sad for all the people trying to traveling and also hoping and praying it will be clear skies when I travel next tue. Anyway, please keep praying for me y'all. I know that when I pray I am supposed to leave it all to God and not worry about it. So that's what I will do from this point forward. I'm thankful for this site bc you ladies have truly helped me through this emotional pre surgery roller coaster lol. Have a great day everybody!

Got my squeem

My squeem came in today and I can't even get it on. I am a large right now but figured I would be a medium after surgery so that's what I ordered. Should I send it back or is there a chance it might fit after surgery when the swelling goes down? Please please let me know bbl experienced sistas!!


Is this real????

3 days 22 hours and 15 min left til sx!!!

So I've been debating if I should get hips added. I love the way the front of my body looks. But I want to get my money's worth and since Dr. Cortes doesn't charge for hips it's leaving me wanting them just because. Please look at pic. This is me pre sx weight gain lol. Yep I gained about 12 lbs for the sx. Pleasr let me know if yall think I need hips. I have been struggling with this decision. Give me your honest opinions!

Not sure why it cut the pic off

If you are look at pic on you phone put the screen rotation on and put your phone sideways so you can see the full width of the picture.

Time to leave

I'm on the way to the airport now!! I'm so excited! Praying for a smooth sailing day. Can't wait to meet Dr. Cortes and I hope to get a chance to meet Mariel as well! More updates to come!

Hope im able to sleep tonight! !

The countdown begins!! Went to my preop today and it went well! I'm so excited about tomorrow. Pray for me y'all! I will try to post more before/after photos once I get some afters so you can compare!! I will try and get some sleep now but I doubt I will! Lol

Got my bbl!!!!

Will post pics once I'm able too!! Thanks for all of the prayers!

Before and after photo

Major difference but I'm so swollen. I took the before last night in the hotel and the after just now. Sorry the pic isn't clear but it's the best I can do for now lol. I quickly took this shot before they changed the garment. What do yall think?

I don't know why pic cut off smh

But turn your phone sideways so that the screen rotates so u can see it good!


This is not the easiest recovery and I'm scared to remove the garment bc I don't know what my skin is looking like under there. But I have to take it off bc there is blood all over it. My legs are still bleeding which isn't out of the ordinary with this surgery but it's making it hard to do anything. But Dr Cortes' employees are awesome and are coming over to help me. I'm going through these gauze pads like crazy! sorry for not updating with pics but I have sooo much padding under the garment that I can't really see anything. Cortes put 1100 in each cheek and 250 I'm each hip.

Got drains removed and new garment

Dr. Cortes and his employee came to see me in the hotel today and took that drain out (YES!) and put the butt out garment on me. Supposedly I'm gonna really start dropping all of the fluid and it will shape my butt to perfection. I'm already happy with how I look now so I can't imagine when my waist is even smaller and my booty fluffs. Cortes is an amazing doctor!!

So far so good

I came home today at 5 days post op. The flight was only 2 hours and I pretty much stood the whole time except during take off and landing and i sat on a boppy to make sure i was protecting this $9503 (plus travel) investment. I must say it feels so good to be in my own bed now. I'm so much more comfortable!

I'm really looking forward to seeing how my shape will turn out. I haven't done and measurements but I can't believe how small my waist and stomach are even with all this swelling. And I have hips for days! I love my new shape even knowing that it will shrink...which I'm looking forward to it doing that because I look swollen lol. I'm loving my butt but also can't wait to see the final results to it. It's a little hard to see bc I had a lot of back fat and had a nasty shelf that dipped down and went flat (pictured above) so Dr. Cortes did a lot of I'm that area and now it's puffy at the top of my butt. But overall I think it will end up being a gorgeous booty once swelling and puffiness goes away! And Dr. C said will take some time but i want to see the final results like tomorrow lol. I get about 3 hrs sleep a night between me having to use the bathroom and getting stiff and sore. I'm still on pain meds for the soreness. But I'm in no pain. Whenever i wake up at night i usually walk a little. I did that every night at the hotel and i think that really prepared me for taking on that airport today. Here is a before and after of me in the same outfit (fyi: i took the before pic the night before sx and wearing stage 1 garment in the after pic). Ttyl bbl sisters

All kinds of errors in my last post

Forgive me...I'm typing this half sleep lol. One error that stood out was "Dr. Cortes did a lot of *lipo in* that area and now it's puffy at the top of my butt."

I need advice ladies

What do u girls put on your body? I'm going to take my first shower today at 6 days post op (lol dont judge I've been too scared) and not sure what to put where. What itch creams, lotions, firming gel, arnica gel, shea butter, neosporin, benedryl, and where do I put these things? Do I put it near my incisions etc etc etc. Can i use dove soap? I am clueless! Please post your routines after showers ladies! Or even your favorite products that you use throughout the day. I don't have the itches yet but maybe its too soon for it or it will come after the shower. When did you all start itching? Pleeeeaaase help!!!
Thank you

hour glass

I couldn't have gone to a better doctor that specializes in the hour glass figure. I thought I had hips before but those were just my thighs sticking out. I will not be this big once the swelling goes down but I know I will still have this hour glass figure only a smaller version of it!

I have been doing okay. Just been very swollen and I haven't gotten any massages yet. I don't really itch too bad though. Which I hope doesn't start happening. My symptoms are worse in the middle of the night like 3 and 4 in the morning. I wake up having to pee and I'm very sore and stiff. I try and walk during the night a little whenever I wake up. I can't wait until I can get a full night sleep again! Anyway, the thing I want most right now is for the swelling to go down a little bc coworkers and ppl will definitely know. I can't fit any of my clothes. I just want at least 50% of it to go down asap lol. I've been drinking plenty of water and pineapple juice as well as been using the arnica gel. My booty doesn't appear to have lost any volume yet. I can't wait until it drops and rounds out. It's sitting so high up right now. But I do think Dr. Cortes did a great job on it. Well that's all I can think of for now! Praying for this recovery to speed up a little!!!

I spelled hourglass wrong...oops

I know it's only one word but I typed it as two.

Trying on clothes w/o the garment

I still have so much swelling but I like the way my body looks in clothes a lot better without the garment. I wish I didnt have to wear this thing. But anyway, I bought arnica tablets and bromelian pills so hopefully that will help with the swelling. Also been using the arnica cream. Hopefully I will get some improvement shortly. I also need to work on eating better because I haven't been eating all that healthy. I got so use to stuffing my face pre sx. So i have to eat better asap. Anyway, I got out the house today and went shopping for some pants to wear to work since nothing fits over this butt lol. I had to go a size up!! But I know I will be back down to my old size once the swelling goes away. Hopefully I don't use too much volume though but I know I'll lose some. Attached is a pic of me in leggings and I'm completely naked under outfit..and my body looks awesome. It's a big pic bc I had to crop a lot so you might have to rotate on phone or view from an ipad or computer.

spelling errors as always lol

I meant "hopefully I don't lose too much volume". I need to start proof reading my posts before posting!

Got my first massage

So i tried out the massage today at massage envy and it was painful!! The masseuse told me he will have to do a muscular massage next time to loosen up my muscles so the lymphatic drainage will be more effective! My muscles are extremely tight right now. He says that he will only need to do the lymphatic massages once every 2 weeks but I've seen that some of you ladies get them a couple times a week so I'm a little confused. But the masseuse seemed like he knew exactly what he was talking about so I guess I will listen to him for now. I actually feel really good and not as stiff so I'm hoping the swelling starts going down in the next few of weeks after getting a couple more massages. I'm also taking the bromelain and arnica tablets/arnica cream as well drinking lots of water and eating pineapples. So something's gotta give with all this swelling lol. Oh and I hate wearing this garment 24/7!! My waist went down and inch and it's at 32 inches. I would love to get down to the 20s. But silly me..I forgot to measure myself before sx but I know my waist went down at least 3 to 4 inches from the lipo. I walked on the treadmill for 20 min yesterday and it felt good to get in a little workout even though I took it pretty slow. I wore my garment and squeem while working out and it was a little uncomfortable but I got through it! Well that's all I got for now! Will update in a few days with pics.

couple new pics

My booty went down but I love it. I'm still sore and swollen but I hope it gets better soon. I hate sitting on the boppy every where I go. Do u girls use it everywhere you go? Or do you sometimes just sit up in the chair so your butt doesn't have a lot of pressure? Plus I don't feel like explaining why I'm using the pillow to everybody...its exhausting lol. Here are two updated pics.

Trying on a dress

Didn't have on anything under it


I cant wait to buy more dresses

squeem is sooo tight

I have a lot of swelling in my lower back and using the squeem on top of the garment to add more compression. I'm not sure how long to wear it each day. Can you dolls tell me? Also I'll be a month post op tomorrow and only lost an inch of volume..woohoo. my hips and butt measure at 48 inches. My waist is 32 and i really want to get it down to 29 or 28 so I need to continue wearing this squeem I guess.

1 month post op

I cant believe I am a month post op!!! Before I know it I will be able to sit down and take this damn garment off! Anyway, here is a quick pic before I workout. I dont workout in my garment but I put my squeem on so that at least my stomach waist and back are compressed. I'm not doing high impact workouts yet but I'm walking on the treadmill and lifting weights since I didn't get my arms lipo'd. Happy 1 month anniversary to me!!

6 weeks po



Went to workout with my boyfriend with the workout gear I've always worn (tight pants and top) and some guys came in the gym and I thought nothing of it. Well the second we left he said "u know u can always wear longer tshirts to workout sometimes". Lol I thought that was hilarious bc he never said anything when my butt was flat. I see a whole new side to him now. Its so cute! Anyway, here is me in some workout gear. I feel a lil uncomfortable posting pics of bare ass so hope yall don't mind the pics in clothes and panties.

Another pic


10 weeks

So i am pretty happy with my overall results. Kind of sad that I lost some volume now that the swelling went down, but I don't think I've lost a lot of fat. Maybe 10% of it. My booty looks very natural. It has some projection but it is definitely not exaggerated. I usually don't post pics on here of my naked body but here are a few. I love my hour glass figure and my hips! My stomach is flat but has some lumpy areas which hopefully will go down and I have some swelling still on my lower back (you can clearly see that in the pics). My measurements are 38-30-48. I still have soreness in my back esp after laying down for a long period of time. And my thighs are still a little swollen. I do not get massages as often as I should but I go every 2 weeks. I did get use to my swollen booty but I'm still happy esp when I look at my preop pics. My shape was horrible and my booty was incredibly flat. I plan to start working out regularly and doing squats when I reach 12 weeks. Oh and I sit now except for when I'm sitting for a long period of time, then I use my styrofoam under my thighs. But i do still lay on my stomach. I have switched to the vedette 136 and i wear a medium squeem over it (will have to get the small squeem soon). I stopped wearing the butt out garment per Dr. Cortes instructions due to my butt needing a little more compression at the top. I had aggressive lipo at the top of my butt bc I had a nasty shelf there. So that's why butt out garments wasn't working out for me anymore. That's all I can think of for now dolls! I'll update at 12 weeks, which will be an important date bc it means my butt is here to stay lol.

found some cute pants that fit me good

It's so hard to find pants now lol

Got another pair of leggings


3 months PO!!!

Wow this has been an amazing journey. I have a new body and I'm so proud of myself for making this decision and going through with it. I no longer have insecurities and I'm more confident than I've ever been. I do not have to cover up my shape anymore or be scared of ppl looking at my "hump" sitting on top of my flat butt. This has also been an emotional roller coaster and i think I'm just about at the end of the ride. I'm just so thankful!!! And I loooove my booty and my curves. I'm at 3 months and that means this is the booty I will have forever lol. I know it might settle and/or fluff but the fat in it isn't going anywhere. I'm just amazed at what these doctors can do and it really does change our lives. Thank you Dr. Cortes!!!

My review says 2 months po though

But I know in realself land we count 12 weeks as 3 months!

Just a small update

I bought a steel boned corset and excited to start this waist training. Of course I have to "season" (break it in) first before I really wear it full time (thanks for the advice mesan!!). But im excited and hope to get down to a 28 waist. Right now I'm a 31. I think my booty will look bigger if I can get this stomach and waist down. My booty is doing good..hasn't lost any more volume. I think this is the fat I'm going to keep. I'm a little over 14 weeks now. I heard the fluffing really starts happening at 4 months (16 weeks) so I'm excited to see what the fluffing does for my booty. And my booty is still a little hard too but more soft than hard if that makes any sense lol. I'm at 47 1/2 inches right now. Right after my sx I was at 49 so I really didn't lose much volume
Anyway, just wanted to do a quick update. I bought a new dress and here is a pic from the side. Have a good weekend dolls!


Here is pic

16 weeks today (4 months)

I'm so confident now. This surgery has changed my life. Sorry don't have a lot of pics but I'll take some soon. I love my shape!!

New dress

No spanx in these pics...pure nakedness under rhis dress which explains the flabby stomach but I'm still loving it

Oops here are the pics

Almost 16 weeks

18 weeks


Booty and hips here to stay

So i am officially 6 months (a little over 24 weeks) and I am loving my body! I don't really have much to say and sorry not many pics but I went through my phone and found these just so I could update u girls. I really do need to get back to working out and waist training bc u can def tell a difference when I dont. I have gained a little weight since my last update...but I'm going to do better! I actually weigh 188 lbs and i don't think I look that heavy but it's all in the hips and butt lol. My stomach and waist got a tiny bit bigger though but I'm on it! Anyway...have a good weekend bbl sisters!

Looking back

This is when I was a little heavier a few years ago...but look at how I use to look in dresses...square! Thank you Dr. Cortes!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cortes' reviews are very consistent and I love how he sculpts his patient's bodies. I love that he creates beautiful natural figures for women and nice round (natural looking) big butts. I can't wait!

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