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Hello RS family, I'm a 46 year mother of 2 boys...

Hello RS family,
I'm a 46 year mother of 2 boys who are ages 10 and 13 months. I'm unhappy with the way my body has settled since having my youngest including fat around my middle, back fat, and my formerly bouncy butt becoming droopy!!!! I live in the SF bay area and because I don't have a strong support network here I'd like to have the surgery in either Houston or LA where I have family. I've been researching doctors in both locations and am leaning toward Dr. Hazani in LA but don't have a good feel for the doctors in Houston. I've heard that Dr. Cortes should be avoided. Can you give me some referrals that I can consider in both locations?

Wish Pics

Trying to make up my mind - Hazani or Hasan

I'm a 46 year old mom of a 10 year old and a 13 month old - both boys. It's clear that my last pregnancy did me in, so I've decided to get a BBL 1st and then a BL next to get my body back into a shape I can be proud of again.

I'm in decision mode and need your advice. I live in the SF Bay area and am trying to decide if it makes more sense to travel to LA or make the trip to Miami for the BBL. My sister is in LA but will struggle to take care of my kids and hers, and I have a friend who can make the trip with me to Miami and take care of me and the baby.

Both Hazani and Hasan give fantastic results, but I'm just so torn!!! Hazani was fantastic to talk to, but you don't get to talk with Hasan until day of surgery. RS sisters any advice on the 2 you can give me?


Dr. Hazani It Is!!!!

Hi Ladies,

I've had 2 fabulous consultations with Dr. Hazani and put my money down for the surgery today, and secured my date of March 30. I'm super excited and scared to go through this journey. I'll be traveling from the Bay Area to LA, and I'll be staying in a hotel for the first 3 nights and with my sister for the remaining nights. She'll be caring for my two boys while I recover.

I'm going to start buying things I need and continue to stalk everyone's pages for tips and inspiration. I'm so excited to get my hourglass figure back after my last baby 14 months ago.

Wish Pics

A few new pics I love!!!

Positively Dr. Hazani

So I had forgotten that I scheduled a consult with Dr. Beck. I decided to go forward with it. The office and staff were really nice, and Dr. Beck was fantastic. What shocked we was the price- $13,400!!! Now I understand that he uses Mill Peninsula hospital, all patients stay overnight and he takes out as much fat as he needs to, butt dang that's high!!!

Needless to say I'm sticking with Hazani for sure. Even after flights, hotel and expenses It's still a better deal to go with Hazani. Not to mention Hazani's skill with snatching waists and creating great butts.

Now I just need to figure out all the logistics with my kids. March will be here soon! I'm super excited to get my body back????

Considering a TT along with my BBL

My RS sister Jazzing123 has inspired me to go for it all! With that said I'm strongly considering adding a TT along with my BBL in March. I'm posting a side view. Dr. Hazani said I made need a TT later but I'd rather just get it over with and have 1 recovery period. I'm planning to take 3 weeks off - is that enough time to recover from both procedures? Am I crazy for doing this together? I need advice ladies!!!

Nursing care after sx

Ladies can anyone tell me how long I will need the support of a nurse after surgery? I'll be staying in a hotel near the surgery center and want to start getting some pricing.

My sister saw Hazani today

My big sister who lives in Oasadena had a consult with Hazani today fro a bA. She loved him and felt that he was honest, direct and very thorough in his consult. She's trying to decide between saline and silicone implants. He recommended saline. His price was amazing - $4,900!!! She's scheduling for a few months after my bbl do I can go help her. I plan to have my breasts done in late 2016 with Hazani.

My Big Sister is the best

My sister called me today to let me know that she called Dr. Hazani's office and paid $500 on my surgery balance!!!! She's having her BA with Dr. Hazani at the end of February so she made payments on both accounts. I love her for supporting me!!!!

I'm watching everyone's journey and so want to get my surgery done sooner so I can be happy with my post baby body again. Patience is the name of the game until I can get it paid off!!!

Leonisa 10% off Code

Hi Dolls,

I was searching a website and got an ad from Leonisa promoting a 10% off code. Use the code "save10" at checkout for the discount. I wish I knew what size and type to buy so I could get the discount. Just thought I'd share.

Met with Dr. Hazani yoday

Hey dolls. I was in LA for business today and had an in person consult with Dr. Hazani. He's amazing and confirmed that I don't need a tummy tuck right now. He also showed me the Leonisa garment he uses, let me try out the bbl pillow, and gave me the contact info. for the caretaker they use for out of town patients.

I'm so glad I chose him. I also met with Debbie and she gave me great information on areas to search for Airbnb rentals if I go that route.

Going to the Dominican Republic - Isreael Manon it is!!

I'm finally back on RS and have changed my surgeon and surgery date. I'll be heading to the DR to get a TT, BBL and Lipo with Dr. Israel Manon. I just love his work and know a few people who've gone to him. I'll have a Rd. 2 surgery later next year to get a BL. I'll be staying in a hotel in the DR since I'll have some family with me.
While I love Dr. Hazani, and will definitely go to him for my BL, I felt I could get a better result from the DR and the price is MUCH less expensive for all the procedures I want.
Dr. Manon is board certified in the DR and hasn't had any past problems like a few of the others. I'm super excited and ready to get my pre-baby body back.
Any other Manon dolls out there?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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