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Considering the insane amount of time I've spent...

Considering the insane amount of time I've spent on RS reading about everyone's journey, and finding it not only insightful but also very relateable. I've decided to document my own journey, in hopes that my experience will help someone else down the line.

Yesterday I had my consultation with Dr. Cortes, and everything went well, actually better than expected. I've read a lot of good reviews on him, as well as some not so good. In all, the good outweighed the bad and I made the call to schedule my consultation.

Dr. Cortes and his staff were all really nice, I didn't get a bad vibe from anyone. During my consultation he answered all of my questions and was pretty straight forward about what to expect. Luckily I had already done my research, and had watched his videos on youtube. Therefore most of the questions I had come up with prior to my consultation had already been answered. He did inform me that I must gain 10 pounds before surgery, because presently I do not have enough fat for a BBL. He explained that the fat from my stomach (which is a lot) will only be enough for my hips, which he says will need 250cc each. The rest of the fat will be taken from my upper/lower back and flanks, and isn't enough to build a decent booty. I'll need 750cc… per cheek! I specifically asked that he not take anything from my thighs, as I have what are referred to as "bird legs". lol Additionally he mentioned that I would need a tummy tuck in the future.

We also went over post surgery. Dr. Cortes keeps his patients in the hospital over night and discharge the next morning. He said that I could stay longer if necessary when I expressed a need for a recovery house or a home care nurse referral. The 1st night hospital stay is included in your total cost which is $500, and additional nights are reduced. He said that the first 3 days will be the hardest, but by the third day I should be better... at least enough to care for myself. So I did ask that he put me down for 2 nights at the hospital.

My quote came out to $11,400. This includes everything!! Labs, post op (3) visits, compression garments, prescriptions, foam boards, the thing to sit on, and $350 for the extra night in the hospital. I hope I didn't leave anything out. I don't have my paperwork from today nearby. And yes... I sealed the deal and scheduled my appointment. I asked when was the soonest I could schedule, and was told as soon as I can gain 10 pounds. I initially planned to wait until the holidays were over (plenty of time and opportunity for weight gaining), as in the beginning of January. But I was informed that the first available January appointment was the 11th. Unfortunately the 6 weeks of recovery time needed to feel normal again would overlap my February birthday, so that wasn't favorable. Luckily there was a December 28th available. I had no qualms about forgoing New Years in light of my birthday! So I put down a deposit of $500 to lock in my date.

Okay so... 30% of the remaining balance is duewithin the next 30 days. After that... the balance must be paid in full 2 weeks before the surgery date.

A little bit about me... I am 36yo. I'm 5'6 and to date I weigh 140 pounds. I have a small frame and my weight distribution is all upper body. I have very long legs, which means my torso is short. I don't work out, but have been able to keep my weight from getting too out of hand by watching what I eat. Up until the last 4 years I have been a runner. I ran track in school and as I got older I would run to keep lean... imagine a body like roadrunner... lol. I have only one kid, and no intentions of having anymore. Additionally my pregnancy was many years ago (19) by c-section. C-section recovery in no joke... hence why I'm in no rush for a tummy tuck.

I Want "THAT" Body

If I had my way… these are the curves I'd like to have!!

I fully understand that no PS is a magician, not even mine. You must
start off with a good canvas in order to get that work of art. So I'm
going into this process with an open mind and realistic expectations.

I went in for my consultation I told Dr. Cortes that I didn't have a
wish pic because I'm not sure what my "canvas" is capable of. I can't
base my body off anyone else's but my own. I did tell him to do his
thing. I've seen enough of his work to trust that I'm on the right path
to get the body I want.

I added pictures of my current situation. I'd like...

I added pictures of my current situation. I'd like to see those back rolls… Gone! My Buddha belly must go too. Saggy pancake booty… adios mf!

Yesterday I received an email from Dr. Cortes office including my BBL package. This package covers everything:

- Explaining the procedure 

- Revisions

- Post Op Instructions 

- Post Op Expectations 

- Drains

- Emergency Room Insurance 

And last but not least a lengthy contract, stating in detail, that you understand all of this and agree to this procedure being done. 

Lastly… I went a head and applied for the Care Credit. I initially planned to put the procedure on a credit card but wasn't too thrilled about the idea of having a maxed out card. So I opted for more credit. Please be aware that the Care Credit does not cover the entire balance ($11,400) it only covers the Dr fees less your deposit. This means that you must still pay out of pocket for your hospital stay and anesthesiologist. So I'll be paying the $2,225 cash. And the $8,600 will go to Care Credit where I can make payments. The application was quick and easy. 

So once I finish going over, and signing my contract I'll send that in by Monday and let them know I plan to cover my dr. fees with the Care Credit, and by the 1st of December I'll take care of the hospital fees.

Operation weight gain is still in effect. I think mentally I understand why I have to do this, but years of being weight conscious makes it feel like taking steps backwards. That and it's just uncomfortable.

Week Three Update

So it's been about 3 weeks since I've committed to the weight gain for my BBL, and I guess it's coming along. The scale doesn't seem to be moving much, but I can certainly feel the difference in my clothes. Either way… I still have 5 weeks to go with 2 holidays that fall within that time frame where over eating is just what you do. I've been eating junk like there's no tomorrow, and I now get these smoothies from Smothie King called "The Hulk". The small is about 900 calories and it contains butter pecan ice cream and weight gain blend. Very delicious!

So since my last update I've completed and returned my signed contract to Dr. Cortes, and by the next business day I received another email. This email confirmed my surgery date and time, scheduled my 2 pre-op appointments, and scheduled my first post-op appointment. For my pre-op appointments one is at Dr. Cortes office and the other at the hospital. Also I received more instructions for surgery day… no smoking 2 weeks prior to surgery… no nail polish… no birth control… etc. The no nail polish seemed weird at first, but upon further googling I found that if your oxygen levels drop, your fingernails would turn blue; signaling it to the PS, but this would be hidden wearing nail polish. Understood! No Nail Polish. From what I understand… if you are a smoker many PS will refuse to do your surgery because of the additional risks. So if you are a smoker… this is a great incentive to kick the habit. I was a smoker and finally decided to quit in August before even deciding to do this surgery. I quit by switching to vaping. Vaping ultimately helped me kick my habit. At my consultation I asked if my vaping would be an issue for my surgery since technically it's not smoking. The answer was yes. I vape 3mg nicotine… the nicotine in my system will have an adverse effect with anesthesia and recovery. So after my decision to proceed with surgery… I decided I didn't want to stop vaping all together… so I switched to 0mg nicotine. The switch was easy peasy! And FYI… before surgery you WILL be tested for nicotine. And of course… if nicotine is found in your system this will result in your sx date being rescheduled.

Ok so… by pre-op appointments everything must be paid in full. The hospital fees may be paid when I go for my appointment. So far I haven't payed anything aside of my deposit. I'm still debating if I really want to use Care Credit or not. Yes there is a no interest promotional option… which is 6 months, 12 months or 24 months. But… if you don't adhere to that payment plan interest for the total procedure cost will be added on retroactively. Meaning if you get to the end and decide to slack off on your payments you will be charged for interest on the total balance in which you charged to your Care Credit card. And interest is like 26% (it might be a little more). That's definitely something to think about.

I started myself on Hema-Plex (twice a day) this week. It's supposed to help build up your blood so that you don't have any issues for surgery. It's chocked full of vitamins and iron. I decided to take these because any blood work I've had in the past always comes back saying I am anemic. Since I am aware of this it would behoove me to address this issue before hand. I don't have any other known issues, and I certainly don't want my sx date pushed back. It's bad enough that this 2 months feels like the longest 2 months ever. I can't imagine the angst of having to wait even longer.

BTW… none of the paperwork work I received mentioned me needing to build up my blood, but reading many of your RS reviews lead me to believe that I needed to prepare for this.

Lastly… I'm starting to buy stuff for life after surgery. Everything I've read has me anxious and nervous about what to expect on the other side (post op). So far I brought 1 thing… I got a chair from Bed Bath & Beyond "Multi-Position Relaxer Zero Gravity Chair. This chair is really comfortable. You can sit upright or recline with your feet up. My hubby is going to make the adjustments (cutting out the seat for my ass) to my chair after surgery. I love my chair now, I just hope I love it as much after surgery. Next on my list is a hand massager.

I really hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving… and if you're in the same "must gain weight" boat as me… EAT!!!
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