BBL With Dr. Cortes - Houston, TX

Been Doing a Lot of Research on Brazilian Booty Lift

Been doing alot of research on Brazilian. Booty lift. I have. Seen. Amazing results and decided To go have my procedure With Dr. Cortes. In Dec.

What a great gift bbl...I'm very excited. And nervous ..has any of you ladies. Have buttock implants and bbl also I do and will keep u all posted on how my Surgery. Goes. I have cohesive. Gel buttock implants and need more fullness so I'm doing fat transfer to feel out areas that implants can't.we will see how this goes.if you have implants and did bbl please. Let me know how you did thanks alot I will be glad to answer. Questions after my Surgery

kirsty im changed my sx date

My new sx date is feb. 4 still with dr.cortes will u plse change my date.thx tammy


Moved surgery to feb 4 2014 please change my date kirsty thx tammy

got butt implants out two weeks ago

Hi ladies just got these butt implants removed...they been in for 9 years..that was a huge regret.puttin them doing bbl with dr.cortes oct.21 14...cant wait i miss my volume but not the pain from implants...if you are considering implants dont they they are always achey...let me knw if i can offer my advice i will try to help

i removed implants

Well my implants are out..and my new bbl date is oct.21 2014. This gives me plenty time to heal..dr. cortes and staff are wonderful..i have total faith in my dr. I cant wait to return for my bbl.


having bbl with dr. cortes oct. 21 14

had implants removed

Removed buttock implants and fixing to do bbl in Jan 26 2016
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