BBL w/ Dr Cortes 1yr Later

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I decided to finally make a decision for myself...

I decided to finally make a decision for myself and my body and do it. My family is actually opposed to the idea of be getting a BBL, but this is something that I want and something I and determine to get. I AM SUPER SCARED and NERVOUS but so ready for my body to go a major transformation! I plan on sharing photos as well

Wish I knew some of things I should start...

Wish I knew some of things I should start purchasing for my surgery.
Anywho, I never talked about my stats

I'm 23. No kids.
180lbs :(
I'm thinking I would like to loose a little weight before my surgery..but then again I have little more than a month before it..

I wanted to talk about my goals. I am really not set out to get a big huge booty. The problem is I hate the current shape of my booty and no matter how many squats and lunges I do in the gym I was going to have that ugly shape. I also have huge thighs with no hips. During my consulation we discussed taking some fat from my thighs as well and injecting fat into the hips as well as the booty to get the look I what. I repeat I am not after a huge booty! I just want to be more curvy. No disrespect, but some of the women on here have this idealthat a big monster donkey booty is ideal, it may look good, but alot of the time it doesn't look natural. I am all about looking natrual, no one needs to know I have gotten work done. I think that since I have a little something back there the procedure will only enhance it.

Hello Ladies! Today is was Pre-Op visit at the...

Hello Ladies! Today is was Pre-Op visit at the Hospital. Everything just set in that I really having this surgery! I'm getting really nervous! Anywho, I've been trying to gather my suppiles and make sure I have all my bases covered. I think the part that I am most worried about is recovery. Not being able to do things that I considered normal is probably the hardest part but this is something I want. Also, not having support from family and love ones is really hard to, had to find a ride to the hospital hire a CNA to pick me up and come take of me day after op. :(

I signed all my consent papers and realized that this will and shall be a total body transformation! I am getting lipo to my arms, chin,abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, and of course reconstructing my bootayyy :)
All this is good because during my consultation I talked about how I am no where near my goal weight (140) and he told me I dont have to worry about losing weight because he was going to transforming my body :/ I was concerned that my lower body is going to look awesome and my upper body a complete mess. I have a round fat face and chunky arms so that was good news to me. Once he said that I kept eating and didnt work out and gained 2 pounds lol

One thing I not understand is this whole garment stuff? Which kind should I order? Do I need a board? What is the difference between the use of foam vs. thick maxi pads? How do you know what size to wear? SO CONFUSED SOMEONE HELP!!

Well my bbl is this thursday, I feel like I am...

Well my bbl is this thursday, I feel like I am ready to see my body change. Not sure if I have everything I need but since I am my city with people around me I am sure I can arrange for some one to get the things that I need.

I still do not have a boppy or the cigar shaped pillow thing to sit on. Is the boppy that every one is using the big boppy pillow from the baby section? My question is how are you guys sitting on that with your thighs? UGH so confused once I learn how to and which one to buy I will make a video for confused girls like me.

Next thing is the massages. I see that some girls are getting their massages 3 days after surgery. Went I went to Dr. Cortes office they told me to wait to 3 weeks after surgery to get a which one is more benefical?

I am starting to freak out. Having one of those...

I am starting to freak out. Having one of those days.. Im starting to feel like a fat slob. I starting to think I wont have the results I want because I didn't loose the weight that I wanted before the surgery. I feel like maybe I rushed things :( I'm on here looking hard to see if there is anybody with my body type (height and weight) that came out with the banging results I looooong for

So its almost 11PM here, and I have have to be at...

So its almost 11PM here, and I have have to be at the hospital at 5AM so I will be leaving my house around 3:30 AM. The hospital is 48 miles from my house so I will be up super early (thats if I go to sleep)!

I am in grad school and had a midterm tonight..don;t know if I passed that one because my mind was no where in that classroom or on that test...smh.

I super excited now (before I was terrified) I got excited when I decided to take some pics in the bathroom before my shower. Please excuse my extreme nakedness and ashy body...I have been bathing with antibaterial soap and not using lotion like instructed lol. I also havent been able to shave or wax because I am prone to razor bumps and ingrown hairs, so I opted out because I dont any of those problems. After I saw my body tonight, a sense of relief came over me. I realized that my body will look totally different and this is not the body I will have in a couple of weeks.

I didn't tell my co-workers or friends what exactly I was doing to my body because I feel like I don't need their judgement. I feel like some will put to and two together because I have to bring back a doctor's release..but ah oh well. My friends nosy asses are already asking can they come by my house to visit me when I am recovering...Im like leave me alone stop being nosy! but i guess I should be grateful I have people in my life that care.

I bought all of my groceries and took care of as much as I could..I hate being dependent on others when It comes to my business...

Hi ladies! I wanna thank every lady that wished me...

Hi ladies! I wanna thank every lady that wished me well on my surgery it meant so much to me and I was thinking about u guys so I'm on here with my phone. I got 900cc each cheek and 400 cc in my hips. Recovery is hella hard I passed out twice so i have to stay in this hospital another day when i really wanna go home and use my eating pad! its not its so painful your realllllly uncomfortable and weak. Ill talk about it more once I get to my lap top. I salute to all the ladies that are able to tolerate this pain because of prior surgeries or childbirth! Or girls that go home after the procedure I don't know how you do it I'm a rookie

I Put a post op pic up. Took my drain out today....

I Put a post op pic up. Took my drain out today. Still super stiff, i feel like a sore ballon! I try to ween myself off pain killers but overwhelmed when I do so I end up taking it:( my first massage tomorrow.. Any tips for pain?

Itching drives me crazy! What are something's you...

Itching drives me crazy! What are something's you guys do to relieve the itching (besides benedryl). Is it safe to put belly button ring back in after 1 week?

2 days shy of 2 weeks My stomach is not...

2 days shy of 2 weeks

My stomach is not smooth is hard and lumpy... I disappointed with that :( I got a follow up appointment in 3days so he can see what the heck is going on.

I was wondering should I try massaging this thing out. When I go for massages I dont flip over because I didnt want the pressure to my back side, but I seen someone use a boppy pillow while on the massage table, is that a good idea?

This week I've been pretty independent, well forced to be since my sister's sring break is over and she went back to school. LOL it was hard to do with her because she did almost everything for me.

I can def. walk better, but I still have fluid in my inner thighs which makes my legs feel heavy, like had a intense leg day and your legs are sore

Hello, Havent updated like I wanted to. It...


Havent updated like I wanted to.

It will be 3 weeks in 2 days. I have still been massaging the mess out of my stomach and innner thighs. My thighs are still swollen and tight and my stomach is not flat, lumpy, and hard. My bruses are almost all gone as well

Massage therapist (every session) and Dr Cortes nurse(when I called her) said my stomach was normal and I shouldn't freak out about the lumpiness and folds in my stomach because it will heal itself out, but we will see what they say when they finally see me tomorrow. I still wear my waist clincher with lipo foam in the inside of my garament anyways.

Yesterday was the first night i slept through the whole night with out waking up in the middle stiff, sore, and aching. So thankful because I was so tireeeedd I slept from 7pm to 530am!

Started working this week. Not fun because I have a 8 to 5 desk job. I also have a 35 min communte, with stupid traffic here. I sit on rolled up yoga mats but sitting too long is painful and discomfortable. Nobody really said anything to me but my boss said I was looking "slimmer" I was like wow why are you checking me that hard lol.

I am super paranoid about my booty getting smaller, I am always checking to see if it losing mass because I feel like its the perfect size for me right now and I hope I don't loss that much mass. I know it will get smaller, but not sure if it was too early for it to decrease in size. A friend that is going to have BBL says I should have gone a size bigger, but I think I am ok with it now. My sister says it still looks big but she thinks I went crazy with my hips because they are huge. I do agree they are huge but they give me the crazy curvy hourglass shape I wanted. My booty is softening which makes me think my butt is getting smaller, I think I liked my booty more when it was hard lol.

Learned the hard way that you can only take warm baths.. (I LOVE a nice hot shower) because if you dont, and use hot water you will come out the shower itching like crazy! or maybe its just me but hot water doesn't mix with the incisions. Proud of my independence now! because the first week I couldn't do anything by myself and was so embrassed I had to have my sis and sis n law do those things for me.

Tomorrow I will see Dr Cortes for a post op visit to see if everything is healing correctly, hopefully I might purchase me another garament tomorrow.

All I can think of, I will update if I learn anything new tomorrow or take more pictures. If you have any questions Ill try to answer to the best of my ability.

WEEK 5- I just decided to put week 5 pictures up...

I just decided to put week 5 pictures up here since some have been asking me for new pics

I Love the size of my booty!!!! not to small not to big just right for me :)

I still hate the itching!
My booty is heavy..walking around with no clothes makes me realize that lol
Still annoyed with my stomach. Still has the folds! I posted pictures. I still struggle with trying to find something to flatten and compress both my stomach and back. Its hard to compress the back like you need (esp if you have the curve in your back). Still looking for a good waist clincher or corset to put on.

I got a new garment (photo'd) I really like it, I squeezed into a size small! really happy about that!

I found a massage lady in Houston, that does your body the way it needs to be done. Massage Envy is soft the lady is really goes to work and it hurts extremely but she reassures me shes trying to get the wrinkles out my stomach and get me smaller. Since I have been going to her, my waist has gone down to the 20s from 31 inches. Shes located in the SW hit me up for her info.

Really annoyed that I was told I can't sit down to 8 WEEKS This whole time I thought it was 6 weeks and I was getting excited because I am so close. But I called and she told me to keep using the yoga roll for another 3 weeks. I told her I want to be able to go out and do things, she told me I can sit but not for that long, prolong sitting is the problem. They want to get as close to the 3 month mark as possible to make sure I keep this booty. Did any other Cortes patients wait to 8 weeks? I just think thats stupid crazy.

Not used to all the new attention I get from guys..I think its quite funny actually.

All I can think of. Feel free to ask any questions.

Ill be 7 weeks in 2 days! It has been an...

Ill be 7 weeks in 2 days!

It has been an emotional up and down for me.

Going to try working out today(weights and lite cardio) today. I'm ready for a summer body!!!!
But my incisions are not so cute but I can tell they will take a while to clear up.

Saw on nycuties blog about goldbond lotion for the itching.. I'm going to try that.

I stared eating better my waist went in an inch :)

The burning feeling in my obliques is almost gone! Good thing too! (My boo likes to grab my waist and sides of my stomach I nearly cried last time he grabbed my sides of stomach it hurt so bad lol)

Ill add more later

Ill be 7 weeks in 2 days! It has been an...

Ill be 7 weeks in 2 days!

It has been an emotional up and down for me.

Going to try working out today(weights and lite cardio) today. I'm ready for a summer body!!!!
But my incisions are not so cute but I can tell they will take a while to clear up.

Saw on nycuties blog about goldbond lotion for the itching.. I'm going to try that.

I stared eating better my waist went in an inch :)

The burning feeling in my obliques is almost gone! Good thing too! (My boo likes to grab my waist and sides of my stomach I nearly cried last time he grabbed my sides of stomach it hurt so bad lol)

Ill add more later

9 weeks in 2 days. I started sitting down, it...

9 weeks in 2 days. I started sitting down, it still feels so wrong to do lol, but I can. I still itch and I am still swollen. Its really the most annoying part of this whole thing. My stomach is not what I want it to look like but I am working on it. My booty is soft looks really natural with the dimples had to start this work out stuff again because the celluite at the back of my thighs throws everything off! But even when working out my booty feels really heavy when I try to run or jump. When does that feeling go away? My thighs are swollen thats what keeps me from getting into a smaller pant size, but other than than that I can wear small shirts and a small in dresses (provided it can cover my booty and hips).

I am almost 10 weeks! Still got Swelling and...

I am almost 10 weeks! Still got
Swelling and hardness on the stomach still compressing my thighs. Able to sit more and more.

10weeks post op

10 weeks ongoing on my 11th week in a couple of days!
closer and closer to my 3 month mark
Believe it or not I still have swelling in areas of my arms, stomach and thighs still but sooo much better than before.

No one talks about how expensive this thing is! besides the procedure and the things you need after the procedure, post op care can add up. Buy new girdles, corsets, and garments is expensive.
Going for massages to make your results speed up, and to feel better are expensive too. Just wanted to mention that so people take consideration those expenses too, and just dont think your doing paying for things just because the surgery is over.....

With my massages, I aim at more of circulation improvement rather than lympatic drainage. That can help with fluid build up and overall healing of your body. I am doing this at massage envy.

I havent lost anything from the booty since the first month. I still sleep on my stomach lol because I am so used to it sleeping any other way feels weird to me

Not sure how to feel about it........

Sorry I havent been on here in awhile or updating. I do still see the messages you guys send me and I try to answer back in a timely fashion. I have updated with 2 pics.

I still have lines in my stomach, and my stomach is not flat.(but better than before). Now I am in a place where I reached out to Dr.Cortez to see what my options are because in reality it looks like I need more lipo.

I went to a determatologist today because I am tired of looking at my discolored dark scars (they have prescription skin lightening cream for scars) and she told me I need to go back to my surgeon because surely after 5 months everything should be healed and my stomach should not look the way it does.

I tried contacting Cortes office a couple times in June (for follow up visits) and cant help the feeling of being blown off because I was never called back, but today when I contact them and said I need a consultation, I was scheduled with an appointment...hmmmm I wonder why that is.

I still have cellulite, and I feel a couple hard corners on the top of my booty. My scars and discolored and I have them right above my booty, lower back. So if wearing anything backless, low rise, or crop top people may notice them. I got asked once did I get ass shot because my booty got way bigger, and they can see where back scars are and took them for a place of injection for ass shots 0_0.. lol

Also, IDK why but my breast got smaller! I was a 38D before surgery and now I am a 34D! I feel like a A cup though....

Not sure how to feel about everything
The dark coloration of my scars
The cellulite/hard spots
A Surgeon's staff that give me the run a round when I call them
a stomach that looks really abnormal, and might require additional stuff, which means more $$$$$$
a booty that could have gone a size bigger (maybe im just greedy, but I have big thighs too!)

I dont know if I would have done what I done at this point...excuse me maybe I am just rambling.....


Im sorry everything I wrote on July 16 is at 5months! not for 4 I dont know where my head is at today :(

July 24

I have to admit Dr.Cortes does not play! he made sure to reach out to me personally after my last post! Kudos to him!

He believes the wrinkles in my stomach are a compression issues, idk if it is or not but I do plan on seeing him again end of this week.

I used to wonder why women on here mention going for a round two, I thought they were crazy because its alot who would want to go through it again, but now Im seriously considering if I get the chance lol.

I'm not about this compression life

Gone back to wearing my garment all the time ( except for when I bathe and work out) does any body wear their garments when they work out? I only wear an ab belt that makes me sweat but I thinking about trying Albolene and Saran Wrap on my stomach to sweat more in that area.

When I seen dr Cortes almost 2 weeks ago for my stomach he ruled it a compression issue he also gave shots of cortisone on my stomach for hard spots.

I am doing my part by continuing to wear things that will compress my body. It's super tight and it's freakishly hot outside too! It is much easier to do the garment life in the winter vs summer!


1yr after BBL

Hey guys!

I haven't been on here in awhile but I am back to answer any questions and upload pics. Bare with me :)

Thinking about a round 2!!!

So it has been 1yr and 2months (March 2013). I have this crazy idea of dropping 17-20lbs and going for a round 2. Now I feel like I have gained weight, and my body isn't as tight as it was right after surgery, but the funny thing about it is that the scale hasn't moved a whole bunch, I just feel bigger and feel I look bigger in certain areas...its weird idk...

I think I will look into possibly going to another doctor because I def cant afford going back to Dr Cortes ( he is great tho).
Houston Plastic Surgeon

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