33 Yo Mother of One, Ready to Get my Dream Body -BBL. Houston, TX

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Have my consult set up with Dr. Cortes on...

Have my consult set up with Dr. Cortes on September 3rd! Excited :) I'm 5'2" 126lbs (gained 5 lbs once i decided on getting BBL ) Really hoping I'm at okay weight for my dream booty. Hoping I don't have to gain much more. Want a small waist. Right now I'm 34inches and like 39hips. Hoping to get hourglass figure and perky butt

Getting nervous :/

I have spent countless hours reading reviews and experiences and am so scared :(( The more I read the more I get nervous about choosing the right doctor . Can someone with a similar body stats that used Dr. Cortes comment? I need reassurance . Thanks ladies :)) really want to get it right the first time !! I'm such a wimp and it took months for the pain of my breast augmentation to subside . Lol

Consult done & have surgery date set!

So happy/ nervous! Have my surgery date set up and ready to so. Dr Cortes said I need to gain about 8 lbs. Currently I am at 127. He said I would have loose skin and still need TT. Kinda expected that though. I am really hoping that I will have a flat(ish) tummy and hourglass shape. I am going to start looking at all you lady's reviews so I can start buying supplies. :) My sweet boyfriend took day off to take me and planning to pay and go over there and help me during recovery. I'm a blessed lady . I am getting nervous though and feel so so selfish... It's a lot of money to spend and I feel guilty :(

Gaining weight diet :/

Ugh so I have 42 days to gain 8 pounds. It's doable I know but day one and I feel sick!! I have a small appetite usually and that's been my saving grace from gaining because I'm not very healthy unfortunately . I refrain from too much fast food and fatty foods but only because my appetite is usually tamed. I have already gained almost 8 or 9 lbs so I don't fit in most of my clothes and feel like the marshmallow man. :/ good thing is the surgery is not too far so this is only temporary . I just feel blah... I mean the goal weight is 135lbs.... I was 137 when I gave birth to my 7 lb boy !! That was my cap weight so I feel like I might pushing it... I just keep telling myself it's temporary and it will be worth it .

Signed all forms for surgery

It's so surreal... I have such mixed emotions about this. Guilt, fear, excitement. I have one month left and have been so nervous that I'm nauseated and feel myself preoccupied with questions and fears.. I am so sick of food and feel like an Oompa Loompa :/ I just keep telling myself it will be worth it... Please God let this time fly by. And please brain just shut up for a while okay?

12 days and have gained only three pounds

So I have 5 more pounds to gain and have no desire to eat with all this stress. :/ I can't seem to even force myself to eat these days. Between the kids, schoolwork and this stress I feel like quitting this endeavor. Going to buy some more ensures tomorrow and hope drinking more of them will do the trick.

22 days to go

Ok so I've gained almost weight I need. Think I need maybe two more to go. Bought walgreen's brand ensure plus at buy one for $7.99 and get one half off. They have 350 calories so it's more than original ones. I feel fat and down. Nothing fits anymore and I find I'm tired from sucking in my stomach. I had my honey buy me some stomach cinchers because we have like four or five big events to go to in next few weeks and refuse to go this way. Lol. I'm also so concerned because I am worried I will lose my butt when I lose some of this weight. It seems like my natural weight falls between 115-118 lbs and I don't want to lose my butt and waste over 10k.Sooooo I have more to stress about :/ any other ladies have this stress or any information?? I appreciate all of you . I haven't told anyone and y'all are all I have !

I mentioned getting a tummy tuck to my mom a few months ago and she freaked out... So I am not telling her until I need too. I can't tell one of my sisters because she is very competitive and always calls me out about my boob job and tries to embarrass me, this will be just fueling her "keeping up with the Jones" attitude:/ and my other sister is struggling financially (my honey and I have helped out many many times buuuuttt I still feel bad) and I already feel guilty enough without that added guilt .

12 days away and need 2 more lbs

I have my pre-op on 10/8 and have never been more nervous. I am uploading some before pics of dresses I don't wear because I look like a square :/ . Hoping that will change and cortes will fill me out in the right places and trim the waistline down. Will post measurements closer to surgery date (10/17)

Pre-op & paid in full- 8 days left

Everything is set and ready to go. Blood work came back fine. Paid in full. Gained weight I needed to. Nervous but ready to go. Come Friday I will have my new body :))! Will post preop pics tomorrow.

3 more days til the new me!

I've picked up my prescriptions. Going to get supplies tomorrow. Arranged care for my son for a week. Bought oversized pillow and leggings, dresses and comfy sweats. It's paid and all set to happen Thursday at 10am! So excited and so nervous! Deanna showed me a guesstimate on how small my waist might be and I'm ecstatic. Not looking forward to the pain but know it will be worth it :)) reading all the stories here has been a lifesaver !! So much information, encouragement and real experiences. My honey has been such an amazing support , I can't believe how lucky I am. I have my very best friend with me every step of this journey. He has a very demanding and hectic job and has taken time off for me during this. It's in midst of a huge case and he still makes sure he is there for me. He is an amazing man and I cannot wait to have a body and confidence to match so he can show off ;) we are off in two more days!,! Yay it's here

Surgery complete

Hey ladies
I'm back at home healing . Praying for good work
Cortes said he trimmed my waistline but I have I lost 1 inch :(( can y'all advise ? need reassurance because I all this Money was and I'm in such pain? When I asked dr cortes he said it will 'smaller' I thought that was such a vague answer.. If someone can please advise ?

I will post pics tomorrow :))


I know I'm swollen but not seeing a big difference in waistline. Only measured an inch off from preop. I asked dr cortes if he was able to trim a good amount off and he replied vaguely 'well it will smaller .. I'm just kind of down. Did anyone else experience this? I can't imagine it sweeping down so much that my. Waist would look small...
I posted some pics .you can see I'm still swollen . (Forgive camera shake :))

Pics.. Lost waist?

Post Op -DRAIN OUT!!!

So I went and had drain removed and that was a relief. Not much drained through it but Deann said that my body will get rid of rest. The drive to and from killed me though, I'm seriously hurting. Deann gave me the 2nd garment was a medium and she said I need to move to small in month or so. It was he'll putting on medium and not sure I will ever be able to fit into a small :// this is seriouly uncomfortable and my butt is popping out the buttholes so much Iook like a popped can of biscuits!
My butt is huge! I asked deann about not seeing much difference in waist and she said it will take time so I'm crossing my fingers. Right now I'm 31waist, 42 butt. This process will be so uncomfortable!

Will post pics in bit

Pics- 4 days post op


What is recommended for softening your butt. It feels like doc hot glued a huge rock to each cheek and it's driving me crazy. I have a family event in week and. Half and was going to try to hide butt ...I don't think that's happening but anxious for tightness to go away and swelling . Please help!! It hurts


Ok first of all , that thing is terrible torture. The medium fits so tight it is leaving dents in my skin. Will they go away??? I feel pretty skeptical that I will fit in faja 2, which is a small.. It's the size of one of my thighs.
Lastly are y'all ladies using them after 3 month mark?

One week anniversary

Pain is getting less intense and slept for three hours straight which was a relief...had been sleeping an hour and a half increments. My measurements are the same. Waist hasn't shrunk any yet :( still 31 (was 33 pre op) Dr Cortes said he lipo'd to my abdominal wall so I guess it's just a waiting game. These days I have been so down. Miserable not being able to sleep long or sit. Still swollen and the faja is digging into my body to point of denting my skin. I still don't know if fitting into the small is feasible. The thong thing is digging into my butt and it hurts :/ I keep telling myself it will be worth it.

Don't get me wrong, I look so much better. Just impatiently waiting to heal. Until later my ladies


2 weeks post op.

Hi gals ... Just wanted to update my progress. So far the bruising has gone down a lot but a lot of pain has actually came back . We had a cold front come in and it seems to not be great for me. My inner thighs hurt bad and it's still a struggle to move well. Not to mention it is very lumpy (have been using prescribed cream and faja) Called doctors office and Lucy said she will have Deanne call me back. I'm okay with fact that they had to take fat from there but not thrilled... Doc Cortes told me at consult that he wasn't going to take any fat from there because my legs didn't harbor much fat. He wasn't at my pre op and I had gained the weight he told me too but he ran out and didn't get to do any 'hips' on me. So as of now my waist is still at 1 inch and a half smaller and I still looks square from the front . I'm hoping I get more shapely with time but kind of bummed he wasn't at pre op to let me know to try to gain more because the weight I had gained wasn't sufficient. He wasn't at post op either and I spent a total of maybe five minutes right before surgery (where I asked him if I can show him wish pics to refresh his memory on what I hoped for. He repeatedly said 'I can't make you look like anyone else. ' I felt like I almost forced him to look. I KNOW that expectation of looking exactly like pic is unrealistic but how was I going into surgery without showing what I liked? 10k isn't chump change .. ) he came into room for less than two minutes after surgery and that is last I have heard or seen him. I wish I had the great interactions others have had with him. I am very easy to please and not at all a strong personality to deal with so I don't feel like I was being harsh. Deanne is wonderful and every interaction with her has been great. She has been my calm in this. I am still satisfied as my butt looks great and I look so much better than before. But as someone who has worked both at doctors offices and customer service for over 14 years, I can say it has been subpar at most. They were dealing with my body and I only felt as if Deann was showing care for how I looked and felt. I will see how rest of my healing goes.

1 year & 9 months Post Op

So this is how my body is currently. I have lost some weight (due to nausea associated with migraines) so some of my butt is smaller, I didn't gain enough weight for Dr. Cortes to add any weight to my hips but I am going in for his hourglass tummy tuck and hopefully he can do it then....
Houston Plastic Surgeon

***Surgery Date Set *** very very nice. Answered all my questions (thought of a few after appt so am going to email office ) Was down to earth and seemed genuine and helped me set realistic expectations. Realllllllly hope he is going to work his magic on Oct 17th! Love love his work so hope I have a good foundation ;)

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