45 Yr Old That Wants a Big Booty - Houston, TX

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Super excited about getting a new figure. I've...

Super excited about getting a new figure. I've never had a butt but now I get a chance to c what its like to look like a "brick house" in some jeans! Lol. Dr. Cortes is highly experienced in BBL according to all da reviews I've read and videos I've seen. I luv seeing da pics that a lot of u have posted. That has really helped me a lot.

Ready! Ready! Ready!

Counting Down

Gettn Closer

Well Queens, I can actually say I'm super excited after seeing missjamaica87 BBL. Cortes' Dream Team delivered sum off da chain results. Please check out her pics.

5 Weeks Pre-Op Today!!

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's comments and seeing all these before and after pictures. Everyone looks beautiful and happy with their results. I will try and post pics once I have my procedure.

30 days pre-op today

Redgoddess told me da time will go by fast and it sure has. But I am concerned about wearing that garment 24 hrs a day as sum of u do. Anxious to wear body fitting dresses without da garment but I do want mind blowing results so I guess I need to follow doctors orders...

8 days people today!!!

Its been a long time waiting and I'm almost there. I'm reading more and more reviews daily now since I'm closer to my date. Dr. Cortes said I'll probably need about 1200 ccs in each cheek. Fine with me!!! Da bigger da happier I'll be, lolololol.

date moved up one day earlier

My date was moved up one day earlier. Procedure will b next Wednesday instead of Thursday. Whooohooo!!!!!

2 Days pre-op!! omg!

Don't kno whether to b anxious or nervous but I am excited. Just hope these results turn out phenomenal!!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wilberto Cortes is scheduled to perform my surgery on August 28 '14.

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