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For as long as I can remember I have wanted to...

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have a more fuller hips and butt. I have bought of getting anything done because I needed to save the money and the actual process of looking for a surgeon is so exhausting and time consuming. It is at this very moment I have decided to do something for me and go ahead and get the surgery done. I have been in the past for several consultations but the numbers scarred me. I know you have to pay for what you want and I am ok with that I just needed to save and no that I can afford the procedure. A l little about me: I am 27 with a large breast profile 36DDD and I wear I size 4-6. So very petite. I originally wanted to get a breast reduction but after seeing several before and after and a few consultations the results where worse than the before. My breasts are large but in a good bra or manageable for right now. Plus I did not want to lose the ability to breast feed or sensitivity to this area down the line. I am a mother to a 6 year old son hence my stretch marks and less than perfect stomach area. Then why not a tummy tuck right??? Several doctors have suggested this. At times I have agreed but again at this age I can't determine rather I will have another child or not so I don't want to make that procedure right now or ever at this point in my life. I do need to get a better diet and exercise plan together to allow for a flatter stomach. Anyways this will be my journey blog to find a surgeon, get a date, get the surgery and the results. I appreciate in advance any feedback, comments or suggestions.

Right now I am researching doctors for my surgery. I am considering traveling to Miami as the works looks great and the cost is about 30% less but the fact that I will be away from home is a huge factor.
Currently I have meet with Dr. Newall and he has quoted about $7800 but that was a year or so ago. I have a consultation with Dr. Cortes next Monday and his website states starting at $10,500. I am certain I do not want to spend that sort of money but want to look my best. Dr Newall states I will need a tummy tuck to get the result I want so that my skin will look good after lipo. I do not want a tummy tuck for many reasons. I agree I will look 100% perfect with a TT but it is not for me right now. I am curious to see what other doctors say about doing so without a TT. A few other doctors Dr.Peter Chang said a TT was not a must. Anyhow I still searching. But ready to get super fine soon.

1st Consultation Done Today

Today I went in for a consult with Dr Phu m. Do and it went well. It is a very busy office. From past consult I have always met with the doctor but with this office you meet with the patient coordinator and she gives you the quote and the results that the doctor can bring to the table. At first I was a bit nervous on talking to someone other than the doctor about what I wanted done. She spent a great deal of time with me considering she was not the doctor. She recommended a tummy tummy to get the flat stomach that would look best with a BBl. After I told her that I may want to have kids down the line she said yes please wait to your own down with child bearing as it could over stretch your stomach or cause the baby to come a few weeks early because of the small amount of stretch on your stomach. She said that because of my body shape I will need more fat but into the actual curve of my body vs the butt. If all the fat was out in the plump out method I will have the look of a booty pad. Basically I need hips to make the results better. She also stated that I did not have to much fat to work with. Funny I thought I had alot. She explained the amount of surviving fat will be put in the hip or the outer curve of my body then the focus would be the plumping of the butt. So I am learning that after a bbl I will after I am sure of no more kids I need a tt. But she did say get the bbl first since I have the fat then a tt so that the results will look better.

My before the straight up pics lol

Thought it woule be helpful to add this so that way whomever can relate. I like to see reviews with pics

Wish pics

This is what i would love to look like

Consult done with Dr. Erika Soto

Let me first start of by saying this is the most compassionate doctor I have every meet. From the moment I met her she was kind and genuine. She answered all of my questions completely. She literally spent 30 minutes talking to me before I even took my clothes of for her to review. I totally felt comfortable with her. You know that feeling you get when a doctor makes you feel like you are going to need every type of operation in the world. Dr. Sato did not do that she literally tries to make sure she explains the entire process to help you understand what kind of results she can give you. I am a little concerned about the price quote she gave me. I reviewed her a lot and her going price was under $6800. However my quote was for $7888. I really I am trying to stay under $6800. I will contact her pc and see if a better quote can be given based of the fact other girls recently posted paying $6000-$6800. I will update as soon as I hear back,

Consult down with Dr. Blinski

I had been watching a few girls on here with bbl done by Dr. Blinski and my mouth dropped. He is amazing. So although traveling was not my orginal plan I decided to give it a thought so I emailed through realself Dr. Blinski office. I kid you know when I say that the doctor himself gave me a call from his cell to go over the process. Minutes later I was texting him photos and me an him doing a virtual consult over the phone. The man knows his stuff. He went over the fees with me, the downtime and why he did not use drains. He gave me info on scheduling availability and about recovery house that he only recommends. What made me so thrilled was that he said he only does one surgery a day. I was like that was amazing so he would perfect me. All in all I got a great vibe with him and he process he takes with his bbl patients. Not to mention the price was $5500. You get what you pay for but his work to me speaks quality. I am not sure why the Houston Market is so much more pricey but I will continue to do my homework as the decision is now between Dr. Blinski and Dr Erika Sato

Dr Blinski or Dr Erika Sato

I am asking for honest opinions and feedback. If you can share anything you feel is relevant about this two doctors please share.

Both have been very caring, detailed and honest.

With doing research in the Houston Market Dr Sato is very fairly priced.
Dr Blinski has way more before and afters which is why I have been so pleased with his work.

Please please help. This girl ready to sign on the dotted line to lock it in for June 2016

Realsitic Results VS I wish Results

I have lately been looking on RS for the last few weeks like a mad man. Their is so much useful information out their. For me telling your story and adding pictures can really help the next women out there. Of course nothing compares to your own research. At this point I am looking to find results or pictures that are similar to the body I already got. I must admit it is hard to look at all these before and after's and think that's what you will come out looking like and that not even the case. (different starting points) So my plan today is to look at women before pics that look similar to mine and see how they came out looking to sort of have that handy when I actual visit Dr. B in person before I have surgery the very next day. This journey though I must admit is a roller-coaster. Although the money you will spend is not all the money in the world, It is just the though of paying you for something and not getting exactly what you want in return. IDK just thinking out loud. The truth of the matter is I only weigh 145 ish pounds and I will not be getting a fat fat ass. I need the projection in the little to no hips that I have and the curves to make my bbl become most impressive. The amount of fat I hope to get in each check is at least 1000. More importantly I want lasting results.

Help with BBL Pillow Reviews

Ladies can you post what you know about a Boppy pillow/BBL Pillow or where to purchase the stage 2 girdle.

Date has been recomfirmed

Just got the phone with Jackie and she has confirmed the date of June 23 as the day that my life will change and I am closer to my dream body. This has been a long battle of trying to find the right doctor and questioning myself for years on rather or not to get this surgery. But if it makes you happy why the hell not. So lets take a virtual to all the ladies that have saved the money and are going through with what they want. We got this ladies.


I just booked my flight with United Airlines from Houston for $196. Ladies don't sleep on United. I usually fly Southwest but with these rates I had to book with United. Flying in June 22 leaving the following Wednesday early in am.

Before photos

Please Dr B work your magic. Im ready to go shopping already

Surgury shopping help

Has anyone heard of this website

Wish Pics

I was on facebook and saw this and new it was meant for me to see so that i can wish for this body lol

People be jelly on the low

So i.told a guy friend what i was having done and he was like why you trying to impress them dudes. No boo im trying to impress myself. Dont let know one still your joy ladies.

Arnica Pills on Sale

Thought I might share it cheaper than Amazon

Looking for Hotel Buddy after recovery house

Hey ladies im looking for a travel buddy or two to split the cost of an hotel/condo/airnb rental from june 27-june 29. I will stay at miami escape before these days and dont want to be cramped up in a hotel for the days before I leave.

60 Days till my Bbl

This seems so surreal. I keep getting on the site thinking omg what will I look like. I dont even wanna buy any clothes or nothing till I get my new body lol.

Getting my supplies in

Feel like a dream. Its getting real my supplies is starting to come in. Also went to walmart to gey a chair to cut hole out it was only $5.88. #loveagooddeal
Only think i need to order now is lipo foam and compression socks. Still debating rather or not to order the back lipo board. Order the bufferfly board last night on amazon. Anyhow just updating my bbl dolls.

My hips wish pics

This would be how i want my hips to look. What you ladies think?

bio oil and mederma

I have had mixed reviews regarding the bio oil and mederma. Do i need both? What are they used for? Will they infect my incisions? Random Rant lol

More Wish Pics

I rs dis had these. They look amazing

Randim Thoughts

Is it just me or do you too wonder what happens if my butt goes down to the point of no results? Will i look deformed? most girls with bbl are thrilled about results but there are a few whom are requesting second round. Im just hoping that my first bbl will be my only. I cant pay for it twice with recovery and such. I do want a breast reduction though. Anyhow happy monday

Labs does Insurance pay for it???

Does anyone know if insurance will pay for the labs we have to have done? If not what are the round about fees if paying cash?

Random Questions???

Does anyone know what area of town Dr. B's office is in? I need to book my hotel for the first night? are you supposed to stop taking Birth control prior to your surgury? if so how much time before? Do I need to buy lipo foam boards, ab board and back one too? I appreciate anyone who takes the time to respond in advance.

Ladies it's about that time,

I called the office today and most of my questions where answered. Me being me I am still emailing Jackie so I can get my answers in email. I hope that does not sound bad but this is a major operation and so much time and energy has been put in this and I just want to be sure. Any how Nordstorms Rack has a great sale on Spanks which one of the RS Beauties told me Jackie recommends for stage 2 garment. Anyhow have a great day everyone.

How many times do you see Dr B after

Hi Dolls random question but I need your feedback. I'm staying in Miami Escape June 23-27. Then checking into a hotel the lAst two nights and I guess see the beach. Those who have already done had BBl how many more time do I need to see him before I go. Reason I Asking is because I am not sure where to book hotel seeing how dr B is dadeland area and south beach is further out. Don't want to go to far and have to see him that Tuesday before I leave Wednesday.

It's really happening in 4 days

Me checking my list twice before I haul in suitcase

Explicit - Click to view

I'm a little bit of everything right now. Scared nervous and anxious. I'm so ready to enjoy my new body that all the saving I've done for this makes it so worth it. I'm posting a pick of what I am bring let me know if I am missing anything ? I am trying not to overpack. Dani from Miami escape said a lot of stuff is needed for once you get home from recovery. Plan on getting my second faja from Dani once I get down there. Any tips or suggestion please drop them below.

I think I'm about to have a panic attack. Not really just super anxious

I could really sleep last night. I can browsing Realself all night looking at before and after going back and fourth to the bathroom looking at myself naked hoping I have enough fat to get what I want. I mean I don't know how but I have lost 5 pounds since I began this journey and wasn't trying. Now I weight 142. I don't won't an ass so big it look fake but enough fat put it that is stays with me even with some shrinkage. I also been thinking about a breast reduction lately. I am all over the place. My airport ride from my guy friend I cancelled as I thought he was sending me negative vibes and jealous on the low. I will take a cab. I am also scared I am going to work to soon. I have Surgury and 1 week later I am at work, if I can't go back I have to just use sick days. I'm not going to risk my investment for corporate America. I have over 180 hours of sick time /so I cues no worries there. I am confused as if the supply fee from Miami Escape is not optional which sucks because I literally bought everything on that list. I'm trying to save as much as I can but still recovery in peace and serentiy. Thanks for listening to me rant. Much love dolls

More wish pics

I did it

Can't say much know still on a lot of pain medications but will give a very detailed review in a few days

More Pics

Some pics from after my massage yesterday afternoon

Miami Escape

This place is beautifu

Stage 2 gArmet recommendation from Ester Dr B right hand women

She said target sells this brand A cheaper alternative to spanks. I will buy two to avoid wAshing everyday

The good, the bad, the truth and the ugly.

ocedure. From the moment I meet Dr B., i felt confident that I had chosen the right doctor. I had a lot of delay on getting from Houston to him the day before causing me not to get to his office until 4pm when I was supposed to be there at 12. Nevertheless the Doctor himself dropped me off at my hotel after my consult. The Consult It was very sweet short and straight to the point. He looked at me and said I had a lot of fat to remove, he was easily stated he would easily be able to put in 1200-1500 ccs in. At first I was like that is way to many. But after so many lovely ladies have shared their stories some of the fat will die and it best to put as much as possible in. (If you are reading this part and have not had surgery make a mental note of that comment. Surgery Day I got there around 5:30 am and was escorted to the surgery room. In this area I was marked up like I was a coloring book lol. Dr B did the original markings and later Ester came and did a few revisions to give me some of her special touch. The surgical staff was helping with everything. When the woke up everyone was smiling and saying how good I looked. I could not believe my eyes when they told me I got 4000 ccs in my hips and booty. I was like wow, What do I look like. Recovery in Miami Sherry from Miami Escape came to get me shortly after they called her. She was so helpful in taking her time with me getting me to the car and to the room I would be stating in for my stay. They said I was doing really well so with her help I was escorted up the stairs to a room a shared with another real self doll.That was really cool to meet someone in person whom had actually been communicating with via realself. I am actually going to do a separate review on Miami Escape to give so much more details. When I was in bed they informed that Dr B had already posted pictures of mu new booty on instagram, so I went and looked and was like damn my ass is huge. With all the medications and such I was on I went to sleep for 8 hours that first night like it was no joke. When I woke up though I felt pain pain pain. How I really feel!!! Like I said this is a life changing procedure there where days in the recovery house that I was like I am in pain and discomfort, why did I do this. there where days that I was like I am superfine, There where days that I felt lonely and homesick. But most important I had must say I am in love with my new booty and hips. Supplies List So I most defiantly over packed. Word of advise only take a carry on. What you cant fit dont bring. Truth of the matter is most days you will want to be naked. I had hot flashes galore. The go girl cup is a waste of money no mater how cheap it is. I used Red Sola cups to pee since the opening of the cup was firm and sturdy. The go girl was to flimsy. The Dr Miami Pillow is hard as a rock. I am not sure how I will use this damn thing, first though is it is such a gimmick waste of money. A lot of girls at the recovery house used different types of pillows that seem to work like lumbar pillows and cloud pillows. Do your research and try the pillow out before surgery to make sure it will work. This maybe just me but the only medicine I used during my time at recovery house was stool softer, duclolax, and aricare pills and the medicine my doctor prescribed to me. Like most of us on here I looked at too many reviews and over packed. You only need 2-3 sundresses. The recovery house will wash your laudary for you to repeat your clothing. You really need the Lipo Foam, it is way more comfortable then the ab board and the back board the first few weeks and recommended by Dr B's team. The Ugly I was always aware that when I had the BBL my stomach will become more wrinkly from all the liposuction. This did happen I am not sure how I fill about it as I am not one for crop tops. Down the line I may seriously consider a tummy tuck. But right now I just want to heal. I was told that stay in this garment for as long as I can stand it to minimize the wrinkling. I will do that. This Faja is tough to sleep in it an be in it 24 hours. I will buy the stage 2 garment in few days that I posted a few days ago. But ladies best advise stay compressed. After thoughts. I really want my butt to stay the size it is or go down only a few. It has a nice shelf but I hope it drops down a bit, its cute to look at in the mirror though, I catch myself looking at it very often lol. At first I was wishing my hips where bigger but I am happy with what I have. The bad I will have to drive myself around eventually and I am trying to find a way to make it comfortable. Laying on my stomach for 30-90 days will drive you bananas. You will want to sit on your butt so bad. People when you have to start move around will look at you funny cause you more than likely will have to adjust to moving your new body naturally lol. I am very very happy with my results, I can't wait for all the swelling to go down so I can see what I actually look like. I will post some pictures in a separate post. Take care dolls

Miami Escape

Ladies do yourself a favor and stay at a recovery house.

Miami Escape is the truth, these ladies will take care of you.
I had a my 3 meals a day and options for snacks each day.
Sherry was accommodating to me and made sure that I was ok.
Brenda is such a sweetheart , she will make sure you are well.
Mama D (aka Dani) she will make sure you have what you need and couch you through your emotions and feelings throughout your stay.

The Good
Having ladies take care of you everyday is such a great feeling. It is such a great feeling to be among ladies whom are going through the same thing you are. You will meet remarkable women some of which I will still be in communications with throughout my lifetime.

I will finish review later my meds kicking in and about about to catch some zzz's

Help with massages in Houston

Does anyone know of a massage lady or place for the required after Surgury massages. I have had no luck trying to secure a place.


So I still am very sore, not sure if the back rolls will go away but I do plan on working on when I get to week 6. Can't let money go to waist

Two Weeks Post Op

The most important thing I can say about this surgery is that it is vital to prepare for the days after the BBL. I was in know way prepared for the recovery fiancée. You will need At least 7-10 massages. Try to avoid beef, seafood except Salmon pretty much eat only turkey salmon and chicken.Stay away from salt and limit carbs to 1-2 a day prior to pm. You may think you are done draining but the swelling may still be there. A good massage person can tell you if when you massage if you are still swollen. Results change day by day. Today I notice one side of my body is bigger than the other. Your butt will be hard as a damn brick for about 2-4 weeks so will the areas of lipo. I didn't want my thighs lipo but it looks like he did it anyway. I am not fully upset about that but must work out when time comes being able work out I will need to create some muscle in my legs. I miss being able to lotion my own body. The stitches are the crease of your vagina. I did end up using the lipo foam board for my stomach at night to help with swelling. If your recovery house offers massages or your surgeon does do them there chances are it is a lot cheaper than what it would be once you get home. If you really want to be curvy buy a stage two faja similar to what the surgeon provided. I have some weird lump between my breast from the areas of lipo that I have to monitor very closely. I am still extremely happy with my results just a random amount of thoughts I wanted to share. Sorry in advance for typos.

The hardest part of the BBL for me

I would have to say the hardest part of this procedure is the day to day changes. At first I had a big ass the day after surgery. Then today it looks so much different. I think that's why a lot of girls only give periodical updates has it constantly changing. I hope like hell to retain what I have right now. I don't how I would feel if it went down any much more.

Just for fun

Almost 4 weeks post op

It has been an emotional journey some days I love it some days I hate it. Overall ivambsibhappy I don't have a huge stomach and back fat I just wish my ass was bigger that what it is. I am starting to measure it to make sure it's not all in my head. Wish I got more hips.

6 1/2 weeks post op

Things are starting to feel back to myself again. I have decided to go ahead and get my breast reduction now that my body no shrinking in a good way of course. Anyhow my boobs are appearing so much larger now. I am measuring at 41 but I didn't measure myself immediately after BBl so I can say exactly how much went down but I can forsure say it went down. Working on waist training and getting my waist to be smaller. If somebody asked me would I donut agin hell us jut wish all the fat would say.

Forgot these

Miami Plastic Surgeon

So for this has been a very personal journey for me. From the moment I spoke to Dr. Blinski I know that he was the doctor for me. His expert knowledge but me in the best state of ease possible. I have done more research then a little and am so far happy with my decision to book with him

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