40 Yr Old Mother of 4....on a Mission - Houston, TX

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Ok here goes......I stumbled on this site not long...

Ok here goes......I stumbled on this site not long ago and I have read until im re reading the same posts over again..lol....anyway congrats to all of the ladies that has had their procedure and good luck to the ones thats next..(me) I've never had a butt always been flat but not fat just big boned...I have given birth to 3 kids. ...( 21,10,4) my husband and I adopted a 2 month old whos now 16 months...anyway my legs are thick not flabby im 5'6 210lbs completely solid. And dammit im built like an upside down shovel. Damn.....I had consultation on friday 3-27-15 in Houston with dr erika sato. She examined me and said that since my butt is tight she would only be able to inject 500ccs in each cheek......what!!!!!! Lol....I said cool anything is better than looking like an upside down ketchup bottle. . Before I left I paid $450 to book my date..im ready excited and nervous. .im a cna I do private duty and I only have one client. ..ive already told them I'll need off the first , week in june...I told them im getting gal stones removed..lmao....I'll upload pics soon.


Hey ladies its been awhile since my last post I've been working and getting the items I need for my upcoming sx.. about a week ago I started drinking ensure plus 3x a day.....I had to cut back...waaaaaay back I was gaining weight overnight it seemed like. ... june 1st can't get here fast enough. I'll upload pics so you can see what im not working with. Talk to ladies soon.

here goes

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Houston Plastic Surgeon

Beautiful inside and out she let me talk first and ask my questions..and she answered them all...I love her already

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