40 Year Old with 2 Kids and READY to Be More Confident! - Houston, TX

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I'm 5'6" and weight about 150lbs. My measurements...

I'm 5'6" and weight about 150lbs.
My measurements are
Bust 35
Wait 29
Butt 41

The general shape of my body is a pear shape, bottom heavy. I always had thick thighs and unsightly saddle bags which in turn made my waist look small:)
2 years ago I went to a plastic surgeon here in Houston and he used Vaser lipo to lipo my inner & outer thigh. I was happy with the overall result but was left with dents on the outer thigh due to aggressive lipo. Had 2 revision lipos after that to graft fat in those dented areaswith the same PS. I'm still not too happy with the results. My body now looks a little boxy and my waist a little more pronounced.

After doing some research and reading reviews here from you wonderful ladies, I've decided to get a bbl where I can trim down my waist and use the fat to accentuate my butt and fill in some of the remaining dents on my outer thighs.

Consult with Dr. Hsu today!

I was eagerly awaiting my appointment with Dr. Hsu and it was today!
It went very well!!! He's very professional, knowledgable and honest. He answered my list of questions to my liking. I asked him how much fat he recommends to be transferred on each side. His answer was 700-800cc, that's exactly what I had wanted!!! He said he would transfer fat to my butt, hips & outer thighs to create that much wanted curve. He definitely has the eye of an experienced surgeon.

He explained the everything very meticulously! I asked him if he could lipo my inner thighs and he recommended not to mess with it. This shows he's not there to add extra areas to make money, he was just plain honest. He understood exactly what I wanted and I had good vibes about him. He showed me pics of his recent bbls and they were AMAZING! He won me over but most importantly, he got my husbands vote!! ;)

Booked my surgery with Dr. Hsu!!!

Hello all! I booked my bbl with Dr. Hsu today for November 10th!!!!
I'm so excited!!!
So I had my 3rd consult with him today and told him exactly what my concerns were about lipo like uneveness, sagging skin etc. So we decided that he would not be too aggressive with the lipo and so minimize those chances. He would inject about 500cc to each since I didn't want to be too big (hips, butt cheek & thighs). He said I had a wider bottom so he didn't need to transfer much. He would make it look natural. I told him my husband didn't want me to get an 'in your face' butt because that's all the guys would look at! Lol! ;)

Got my Booty Buddy in the mail today!!

My sx date is getting closer & I'm really excited! I'm excited to see a new me just like my fellow Dr. Hsu 'sistas!' Lol!!! They all look so crazy amazing!! Thank you all for sharing your journey & feedback. It makes us feel like we're part of your journey. You help others in a tremendous way as an excellent resource as well as a great support system!

So I got my 'booty buddy' in the mail today! I've started to get all my supplies together but trying to get only the things that I will absolutely need! Do I still need to get a hoppy pillow in addition?
I'm also looking into getting a lipo ab board. Is that different from a lipo foam board? Which one do I need?
I'm trying to get most of my supplies off of Marshymarsh's & Brina's list. It's a good comprehensive list.

Also I'm posting more before pics!

I'm going for my pre-op this Thursday so will keep you posted!!

One week to go!!!

My procedure is next Thursday & I'm getting very anxious! They told me I didn't need any tests or blood work done since I didn't have any medical issues so it's kind of a relief! I've also got my prescriptions filled & all my supplies ready. I'm all ready on my end but the time seems to go by real slow.

I was reconsidering getting lipo on my arms but think will be better to try coolsculpting again. I have an unsightly bulge under my arm pits and I'm going to ask to see if he can lipo that area from the incision he'll be putting for my bra fat area. I'm going to attach a pic. Does anyone have this issue? Any suggestions?

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

So tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for and now that's it's here I'm getting butterflies in my stomach! I was under the weather the last couple days with a cough & a really sore throat (got it from the kids) so I had my PCP give me an antibiotic because I wanted to feel better for the sx. I also informed the office & Dr Hsu called in a stronger antibiotic! I guess he wanted to make sure I was feeling well enough for the sx. I really appreciated that!

Something really funny happened today. I got a call from Dr. Hsu's office @ around 5pm and they asked me if I'm nervous & that I know I have my sx scheduled for tomorrow. I said yes of course I'll be there. I started wondering why they had called. Did they think I chickened out? Later I went to read over my pre-op sheet again & realized there was another sheet that had stated (in bold & underlined) that I needed to call the office to confirm my sx if they didn't call me by 1pm. Oops! I had totally missed that. I'm pretty sure they thought I had chickened out!..lol!!

Tomorrow I'll be on the other side of the bridge with my Hsu doll buddies!!! It's going to be a life changing event, for the better of course. I won't have the grandma looking butt anymore..lol!
I'll be more confident, have better self esteem, be able to wear clothes better & the list goes on...oh don't forget I'll look hot ;-p

Ok ladies I'll be in touch! If I'm MIA tomorrow, don't worry. Knowing me, I'll probably be knocked out with the meds. But will be in touch! Thank you all for your support!! <3

I made it!!!!

Hello sisters! I made it!!!! Yesterday was a big haze for me. I got home around 7pm & went right to sleep. I was stiff & sore all over!! The worst part was getting up from bed to go to pee. Btw I'm still having a hard time emptying my bladder, I really have to strain to get even a few drops out! I can feel my bladder is full but it just doesn't come out! Did anyone have this same issue?

Anyways, I'm attaching a before & after pic. He injected 900cc on each side!!!!!!!

Day 3

Went to the ER this morning after taking a shower to get a straight cath placed. I had retained 1400cc of fluid in my bladder!!! What a relief! I'll probably have it on for a couple days until my bladder returns to normal.

Anyways taking a shower wasn't bad but after I washed the garment, I put it in the dryer to tumble dry. It shrunk!!!l I couldn't get it on so Dr. Hsu told me to pick one up from the office today. He's been very helpful throughout the process!!!

Sleeping on the belly gets really difficult & it's harder to get up from bed from that position too! Is it ok to sleep on the side as long as you're leaning towards the belly? Also, can I start using my body buddy or is it too early?

I'm attaching some pics from after the shower.

More pics

Creases from the foam pads! Hope they go away

Stage 2 Garment at 2 weeks PO

Here's that pic for you Houstongirl.
Btw can anyone share any techniques of getting in & out of bed or couch. I'm really having a difficult time with that! I try to get on my hands & knees then wiggle out of bed but it takes too much time & effort.

Rough night & day!

Last night was very I comfortable. I was very stiff, I was in pain and had to make sure I didn't pull that catheter out by accident! I couldn't sleep in one position for too long, my body & muscles were hurting. I tried small adjustments in position but by the morning I had really sore shoulders, arms, pelvic bones because of my body weight weighing on them though the night. I had decided that I'll only take norco when I really needed but my advice is please take norco before you sleep at least!! I got up several times to empty my catheter as well, I want all this to be over soon!
The morning was going better with a little more swelling than the day before, but then by the afternoon I noticed my catheter bag wasn't filling up even though I was consuming liquids. I readjusted the bag etc & decided to keep an eye on it. The ER said to come back if no output in 6 hrs. We were in the ER this evening where they tried to flush the tubing but that didn't work. The doctor there said to just take it out since Dr Hsu was to remove it tomorrow morning anyways. So we decided to go that route & let nature take over rather than causing more trauma with a new catheter. We got home & I went to pee twice with at least 7oz each time! I'm happy with that, I just have to give my body some time to adjust.

Through the process, Dr. Hsu has been very helpful & accommodating! He wants to see me first thing in the morning. I'm blessed to have found such a caring doctor...thanks to my Hsu doll friends!!!

I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day:-)

Day 4 update!

This morning I had an early appointment for a follow up. Dr. Hsu was very happy with the way everything looked! He said I was healing fine and decided to keep the drains on since I was still draining. He asked me if I wanted to I could get some massages done to help with healing, scar tissue and help with drainage. I told him I was considering it so he gave me an ok!

I had my first massage today as well since I was able to get in. It was painful but bearable. She definitely knew what she was doing! I started draining more & could already see some of the uneveness from the foam pads diminish. I felt sooo good after the massage! I made another appointment for Friday! Doctor suggested to get at least 10 sessions.

I came home & took a shower & it felt even better! The good news is I'm peeing normally now, but having a BM is now the issue. I had the urge to go twice after I had gotten home but as soon as I took off my garment & sat, no luck! I don't know if the urge goes away after you take off the garment & you no longer have that compression? I took a laxative & hope to go some time soon!

Overall today I felt I was able to do things more by myself instead of asking for help for the littlest things. Getting in & out of bed is also getting better thank god!!! The pain is much more tolerable today. It's like stiffness & muscle contracting pain more than anything else. I haven't needed to take any pain meds yet.

Even though I'm in a better shape today than I was 2 days ago, I must say that it's a very difficult process especially if you don't have much help. My hubby can only do so much, he really tries but it's not like having your mom around or anything! I felt like I starved myself of healthy nutritious food the last few days. He can't cook so he'd bring food from outside which was mostly junk so I preferred not to eat altogether! I think I'm going to be able to start cooking from tomorrow! My advice, if available please get help from someone who can help you in all aspects of recovery! But don't forget we have 2 kids that he had to take care of as well. It was very overwhelming for him! I'm hoping the hump is over & it'll get better here onwards :-)


Hello ladies! Can't believe last week this time I was getting anxious & nervous for my procedure & seems like so much has happened since...feels like a lifetime of experience!

Yesterday was a good day where I did some light cleaning, cooking & laundry. My house feels like my house now! I didn't take any pain pills yesterday until I was planning to go to bed. I went for a short walk in our neighborhood & it felt good!

I'm still swollen & draining a lot. I weighed 149lbs before the surgery & about 151lbs now. All my measurements are the same except for my butt, from 42, it's 45!!! Omg that's huge!!! I know it's going to go down but how much?? I'm not going to be able to fit into any of my clothes! What about underwear, do they make special underwears for people like us or do we just have to settle with the thong?! Lol!!!

Today I made the mistake of going to work for a few hours bcoz I thought I'm back to normal...wrong!!!! I was exhausted & in pain by the time I came back home. Another lesson learned...just because you think you're superwoman, you're not! Your body can be up and doing things for a couple hours but then you do need to lay down and rest periodically. Another thing I noticed is that when I'm laying down, I pee more often. That means your body does healing & cleansing mostly at time of rest. So pls get your rest!! I'm still swollen & draining as we speak...is that normal? I'm glad the doctor didn't remove my drains on Monday! Also, my stomach looks like an alien...no kidding..lol!!! When does that start looking normal?!!

One week PO!!!

Today has been a decent day...very slow moving. Just can't wait to get back to my normal routine where I can jump in the car & go anywhere I want! Maybe in another week I'll be able to drive?!!
Otherwise I'm feeling fine just some pain here & there. I feel like my muscles in my stomach & back get very tight so when I get up or move my position,I have to do it slowly. I'm still draining quite a bit, more from my back drain than my front ones. I put gauze there but it gets soaked through and onto my clothes. I actually had to change my t-shirt a few times today because of that! Dr. Hsu is going to remove my drains tomorrow but let's see if he decides to keep them since I'm still draining. Have any of you had draining 7 days PO?

I'm also attaching some pics in my garment. My booty looks huge!!! I'm hoping it'll go down some :-p


So I had my drains removed on Friday even though I was draining a lot from my back drain. Dr. Hsu thought that I was healing well. He highly recommended doing massages to help with uneveness. I had my 2nd massage that same day & it felt wonderful. The massages loosen the tightness of the tissues help prevent scar tissue.
I rested a lot over the weekend. I didn't need to take any pain pills even though I was feeling tightness in my lipo'ed areas. I don't know how to describe it but it feels like the muscle & skin are tightly bound together & are contrac. It's not painful but a little uncomfortable. Does/did anyone experience this too?
Also, I still have a lot of drainage coming out of by back opening. The front 2 seem to be closing well. I had my 3rd massage today & that contracting feeling is not that prominent.

One issue that I AM seeing as a potential problem is tenderness on my lower left bum where the thigh starts!!!! It started today & its very tender to touch...I hope it's not an infection!!! Could it be fat necrosis? Does anyone have this experience? Should I put hot compresses, neosporin? Help!!!

Some pics!

More pics!

More pics!

Some more pics!

Sorry guys for deleting & reposting. I wanted the pics in the right order.

Day 12 update!

So I talked to Dr. Hsu and we decided its better to treat like an infection just in case. The tenderness or redness hasn't gotten any worse since yesterday. I had started putting warm compresses & gently massaging that area and it seemed to help. I started the antibiotic course today and hopefully it will take care of the issue. Other than that I'm feeling better! I feel a lot of my numbness that I had on my belly area is going away and the sensation coming back!
My butt has shrunk a little & is now very much to my liking. I'm very pleased with the way I look!!! Will keep posting more pics.

2 month update!

Hello ladies!!! Sorry I've been crazy busy & haven't had time to post any updates. I know a few of you have been concerned about me which I greatly appreciate!

I'm doing great! I'm feeling almost back to normal except for the numbness on my back & stomach areas. I'm still very happy with my results. My butt looks good even though it shrunk a little (which I was hoping for ;-) ). But my stomach is still work in progress. I know it's only been 2 months so I need to be patient till my 6 month mark. My stomach has some uneveness & lumps from all the scar tissue that formed after liposuction. I'm hoping that will go away?!! Dr. Hsu said massage is the key.
I'm massaging myself daily with a small electric massager that I bought from Amazon as well as getting professional massages done 2x/week! I've always had a smooth stomach so it's a bummer that I don't have that anymore but I'm hopeful. I'm also considering buying the Fasciablaster. Has anyone had any experience with it?
I'll be posting some pics soon!

Btw, the ladies that have recently got their bbls from Dr. Hsu look AMAZING!!!!!

Some pics

Dr. Patrick Hsu

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