37 Years Old, 3 Kids and Cancer Survivour - Dominican Republic

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Dr.Cortes and I have a...

Dr.Cortes and I have a date!
Ok to all my lovelys...I finally have taken the big step to announce that im going with the man Cortes! A lttle about myself...I was diagnosed with stage 4a Cervical Cancer in May of 2010. I under went 25 (external) radiation treatments, 5 (internal) radiation treatments and chemotherapy every monday for a 3 months. I was admitted into the hospital for my kidney shutting down that June and was there for a month and a half. Finally in September I was seeing some light at 5he end of my tunnel and was giving the "you are cancer free" talk...words can not express the feeling (tears of joy). I thank God for all the time he helped me and the conversation that we had in the last 3 months and tried to back to a "normal" life again.

Well 2 years went by and next thing I know I'm back in the hospital again. Yep thats right again...ugh...my left kidney had been so damaged from the cancer that it basically killed it...they had to remove it! So here we go again with recovery a scar (that is from right were my ribs start to the top of my bellybutton). Then I see 2 more small scars that go across my abdomen.

I have been through alot and been on every kind of med/steroid, can finally tast my food and loving it. So I start eating like the u.s.a may run into a shortage of food soon and a 70 lbs weight gain later...I hate myself! However I am not a quitter and so in November I decided that this is not the person I want to be....sooooi have lost 64 lbs to date! =)

This surgery means alot to me and I am so excited about my future. I decided to do this in February so I have time to heal before my exciting upcoming summer 2015. My oldest son graduates high school, my only sister is getting married and its my 20 year class reunion! Im gonna be a bad assss with a bad assssss....lol! Much love to you all I evjoy reading about all of your journey's and I am excited to share mine with all of you ladies! #fabulous2015

Changed my mind...

So I have been thinking about changing my date and doctor. And this morning I made it official...Duran in the DR...yay me! My mother and I are both going at the same time to do this experience together and I am really excited for us both. Wish us luck ladies as I wish all of you the best of luck always. #fabulous2015

Oh and we are going with "Upscale RH" and looking at Nov 7 ish date!

ttya'll later

Baez Doll...November 2014!

Ok soooo this is my second attempt at posting today =\

So let me first say that like many I got over whelmed with some things and need to breath to clear my mind a bit. So we (me and my mom) are going with Dra Baez November 11th is my surgery and November 12th is my mom! We sent her our deposits...done! We booked our flights November 9th-21st Delta. And last but not least we have booked and sent our deposit to Upscale RH...excited!

I just wanted to touch on this too...me personally lovvveeee Dra Duran and Dr Cabral's work they are amazing however...1) I need communication especially if this is a person who will be working on me physically! I understand that people get busy but I dont feel comfortable not being able to get in touch with this person in a timely manner....2) if there is something inside of you telling, nagging at you that something is not rights...listen to it!!!

I wanted to touch on one more thing before I post this (hopefully...lmao)! I want to Thank all of you...you have all been a part of my life and making decisions that I could not have made without you! So thank you for helping me transform and make a better me figure wise and intelligence wise. May GOD continue to bless us all with sx and life in gerneral and keep pointing us in the right direction! Much love ladies...keep it moving forward... #fabulous2014

Time is flyin by!!!!

Hello Ladies,

So I have been super busy as life has a way of getting in the way at times. Well our time is getting closer and I'm really getting excited, nervous and eager to get the show on the road! My mom and I have all of our supplies except just a few little odds n ends that seem to always pop up at the last minute. Ya'll my mother is such an awesome and amazing woman, she has really worked so hard to lose the weight need to move forward with her dreams...I could not be prouder of her! She is almost 60 (February of this coming up year) and is going to look "A-M-A-Z-I-N-G"! I'm really excited and happy for her and can't wait to see her transformation. She has always struggled with her weight and is finally in a place she has longed for, so proud of her!

So with time flyin by we will be just finishing up on the little odds n ends. We have our Doctor appointments with our amazing Doc here in the states on October 27th for one last check up and blood work to check our hemo (mine was a 14.7 in July) one last time. Also our Doc is giving my mom and I all of our meds here. I took him a list of the meds listed from Dra Baez and the ever so important "pain killers" lol don't leave home without them!!!! Anyway so just going stay busy and let time slipped away like it's been doing and it will be here before we know it!

Lord please watch over us all pre and post surgery...please allow us all another day on this earth and to let our mind, soul and body to be the best that it can be! Amen

Good luck to all of you Ladies, ttyl! #fabulous2015

27 Days Till Take Off!!

Time is going by so fast! I feel as though I'm not prepared at all! I'm now losing sleep over the anxiety of going =\ which I knew would happen. I think like many on here I do tend to over think the "what if's" from time to time. But I know that things will be fine for my mom and myself. I am excited, nervous and hopeful about this whole experience, just pray that it all goes well and smoothly. Dra.Baez and I have been in contact a few times this past week because I had some concerns about my health. As you all know (if you've read my page) I only have one kidney left. I do everything I can to keep it healthy as possible because I'm scared to death of being on dailysis. So we talked about it she wanted me to send her my test results of the last time I had my kidney function tested. I had them tested in June 2014 and so I sent her everything that was tested which was a lot, she said everything look really great! So I felt a lot better about all of this after that, I'm happy that she cares the way she does. You don't feel like just another paycheck I guess would be a good way to look at it... After all that is what we are no matter what country or doctor we choose. I guess what you have to decide is which one do feel good enough about to put food on there table? For example I based my decision on more than just skill or money...If I felt like that person is rude or rushed me or I was irritating them they would not get my money. That's it period, I don't care how good you are, the quote you gave...doesn't matter! I work hard, have manners and respect for everyone I meet and believe that you get what you give. So if I'm paying you for a service...and your a dick or rude or booshi...I'm out! She has never made me feel that way...ever! People say I would never go anywhere but here in the "States" for surgery. Why? Why wouldn't you? There are very few doctors I have ever meet here "States" that have made me feel respected as a patient!! Even as a "Cancer Survivor" some of the doctors I had were so harsh during the worst time of my life. U.S. doctors (some not all...for my sensitive ladies) lack compassion and empathy and understanding because they have it in their heads they are above us. Wrong, without us/without food on your table.

Thank you Dra.Baez for still holding on to the humanity that one should have, the dignity within yourself and respect for your us to show it! It truly means a lot to me.

This post is being done at a sleepless 4 am so please excuse my rambling but I feel lots better now...lol =) Good night!!

Sorry I Was "MIA"

I am so very sore still...mostly my back is hurting at this point. I am not sure how I feel about the who process and when I do I will sure post it! I do apologies for taking so long to post anything. I'm just so uncomfortable right I don't even feel like doing this much right now. Everyone is different and handle things in there own way. For me this brought back bad memories of when I was

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra Baez is very caring and attentive. She truely cares for people and tries her best to communicate with you. She does great work and will never be swayed by money. She is very serious about her duties and responsibilities as a doctor. If you are looking for someone to take your money and not care about you medically she will not be the right doctor for you! I do have the up most respect for her, she is a fantastic doctor. If I had one complaint it would be that she thinks everyone needs to be super skinny...that's not me or who I want to be. I weighted 203 lbs the day of surgery and after surgery at appointments she kept saying "lose weight my baby"! I am good at the size I am I don't wish to lose any weight! Again she is all about your health!

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