45 Yrs Just Scheduled my BBL! ! - Houston, TX

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I finally decided on a plastic surgeon to perform...

I finally decided on a plastic surgeon to perform my BBL procedure Awesome Dr. Newall :) after consulting with 4 doctors. 3 here in Houston and one in MiamiFL. It has been though to decide but I hope to God, I made the right choice. Can't wait. I will post before and after pictures later. Wish me luck!!

Nervous! !!!

My surgery is scheduled at 7am today! ! Getting just a little nervous! ! But I can't wait to see Dr Newall's work on me!! I will post my before photos later this morning, well I will have my daughter do it for me while I'm in surgery. Pray for me and wish me well! !

Procedure done before pictures attached

My procedure went well. I am well and at home. Very minimal pain, or should I say just sore but I came out of surgery at about 9am and have not taken any pain meds . The procedure took approximately 2 hours. The staff including Dr. Newall made me feel comfortable and treated me with the upmost respect. I even received roses after my procedure from Dr. Newall. As promised I am attaching my before photos. BTW Dr. Newall injected 1200 CC's into each bun. I will post pictures of me in my garment before the day ends .Thank you @fitmom and @curvsicare for the well wishes. Will keep you all posted during my recovery.

Pictures with garment on

Hello, there is a lot of draining but it is normal as,long it is not bright red. I am using the protection pads to protect my bedding. I've changed my padding once already. Dr. Newalls nurse will stop by tomorrow to check on me. These pictures make me look a,bit bigger. I will post pictures without the garment sood.

Useful tips

Hello ladies,
I am uploading some photos of some things I found helpful. They are not on the list of things needed after surgery. Just thought of them abd hVe2been working wonders. Well some underpads were in the bag given to me at the pre op bag but no instructions on what and how to use them for so I came up with these ideas. Hope this helps. BTW I sent my daughter out to get more underpants as they were only a few in the bag. So get some underpants walgreens brand works extremely well and some depends, I bought the silhouette kind. There is also a roll of surgical/medical tape in the pre op bag. I cut the underpad in 4 and taped one 4th on each side of the hips to catch the draining, works wonders!!! I used this to tape the underpads to my bedding and let me tell you it keeps it in place. See pictures

Nurse visit 8/15/16

Good morning ladies, forgot to update you all on my nurse visit. The nurse called me before 8am to tell me she was going to come see me between 12pm and 1pm and that she would call me after she saw her patient before me. When she arrived I was just out of the shower. She evaluated my swelling and open wounds and said everything is looking good and normal. She was so friendly and polite. She went over my meds once again and gave me tips on how to pad up if needed. Today, I woke up and there was no drain stains on the underpads on my bad ????

Bruised and swollen

Hello, just a little update : I am still a bit swollen and very bruised. I really dont want to post pictures just yet. Maybe Thursday afternoon after post op visit with Dr Newall.

Post Op visit with Dr Newall

Hello ladies,
Had my post op visit with Dr. Newall today. Everything is looking good ge said. Still a bit swollen and bruised. I'm waiting for this to go down a bit so that I can post pictures. My daughter took some but say the pictures do not do no justice. So I decided to wait to post. I can see that I am curvy!!! As far as my behind, Im swollen around my lower back and flank area but I can also see the volume despite the swollen areas. Dr. Newall injected 1200 cc's on each side ???????????? cant wait to see the final results. I will post pictures as,soon as possible

9 days Post Op

just a little update. Feeling better but there is still swelling and bruising. Here are,some pictures with garment on? About to jump in shower. Getting ready to return to work tomorrow. ...... wish me luck!

11 days post op pictures without garment

Hello, here are the pictures as promised without my garment. Still have some swelling and some bruising. Looking and feeling better day by day ? let me know what you all think so far. Good luck on your surgey tomorrow @24 and ready for a bbl!! God bless! Hope you see the pictures before your surgery

15 days post op

Hello, so I have a dinner to go to today and I called Dr Newall's office to ask if it was okay to take my garment off for a few hours. They said yes as long as I put it back on when I get home. So here are some pictures with my dress on. There is still swelling. Especially around my flank and belly area. ..... let me know what you think

Trying Jeans on

Hello! I'm feelings awesome ladies ? I just out of the blue tried one of my jeans over my new garment. Here are the pictures. ...... Loving my new body !! Dr Newall rocks!!

37 days post op pictures

Hello everyone! I a feeling awesome and noticing better results day by day. Now I understand why Doctors recommend to wait at least until the 3rd or 4th month after a procedure for results. Here are some pictures. I still have my stage 2 garment on and will be wearing it until the 3rd month per orders. I wear my top garment for my arms in the evening and throughout the night as I had my arms and auxila liposuctioned. The nurse that did my massage told me that I am still swollen in some areas and as time goes by I will notice my butt rounder and rounder. My flank area is still swollen and very noticeable.

2nd stage garment rnkw1515

8 weeks pot op pictures

Here are some of my 8 weeks post op pictures. I had my last massage on Thursday. Still wearing a waist type of trainer all day and night. I am also wearing my top garment only in the evening and at night per the nurse. I am loving my results. Dr Newall is an amazing surgeon.

Before and after ?

I am posting a before and after picture. Wow! You definitely can see a huge difference. ....... Dr. Newall rocks!

Pictures with a,pair of Columbian jeans

Here go some pictures with a pair of Columbian jeans I just purchased. I will be getting more for sure!!! What do you think? 9 weeks post op

10 weeks post op before and afters from Dr Newalm

Hello, I am sharing my before a d after photos. Tomorrow marks my 10th week. The after pictures were taken today. Let me know what you think. Im loving my results!! Thank you Dr. Newall ????

Almost 5 months post op

Hello everyone! ! Been a Long time! Here are a couple of pics with jeans

5 months post op pictures as promised

Hello everyone!
I took these pictures today a a little over 5 months post op. Dr. Newall did an awesome job. What do you all think?

7 months post up pic

Still holding on to volume! Dr. Newall is the best!! Loving my results!

8 months post og on my BBL

Hello all!! Its been a while...... been so busy with work :/ but here is a pick of my bootay! Still holding volume. Gained a couple pounds though ;( gotta get back on my exercise routine ASAP. Been suppa busy working. Well, what do you all think? 8 months post op

8 1/2 months post up

Hello everyone just wanted to share a recent picture

More pictures of my journey ....... 8.5 months post op

Here you go! More pictures

A year and 1 month update

Hello !
I haven't posted anything in a while. But here are a couple pictures

Dr. Newall is an amazing BBL surgeon. I am loving my results!! I am forever thankful for choosing him over the other surgeons to perform my BBL procedure. I highly recommend him. No need to travel out of the state of Texas, having him here is a true blessing. He is a true profesional that treats you with the upmost respect. His staff is amazing as well. Definitely a 10 in my book. Thank you Dr. Newall for making me look and feel sexy ☺ God bless you and your staff!!!!

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