51 Yr Old No Children - AirSculpt, Lower and Upper Abdomen, Waist, Bra Roll, BBL - Houston, TX

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I'm 5'2" and currently weigh between 115 and 120. ...

I'm 5'2" and currently weigh between 115 and 120. I can fluctuate in just a couple of days. Approximately 8 months ago I had a gall bladder attack and pancreatitis and lost approximately 20 lbs. I've always had a pooch, no waist, and no butt even when I was 96/98 lbs in high school. Dr. Rollins caught my eye when I saw "lunchtime lipo" on a website loooong time. He has an office in Roseville, CA, near the Bay Area. I've since moved Austin, TX. I was planning to take the flight back to California, but when I went to his website I noticed that he has an office in Houston. They've been open for approximately a little over a year. I contacted them and have been trading emails and pictures. Booked the procedure for July 2nd since it would give me a couple extra days without taking off of work. I'm flying in the morning of 7/2, the procedure at 8:30am, staying at Inn at the Hampton Suites (approx 2 minute walk, but was told they will provide transportation), and flying out July 3rd in the afternoon flight. So far my experience with the staff has been been great. I've been communicating with Channing. She said she booked me with Dr. Victor Atun because he does great BBL. My self esteem and self worth has been in the $hit hole is since the beginning of the year. Long story short I found out the person I was seeing at that time for several years got married because he thought we were done - but we talked everyday and saw each other. He didn't tell me that he got married, we continued to see each other until I found out. I'm not doing this to try to get him back but I'm hoping that this will make me feel at least a little better about myself.

Today was the day.

Today was the day - continuation

Whoops. Forgot to add the comment. Took the Austin flight to Hobby Airport in Houston... yaaaawwwnnnn. The flight was at 5:35am. I didn't sleep the night before so I was super tired. Got to the building and got a breakfast of pancakes, scramble eggs, and bacon - was told to get something to eat. The cafe is located on the first floor and they open at 7:00am. Went up to the office, checked in, changed in to those sexy bandeau bras and these tiny bottoms. It was cold but luckily they gave me a robe. The nurse started and IV line and gave me the following meds: Cephalexin, Xanax, and an anti nausea medication that I had to dissolve under my tongue. The doctor came in, took picture, and marked me up and more pics. Dr. Atun was very friendly and jovial. He tried to make me feel comfortable. Walked over to the operation room. Very clean. He poked me with this pen to numb the area - similar to a diabetic blood test prick on the finger. I didn't look when he did it but the instrument it looked like a dermal punch. It didn't hurt. The tumescent liquid did feel weird but it didn't hurt. He told me what he was going to do every step of the way. I'm not going to tell you it didn't hurt - I have low pain tolerance. There were areas - especially around the belly button - that hurt. It wasn't unbearable but it made me flinch a bit. He did the upper and lower abdomen. Then had me roll over to the side to to do the waists. Roll over, do my back, bra roll, and just above the tailbone. Next was the BBL. This was the most uncomfortable. I tried not to clench my butt cheeks, but couldn't help it. He added 500cc's to each cheek. I was told that it will go down because some will not take. Dr. Atun was very nice and kept asking how I was doing during the entire procedure. When I got off the table my tummy look uneven. I was assured that it will even out and to make sure I wear the garment. I was also given a vest garment for my bra roll. If I can same some money I'll do the arms and have him inject it into my breast by him. I was discharged with more Cephalexin and Tylenol 4's. Called the shuttle for the Hampton Inn and Suites Houston Med Center. Very close. The room is clean. I conked out for about 4 hours. The front desk they gave me a list of places to eat where their shuttle would drop people off and restaurants that delivered. I went with the Vietnamese place - Nam Noodles. Got the chicken pho and fresh spring rolls. They were pretty darn good. Took the antibiotic and the pain meds. Flying out tomorrow back to Austin.

Day 2 Post Op

Since I didn't get ANY sleep the night before the procedure I conked out. Took my antibiotic and Tylenol #4. Slept on my stomach. Woke up and the bags under my eyes are super puffy. Last night I had to change a few of my pads and forgot to put back my garment for my upper body - for the bra roll. I put it back on this morning as soon as I realized. I'm going to call the office when then open and crossing my fingers they won't tell me I royally screwed up. I didn't have much leakage. The doctor told me since they didn't have to use much tumescent fluid that there won't be much leakage. The most leakage is the BBL insertion site. I hope I'm not leaking my ass out! It's really not that much, but it's more than the rest of my punctured sites. Right now I'm sitting on the Booty Buddy (thank you GoGoBoxer!) and it is comfortable. The doctor gave me a donut and sat on it. Ouch! The Booty Buddy isn't cheap as a donut, but I justified the price that If I spent so much on my BBL and I have to not sit on my arse, it justified the price. Basically it's a wedge that you sit on that fits between behind your knees and stops before your butt - so your butt hangs off the back. It 's REALLY comfortable. My lower abdomen feels like I did major sit ups. I have to kneel down to pick up anything off the floor. My upper back (where they removed the bra rolls) feels like I just worked out a bit hard. It's like a good sore after a work out. One thing that's weird is the urinating with the garment on. There's a huge hole, but it feels weird (mentally) having pants on while urinating. I wore my compression socks all night and will continue to wear them for my flight home and during the weekend - I bought multiple pairs.

The hotel has a full breakfast (hot and cold items and make your own waffle). The food is good. I just grabbed some items and brought them to my room. I took a few Activa to eat since I don't want to have constipation.

Per the suggestion from GoGoBoxer (thank you again!) I bought a portable massage table to lay on - since it has a face hole - i can still work. I know I can lie on the floor, but doing this for a long period of time I'll put a strain on the neck and shoulder. I found a new one on ebay for $69 dollars - free shipping. I figured I call sell it on craigslist when I'm done with it.

I need to clarify what I wrote yesterday. The doctor told me that he used 500cc for my BBL because it will not ALL take, NOT it will not take. Absorption and such.

I forgot to indicate that I got food delivered to the room - Nam Noodles. The food was light and tasty.

Back home!

My flight from Houston to Austin was approximately 40 minutes. Southwest has a direct flight into Hobby Airport which is the closest airport - approx 25 minutes from the doctors office - sorry I didn't write that down earlier. Thank GAAAWD I had my Booty Buddy! I was VEEERRY comfortable sitting on it in the plane. I wore my compression socks with my TOMS and a maxi dress. I highly suggest wearing maxi dresses. Just slip it over your head. It was uncomfortable putting on my garment - stepping into it.

My stomach and back area is a bit sensitive to the touch - didn't want to bang into anything or have my carry-on bump it. I couldn't wait until I got home to change my pads. The ones that the doctors office used and the extras they gave me are the Poise. They're a bit thick. I changed them last night and this morning with those. When I got home I changed the pads to my Always Night Time - long, extra absorbent and thin. I didn't leak much, actually hardly any from this morning. I attached one to each other - end to end - and made one long chain. I then placed it around my waist and used tape to to hold it together. My lower belly looks a bit floppy, but I'm optimistic that it'll tighten up. There is a bit of bruising and it was the area that was a bit painful during the procedure.

When I got home, my portable massage table was there waiting. All I had to do was open up the box and unfold it - no assembly! It feels better than lying on my couch. My back is straight vs arching.

I can't wait until I take my shower tomorrow!! I was told not to shower for 48 hours. While taking my shower I'm going to launder my garments. I was sweating walking back to my car in the heat at the airport. Yuck.

The nurse told me to wait about two weeks and then take my measurements for my 2nd garment. I called the Fajate company and told them what procedures I was having and they suggested #11112. Yes it's on the expensive side, but I was told by my doctor and the nurses that the best ones are the ones from Columbia. I want to make sure I get squeezed as much as I can!

I read that pineapple is suppose to help with inflammation. I can't eat that much pineapple in one sitting so I'm going to make smoothies daily. Tonights smoothie: ice, pineapple, almond milk (for a bit of creaminess) and chia seeds (for fiber and omegas). I'm taking chewable iron tabs, vitamin C, multivitamins, and B complex. If you're going to eat lots of pineapples, I highly suggest the OXO pineapple corer. It was SO easy vs cutting it.

Day 3

Ugh, I was sweating last night - pre menopause thing - and didn't sleep well. Woke up and dumped the garments in the washer. Put waterproof bandaids on my entry points - since reading that it hurts/stings on the first shower. I used the 3M Nexcare Waterproof Bandaids. I used them before and they create a good seal. I was tender in the areas, but I felt sooo greazy and stinky I felt I needed a good scrub so I used my body scrubbing gloves. My lower abdomen is more tender and swollen than the upper abdomen. My butt looks like it has a flat spot. I hope that resolves. I have a follow up appointment in 3 weeks. Normally it's 1, but I asked if I could push it out to 3 because it would save me close to $400 for the flight. They said that it's fine. This morning I had a kale, chia seed, orange, and pineapple smoothie and took my vitamins.


It's so uncomfortable sleeping on my stomach. I haven't really slept much since the procedure. I wake up often throughout the night. Plus I wake up every morning with big puffy under eye bags for awhile until I move around a bit.

I was given a shrug type jacket to wear to compress my bra roll, but my arms are on the thicker side (planning to get this lipo'd) and it kept cutting in my armpit. I found one of my compression tank tops and put that on instead. it was a much tighter fit than the shrug so I figured this is ok. I'm thinking about getting the arms done during the winter time cause the jacket will keep me warmer. It's too hot to wear it during the Austin summers. I wear a wife beater shirt under my garment so the shoulder part won't dig into me. I've also put some regular bandaids for against the rubbing.

I'm hoping that the "waviness" of my abdomen area will smooth out. I have more bra roll on one side left vs the other. Its sore so I'm hoping that it's swelling. Got on the scale and I'm at 120. Waist is 29, hips are 36.5. The hips were originally 34 - I hope I don't deflate that much more. I've been diligent about not sitting down and if I do, I have my Booty Buddy with me.

First day at work

I'm really starting to get the "itchies" from my garment. Using the body gloves during my shower feels soooo good. My lower belly looks pretty puffy - not looking so hot. My job is mostly a desk job so I didn't think I would get cankels... boy was I wrong. My coworker came up and said "Woah! You got some major cankels goin' on!" That being said I ran to the drugstore to pick up compression socks. They only had one type in my size and it hardly had any compression but it was better than nothing. I got home and changed them out for the higher compression ones I bought from Amazon. It's hot in Austin. I was wearing a maxi skirt that ended above my ankles with flip-flops. It was such a lovely sight with black compression socks with the wedgie flip-flops on. Good thing it's Austin - they embrace weird. On my ride home I was getting motion sickness and had to loosen the wrap garment around my waist.

No cankels today!

I wore my high compression socks, again with a maxi skirt - just too fashionable ;p. Oh it made such a difference from yesterday! My doctors office called and asked how I was doing. I told them that I'm getting the itches and she told me that it's the healing process and if I wanted to take Benadryl that would be ok. That wasn't going to happened during the work hours....I'd fall asleeeeep....zzzzzzzzz. I'll probably take it tonight so I can sleep through the night. My bruises are healing - my skin is turning yellowish. The indent is better. I noticed that when I wear my foam pad horizontally the middle of my lower abdomen bulges to like a point - like a cone head. When I wear it vertically it flattens it out. Still sore, but getting better. I made 4 appointments with a lymphatic massage therapist. First one will be on the 20th. I've been drinking pineapple smoothies daily, equivalent to 1/2 pineapple a day. If you haven't invested in a pineapple corer, get one! The OXO brand. I don't like peeling them and cutting the eyes out. It's so freakin' easy! My follow up appointment is the last Friday of July. My swelling should be down so at that time I'll order a smaller garment. What really helps me sitting in my car, besides my Booty Buddy is one of those mesh back supports - the kind you can get at dollar store, drugstore. My butt doesn't touch anything! I'm making sure when I sit that it doesn't touch anything. I don't wan't any chances that it'll get smaller.

Pics for 1 week post op

Betcha wondering if I change my underwear and shirt! LOL! Yes I do. I have lots of the same black underwear and I wear wife beater shirts under my garment. I'm still sweating at night. Not much change. I informed the doctors office of the "point" from my lower abdomen. I sent a picture and they said that they will show him the picture and get back with me. That was Thursday and today is Sunday. I'm going to call them tomorrow. My stomach looks wavy and the lower portion looks puffy. There are some hardness around the a few of the entry sites. I've been massaging them. If there is anyone who can offer any suggestions on how to get rid of these I'd greatly appreciate it! I've been eating pineapples and downing motrin to try to get the swelling down.

Spoke with the doctor

I asked him about my "waviness" and hardness in certain areas. He said it was normal. I have a follow up appointment next Saturday. I should receive my Fajas today so I'm excited about that.


My waist is 30' and my hips are 36.5. I wasn't sure if I should get the 11111 in a size S or SX. The sales rep told me to get a XS. I asked if that would fit because the hip size was correct at 36, but the waist size was indicated as 26-28. She said yes. I got it, slipped it on my legs and there was NO way that I could have hooked them up! There was a major 5 inch gap! So partially pulled the legs up, hooked the first two then pulled the legs up and then hooking the rest was MUCH easier. I had to smooth out the skin every time I hooked each one. I wore this for 2 days on the very last hook. The end of the 2nd day I was able to go the next row of hooks! I can't believe it! These are VERY comfy. I wear the garment that the doctor gave me for bed and the Fajas during the day.

Almost 3 weeks Post Op - having doubts....

My mid section is lumpy. I've worn my garment from the PS for the 1st week and got a XS Faja and have been wearing that 24/7. The only time is when I launder it. I got my bra rolls done, but look how much lumpage! I thought this area would be done because you can see the point of entry. Thought that since it was inserted there, the surrounding area would be done. I'm really concerned. My follow up appointment is this Saturday.....


I've been going to a massage therapist every week for 1.5 hours and there still "waviness". When my shirt lifts up you can see the wave. I found out that the massage therapist is one that the Westlake surgeons recommends so I know she's good. I'm thinking I should have gotten the procedure locally vs going to Houston. Dr. Rollins, who is heads this facility said on one of his videos that "If we can pinch it we can take it out" Well as you can see there is much more "pinchable" on me. I have a three month appointment on Oct 17. I don't think this is swelling. I've been wearing my Faja and sit on my Booty Buddy RELIGIOUSLY and wear corset to make my waist smaller. There's "lumpage" around my shoulder blades. Wish I got more put in my BBL. Only 500cc's went in each cheek. My bottom has touched any surface yet. I carry my Booty Buddy around and tell people I fell on my tailbone.

Still got lumpage

My next appointment is on 10/17. I'm concerned about the lumpage under my arms and near my belly button. There is still the ridge.


I'm concerned. Thoughts or advice please!!


I got a call today from the PS and was told that they had to reschedule my 3 month follow up appointment on 10/17 because the doctor won't be in. I told the receptionist that I booked the appointment 3 months ago and why did they wait until 2 weeks before and that flights are are more expensive now. I told her that I didn't want to go during the weekday because I have to take a day off so that's why I booked it so far in advance to make sure that I get a Saturday appointment. So the next Saturday appointment that my schedule and the doctors schedule works is December 12th. My 3 month appointment is now a 5 month appointment. She said that it's ok as long as I'm not having problems. I told her that I have lots of waviness. Again she said "As long as you don't have problems". I don't think she even heard me. I was irritated regarding the schedule. It was because he wasn't scheduled to be in.... Why wasn't I told earlier!?!?!?! I told her that I could have gotten a PS in Austin and not have to deal with frustration and the extra $$ of flying back and forth. Ugh!

Whoops... sorry...

I was so irritated... I re-posted old pics by accident.

Follow up visit

I got a call and was told Dr. Atun wasn't going to be in on 12/12 one week before my appointment. I was NOT HAPPY. I told the receptionist that this was the 2nd time he canceled on me and that I was flying in to see him. I was also NOT happy with the results. Dr. Blome agreed to see me so I didn't have to reschedule. I really liked Dr. Blome. He took his time explaining things to me and I didn't feel rushed. I really appreciate that Channing, the coordinator, made this process painless. I feared that the situation was going to be "it's too bad on the results and you would have to pay $$$ to get it fixed" and put me on the defense. That wasn't the case. She worked with me and I greatly appreciated it. They really do want to make their patients/clients happy. I'm glad that they stand behind that. Planning to reschedule for the beginning of January with Dr. Blome. Just waiting on the confirmation.

Revision scheduled for Jan 12th with Dr. Blome

And I CAN'T wait. when I met with Dr. Blome he told me that there were areas that he could take more out. There is a large picture of Shannon Moakler in the waiting room and in the exam room. I told one of the staff member that I felt like I looked liker Shannon's and other peoples before. When she saw me she agreed... I told the Dr. Blome that I expected a much better result for 10K. He seem a bit taken back when I told him the price. I'm excited so I'll update the pics when I get it done!
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