27, One Child, Ready for my BBL - Houston, TX

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I'm beyond excited!! Had my pre-op at the hospital...

I'm beyond excited!! Had my pre-op at the hospital yesterday for lab work and went over consents and instructions at Dr. Cortes office! He is beyond amazing, I've seen his work! I'm looking at different videos everyday on BBL. I can't watch them enough I'm excited! Kind of scared of the general anesthesia idea but I'm learning it is actually quite safe!

4 Days until Surgery!!!

I weigh 240lbs and my pre surgery photos are horrible! I let myself get way too big and I'm just ready to get my waist snatched!!!

A few more days until the new me!

I'm so excited! I've been up all night doing tons of research, looking at videos and post op pictures. Anyone here who's had bbl/fat transfer want to offer me any advice? I could sure use it all!!

Tuesday is the big day!!!!!!

Hey ladies! I started my Arnica pills this morning. I was instructed to take 5 pellets, 3 times a day. Wasn't quite sure if I was suppose to swallow them or let them dissolve like it says to online. Tuesday can't get here quick enough! The past few days have felt like months lol...anyone here who can tell me what to expect when I arrive at the hospital before surgery? The nurse at Dr.Cortes office told me the surgery last from 3-4 hours. I read someone's review saying after they were given the anesthesia it worked so fast and felt like it had only been seconds and they were already in the recovery room. I'm praying my surgery and recovery all goes well ??

Today is SX day!!!

Omg I can't believe the day is finally here!!! My nerves are all over the place..and just like I thought, I couldn't get any sleep my mind was going 100 mph lol....but anyways I'm just glad the time has come, now I can get my waist snatched and that butt sitting right!!! It's been a long time coming. I'll update y'all as soon as I am able to. My surgery is scheduled for 1:30pm so the nurse says I need to be there by 10 AM....Wish me luck and send up a prayer for your girl! Thanks to all of you for all your encouragement and stories!!!


I made it to the hospital, checked in at registration now I'm sitting in outpatient waiting to be called. My nerves are all over the place. I have my mom here to comfort me and help me out during recovery. She's awesome!

1 Day Post op!

Hi everybody I'm finally done with SX! Stayed at the hospital overnight (Dr Cortes requires all his patients to do so). I waited for about 2 hrs before surgery. Then my dreaded period started. I was so upset but oh well, it's life. The anesthesia guy came in told me everything will be fine I can relax my nerves an he was about to give me a nice margarita mix thru IV lol like a second later I was knocked out sleep. Don't remember a thing. I woke up in my recovery room in excruciating pain. I kept asking for pain meds. I've been nauseous ever since I woke up. Especially using the potty I get dizzy an want to throw up. This is going to be a long road but I'm glad I have my mother by my side. I will try to get some pics in. My mom is not too phone savvy lol I told her to take a pic while I was laying down earlier an it didn't come out so well. Ill post it anyway then post more later. Thanks for your prayers and support ladies

Sore and square

I can't really see under all the garments but my butt looks square from here. And I'm super sore. Is this normal?

More pics!

Not feeling to good today. Here are a few pics with garment on.

A little progress!!

Soooo my body is still sore but I am seeing a little bit of results!! My waist is snatched and I can see some booty!!! Lol I guess it takes time to see results but I am feeling better than yesterday I was super depressed. I don't know how many cc's the doc used but hopefully I can find out soon. Not really feeling his office staff they are giving me the run around an not caring for their patients

3 days post op

Hi ladies. I'm still super sore today. My back is burning and I haven't had a bm. False alarm a few times! But here are a few pics of my new booty lol I can see a little difference. Hopefully I can keep all the fat that was injected

Follow up Appt

Hi ladies! I had my one week follow up at Dr.Cortes office with one of his nurses. I really feel the doctor should be there at this type of appt. but anyways they took out the drain in my lower back(whew! What a relief!!!) and put me in a new garment. The nurses struggled to get me in it. I guess they don't feel it is too tight but I think it is. It is hurting the inside area of my butt(butt crack) with the thong piece in the middle. Severely too tight for me. But I don't know what's too tight and what's not. I'm so upset with this doctors office I could scream. I'm laying in the garment fine it's just extremely hard to put back on an look like it's putting indents around my lower back,top of butt cheeks.

Very disappointed!

I must say I'm very upset with the after care provided by Dr. Cortes office staff. The ladies are impatient and rude. They don't care about you and your body. I needed a larger garment they told me no I can't have one after I told them at the office when they were struggling to put it on me that it was cutting my blood circulation. It is unbearable to be in. I've put foam pads all around it to try to stop the garment from cutting my skin. I've wasted so much money and wish I'd chosen another doctor. Ladies Dr. Cortes I believe does great work. But after care, and being all about the patient before/after SX, this is not the place you want to go. I hate to say that but it is indeed the truth. Here I am a week out of surgery I have not seen Dr. Cortes once nor do I know what areas he lipo'd and how many cc's he injected to my butt/hip area. I see ladies on RealSelf a day after there SX exposing that information(cc's).... I'm so depressed I'll have to do this on my own and ask other doctors staff to get me thru my problems. I'll try n post pics later.

9 days post op!!

Well ladies I can see some progress! I'm sure my body is still shaping which is awesome! I still have a lot of bruising on my thighs. Hopefully it goes away soon. I will keep posting pics a few days at a time. Thanks ladies for prayers and encouraging words!

Not satisfied with Dr. Cortes

Looking for a new doctor to do a 2nd bbl. it's crazy I have questions about my own surgery and the office staff can't provide any answers for me! I hate I even thought of going to this doctor. Doesn't look like much of a difference at all to me!


Anyone know of any good doctors I can visit for a 2nd bbl? I'm browsing dr. Hazani in Miami now...

Round 2 BBL

Sorry I've been MIA! Super busy but I need you ladies help. Any awesome doctors that y'all recommend for bbl? Please let me know. I really need this. Not too happy with my first bbl and my stomach left deformed.

Round 2

Hey ladies!! Long time no see!! Lol well I'm back for round 2 with Dr Mcadoo and I'm so excited. Wasn't too happy with my results with Dr. Cortes in Houston. He left my stomach looking a mess. My butt was ok but not like I wanted it!! Smh lost $10,000 but hey lesson learned. I've researched so much about McAdoo and I feel he's the doctor for me. Any advice ladies for round 2 bbl? Are any of you ladies traveling to Miami in the next two weeks?

Pic 6months post round 1

6 months after round one bbl with Dr.cortes. I'm not satisfied

6 months post round 1 bbl

Before pic and after pic round 1 bbl. almost looks the same. For $10,500 it should have been a much bigger difference.

Looking for flight Buddy

Any of you awesome ladies flying out to Miami for surgery next week? I'm going for pre op October 12th and surgery date is the 13th. I'm excited!!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Not satisfied at all. Just had surgery 3 weeks ago and I'm already looking for another doctor to do my 2nd bbl. The office staff is very rude. They don't care about you after the surgery. I have questions about my own surgery they don't even give me the information. I know absolutely nothing about my surgery. My butt looks the same as before minus the love handles. You can still see a little bit of those too. SMH!! Ugh wasted $10,500. This is ridiculous. I'm very upset!

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