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I've been stalking "RealSelf" daily. Results and...

I've been stalking "RealSelf" daily. Results and reviews are very important but being able to afford it is definitely high on the list as well. My first consultation went well and I love Dr. Erika Sato but $8k may be too much for me. No financing for me! This booty will be paid for in CASH! I have a couple more consultation and I will make my choice. Hopefully I will have an hour glass figure by Valentine 2016!

Looking at Doctors in Dominican Republican

Ok I've decided to go to the Dominican Republican. My consultations go well here in Houston while I'm at the office but once I get home and think of other questions the doctor can't give me an answer I'm pleased with. I got a quote from Dr. Mejia for $4300 all inclusive package. His work is awesome and I think he can give me what I want. He's quick to respond to all my questions and he's very knowledgeable and caring. I'm still waiting on two more quotes

Made my deposit!!! Waiting on my date confirmation! Yeeeessss :)

So after a rough patch with this deposit through international transfer, I finally got notification that my deposit was complete. The great thing was the doctor's assistant Paola called me 5 times to comfort me because she knew I was upset. Then she let me speak with the Doctor! I'm one happy girl! I chose March 8, 2016 and I'm waiting for my confirmation now. Less than 90 days and I will be a "Mejia Mom-Star"!!! $4350 with $300 off for booking early and this includes the recovery house.

Dr. Mejia please Help!

Dr. Mejia please help me love my body when I look in the mirror.

Surgery Date Confirmed 3/7/2016

I'm ready dolls! Paola sent my confirmation and all my "Do's and Dont's". I have a doctor's appointment next week to see where I am with my blood levels. Shopping for my vitamins tomorrow. OMG this just got real!!!

My sisters and I are headed to DR to get snatched!!!!

Hello dolls! Both my sisters paid their deposits to Dr. Mejia and we found our flights for $415 round trip! Two of us will have surgery on March 7th and the other on March 8. I only need 7 days in the recovery house but both my sisters will need 10 days so I'm staying 3 extra days. We haven't done our blood work with our physicians here but that's next week. 67 days before we are snatched. I'm glad us three sisters are going together, that support is much needed.

Less than 2 MONTHS!!!!

Ok dolls my sisters and I are almost ready. We went and got some things on the list. I'm so excited. I dream about my new body. Smh. Baby this bootay is on my mind I tell you!!! I haven't told my boyfriend I was getting a procedure. Do y'all think I can pull it off without him noticing? Lol...this will be funny but hunny I'm not worried. I'm sure he's gonna love this cutie with the nice round bootie!!!

Getting closer to my new bootay!!!

So I put my time in for FMLA and it's approved. I also researched the RH and I'm pleased. My sisters and I can all stay in the same room. I moved my surgery date up to March 3rd, YAY!!!

Meeting other dolls on RS!!!!!

I've met some beautiful dolls on this website. Some are traveling at the same time, going to the same doctor and staying at the same RH!! Yay!!! RealSelf you rock! I hope to make some good friends on this journey. It's getting closer and I'm almost ready to go. My FMLA starts in 33 days. I'm excited and nervous. Dreaming about bootays everyday. Lawd I need some counseling! Lol

Sh*t just got real!!!

So I got our plane tickets today and had my physical done with my PCP. In 27 days I will be off work and getting ready to get snatched! I met another doll on RS name Dulene, and OMG she's a doll for real! I've straight up taken her from her family and she's my adopted sister. She's coming a few days earlier to DR so she can help me and my sisters before she have her surgery. So of course we will be there to help her when she's out the "doll-maker". I'm sooooo excited! Dr. Mejia do yo thang!

Cleared by my PCP!!!!

So I got my results from my PCP and everything is normal. Hemoglobin is 13.0 and that's without taking the iron (I started taking the iron today). I feel like Betty Wright (I'm nervous and trimbling). Ok I'm one month away from my cute booty.

Am I supposed to be nervous?

Ok I'm really nervous now. I'm afraid my butt is going to be too big. Thinking about the things that could go wrong. Omg I'm in my feelings!!!! Somebody help me!!!!!

Time to Pack

Finished all my shopping. I got a boppy pillow because most doctors recommend it. My sister bought a BBL pillow for about $100. Should I get one? She's a baller and I can't get her to stop spending money...I ain't got it like that so if the boppy pillow works in gonna roll with that.

Low Maintenance Hair

OMG it's next week...snatched snatched snatched!!!

5 Days Away and I can't Sleep

So I'm up nervous and can't sleep! Will the doctor know what I want? I don't want a donkey! I want it to be subtle and not too noticeable. Ok calm down PrettyFlwer! Dr. Mejia got this!

We made to the DR

So we finally made it to the DR. Everything has been great so far. The airport was packed and it was hot but remade it. Our driver, Moses, was there waiting for us. He barely spoke English but he had his Google translator and he made it work. Had us laughing the entire time. He took us for our X-rays (the hospital seem to be a charity hospital and it made us thank GOD for the blessings we have at home) then we went to the clinic. We walked right in and saw the beautiful Paola, her other name is Lefny (same person, I didn't know that). She is a doll! Made us feel like we were relatives that just got in for a family reunion. She took us for bloodwork and paperwork (omg I hate needles). On our way back to the office we ran into the handsome Dr. Mejia (This man is fine as hell)! He saw us and smiled so big. He said "these must be MY girls!!!" He grabbed each one of us, hugged us and kissed us (and we loved that). Consultation was great. We had our consultation together. I mean we are sisters and we know how these tore up bodies look (growing up together and taking baths together makes you not shy)! He is brutally honest with a twist of charm. He doesn't blow smoke up your azz and he's not in it for the money. As a matter of fact he told my 2 sisters that they didn't need a BBL (losing money) because they had great butts. Me on the other hand, he said sorry dear but you need one. LOL...well me and my oldest sister is having our surgery today. Will keep you folks posted.

Made it to the other side!!!

Here are some pics...will post more later! Just know Mejia is the truth!

3 Weeks Post Op

Hello dolls! Sorry I've been out so long. Just know that this sh*t hurts like hell! Ugh! I'm so very happy with my results. Dr. Mejia gave me just what I asked for. He's amazing! My boyfriend knew something was different but couldn't quite put his finger on it. A cute little bootay was all I wanted with a waistline and my Doctor gave me just that!!! I love you Dr. Mejia and you too Paola!!! #TeamMejia #MejiaDoll

More Pics

I'm really happy with my results. I was so nervous because looking at RS results everyone had a huge donkey bootay and I did not want that. Y'all know I never told my boyfriend I was getting my butt done so I couldn't come with a K. Michelle butt. Lol

OMG I have a big butt! Lol

So I'm playing around in my closet, trying on stuff because I love my new body! I realized that I have azz now! Lol...I mean a real round bootay! Dr. Mejia I love you!

6 Weeks Update!!!

Dr. Mejia gave me just what I asked for. He's awesome!!!!

3 Months Post-Op and loving it!

New 2-pc Bikini


For all those who doubt Mejia's skills!!!!

I was a fat bad built mess!!! Dr. Mejia did that...DAYUM I'm fine!

9 Months Post Op

I'm loving me!

Dr. Mejia is the Man!!!

What can I say...thanks Mejia!
Dr. Luis Mejia

Dr. Mejia was amazing!!! He was caring, professional and did I say hott! During consultation he was informative and realistic. He was at our bedside from beginning to end. I'm still sore and in the recovery house but I had to write this review for you dolls who may be leaning towards it! #TeamMejia

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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