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I'm 5'6" and weight about 150lbs. My measurements...

I'm 5'6" and weight about 150lbs.
My measurements are
Bust 35
Wait 29
Butt 41

The general shape of my body is a pear shape, bottom heavy. I always had thick thighs and unsightly saddle bags which in turn made my waist look small:)
2 years ago I went to a plastic surgeon here in Houston and he used Vaser lipo to lipo my inner & outer thigh. I was happy with the overall result but was left with dents on the outer thigh due to aggressive lipo. Had 2 revision lipos after that to graft fat in those dented areaswith the same PS. I'm still not too happy with the results. My body now looks a little boxy and my waist a little more pronounced.

After doing some research and reading reviews here from you wonderful ladies, I've decided to get a bbl where I can trim down my waist and use the fat to accentuate my butt and fill in some of the remaining dents on my outer thighs.

Consult with Dr. Hsu today!

I was eagerly awaiting my appointment with Dr. Hsu and it was today!
It went very well!!! He's very professional, knowledgable and honest. He answered my list of questions to my liking. I asked him how much fat he recommends to be transferred on each side. His answer was 700-800cc, that's exactly what I had wanted!!! He said he would transfer fat to my butt, hips & outer thighs to create that much wanted curve. He definitely has the eye of an experienced surgeon.

He explained the everything very meticulously! I asked him if he could lipo my inner thighs and he recommended not to mess with it. This shows he's not there to add extra areas to make money, he was just plain honest. He understood exactly what I wanted and I had good vibes about him. He showed me pics of his recent bbls and they were AMAZING! He won me over but most importantly, he got my husbands vote!! ;)

Booked my surgery with Dr. Hsu!!!

Hello all! I booked my bbl with Dr. Hsu today for November 10th!!!!
I'm so excited!!!
So I had my 3rd consult with him today and told him exactly what my concerns were about lipo like uneveness, sagging skin etc. So we decided that he would not be too aggressive with the lipo and so minimize those chances. He would inject about 500cc to each since I didn't want to be too big (hips, butt cheek & thighs). He said I had a wider bottom so he didn't need to transfer much. He would make it look natural. I told him my husband didn't want me to get an 'in your face' butt because that's all the guys would look at! Lol! ;)

Got my Booty Buddy in the mail today!!

My sx date is getting closer & I'm really excited! I'm excited to see a new me just like my fellow Dr. Hsu 'sistas!' Lol!!! They all look so crazy amazing!! Thank you all for sharing your journey & feedback. It makes us feel like we're part of your journey. You help others in a tremendous way as an excellent resource as well as a great support system!

So I got my 'booty buddy' in the mail today! I've started to get all my supplies together but trying to get only the things that I will absolutely need! Do I still need to get a hoppy pillow in addition?
I'm also looking into getting a lipo ab board. Is that different from a lipo foam board? Which one do I need?
I'm trying to get most of my supplies off of Marshymarsh's & Brina's list. It's a good comprehensive list.

Also I'm posting more before pics!

I'm going for my pre-op this Thursday so will keep you posted!!
Dr. Patrick Hsu

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