36 Yrs Old, 4'11" Tall 167lbs with a Goal! - Houston, TX

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Hello I came across realself when I was online...

Hello I came across realself when I was online looking at cosmetic procedures, I really didn't know what I wanted to have done and still not sure but I know is time for a change, having 2 kids that are all growing up beautifully and a hubby that gives us and him anything we can afford and thought it was time for the change i wanted, I noticed I have this peculiar timing in goals, got married before I was 20, had all my kids before I was 30 and now I want the body I have always wanted before 40, only have 3 years left to do this, so here I am, let me start by saying I have always struggle with my weight and being less than 5 feet tall it really shows, looking thru procedures and seeing which one might have the biggest impact in my body, I knew I wanted lipo not to loose weight but to shape my body and start from there, I have always had problems with my upper body which is always bigger than the rest of my body and my family and I are always joking that I look like a wrestler..lol,, well i came across BBL here in RS, and loved the results, funny enough I was looking at all the reviews for like a month, some where good some not too good, but the doctor I noticed the most because of his aggressive lipo was Dr. Cortes, and loved that he was here in Houston. I schedule my appointment with him back on June, since It was my first time going into anything like this I was extremely nervous, the personnel in the office were what you should expect in a dr. Office profesional and polite, I came early to my app and only waited 15-20 min in the full waiting room., meanwhile they gave me a bundle of papers to sign and fill, when they brought me in to the room they asked me to undress and to wear the nice black robe they had hanging on the back of the door. Waited less that 5 min when he came in, I was speechless, frozen, nervous. Then came the big question... What is you want done or something like that..lol, stuttering I said I wanted lipo and since my booty has gotten down I wanted some transfered there, he asked me to open my robe and started graving my fat!, I don't even feel comfortable my hubby graving my fat, I was a mess in my mind just telling myself to stay strong...lol, he told me you are good don't loose any or gain any weight, but told me that I will need a tummy tuck later on, I really don't want to get one but the doctor knows better :-), it didn't lasted long, and he is a straight to the point guy, wished I could had asked him some questions I had but when he asked me I froze, I do that a lot. He then told me that the nice lady was going to give me my quote to get dressed and she was going to come back with it. Got dressed and she came and guided me to a small office, gave me the quote and without thinking twice gave her the down payment and set the date step 23 2013!, I was excited I was finally going take my first step about the feeling I get everytime I put form fitting clothes!, since my appointment my husband was confused why I would not start the diet I told him I was going to start, (I didn't told him about the surgery until 3 weeks later..lol, ups) and for the first time in my life I wasn't worrying about loosing weight :-), loved the feeling.

Trying to make a list

Hey there I'm trying to make a list of everything I need do any if you guys out here know what I should start buying?, also since I have been hurting some with all this weight I carry I decided to see if I can loose 20lbs from today till my surgery, I have really thick arms and would want my new body to be proportionate

Today 167lbs

Ugh! My before pics will pit wish pics tomorrow, which I know will take A miracle to achieve but I hope Dr Cortes skilled hands can get me as close as he can :-)

Wish pics

Here are some of the wish pics, I know that it depends on body type and no one can be alike, but I think that if he can give me the smallest waist he can I'll be happy!

Bbl results

I have been looking into bbl results from dr cortes patients, I like all of them :-), and I found someone with more or less close to my height and weight, I wanted to loose some lbs before my sx because my body wasn't feeling well and also to be as close to my ideal weight when I had my booty, I have been dieting since my last post and running and I stopped drinking beer which I love my micheladas 2 times a week and have def lost some but yesterday I came across the post of sexylatina love her results, and since I'm at 163 and she was at 160 and got an awesome booty and love her waist, I have decided not to loose any more weight but maybe gain some because I want more projection when all is done, that way if unhappy with my upper body looking like football player I always loose and don't loose most of my booty. I will post some of her pics I got from her page hope she doesn't mind. God bless y'all

need help

Hi there girls I'm in the process of buying everything I need for the sx this week, but I have been researching online and have no idea where to buy it especially the lipo foam, ab board, squeem, CG for arms, any help would be greatly appreciated it, thank you and god bless :-)

Post op app

I just went to dr cortes post op appointment, and I'm super excited, Mariel answered a lot of my questions and explained all the paperwork page by page, she is was so wonderful and patient with me, then Dr cortes came in and we talked about what I really wanted and he took pictures of me, I can honestly say I am more reassured than before on this big step I'm taking and my nerves have calm down, I was able to tell him exactly what I wanted, on the way out I bought my self the abboard and arnica gel, two more things off my list. I have the hospital post op on the 9th will let you know how it goes :-)

Hospital post op app

Had my hospital post op appointment on sep 9, got there at 11 and was out of there by noon, had my blood drawn and urine sample for the necessary tests, staff was really courteous and have me the option to pay then and there or wait until surgery day, I decided I'll stop by some of these days before my surgery, they have free valet parking most of the day which it was nice, it looked really nice and clean took some pictures to share :-), also got the soap I'm
Supposed to wash myself the night before surgery

Since dr cortes in the pre op appt told me to really think on what I want done

I have been looking into butts more than ever, I wake up, eat and sleep looking at them, god bless the internet, up until now i wasn't sure if I wanted hips but since I found a simulator app I have made up my mind, if he really cinch my waist I'll have enough hips to my liking, but that's only if he gives me a really small waist, which I hope is possible, and if I feel I need more hips I'll get them later on with the hourglass tt he does with some boobs :-), he had told me several times that I won't end with a nice flat stomach because I need a tt, which I def plan on getting one, my baby already gave the go ahead on that one, dr cortes told me I was going to be left with loose stomach skin, which I'm ok with, but I want him taking as much fat as he can from my stomach to make it somehow flat and then I'll have the tt, I can live with some flop for some months, I'm posting some pics of myself somewhat wishpics on the lipo only, I want him to take all 5L of fat from my body or more if posible, I didn't mess with the booty because all I want is a looooot of projection! And dr cortes will know how to put it there :-)

My surgery is today!!

Super nervous and excited at the same time, pls pray for me :-)

I'm on the otherside

Hi girls I'm on the otherside, when I woke up yesterday around 6 I think I had a very bad case of nausea, and my butt was really hurting? So far so good, can't wait to take the garment off so I can see my results :-), the dr. Came in and told me he put 1000 cc in each cheek,

Forgot to tell you

I just had my first bm, this morning kind of had to figure out how to with this garment on :-)

Really weak

I been really week, and also hurts to look at tv or my phone to update , I get up drink water and then pee, everytime I get lightheaded and my face turns white? Is this normal?? All I want to do is sleep

2 years

Love my booty, i have learned that if i gain weight most of it goes to it, which i dont like too much, because it gets huge, but Dr cortes did a great job on the lipo on my waist, now im thinking on getting upperbody lipo, any suggestions?

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