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I made my decision today! I'm 43 and I've wanted a...

I made my decision today! I'm 43 and I've wanted a smaller waist all my life, not to mention a rounder bottom. I also have a scar on my left gluteus. Kinda embarrassing. :( I'm excited about the results and super nervous abut the recovery! Any tips about how to shorten recovery and manage the pain would help! I have low pain tolerance. Give it to me straight! :))




I took this today. I don't know if you can tell but I have a scar on that side of my cheek. Embarrassing:(

Stubborn belly...

I work out often and still can't get rid of the belly...:(

No turning back on the BBL!!

Today, I gave my down payment! I'm excited and still nervous! 3 1/2 weeks to go!

BBL post op supplies.

Hope all these things work for recovery! Getting prepared! Thank you, for all those that sent me messages!

A scar on my left cheek.

Has anyone had any experience with having a scar/dent that needed to be filled in? This is my primary reason for getting the BBL. You can see it in my pic.

9 more days until my BBL

The date is drawing near! I'm still a lil nervous but more excited! I look at myself and think I'm going to lol different soon! I think I'm prepared for the recovery. I've been eating anything I want! Lol. I'll take a picture soon.

Countdown to BBL

It's getting close. I can't believe I'm doing this! Lol. And pray that everything goes well. I wanted to share some more before pics. I also mesured my waist and butt.
Waist 33. Butt or hip 38. Hoping for 29 and 40. Lol. Don't know that I have enough fat. We'll see. It's got to look better that this.

Had trouble uploading photos.

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!

I can't believe the day is almost here! Please pray that everything goes well. All prayers are welcome:)) I will try to update as soon as I can. I'm spending the night at the hospital so we will see.

Today is the day!

I'm up and excited! I keep thinking of all the different recovery stories and wondering which one mine will be most like! I guess I'll find out later today. Prayers please :))

I'm home now!

Well ladies thank you for all your prayers! Day 2 post op. Super sore. It not so bad. Except that laying on your tummy is not most comfy. I like the result through the garment. I took a bath, not so bad. I haven't taken any pain meds yet. I think I'm going to skip the Vicodin and just do the muscle relaxer and Tylenol :)

Three Day Post Op

Ok here are some pictures! There is still a lot of swelling, but I am very happy with the results so far. Pain management and discomfort is the name of the game! Lots of sleeping but I am getting up every three hours to walk around. Doctor was only able to harvest 400 per cheek.

Fist 5, meds, bath, sleep,repeat...

It's been tough, but I thank God for my family, especially my mom and sister. They have waited hand and foot on me. I love the results so far and hope that my rear shape stays even after swelling goes down. I'm also hoping my tummy area won't look lose....I've got it wrapped tight.

I can't stress enough how awesome the Pez has been. sleeping on my sides is not so easy because i can feel that it touches where the doctor injected the fat and i don't want to mess with that. I'm kinda getting use to sleeping on my belly....i guess because there is really no

The biggest goal right now is to STOP TAKING THE MEDS. once i can do that then i know i'm good. :) I've not had the energy to try on any clothes because the waist and booty still hurt to the touch.

i tell ya....what a sacrifice and no regrets yet. Thank you God for seeing me through this vain decision of mine...:)

Dr visit today

He's running late. Still get tired easily. My butt is a little more painful today. Feels heavy, harder and itchy. But at least the Lipo is feeling better. That was the worse part of recovery. Oh and guess what? I started my period! Yaay!! Lol. Great timing. Anyway...
Dr Lapuerta said I was healing beautifully. And that he was going to use my pics for the site. Lol.
I want to thank all off you for the tips, advice , prayers and sympathy. Especially GOD, my mom, sisters. Day 10 is def a better day. Looking forward to more positive results. Haven't taken any pain meds today.

Before and after pics

I hope I don't lose too much since I'm still swollen.

15 days post op

I have been feeling good. No meds other than Tylenol occasionally. The worse part was def the Lipo recovery and the uncomfortable sleeping and not being able to sit. I wear myself out. I have a question ladies...

I'm trying to figure out when massages are recommended? I couldn't imagine anyone touching my in any of the Lipo areas. They are still swollen and very tender. Yet there are areas that seem a little hard and wonder if a massage would help that. Thanks!!

Garment time!

I was amazed at how many garments I was able to collect from my sisters and my mom. Just a tip ladies ask your friends and your family, most ladies have garments that they have purchased in the past to try to shape and slim down and then never wear because they're so comfortable. Well I am using all of them and saved some money. :)

I made it to 1 month! Lol

I can't believe it's been a month. No regrets! Looking back it wasn't that bad. I'm about 80% I think. I still have swelling and numbness. But totally manageable. I'm still not sitting on my bootay. I was only able to get 400 cc per cheek, which is not much. So I'm waiting until it feels totally normal. I still feel some hard areas on my butt. Sleeping on my belly sucks, but not as bad as I thought. It's really mind over matter. Anyway, here are some pics. It's not a JLO but I'm happy that my waist is smaller and the dent (flaw) was corrected. That was my goal and not necessarily a huge butt. I only took pics with clothes. I'll do some skin pics once I see less swelling. Cheers my BBL ladies!!

It's been a while....

Sorry I haven't been on the site. Here are some updated pics. I've been working out a lot and habe lost some more volume. But I am still glad I did it. :))
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Very happy with my choice. He took great care of me. Always optimistic and gave it to me straight. He said it was going to be painful but that I could manage, if I follow his instructions. Thank you, Dr. Lapuerta!

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