28 Years Old, Mother of 3...... Time to Do Something for ME!! Houston, TX

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Hello ladies!! I am a proud mother of 3! I am...

Hello ladies!! I am a proud mother of 3! I am finally putting everybody else's needs/wants to the side and finally doing something for myself!! I am planning on having a BBL December 30, 2014 with Dr. Cortes in Houston, TX!!! I have reviewed many before/after pix and all of you women look good!! I give everybody cudos for going out and doing something for themselves!! We as women/mothers tend to everybody else's needs and I know it feels great to finally do for yourself!!
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I had my first consult with Dr. Cortes yesterday. I also agree with others that he is a nice doc but his consult time is very short. 5-10 mins tops! I was undressed with only my underwear and bra on during the consult. I am very short 4'10"! And yesterday I weighed in at a whopping 158!! The heaviest I have been in awhile. Any whooo... Dr. Cortes suggested that I lose 10 pounds and then I would be okay for surgery. He advised me that I will probably need a tummy tuck at a later time (which I am not considering) and that my butt area is small (not flat just not wide or really big) because I naturally have a small frame. He advised that he probably cant get ALOT of fat in but it will be noticeably different and what I am looking to achieve (to be proportioned). Most of my weight is in my stomach and breasts. I am actually going to shoot for getting down to 140 pounds because I don't want a lot of extra skin after surgery. Unlike some people, I am aware that if you are EXTREMELY overweight for your frame/body and have this surgery you will have a lot of extra skin and I don't want that. I also have stretch marks that I am okay with. Also, I don't want a HUGE butt. I am having this surgery so that my body will be more proportioned (top and bottom to match) as it was before any babies. I just want to be more confident with my body so I am doing this for MYSELF and not for anyone else!! I have searched a few profiles, looked at MANY before and after pix, and all of Dr. Cortes's work looks good and that is why I chose him. I am needing some advice from women that are around my size (frame, height, weight, etc.) that have had the surgery to tell me whether it was worth having the surgery. I want to know about women that don't have a big/wide butt area that had the surgery and whether or not you are happy with your decision. Thanks ladies!!!

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